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Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Whistleblower Goes Missing After Death Threats

The Delaware computer repairman who gave Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” to Rudy Giuliani and the New York Post has gone missing, with his personal lawyer unwilling or unable to provide information about the welfare of his client. According to Delaware Online: Annapolis-based attorney, Brian Della Rocca, said Mac Isaac closed the shop after receiving death […]

Biden, Media And CIA Labeled Hunter Biden Emails ‘Russian Disinformation’

Biden, Media And CIA Labeled Hunter Biden Emails ‘Russian Disinformation’ Above photo: Rep. Adam Schiff (D-WA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Oct. 16, 2020. There is Still No Evidence. The same factions that constantly claim to abhor Fake News and disinformation continue to be the most aggressive and shameless propagators […]

Czech Mushroom Hunter Finds 3,300-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword

A mushroom hunter in the Czech Republic has made the chance discovery of a rare, 3,300-year-old Bronze Age sword. Dedicated metal detectorists in the land must be feeling mixed emotions today as news of the mushroom picker’s historical treasure spreads across the internet. That’s just the way it is when an outsider comes into a […]

Discovery of 9,000-Year-Old Female Hunter in Peru Is Rewriting History

A grave in Peru has been shown to contain the world’s oldest female hunter. This news is potentially explosive. It may change our understanding of gender relations in the ancient Americas and even the nature of prehistoric societies. Randy Hass, an anthropologist from the University of California, was working with his colleagues at a high-altitude […]

Article On Joe And Hunter Biden Censored By The Intercept

Above photo: ournalist Glenn Greenwald checks his laptop at his home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in July. AP. An attempt to assess the importance of the known evidence, and a critique of media lies to protect their favored candidate, could not be published at The Intercept. NOTE FROM GREENWALD: I am posting here the […]

Jew-Hunter Red-Pills Reasonable Negro

Reasonable negro takes the jew pill. English Bitchute Spanish Bitchute English Telegram Spanish Telegram World Truth Videos Gab 00 Hits: 0

BIDENgate: Hunter Biden’s Crime Spree Was Really A National Security Nightmare

EXCLUSIVE: National security nightmare of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop containing phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet plus his sex and drug addictions – all secured by the password Hunter02 By Caroline Graham In Los Angeles and Ian Gallagher In London For The Mail On Sunday Businessman and […]

BIDENgate: Hunter Biden literally abandoned his ‘Laptop From Hell’ which was also an explosive NATIONAL SECURITY bombshell ready to be detonated!!! !!! !!! How could co-conspirator Joe ever govern with such an ever-present threat? Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop contained a ‘treasure trove of top-secret material, including his father’s private emails and mobile phone numbers,’ and was protected by the password “Hunter02”, according to the Daily Mail. The younger Biden’s MacBook Pro was full of ‘classic blackmail material’ between compromising sexual material and the private information of not only the […]

Joe Biden Praises His Son To Oprah Winfrey: ‘Hunter is The Smartest Guy I Know’

Joe Biden told Oprah Winfrey that his youngest son, Hunter, was the “smartest guy I know” during a campaign event on Wednesday. The Democratic nominee made a surprise appearance on a virtual event hosted by Winfrey on Zoom according to the UK Daily Mail. Oprah however refused to ask him a single question about the […]

Leaked Emails Reveal Bill Clinton and Hunter Biden Planned Trip Together To Haiti

According to a leaked email sent by Hunter Biden, former President Bill Clinton invited him on a trip to Haiti in 2010 — as though Haiti didn’t have enough problems with the Clintons, without them bringing drug and sex-addicted degenerate son of Joe Biden to the island. The email was found in a trove of […]

Hunter Biden & Finger Lakes Child Trafficking (& Disappearances)

 fanofootball3 days ago McATV: Finger Lakes System – A submarine base is located at Senaca Lake and there is a tunnel system there as well.  The Political Elite’s fav holiday destination because it is secluded & affluent. McATV: Finger Lakes is the birthplace of Hunter Biden’s mother Neilia.  Sonnenburg Mansion in the area was once the home of the founder […]

DEA Seized Another Hunter Biden Laptop

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reportedly seized a second Hunter Biden laptop in February, according to reports. The first laptop was seized by the FBI in December 2019. NBC News reported on the second laptop seizure: If [Hunter Biden] did leave the machine in Delaware, it would have marked at least the second time he […]

Halloween Spirits Will Be Illuminated By A Rare Hunter’s Blue Moon

Astronomers around the world are polishing their telescopes for a set of rare lunar phenomena happening this Halloween night. That’s because a full moon will be visible this Halloween, Oct. 31, for the first time since 1944. But this exceptional Halloween moon is only one in a series of special astronomical phenomena happening on the […]

These Hunter Biden Videos Prove Joe Biden is a National Security Threat

Ultimate Battle Series 1-8 Video Producer: Gravitationalwave 引力波 This is a war between light and dark, a war between justice and evil. We can’t just stand still and just watch, there is no place hold us back. Survive or be destroyed, this is the ultimate battle. We will continuously update Ultimate Battle series. Watch it, […]

Breaking: DOJ Official Confirms Hunter Biden and Associates Are Under FBI Criminal Investigation

Hunter Biden and his business associates are under an active FBI criminal investigation focussed on money laundering, a Department of Justice official has confirmed to Sinclair Broadcast Group. The justice department official said the FBI probe into Hunter Biden’s international dealings was launched late last year and the investigation remains active. Sinclair investigative reporter James […]

Leaked Audio of Hunter Biden Confirms He Colluded With ‘Spy Chief of China’

A bombshell audio recording of Hunter Biden has been leaked that features the former vice president’s son boasting about his business dealings with a Chinese spy, who he refers to as the “spy chief of China.” In the recording Hunter Biden confirms collusion between himself and disgraced Chinese businessman Patrick Ho. The clip was released by The […]

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s SICKENING ‘Russian Blackmail Photos’ Leaked – Hunter With Russians in Hollywood

For years we have heard the lie that Russia held blackmail material over Donald Trump. Democrats even suggested there was a “golden showers” tape. This was all a complete lie designed to oust Trump from office. But the Russians do hold blackmail tapes on Joe Biden’s son – Hunter Biden – to use against a […]

Hunter Biden Porn. Wacking on Crack. Comment: Hunter Biden is another degenerate F___k that molests and abuses children too. Comment: You have to be a totally degenerate child molestor for the ZIONIST (Jewish) Mafia to support you. They favor these really criminally degenerate psychopaths b/c they can control them totally with their Rewards Based System which is all that works […]

FBI To Interview Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner

The FBI has agreed to interview former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski, after he said Joe Biden was involved in son’s foreign business dealings. Bobulinski issued a statement to the press on Thursday evening in Nashville, shortly before the debate between Biden and President Donald Trump. He said the former vice president was “plainly […]

HUGE: New Hunter Biden Emails Suggest Obama Was In On ‘Outrageous’ Biden Family Business Deals

New Hunter Biden emails from Steve Bannon’s War Room suggest that President Barack Obama played a role in the corrupt Biden business schemes per an email from James Biden.  Joe Biden’s brother James sends an email to (Robert) Hunter Biden: “You need to call me now.  Just got off the phone with your father.  He […]

Chris Wallace Insists Hunter Biden Scandal Is a Big ‘Nothing Burger’

Anti-Trump Fox News host Chris Wallace insisted on Thursday that the allegations about Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings are totally false. While discussing the presidential debate on Thursday’s broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” Wallace said, “It’s certainly going to be brought up tonight.” “If Kristen Welker doesn’t bring it up — and […]

Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Linked To FBI Money Laundering Investigation

Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’ is linked to an FBI money laundering investigation that started in late 2019, multiple federal officials have confirmed. Biden’s laptop was abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 and was recently found to contain e-mails detailing his shady foreign business dealings that implicate his father Joe Biden while […]

Rudy Giuliani Describes Finding ‘Straight Out Child Porn’ On Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell

Rudy Giuliani has described what he says are disturbing photos of underage girls  — including “straight out-and-out child pornography” — on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which were handed over to the police in New Castle County, Delaware on Monday. Recall that the FBI’s top child porn lawyer signed a subpoena used to obtain a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard […]

Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Plotting Deals

Biden insider Tony Bobulinski has publicly admitted that he personally witnessed Joe Biden discussing shady business deals with his son, Hunter Biden. According to sources familiar with the matter, Bobulinski is the person whose allegations and inside information are the centerpiece of an upcoming investigation by the Wall Street Journal. That Wall Street Journal story has not […]

Report: Hunter Biden Story Was Most Read On Social Media Despite Attempts To Kill It

Social media giant Instagram, which routinely removes ‘offensive’ content, has refused to remove a ‘black art’ image depicting the severed heads of white people, arguing that “people may express themselves differently.” The image was posted by an account called ‘supportblackart’ and features two obese black women carrying the severed heads of a white man and […]

Report: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Seized by Feds as Part of Money Laundering Probe

Hunter Biden’s laptop was purportedly seized by law enforcement officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last year as part of an investigation into money laundering. Fox News reported on Wednesday that it had obtained documentary evidence indicating the FBI had subpoenaed Biden’s alleged laptop from a local Delaware computer repair shop while looking […]

Hunter Biden Scandal & Media Cover-Up

by Svetlana Ekimenko20628Subscribe Earlier, FOX News reported that a laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden and containing emails supposedly shedding light on his overseas business dealings and a purported meeting between his father Joe Biden and representatives of Ukrainian gas firm, Burisma Holdings was in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Donald […]

Chinese Whistleblower Reveals Hunter Biden “Sex Tapes” Contain Video of Joe Biden’s Son Sexually Abusing Multiple Under-Age Chinese Teens

204 Shares We have exclusive breaking news that changes the trajectory of the upcoming US election: videos of Hunter Biden allegedly involved in extreme violent pedophilia with little girls in China. Because we speak Mandarin Chinese, we have been able to hear the correct Chinese description of what’s on Hunter Biden’s hard drives which were turned […]

Biden Claims ‘No Basis’ For Accusations Against Hunter ‘It’s A Last Ditch Effort To Smear Me & My Family’

Joe Biden has claimed that there is “no basis” for the accusation that his son, Hunter Biden, profited from foreign business partners by selling access to his father during his tenure in office. Biden was being interviewed by Wisconsin reporter Adrienne Pedersen at his home in Delaware on Tuesday evening, after ‘calling a lid’ for […]

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