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WATCH: A dark night in Wadi al-Hummus

Israeli police and soldiers demolished dozens of Palestinian families’ apartments in an area that is supposed to be under full Palestinian control this week. Filmmakers Yuval Abraham and Rachel Shor stayed with one of those families through the demolitions to tell their story. The families in Wadi al-Hummus built their homes with all the necessary […]

‘Hummus! The Movie’ and the art of whitewashing an occupation

A map with the word Israel in bold over a region that even extends past the boundaries of current day Israel (Israel’s actual land aspirations are a subject of another article). Screen shot from “Hummus! The Movie.” In the video, the mention of Palestinians is incidental and unremarkable (the gentleman saying he is Israeli, but […]

No, Rachael Ray, hummus is not Israeli: How and why Palestinian culture gets erased

Rachael Ray, an American celebrity chef and television personality, posted a tweet claiming hummus to be an Israeli dish, alongside tabbouleh, meze stuffed grape leaves, and an assortment of dips familiar to the Arab world. So, here’s the thing: the state of Israel was created in 1948, but the indigenous Arab occupants of what is […]

Ellen DeGeneres gets pushback for promoting Sabra Hummus

We regard it as newsworthy when human-rights-supporters call out American cultural figures over the Palestine question, because we see this as a hopeful trend; and the latest example is Ellen DeGeneres doing a promotion for Sabra Hummus as “America’s favorite hummus” and her ad getting panned by a bunch of folks on her twitter feed. […]

Watch Google's new Project Wing drone deliver a package

Attendee Aaref Hilaly, a partner with Sequoia Capital, tweeted the video (below) together with the message: “Watching baby steps of drone delivery, courtesy of Google X.” Hilaly added that the Mountain View company’s new drone should be able to hit speeds of up to 60 mph. A short while later, Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai, retweeted Hilaly’s message. […]

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