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Tropical Storm Barry takes aim at Louisiana, nears hurricane strength

Millions of residents in Louisiana on Saturday braced for Tropical Storm Barry, which lashed the southern US state with strong winds and heavy rain as it edged towards shore at near-hurricane strength. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the state’s largest city New Orleans was well prepared to withstand the storm, but urged vigilance […]

Incredible satellite footage catches huge hurricane and solar eclipse at the same time (VIDEOS)

Satellite cameras tracked the magnificent total solar eclipse as it passed over Argentina and Chile on July 2, while also catching a major hurricane as it percolated in the Pacific Ocean.  A major hurricane. A total solar eclipse. Earth is breathtaking. — Dakota Smith (@weatherdak) July 2, 2019 Also on Total solar eclipse […]

FLORIDA PANHANDLE DEVASTATED BY WORST HURRICANE ON RECORD TO HIT U.S.—Why did it take 7 months for federal disaster relief aid?

    North Florida Grapples With An Emerging, Hurricane-Induced Mental Health Crisis By MORGAN MARTIN Health News Florida Many Hurricane Michael victims are still feeling the effects of the storm. It not only caused physical damage to the area, but has left scars on the hearts and minds of survivors. Smiling To Hide The Pain […]

Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming

Hurricane Florence Highlights The Cruel Reality Of Factory Farming Above Photo: Broiler chickens (chickens raised for meat) are the top agricultural commodity in North Carolina. In 2015, 823 million broiler chickens were raised in the state. (Photo credit: North Carolina Department of Agriculture) In 1999, Hurricane Floyd tore through North Carolina, killing 74 people and causing $6.5 billion in […]

Good samaritan may face charges for rescuing animals during Hurricane Florence without a permit

     Tammie Hedges, an animal rights activist, attempted to be proactive and protect animals as Hurricane Florence enveloped the NC coast and her home town. She and her group of friends began rescuing animals they found in danger of dying by the rising flood waters. Each animal’s exact location was documented so the owners could […]

Watching The Hawks – Hurricane Death Toll Rises & McDonalds Workers Go On Strike

Watching The Hawks – Hurricane Death Toll Rises & McDonalds Workers Go On Strike Watching The Fast food workers across at least 10 states initiated a strike against the sexual assault academic taking place in their workplaces. In the flooding aftermath of Hurricane Florence, several tragic stories continue to surface as the death toll […]

Real Life Hero: One Man Rescued 64 Dogs & Cats From Hurricane Florence In A School Bus

The Facts: Recently, a popular rapper named Lil Buu claimed he is a clone who was cloned by a company called Clonaid. He ignited a debate, but the fact remains, human cloning has been a controversial topic for years, and it might have already been done. Reflect On: Different types of cloning may exist, including […]

Al Gore’s Claim About Hurricane Florence Debunked By Real Scientists

Al Gore’s ego took a bruising over the weekend after a number of highly acclaimed scientists debunked his claims that Hurricane Florence was the result of man-made global warming.  Mr. Gore said Friday that two major storms from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans had never made landfall at the same time in history. “This is […]

Cajun Navy Turned Down After Helping Hurricane Florence Victims, Told There Are Enough Responders

By Aaron Kesel According to the Cajun Navy’s Facebook page, the volunteer group ceased its activity in the city of New Bern, North Carolina after officials stated the situation was under control, ABC WBRZ reported. Leaders with the group stated the decision was brought upon by officials at the city’s emergency operations center. The EOC […]

U.S. Coast Guard Fired From Hurricane Team For Making ‘OK’ Sign

The U.S. Coast Guard has fired a member from its Hurricane Florence response team after hysterical left-wing media outlets claimed he made an “OK” hand gesture on live TV.  The unidentified man was seen by viewers looking into the camera and then making a hand gesture, prompting furious calls for the man to be fired […]

Fukushima in America? Twelve Nuclear Power Plants are in the Path of Hurricane Florence… Flooding, Storm Surge Threaten Our Very Existence!

Natural News| At least twelve operating nuclear reactors are in the predicted path of Hurricane Florence, which has been upgraded to a category 4 storm as it surges toward the U.S. East Coast. According to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which offers an interactive map of active nuclear reactors, two plants are vulnerable to […]

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes Worsened By Climate Change, Scientists Say

Hurricane Florence’s Unusual Extremes Worsened By Climate Change, Scientists Say Above Photo: Hurricane Florence, viewed from space on the morning of Sept. 13 as its rain bands began to affect the Carolinas and the Virginia coast. Credit: GOES/NOAA Researchers estimate the storm’s rainfall forecast is 50 percent higher because of warmer oceans and more moisture […]

Watching The Hawks – Hurricane Florences Incarcerated Victims & How (Not) To Help

Watching The Hawks – Hurricane Florences Incarcerated Victims & How (Not) To Help Watching The While thousands of residents are heading to safer ground ahead of Hurricane Florence, prison officials and sheriffs at a South Carolina prison and three city jails in Virginia are planning to leave thousands of prisoners, guards, and staff behind. […]

Epic rainfall from Hurricane Florence could burst dams in Virginia, warn state officials

(Natural News) The closer Hurricane Florence gets to shore, the more dire the predictions are regarding the Category 4 storm’s potential to cause major, long-term damage to infrastructure in its path. As of Wednesday afternoon, Florence was still several hundred miles off the coast of North and South Carolina, with forecasters saying […]

Worries Grow Over “Rickety Old” Nuclear Power Plants in Hurricane Florence’s Path

With 1.5 million residents now under orders to evacuate their homes in preparation for Hurricane Florence’s landfall in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, the region faces the possibility of catastrophe should the storm damage one or more of the nuclear power plants which lie in its potential path. As the Associated Press reported on Monday, “The storm’s potential path […]

‘Nightmare’ Hurricane Florence bearing down on Carolinas; could be worst natural disaster in recorded history for Carolinas and Virginia

     South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster ordered an estimated 1 million people to evacuate from coastal areas of his state as Florence strengthened to a Category 4 storm. While Florence isn’t expected to make landfall until Thursday or Friday, hurricane-force winds of 130 mph or more will start whipping up a deadly storm surge late […]

As Hurricane Florence approaches the East Coast, these should be the top preparation priorities for residents

(Natural News) Once again, Mother Nature is about to teach a large segment of the country how important advanced planning and preparation is when it comes to dealing with disaster and emergency situations. Hurricane Florence is on a path to strike North and South Carolina, with the latest weather forecasts claiming that […]

State of emergency declared, evacuations ordered as Hurricane Florence bears down on US east coast

     North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia have declared a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Florence’s arrival. Governor Ralph Northam issued a mandatory evacuation order for 245,000 Virginians in low-lying, coastal areas. “Hurricane Florence has the potential to cause catastrophic flooding, especially in our coastal areas,” Governor Northam said in a statement. “This evacuation […]

Trump’s Response to Hurricane Maria Resulted in the Deaths of Nearly 3,000 People

“The Trump administration killed the Puerto Rican with neglect,” Cruz told CNN. “The Trump administration led us to believe that they were helping when they weren’t really up to par.” The remarks came just a day after the Puerto Rican government revealed that 2,975 people died as a consequence of the hurricane’s devastation, while Trump told reporters on […]

Massive stockpile of food and medical supplies donated to Puerto Rico hurricane victims found ROTTING in a parking lot… government at work

(Natural News) At least 10 trailers loaded with water, baby supplies, and food that was donated to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico was found rotting outside of the state elections office there. In a video posted to local radio station Radio Isla’s website, cases of canned goods, Tylenol and water can be […]

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