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Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Team Includes Ezekiel Emanuel, Who ‘Hope[s] to Die at 75’

Joe Biden announced a proposed coronavirus team Monday for his new administration — and it includes Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who once wrote that he did not hope to live past the age of 75. Emanuel, the brother of President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is known for his role in designing Obamacare. Once […]

Is Trump working on a Syria deal that includes normalization with Israel?

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Mass military wedding in Taiwan includes two same-sex couples

Taiwan is at the vanguard of the burgeoning gay rights movement in Asia and became the first place in the region to allow same-sex marriage in May 2019 after a bruising political fight. Nearly 200 couples paraded at an army base in northern Taoyuan county before exchanging vows at an outdoor ceremony. Among them were […]

Democrats’ New Stimulus Bill Includes Cash for Illegal Aliens

The latest stimulus bill proposed by the Democratic Party includes taxpayer-funded checks for illegal aliens and new protections from certain deportations. The eye-watering $2.2 trillion package proposed by House Democrats includes a number of dubious items that will benefit illegal immigrants in the United States. The bill also demands protections for illegals from deportations in […]

The NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990 includes the right to refuse any medical treatment & to hold opinions without interference

New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990. Part II of the Act covers a broad range of Civil and Political Rights. As part of the right to life and the security of the person, the Act guarantees everyone: 1 The right not to be deprived of life except in accordance with fundamental justice (Section 8) […]

RNC Closing Ceremony Includes Performance of ‘Ave Maria’, Musical Version of the ‘Hail Mary’

WASHINGTON — In what is being hailed as “the most Catholic moment in American history,” the Republican National Convention (RNC) ended on Thursday, Aug. 27 with a performance of “Ave Maria”, the musical version of the “Hail Mary” — among the musical selections performed by opera singer Christopher Macchio. However, some were not sold on […]

Florida’s ‘Covid-19’ case spike includes gunshot deaths, motorbike accidents – Medical examiner calls it ‘clerical error’

   Some Palm Beach County residents making public records requests for the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner’s Office’s COVID-19 weekly death tallies noticed errors in the reports. In eight instances of the over 580 deaths listed by mid-July, the cause of death was not COVID-19. The list included a 60-year-old man who died of a […]

Bolton’s Regime-Change Mentality Includes Latin America Among His Targets

This article is Part III of a series exploring the past of soon-to-be National Security Adviser John Bolton and what his appointment will mean for U.S. foreign policy, with a focus on the Middle East, Latin America, and the Koreas. Part I examined Bolton’s past advocacy for Israel, often at the U.S.’ expense. Part II […]

“The Race for 5G” Includes Bailing Out the Telecom Industry and Allowing Them to Install Small Cell Towers Everywhere. Ain’t That America, For You and Me.

By B.N. Frank If you weren’t aware of it already, “The Race for 5G” promotes state and federal legislation that allows for small cell towers to be installed in front of American homes, public rights of ways, historical districts, pretty much everywhere.  This has become such a highly debated topic all over the […]


TIMELINE & TRUTH ABOUT HEMP — INCLUDES THE BRITISH ROTHSCHILDS CRIME SYNDICATE USING HEARST NEWS LIES AND PROPAGANDA TO KILL HEMP! “The more you can increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants and aliens, the more you control all of the people.” — Noam Chomsky – Don’t have to respect Chomsky to believe this […]

CNN includes transexual Caitlyn Jenner in ‘International Women’s Day’ celebration

     CNN asked Caitlyn Jenner, a biological male, to supply a quote for its celebration of “International Women’s Day.” For its March 8th International Women’s Day discussion, CNN asked women around the world: “What single thing would you change to improve gender equality where you are?” One of those asked to contribute was former Olympic […]

Forbes Includes List of Smartphones That Emit The Most Wireless (WiFi) Radiation — This Won’t Help Much When 5G Cell Towers Are Installed All Over The U.S.

By B.N. Frank Forbes magazine contributor, Niall McCarthy, was not correct when he stated that there was no conclusive scientific research on the impact of cell phone radiation. He also didn’t include the fact that The World Health Organization classified cell phone radiation and other sources of wireless (WiFi) radiation as a Possible […]

U.S. Invasion/Occupation of Syria Includes 14 U.S. Military Bases There

U.S. Invasion/Occupation of Syria Includes 14 U.S. Military Bases There By Eric Eric Zuesse Differing reports have been published regarding where in Syria the U.S. military occupation of that country are based; however, recent reports indicate that there are 14 bases for the U.S. invasion forces. Unfortunately, all of the reports are of such […]

Illegal U.S. Invasion/Occupation of Syria Includes 14 U.S. Military Bases

U.S. Invasion/Occupation of Syria Includes 14 U.S. Military Bases Eric Zuesse Differing reports have been published regarding where in Syria the U.S. military occupation of that country are based; however, recent reports indicate that there are 14 bases for the U.S. invasion forces. Unfortunately, all of the reports are of such low quality that it’s […]

Evergreen State’s student newspaper includes no-whites-allowed opinion section

‘For people of color by people of color’ The student newspaper at Evergreen State College has a section in its opinion pages described as “for people of color by people of color.” “This should be a place where we can be us without it being overshadowed by the dark cloud that is […]

Trump’s Border Wall Approved By House Panel, Includes Drones, DNA Collection, Biometric Scans

October 4, 2017 By Derrick Broze Trump’s border wall moved one step closer to becoming reality, but will Americans be forced to give up privacy in the name of security? The House Homeland Security Committee has approved a border security bill which includes $10 billion for Trump’s proposed border wall. Supporters of The Border Security for […]

Globocop: Trump issues new travel ban to ‘bad people’, includes Venezuelan officials ‘responsible for identified inadequacies’

     A new extended travel ban announced by Donald Trump’s administration will restrict travel to the US from North Korea and Venezuela, as well as from Iran, Chad, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia – countries included in previous bans – based on “security or safety threat.” The new restrictions, which come as a result of […]

Jez Turner — ‘Whites Won’t Survive Without White Nationalism’ (includes 12-minute video)

Hello Jez, I thought I’d write to say ‘hello’ to you and all the others, and to say that almost seven months into my sentence, I can still say that taking up the nationalist cause was the best choice of my life! Being an active nationalist is like living in a different world to the decadent […]

Disruption Of U.S. Senate Hearing Includes A 25-year Veteran Of FERC

Above Photo: Ryan McKnight/ Flickr At Thursday’s committee hearing, when Chairwoman Senator Murkowski asked the nominees, Richard Glick and Kevin McIntyre, to stand, Andrew Hinz also stood and shouted: Have a conscience! FERC is destroying the atmosphere! In a prepared statement, Hinz wrote: “Because I spent 25 years working at FERC, I am compelled to speak […]

Europe is doomed — thanks to Angela Merkel (includes video)

Despite Terror and Mass Sex Attacks, Merkel Still Stands by Her Decision to Open German Borders BERLIN (AP), August 20, 2017 — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday stood by her decision to open Germany’s borders to hundreds of thousands of refugees two years ago, a move she has previously defended as a necessary response […]

The Truth about Charlottesville (includes video)

Thoughts on Charlottesville and What It Means for Us By Dr Boyd D. CatheyThe Unz Review, August 15, 2017 “It was they — the forces of the increasingly hysterical Deep State and their stormtrooper antifa street fighters — they who first unleashed the violence.” — Dr Boyd D. Cathey This past Saturday night, August 12, […]

Witch Hunt: ‘Russian Collusion’ Investigation Includes Tenants Who Rented Apartments in Trump Tower

Witch Hunt: ‘Russian Collusion’ Investigation Includes Tenants Who Rented Apartments in Trump Tower CNN admits parts of Mueller’s probe “unconnected to the 2016 elections” Paul Joseph WatsonPrison August 4, 2017 Desperate to politically damage President Trump to lay the grounds for impeachment, Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russian collusion” now includes material “unconnected to the […]

US Announces ‘FIRST STEP’ In New Enhanced Flight SECURITY Screenings: Includes “SEEN AND UNSEEN” Measures

Kelly confirmed the anticipated tightening of air travel security measures at the Council for New American Security conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday. A fact sheet issued by the Department of Homeland Security referenced a “‘spider web’ of threats to commercial aviation as terrorist [sic] pursue new attack methods.” To meet those challenges, DHS said plans were underway to “raise […]

President Trump’s Budget Includes a $2 Trillion Math Mistake

President Trump’s Budget Includes a $2 Trillion Math Mistake May 25th, 2017 It wouldn’t be the first time. Here’s another $2.3 trillion dollar mistake that’s long forgotten: On Sept. 10, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld declared war. Not on foreign terrorists, “the adversary’s closer […]

FDA Budget Includes Millions For Promoting GMOs

According to a recent poll, approximately 93% of all Americans support GMO labeling. (Photo: CT Senate Democrats/ cc/ Flickr) In a move that was secured because of the government’s desperation to avoid a shutdown, a bill that was passed by the Senate 79 to 18 earlier this month included an allocation of $3 million for […]

Former prisoner’s book tour includes call to world to ‘stand with’ 1600 Palestinians on hunger strike

This is your opportunity to see a former Palestinian prisoner/artist in the United States at the height of a historic hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners. The cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh, who has just published a book called White and Black Political Cartoons from Palestine, will be continuing a book tour, Life and Prison in Palestine: A Cartoonist’s Eye, in Portland, […]

32 whales strand on East Java coast, 15 likely dead

     Dozens of pilot whales have beached on the coast of East Java, discovered on Wednesday by residents in Probolinggo, East Java. The giant marine mammals are thought to have become stranded due to changes in the sea temperature. The short-finned pilot whales were seen around the shore on Wednesday afternoon. Most managed to return […]

‘Iran’s IMIDRO, German Aurubis to tap joint potentials’

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Germany’s Aurubis AG are set to look into ways of cooperating in the area of copper industry. Mehdi Karbassian, director of Iran’s Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation (IMIDRO), a major state-owned holding company active in the mining sector, has announced a plan by a team of Germany’s […]

Killary’s Whitewater scandal next skeleton on Trump’s list

     Donald Trump is ready to launch a Whitewater real estate scandal onto the Hillary Clinton campaign. Bill Clinton rape allegations… Vince Foster’s death… Email server scandal… and Whitewater. Are we missing anything? If we are, then we are sure Donald Trump will find it and throw it out to the American public as his […]

$153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented

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