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Mexico Cracks Down: Arrests Hundreds Of Central American Caravan Migrants

Mexican police arrested between 300-500 Central American migrants outside the southern city of Pijijiapan, Chiapas, according to DW. Mexican police an immigration officials rounded up the undocumented migrants who had crossed illegally into Mexico in the hopes of obtaining asylum by the United States. The raid is one of the largest targeting a […]

Israel bars hundreds of Palestinian Christians from traveling on Easter

In an unprecedented decision, Israeli authorities are denying hundreds of Palestinian Christians the right to travel to Jerusalem for the holiday, while barring all movement between the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian Christians hold candles lit by the holy fire, which was delivered from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, at the Church of […]

US Judge Halts Hundreds Of Drilling Projects In Groundbreaking Climate Change Ruling

In a rebuke of the Trump administration’s ‘energy-first’ agenda, a judge rules greenhouse gas emissions must be considered In the first significant check on the Trump administration’s “energy-first” agenda, a US judge has temporarily halted hundreds of drilling projects for failing to take climate change into account. Drilling had been stalled on more than 300,000 […]

Cyclone Idai death toll reaches 732, hundreds still missing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Survivors are struggling to deal with the aftermath of the huge disaster, with an estimated 1 million people affected in Mozambique alone. Tens of thousands have sought refuge in emergency shelters after hurricane-force winds of up to 200kph and heavy flooding forced them from their homes.   The UN has repeated calls for emergency support to […]

Israel’s three largest banks pay hundreds of millions in fines for helping US citizens evade taxes

Eve Mykytyn writes: Following a few mild words of dissent by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the US House of Representatives was almost united in affirming the special relationship between Israel and the US.  So, how is “our most reliable and most important ally” treating us? If “our” includes the US Treasury, the answer is that Israel’s banks […]

As Hundreds Of Thousands Of Students Prepare For Global #ClimateStrike On March 15, Here’s How To Get Involved

“We are striking because our world leaders have yet to acknowledge, prioritize, or properly address our climate crisis.” In 92 countries and counting, hundreds of thousands of students are planning to skip school on March 15 as part of the “School Strike 4 Climate“—a growing movement of young people demanding that policymakers worldwide take urgent […]

Hundreds Of Janitors March For Better Wages, More Respect

Hundreds Of Janitors March For Better Wages, More Respect Above Photo: From A movement sweeping through Cleveland — “Justice for Janitors” has old roots but new momentum in our city. It’s a push for better wages, better healthcare, and most importantly, representatives say, more respect in the workplace. “People just want to be able […]

Twitter takes down hundreds of accounts linked to Venezuela amid US calls for regime change

The San Francisco-based social media giant released a blog post on Thursday saying that it removed 1,196 accounts located in Venezuela which it deemed to “appear to be engaged in a state-backed influence campaign targeting domestic audiences.” It also removed another 764 accounts, however, noted: “We are unable to definitively tie the accounts located in […]

Hundreds protest new Palestinian evictions in Sheikh Jarrah

Israeli and international activists march in solidarity with the East Jerusalem neighborhood as families brace for a new wave of evictions. By +972 Magazine Staff Hundreds of activists marched from West Jerusalem to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah to stop the eviction of Palestinian families there, on January 18, 2018. ( […]

Gaza Fuel Crisis Threatens Hundreds of Patients amid “Israeli” Blockade

Local Editor Warnings over a possible health crisis in the Gaza Strip under the “Israeli” blockade escalated with the ongoing fuel shortage that lacks hundreds of patients’ treatment in hospitals, threatening their lives. Al-Mezan, a Palestinian human rights group, stated that 128 dialysis machines are non-operational due to the ongoing fuel crisis. This situation led […]

Hundreds report seeing bright meteor fireball over East Coast, US

     If you saw a giant ball of burning light fall toward Earth this morning along the East Coast, you’re not alone. Multiple reports of a meteor have surfaced over the course of the day Wednesday, ranging north from New York through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and south to Virginia and North Carolina. The best available […]

WATCH Hundreds of men prevent two women from reaching shrine of celibate Hindu deity

Two female pilgrims in their mid-40s took on a hostile horde of men on Monday as they tried to make the journey to the Sabarimala shrine. Insulted and harassed along the way, the male protesters did everything they could to prevent women from entering the hill temple in the southern Kerala state. ‘), link: “” […]

Indonesia ‘volcano tsunami’ kills hundreds

More than 220 people have been killed and 843 injured after a tsunami hit coastal towns on Indonesia’s Sunda Strait, government officials say. The tsunami waves struck at night without any warning, destroying hundreds of buildings. Officials say the tsunami could have been caused by undersea landslides after Anak Krakatau volcano […]

Hundreds of Police Departments Have Secretly Created Public Safety Watchlists

By MassPrivateI To everyone who thinks secret watchlists are nothing more than a conspiracy theory, I give you law enforcement’s secret public safety watchlists. The name of the company responsible for creating public safety watchlists should say it all but I digress. A recent article in Xconomy reveals that law enforcement is using Suspect Technologies […]

Oprah Promotes ‘Faith Healer’ Who Raped Hundreds Of Women

A Brazilian faith healer who rose to fame after being promoted by Oprah Winfrey is now wanted by police for the rape of hundreds of women. João Teixeira de Faria, known as “John of God,” allegedly raped over 250 women since becoming famous. reports: Prosecutors in the Brazilian state of Goias have requested his […]

Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Given Away Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Keanu Reeves has suffered a series of tragic events in his life, before and after becoming a popular film star, yet that hasn’t stopped him quietly and selflessly giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to those in need, including children’s hospitals, without ever seeking any kind of credit for his selfless actions. Throughout his […]

Wells Fargo computer glitch blamed as HUNDREDS lose their homes

Last month the bank announced that an underwriting error had caused it to incorrectly reject some 870 home loan modifications, resulting in the bank foreclosing 545 homes. The errors have left the banking community, legislators and, of course, the affected homeowners asking how this happened.    Jose Aguilar’s home in upstate New […]

Bethlehem: Hundreds mourn the killing of Palestinian nurse at Israeli checkpoint

Ramzi Abu Yabes was 32 years old, with 2 daughters, one a newborn. Israel used live fire as a first resort when a Palestinian male nurse lost control of his car near a checkpoint, mildly injuring 3 IDF soldiers.  from Palestine News Network, WAFA, IMEMC Hundreds of Palestinians today marched towards the family home of […]

Hundreds Of California Wildfire Survivors Have Caught Norovirus

Hundreds of California wildfire survivors have caught the norovirus – a deadly virus that produces symptoms similar to radiation poisoning.  Butte County’s Public Health Department says the norovirus outbreak has affected over 140 people at four different shelters so far. reports:  Symptoms of norovirus include diarrhea, vomiting, other stomach problems, fever, and body aches. The virus […]

Hundreds of Birds Dead During 5G Experiment in The Hague, Netherlands

About a week ago at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely haven’t heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along. However, when about 150 more suddenly died — bringing the death toll to 297 — some started to […]

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