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Monumental hypocrite Ilhan Omar blasted pro-life Christians for trying to ‘impose their views on society’ while imposing her own radical demand for unlimited ABORTION

(Natural News) Controversial Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota Democrat who has been accused of being anti-Semitic, is also a major hypocrite when it comes to her description of pro-life Christians. Back in May, according to Lifesite News, Omar gave a speech on the House floor in which she slammed pro-life Christians […]

#Tucker Tucker: ‘Hypocrite’ Bloomberg surrounds himself with guns

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Hypocrite Kathy Griffin Attacks Trump Supports Over ‘Violent’ Satire Video

Kathy Griffin has viciously attacked President Trump over a viral satire video produced by Trump supporters. The video was played in a backroom at the American Priority Conference in Miami, Florida this past weekend. It features a meme of Trump shooting and stabbing members of the mainstream media, political opponents and Black Lives Matter. On […]

Social justice warrior and hypocrite Megan Rapinoe under fire for saying footballer should win player of the year ‘just for how cute he is’

   US women’s football star Megan Rapinoe has been accused of hypocrisy after stating Virgil van Dijk should win the FIFA Best Men’s Player award “just for how cute he is.” Rapinoe was named Best Women’s Player at the glitzy awards bash in Milan on Monday night, where Liverpool defender van Dijk was in the […]

‘Hypocrite!’ Joe Biden Calls For Border Fence ’40 Stories High’ In Unearthed Clip

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is being called a hypocrite by people on both sides of the political divide after a video of the former vice-president was unearthed in which he slams American employers for hiring illegal immigrants and calls for a fence “40 stories high” at the US-Mexican border. “I voted for a fence,” […]

Total hypocrite Ocasio-Cortez outed for relying on combustion engine cars and vans while claiming fossil fuels are destroying the planet

(Natural News) Self-proclaimed ‘democratic socialist’ Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York has regularly drawn the ire of Republicans on Capitol Hill and elsewhere, but she’s increasingly putting Democrats whom she aligns with, politically, on the spot as well. For one thing, her grasp of public policy-making is infantile, at best, as evidenced […]

Lazy, hypocrite, stupid: Can we no longer handle the truth about ourselves? (POLL)

Grant Hilary Brenner believes the “harmful, negative labels” we use to describe ourselves and others come from “toxic places.” The mental health and self-care specialist thinks people should stop using the following words: Lazy Brenner thinks people use this word to attack themselves when they haven’t done something they feel they should, and not just […]

Hypocrite David Miliband reminded of his Saudi dealings as he decries Saudi-led genocide in Yemen

     Did David Miliband forget Britain’s selling of Typhoon fighter jets to Saudi Arabia while he was Foreign Secretary? The ex-MP was labelled a hypocrite after he decries the kingdom over their war in Yemen. Tweets derided the former MP and his apparent aboutface. One read: “Typhoon jets anyone,” while another asked: “Didn’t you approve […]

Hypocrite Hirono Under Fire For Covering Up Sexual Harassment Scandal

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono, who told all men to “shut up” during the Kavanaugh smear campaign, now faces her own sexual harassment scandal. Hirono is under fire for ignoring women who were being emotionally and verbally abused by a male flight instructor who taught at a flight school Hirono created when she was lieutenant governor. […]

Hypocrite!: Anger as Brexit supremo Nigel Lawson applies for French residency

‘Hypocrite!’: Anger as Brexit supremo applies for French residency Many of the long-time British immigrants in France expressed outrage at Lord Lawson’s application for a residency permit British politician and former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson participates in a debate on the EU at the Institute of Directors convention in London, Britain, October 6, […]

MBS is not hypocrite, but heading to the throne through Jewish gate

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman (MBS) has caused wide controversy about the nature of his future monarchy –Saudi Kingdom– when he one day succeeds his father. He attracted attention through a series of actions and remarks that were seen by many as a coup on the Saudi, Arab and Islamic traditions. Monitors and […]

WATCH: Hypocrite Police Chief Brags He Can Smoke Weed As They Arrest Others For It

 Police Chief Shane Flynt was recently suspended after a video surfaced showing him obviously intoxicated while smoking cannabis and making jokes about how he was the coolest cop in town. The video shows Flynt smoking a pipe which he repeatedly says is filled with cannabis. In the video, it looks like Flynt is having a […]

Hypocrite ADL Blasts Trump over Trannies, but Supports Homo-banning Israel

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Elon Musk, CLIMATE HYPOCRITE: He flies around on a fuel-guzzling private jet while claiming fossil fuels will destroy the Earth

(Natural News) Back in 2015 Elon Musk was sharing his immense concern about what would happen if “governments continue to rely on fossil fuels.” The founder of Tesla and Space X was, as reported by the Business Insider, especially worried about the two billion people living within 60 miles of a coastline. These folks wouldn’t just lose their homes […]

Hypocrite: Obama goes to “climate change speech” in Italy, stays in $20k/night villa, takes private jet, has 14 car convoy, 300 cops. Carbon footprint? More than you or me in a year?

Worth posting again. This is Obama “living rich.” It’s one thing if one makes one’s money in private industry where one must negotiate the whims of the market (at least to some degree) on the way to riches. (Hell, if one inherited money at least one is spending one’s own money.) […]

‘He is a hypocrite!’ France’s Macron heckled by pro-Le Pen workers in his hometown (VIDEO)

Wednesday’s collision happened outside the Whirlpool tumble dryer factory that employs some 300 workers in Macron’s home city of Amiens. Le Pen made a surprise visit to the plant as Macron was meeting with union representatives in the Chamber of Commerce. READ MORE: ‘Ministers must do everything possible to ensure Le Pen defeat’ – Hollande Hijacking […]

Blacks “Hate Crime” White People All The Time

Right when you’re getting murdered, it matters not a whit the reasons why. You just want to live. Violent, criminal blacks kill perfectly innocent Whites in horrible ways all the time. They hated and killed us back then, as well as today, regardless of being a liberal or not. They simply don’t care. Sometimes they kill us just for fun. The real people behind […]

Shifty Scumbag Mark Kirk Releases Ad Against His Own Party Leader

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 26, 2016 The shifty scumbag and total traitor Mark Kirk – a GOP Senator from Illinois – has released a campaign ad wherein he attacks the party’s Leader, Donald Trump. As far as I’m aware, this is a completely unprecedented act. But we will not forget this act of Mark Kirk. […]

American "Exceptionalism" is Jewish Narcissism*

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Austrians: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault’

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe—that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double protests in front of the headquarters of the Green and Social Democratic parties. The protests—using the sounds of explosions and cries of […]

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