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Why Do the Illuminati Promote Sexual Dysfunction?

by Henry Makow Ph.D The world is set to drop into the central bankers’ outstretched hand like a ripe peach. Illuminati bankers are harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy Christian Civilization and place humanity on a treadmill of greed, sex, violence, trivia and political correctness. They have succeeded because we have no leaders. They […]

Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet for Satanic Rituals

by Henry Makow Ph.D. The Satanist cult that has colonized mankind is meeting at Bohemian Grove, 80 miles north of San Francisco. Over 2000 members —  the political, corporate, cultural and military elite of the US — will be gathered for Satanic rituals, possibly including human ritual sacrifice. They have been meeting here since the […]

Why The Illuminati Burned Notre Dame

  June 17, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts The Guardian apologizes for saying Sputnik posted ‘fake’ Notre Dame PHOTO vilifying Muslims “In an episode of Fake or for real? published on 19 April, we suggested that Notre-Dame: the Largest Real Estate Transaction in Europe has Begun in Paris The Ile de la […]

Stupid conspiracy movement Trump is not under control of the “Illuminati”.Trump Distances Himself from Bolton on Iran, North Korea “The US President publicly undercut John R. Bolton, his national security adviser, on Iran and North Korea during a four-day visit to Japan, expressing a much more positive view on US relations with North Korea and long-time adversary Iran.”

  Source Article from Related Posts UK official says no change in support for Iran deal under Johnson BIARRITZ, France — Britain will not change its backing of the 2015 deal on Iran’s Boris Johnson’s Brexit to drive UK under virtual US vassalage Prime Minister Boris Johnson will fail in his promise to […]

Beyonce Admits To Being A Member of The Illuminati

In much-anticipated interview with Oprah, Beyoncé finally admitted she was a member of the New World Order, also known as the Illuminati. Rumors have swirled since the episode’s taping; many fans wondered why Oprah never questioned the star about her alleged Illuminati ties and commented that it might be due to Oprah’s own participation in […]

Green Movements are all Illuminati Psyops

(Left) “Extinction event protestors” stop traffic in City of London School Strikes – Children Crusade against Climate Change   25,000 SPECIES IN DANGER OF DISAPPEARING (due to weather change) Climate change hysteria, the Green Party, environmentalism and conservation are all Illuminati sponsored. They are different aspects of the one per cent wanting to preserve the planet for their enjoyment and […]

Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay.

Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay. illuminati = Jews Related Posts What Really Happened to Jeffrey Epstein? | Joe Rogan and Tom Papa Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Did Jeffrey Epstein Really Kill Himself? The Facts:U.S. Attorney General William Barr is one of many who are openly questioning the ‘Opposition’ or […]

Denver Airport Installs A Talking Gargoyle That Says “Welcome To The Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!”

Denver International Airport has just installed a brand new animatronic talking gargoyle statue that is making fun of the “conspiracy theories” about the airport.  As you can see in this video below, the animatronic statue is incredibly lifelike, and it must have cost a fortune to create.  The airport claims that the goal is to get […]

Illuminati’s Grand Wizard Albert Pike: ‘We Will Use Islam To Spark World War 3’

Translator Source Article from Related Posts Giant 5G Drones are Being Planned for the Skies Over Hawaii then the World Dr. Debra Greene PhD, Take Back Your Power Waking TimesMassive football field sized drones flying The US Is Set To Drown The World In Oil If things don’t change, by the end of the […]


TARGETS OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THE COMMITTEE OF 300 [Reproduced with thanks to DR. JOHN COLEMAN]  Translate this Page!   Dr. John Coleman on the “Committee of 300″  1:43:29 1. To establish a One World Government/Jew World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The Jew World Government began to set up […]

Is Civil War the Illuminati End Game?

  January 23, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Why Do the Illuminati Promote Sexual Dysfunction? by Henry Makow Ph.DThe world is set to drop into the central bankers’ outstretched hand Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet for Satanic Rituals by Henry Makow Ph.D. The Satanist cult that has colonized mankind is meeting at Bohemian Why […]

Illuminati Insider foretold Migrants, Surveillance, Mechanical Procreation

In a book Henry Kissinger called “brilliant and provocative..difficult to dismiss,” Jacques Attali confirms that the Illuminati bankers are imposing a hideous “Brave New World” on mankind, one divorced from goodness, truth or reality.     In his futuristic tome, A Brief History of the Future (2006) Illuminati Jewish insider Jacques Attali spoke of third-world hordes […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Is the world being controlled and ruled by invisible hands? Are we headed in the direction of a New World Order propagated by a few choice elite? Who are these elite? Mysticurious sheds light on the widely disputed topic of the 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati who are believed to control humanity by holding […]

Do Illuminati Jews Orchestrate Big Power "Conflict"?

  December 17, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts The Litmus Test For LGBTQ Power – Schiff Versus She/He Authored by Sara Cowgill via, When the earth tilts on its axis a bit Building our power for a free Palestine This is a transformative moment for Palestine activism in the United States.  For […]

Celine Dion Launches ‘Illuminati-esque’ Gender Neutral Clothing Line

The Facts: Footage recently surfaced of more than 100 whales caught, trapped, and jailed, waiting to be sold in China for human entertainment purposes. Reflect On: What right do we have to take living, breathing empathetic emotional beings trap them for our own desires? What type of environment are we growing up in that allows […]

Illuminati Hooked Boomers on Porn to Destroy Marriage/Family

Pornography as Social Engineering, May 1964 At age 68, I am starting to appreciate the damage  I did to myself by my youthful addiction to PLAYBOY. It wasn’t called sex addiction then but it was.  PLAYBOY made me see women as sex objects. That’s a cliche but the implications were profound.    When you dehumanize them, you cannot […]

The ‘Illuminati’ Are Real and Trying To Take Over The World

The LHC, run by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) at Geneva on the French-Swiss border, is the world’s largest and most powerful machine and used to collide particles at close to the speed of light in a bid to discover more about physics and the possibility of parallel universes. The curious machine developed […]

Ex-Politician: The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL and Trying to Take Over the World

A FORMER politician sensationally claims the legendary Illuminati is REAL and secretly trying to run world affairs from behind the scenes.  Simon Parkes, a former Labour London borough councillor and town councillor for Whitby in North Yorkshire, is a signed up believer of the popular conspiracy theory. by Jon Austin (excerpts) As one of the […]

Svali Details How Illuminati Blood Rituals Are Organized — And Explains Why They Are Never Caught

When confronted with the possibility that ritual abuse may occur, one of the first questions people ask is: “But if it’s real, why aren’t they caught?”. In other words, how can an organized society meet and execute rituals in secret, yet not leave any incriminating evidence which may lead to a conviction? How can such […]

The Law of One — Information Released By An Illuminati Priest

Information Received by Carla L. Rueckert The Law of One information was received by channeling to Carla L. Rueckert from Ra. The information found here, is in her book “Living The Law of One, 101: The Choice”. This information was received in the early 1980’s. The philosophy behind the Law of One material is that, […]

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