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Dr. Theodore John Kaczynski: Industrial Society & Its Future

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Going Underground – Ep. 585: Media Lies, Deception & Collusion in Syria w/ MIT Prof Theodore Postol & Norman Solomon Going Underground – Ep. 585: Media Lies, Deception & Collusion in Syria w/ MIT Prof Why ISIS may very well end up endorsing Donald Trump […]

Top 7 most absurd lies told by the ALLOPATHETIC medical industrial complex

(Natural News) Did your medical deity (M.D.) tell you that all your health problems are genetic and that they “run in your family?” Then why do millions of Americans prevent and cure diabetes II, cancer, heart disease, and more by simply switching to a plant-based, organic food regimen? Maybe the “runs in […]

Here’s how Trump stealthily conspires with the Military-Industrial Complex to keep the Afghan War going forever.

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The 9-Percent Lie: Why Are The USDA And EPA Hiding The Fact That Half Of All US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Industrial Food, Farming And Land Use?

The 9-Percent Lie: Why Are The USDA And EPA Hiding The Fact That Half Of All US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Come From Industrial Food, Farming And Land Use? Above Photo: From “The Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt 1943 The Climate Emergency is finally getting the attention of the media and […]

Merger Mania: The Military-Industrial Complex On Steroids

Merger Mania: The Military-Industrial Complex On Steroids Above Photo: Wiredforlego/Flickr When, in his farewell address in 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the dangers of the “unwarranted influence” wielded by the “military-industrial complex,” he could never have dreamed of an arms-making corporation of the size and political clout of Lockheed Martin. In a good year, it now […]

Offshoring and Industrial Relocation: Profits from Exploitation in Honduras. Transnational Companies are Impoverishing us All

Imperialists employ myriad strategies to “open the veins” of prey countries.  Economic warfare is one such strategy.  Prolonged and sustained economic warfare against long-suffering Honduras advances the tentacles of the Big Monopolies as it impoverishes and destroys Honduras. Transnational companies, meanwhile are afforded additional “supranational” protections through “free trade” agreements. As the following article first […]

The Military Industrial Complex Loves Left Wing Hawk Adam Schiff

Neoliberal, fake progressive Rep. Adam Schiff (D-C) showed his true colors yet again last week. He said in response to President Donald Trump’s saber-rattling and threats to attack Iran that, Iran is a thoroughly malign actor, a cause of deep instability in the region, a profound contributor to the violence and misery in Yemen, and one of […]

Issuance of industrial unit establishment permits rises 25% in 2 months

Tehran Times – Issuance of permits for setting up industrial units in Iran increased 25 percent during the first two months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-May 21) compared to the same period of time in the past year, IRNA reported on Sunday citing the data released by the Ministry of Industry, Mining […]

Food Security: Largest Animal Epidemic in History Is Due to Industrial Farming

GREG WILPERT: It’s The Real News Network and I’m Greg Wilpert in Baltimore. What some are calling the largest animal disease outbreak in history is currently ravaging pig farms in China and in other Asian countries. The disease is known as African Swine Fever and has a similar effect on pigs as Ebola […]

Second American Civil War Driven by Out-of-Control Military Industrial Complex (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts Why Israelis are going to the polls for a second time this year Five things you should know about the second Israeli national elections in six Kashmir: Harbinger of the Second Muslim Awakening in South Asia On August 22, 2019 Genocide Watch issued two emergency […]

Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections

Earlier this month, tech giant Microsoft announced its solution to “protect” American elections from interference, which it has named “ElectionGuard.” The election technology is already set to be adopted by half of voting machine manufacturers and some state governments for the 2020 general election. Though it has been heavily promoted by the mainstream media in […]

Trump proves again that he works for the Military-Industrial Complex not the American people.

    Trump Bypasses Congress To Approve $8 Billion In Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, UAE Not long after he reportedly agreed to send another 1,500-2,000 troops to the Middle East in yet another show of strength to combat an increasingly belligerent Iran, President Trump steamrolled Congress on Friday to approve $8 billion in […]

Trump: ‘You Do Have a Military-Industrial Complex. They Do Like War.’

Well, I’m the one that talks about these wars that are 19 years (long), and people are just there. And don’t kid yourself, you do have a military industrial complex. They do like war. You know, In Syria with the caliphate, so I wipe out 100% of the caliphate that doesn’t mean you’re […]

Indigenous firewall installed on industrial control systems: ICT min.

MNA – Iranian ICT Minister Jahromi said Sunday an indigenous firewall has been installed on the country’s industrial control systems under the Siemens brand to repel cyber attacks. The ICT minister made the announcement during a ceremony marking the World Telecommunication Day. He told reporters that the country has succeeded in developing its own firewall […]

US Industrial Production Tumbles – Weakest Growth In 2 Years

With US industrial production having stagnated for the last four months, April is expected to be more of the same – unchanged from March – but it didn’t, missing dramatically and tumbling 0.5% MoM. The report shows manufacturing losing momentum amid a trade war with China that’s raised prices and complicated business decisions. Those headwinds […]

Industrial Agriculture, An Extraction Industry Like Fossil Fuels, A Growing Driver Of Climate Change

Industrial Agriculture, An Extraction Industry Like Fossil Fuels, A Growing Driver Of Climate Change Above Photo: Illustration based on photo by Christian Ender via Getty Images. On his farm in southwestern Iowa, Seth Watkins plants several different crops and raises cattle. He controls erosion and water pollution by leaving some land permanently covered in native grass. […]

Industrial Hemp Legalized

Industrial Hemp Legalized December 23rd, 2018 Via: Boston Globe: President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalizes industrial hemp after decades of the crop being caught up in broader cannabis prohibition, into law on Thursday. The signing ceremony represents the culmination of a […]

Pentagon’s ‘lost’ trillions went to people connected to US military-industrial complex: Ron Paul

The Pentagon, Image Source: Flickr Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has said that “the Pentagon’s lost trillions have nothing to do with defense, adding that the “money propping up the high lifestyles of those connected to the military-industrial complex.” Dr. Paul, a three-time American presidential candidate and the […]

Is the Purge of Independent Media a Coordinated Attack by the Military Industrial Complex?

By Derrick Broze Victims of Facebook’s most recent purge should not forget the connections between the social media giant and the Western Military-Industrial Complex. On Thursday, Facebook announced they were unpublishing, or purging, over 500 pages and 200 accounts who are accused of spreading political spam. Several of these pages and writers were also removed […]

The military-industrial-humanitarian complex: Spreading Western hegemony under the guise of virtue

Traditionally honorable words such as ‘humanitarian’ and ‘democracy’ have come to acquire a darker and more cynical meaning following their misappropriation to justify the invasion of sovereign nations and to promote the spread of Western military and cultural dominance across the globe. The mainstream media, alongside some human rights activists, assist these ventures by helping […]

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