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Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay.

Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay. illuminati = Jews Related Posts The FOUR HORSEMAN: Who are they really? (Video)     Source Article from Introduction: What does the Bible really say about modern Israel? Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does What does the Bible […]

Denver Airport Installs A Talking Gargoyle That Says “Welcome To The Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!”

Denver International Airport has just installed a brand new animatronic talking gargoyle statue that is making fun of the “conspiracy theories” about the airport.  As you can see in this video below, the animatronic statue is incredibly lifelike, and it must have cost a fortune to create.  The airport claims that the goal is to get […]

Illuminati’s Grand Wizard Albert Pike: ‘We Will Use Islam To Spark World War 3’

Translator Source Article from Related Posts Pompeo the Madman: World Issues an SOS on the U.S. SOS   Mike Pompeo © Reuters / Jason Lee   ‘Pompeo lost his mind’: Chinese diplomat World’s Largest Plane Takes to the Air LifeScience Microsoft’s Paul Allen and Stratolaunch Source Article from Iranian FM Reminds World of […]


TARGETS OF THE ILLUMINATI AND THE COMMITTEE OF 300 [Reproduced with thanks to DR. JOHN COLEMAN]  Translate this Page!   Dr. John Coleman on the “Committee of 300″  1:43:29 1. To establish a One World Government/Jew World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. The Jew World Government began to set up […]

Is Civil War the Illuminati End Game?

  January 23, 2019 Source Article from Related Posts Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay. Illuminati Gangsta Rappers who are really gay. illuminati = Jews Denver Airport Installs A Talking Gargoyle That Says “Welcome To The Illuminati Headquarters, I mean, Denver International Airport!” Denver International Airport has just installed a brand new […]

Illuminati Insider foretold Migrants, Surveillance, Mechanical Procreation

In a book Henry Kissinger called “brilliant and provocative..difficult to dismiss,” Jacques Attali confirms that the Illuminati bankers are imposing a hideous “Brave New World” on mankind, one divorced from goodness, truth or reality.     In his futuristic tome, A Brief History of the Future (2006) Illuminati Jewish insider Jacques Attali spoke of third-world hordes […]

Hidden in Plain Sight: 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Is the world being controlled and ruled by invisible hands? Are we headed in the direction of a New World Order propagated by a few choice elite? Who are these elite? Mysticurious sheds light on the widely disputed topic of the 13 Family Bloodlines of the Illuminati who are believed to control humanity by holding […]

Do Illuminati Jews Orchestrate Big Power "Conflict"?

  December 17, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power U.S. military basecamps in remote locations? (Natural News) The United States military could very soon be getting a Venezuela: Why Is Maduro Still In Power? Green Left Weekly’s Federico Fuentes analyses why Maduro remains in power […]

Celine Dion Launches ‘Illuminati-esque’ Gender Neutral Clothing Line

The Facts: Footage recently surfaced of more than 100 whales caught, trapped, and jailed, waiting to be sold in China for human entertainment purposes. Reflect On: What right do we have to take living, breathing empathetic emotional beings trap them for our own desires? What type of environment are we growing up in that allows […]

Illuminati Hooked Boomers on Porn to Destroy Marriage/Family

Pornography as Social Engineering, May 1964 At age 68, I am starting to appreciate the damage  I did to myself by my youthful addiction to PLAYBOY. It wasn’t called sex addiction then but it was.  PLAYBOY made me see women as sex objects. That’s a cliche but the implications were profound.    When you dehumanize them, you cannot […]

The ‘Illuminati’ Are Real and Trying To Take Over The World

The LHC, run by the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) at Geneva on the French-Swiss border, is the world’s largest and most powerful machine and used to collide particles at close to the speed of light in a bid to discover more about physics and the possibility of parallel universes. The curious machine developed […]

Ex-Politician: The ‘Illuminati’ is REAL and Trying to Take Over the World

A FORMER politician sensationally claims the legendary Illuminati is REAL and secretly trying to run world affairs from behind the scenes.  Simon Parkes, a former Labour London borough councillor and town councillor for Whitby in North Yorkshire, is a signed up believer of the popular conspiracy theory. by Jon Austin (excerpts) As one of the […]

Svali Details How Illuminati Blood Rituals Are Organized — And Explains Why They Are Never Caught

When confronted with the possibility that ritual abuse may occur, one of the first questions people ask is: “But if it’s real, why aren’t they caught?”. In other words, how can an organized society meet and execute rituals in secret, yet not leave any incriminating evidence which may lead to a conviction? How can such […]

The Law of One — Information Released By An Illuminati Priest

Information Received by Carla L. Rueckert The Law of One information was received by channeling to Carla L. Rueckert from Ra. The information found here, is in her book “Living The Law of One, 101: The Choice”. This information was received in the early 1980’s. The philosophy behind the Law of One material is that, […]

Why the Entertainment Industry Loves to Use Illuminati and Occult Symbolism to Sell

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer Waking Times “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.” ~Prodigy You really have to wonder if the accountants and marketing teams of the entertainment industrial complex have actually signed a deal with the devil, or if they’ve just realized how exceptionally profitable it is to use Illuminati and occult […]

How the Illuminati (Luciferian Satanists) Infiltrated Religion, Secret Socities & Government and Hijacked Them from Within

In 1784 Adam Weishaupt, a jesuit-trained professor of canon law, defected from christianity, and embraced the Luciferian ideology while teaching in Ingoldstadt University.  In 1770 the money lenders (who had recently organized the House of Rothschild), retained him to revise and modernize the age-old ‘protocols’ designed to give the Synagogue of Satan ultimate world domination […]

The Illuminati Attempt to Normalize Sex Between Adults and Children

The testimony of former Illuminati trainer Svali, which I have referred to in past articles including the Lucifer series, provides an excellent context for an understanding of the Illuminati structure and the means by which they have maintained control over the planet. She discloses that part of the Illuminati plan has been to go from […]

Beyonce Is An Illuminati Witch, Former Band Member Tells Court

Beyonce is an ‘illuminati witch’ who sacrifices animals and sexually molests people in the name of Satan, according to former band member Kimberly Thompson.  Thompson worked as Beyonce’s drummer for seven years and is now asking a federal court for a restraining order against her former boss, claiming that Beyonce’s involvement in the dark arts has […]

David Livingstone – Illuminati Conspiracy Stems from Expulsion of Marranos

(left, Triad Claw hand sign signals membership in Kabbalist conspiracy. See complete list)  Marranos Everywhere! Christian Kabbalists & the Conquest of the New World  The Spanish Inquisition and the Expulsion from Spain in 1492, were some of the most pivotal events in modern times. Jewish converts penetrated to Christianity, where they could exact their revenge. […]

Nazis Rescued Jewish Satanist (Illuminati)

  September 12, 2018 Their Abwehr escorts explained that they were under “full diplomatic protection.”   From Berlin, the party traveled first-class to Riga, Latvia, and then on to Stockholm where they boarded a ship to the USA, arriving in March 1940. The “escape” is documented in the book, Rescued from the Reich (2004) by Bryan […]

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