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Engineering Secrets of Barbegal Mills, The World’s First Industrial Complex, Uncovered

The Romans were among the finest engineers in the ancient world. Among the most impressive of their engineering feats was the Barbegal mills and aqueduct. This is a complex of watermills located in southern France and is regarded as one of the world’s first industrial complexes. A team of researchers have now solved the mystery […]

The Military-Industrial Complex, Israeli-Style. New Docuseries Touts Virtues of “Iron Dome”

By Kathryn Shihadah Source A new documentary series produced in Israel tells the story of the Iron Dome missile system, but as Kathryn Shihadah reports, it leaves out crucial details about how the weapon is used and who funded it. Anew docuseries produced in Israel chronicles the development and use of Israel’s multi-billion dollar, U.S.-subsidized […]

Man stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Talpiot industrial zone

A man aged around 40 was stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Talpiot industrial zone on Thursday, police said in a statement. Paramedics were called to the scene and transported the injured man to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in critical condition, where he later succumbed to his wounds. Police said a suspect was arrested […]

Daily 5D Shift: Transmutation through the 4th Industrial Revolution

October 19th, 2020 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. In the false pretext of the pandemic our lives and the very structure of society are being transformed. The controllers would have us move into a synthetic high tech reality that is carefully regulated and monitored. BUT, they will […]

Shadowgate and the Military/Industrial/Media/Zionist/Spy Complex

The deeper you go, the more Jews you see in the shadows. Millie Weaver on Shadowgate and the Cyber War that is being waged against America by the Zionists in the shadows. ShadowGate 2.0: The Fake News Industrial Complex “WWII will be fought with computers.  Everything else is illusion.” – Pastor Eli James Share this: […]

5D Shift: The 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

October 7th, 2020 By Open Contributing Writer for Wake Up World The 4th Industrial Revolution on planet earth has just begun. Society is set to be transformed in the biggest shake up since steam power. The cogs first swung into gear with a revolutionary new “White Hat” technology called “Blockchain”. It has since been seized upon by […]

Selling Ourselves For Safety: A Look At the Migration Industrial Complex

The climate crisis, wars, violent states and economic crashes are driving migration around the world and in this capitalist global environment, it is no surprise that a profiteering industrial complex has evolved. I speak with Siobhan McGuirk and Adrienne Pine, co-authors of “Asylum for Sale: Profit and protest in the migration industry,” about the ways […]

Pentagon Military Brass Are 4 Sale After Retirement to Military-Industrial Money Making Complex

Trump Insists ‘We’re Getting Out of the Endless Wars,’ Leaving Pentagon Bigwigs Disgruntled Sept. 8, 2020 (EIRNS)—President Donald Trump made pointed remarks yesterday opposing “endless wars,” calling for bringing “our soldiers home,” and blasting the military-industrial complex for wanting to prolong wars. He spoke at a Labor Day press conference. The further, unspoken background to his […]

Industrial-Scale Looting Destroys Ancient Sudanese Site

A 2000-year-old historic site has been destroyed in Sudan by illegal treasure hunters using construction-sized excavators to search for buried gold. In Sudan many of the country’s archaeological sites are under threat from illegal gold diggers and looting which has become a major threat to the nation’s heritage. The important archaeological site at Jabal Maragha, […]

A Fascinating Roman Industrial Complex Has Been Excavated In England

The remains of a Roman period industrial complex has been uncovered by archaeologists in England, and includes kilns for making lime, mortar and pottery, and this discovery represents a detailed picture of what life was like for working class folk in the Roman outpost of Britannia. The Ruined Legacy of Roman Builders in England In […]

Fourth Industrial Revolution: A game-changer for Australia and the world

The 4IR will be profound and may impact in ways many people cannot yet imagine. Some of these changes could serve us well if utilised correctly, writes an Australian Protectionist Party member. The next generation is coming. Photo: AWE What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? To use some analogies, once mankind had widespread access to […]

The Military-Industrial Complex Strikes (Out) Again

Remember Donald Trump’s magical plan to turn $200 billion in federal money… hey, presto!… into $1.5 trillion in investment in America’s aging, underfunded infrastructure (to which the American Society of Civil Engineers gave a grade of D+ in 2017)? Why should you, especially since that plan is now officially dead in the water in Congress […]

Facebook Announces Partnership with Think Tank Connected to NATO, Military Industrial Complex

By Derrick Broze Facebook has announced a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, a think tank with close ties to the Military Industrial Complex and Defense Department. On Thursday Facebook announced a new partnership with the Atlantic Council, a think tank which officially claims to provide a forum for international political, business, and […]

Venezuela and Palestine Launch Bi-National Bank to Fund Tech and Industrial Initiatives

Big financial news out of Caracas this week, as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announce an agreement between their two countries to start a bi-national bank. The newly created bank will “fund technological and industrial initiatives” and will launch with 20 million Venezuelan Petros, teleSUR reports. IMAGE: Presidents Abbas and Maduro shake […]

Military-Industrial Complex Stocks Crash After North Korea Peace Deal

On the same day that leaders of North and South Korea signed an historic peace deal, the five largest military contractors in the U.S. lost over $10 billion in value. Following Trump’s achievement in ending the Korean war, shockwaves have reverberated throughout the military-industrial complex. reports: On Friday alone, the five largest defense contractors in […]

Military Industrial Complex Stocks Crash as North and South Korea Reach Peace Deal

Activist Post North and South Korea reached a historic peace deal this week, and as the leaders from the two nations met in person for the first time and agreed to pursue an end to the Korean War, it signaled an incredible breakthrough in diplomacy and sent the stocks of defense contractors in the United […]

Military Industrial Complex Stocks Sent Crashing as North and South Korea Achieve Peace

When North Korea’s Kim Jong-un shook hands with South Korea’s Moon Jae-in for the first time on Friday, they put thousands of people both at home and around the world at ease, as they agreed to a peace deal that has the power to break the tension that has been between the […]

Trump Puts his Logo on the Military-Industrial Complex, Sets Up US Arms Sales with Syria Demo

WASHINGTON – The week after the U.S., along with the U.K. and France, launched unilateral strikes against the Syrian government, the Trump administration is rolling out a “Buy American” weapons-selling initiative aimed at allowing other nations to buy even more weapons from U.S.-based arms manufacturers. According to Reuters, the initiative, set to be announced today, […]

Sharks, Wardrobes, And Crypto VS The Prison Industrial Complex

Sharks, Wardrobes, And Crypto VS The Prison Industrial Complex Above Photo: From Stranger Than Fiction Headlines from the Front Lines. First up, are you on the WARdrobe watch list? And I do mean WAR drobe. And thanks to this new military program, sharks may soon be getting laser beams. Catholics fill baby bottles with […]

Zeolites improve crop growth in soil contaminated by industrial waste and heavy metals

(Natural News) Soils that have been contaminated with heavy metals are not optimal for pretty much any kind of crop. However, a new study revealed that making one simple change could turn things around. Researchers from the Agricultural University of Tirana have discovered that the simple addition of natural zeolite can serve as […]

Watching The Hawks – The Military Industrial Enigma w/ Brig. Gen. Tony Tata (Ret.)

Watching The Hawks – The Military Industrial Enigma w/ Brig. Gen. Tony Tata (Ret.) Watching The Retired Army Brigadier General Tony Tata discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly of the United States military industrial complex. LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING THE HAWKS ON INSTAGRAM @ Tyrel Ventura @ […]

The Dark, Industrial Side of Large-Scale Cannabis Production

To say that the legal marijuana industry is on an upward spiral is a gross understatement. There are now nine states (plus D.C) where it is legal to use weed on a recreational basis, and 29 states where it is allowed for medicinal use. Marijuana has officially gone mainstream with anywhere between […]

German workers win a 28-hour week after industrial action

     German workers have won the right to a 28-hour week in a victory towards their fight for a better work-life balance. Industrial union IG Metall, Europe’s largest trade union, has won its workers the right to work the equivalent of under six hours each day in a deal that could eventually impact almost 4 […]

8 Common Misconceptions About Industrial Hemp

Hemp has gotten a bad rap over the years. It wasn’t that long ago that this plant was widely used in our society for making fabric, building supplies, and paper. As a matter of fact, the original Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. Of course, this was all before industrial hemp growth and cultivation […]

Military-Industrial Complex Ensures Americans War Will Go On Despite Gov’t Shutdown

By Matt Agorist The United States government’s mission of spreading empire, destabilizing peaceful countries, and violent regime changes will not be hindered by the government shutdown. Our fearless rulers have ensured Americans that the military-industrial complex will be just fine—despite not paying the soldiers. On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence encouraged troops to focus […]

The Prison Industrial Complex – Another Form of Extreme Racism & Slavery

Next Story Prison is big business, and working prisoners are a corporation’s dream. Prisoners are being contracted for work right now on a massive scale, and despite the alarming and unsustainable growth of inmate numbers in the United States, incentive to lock people up is only increasing. This is the income that prisons — comprising one […]

The History Of Industrial Agriculture And Its Impact

The History Of Industrial Agriculture And Its Impact Above photo: Atlanta’s OG of black farming, K. Rashid Nuri, at Truly Living Well’s Old Fourth Ward farm. ERIK MEADOWS/CL FILE “But the interesting parallel here is that the food is grown from the same source of war material – ammonium nitrate. So corn becomes the bullets.”  – Rashid Nuri […]

Washington Post: US Military-Industrial Complex’s Chief Propagandist

Washington Post: US Military-Industrial Complex’s Chief Propagandist Above Photo: From It used to be that the New York Times and the Washington Post competed against each other to be the chief propagandist for the hundred or so top firms who sell to the US federal government — the 100 top “federal contractors,” almost all of which are Pentagon contractors — […]

Citizens In Cancer Alley Ramp Up Battle Against Industrial Pollution

Citizens In Cancer Alley Ramp Up Battle Against Industrial Pollution Above Photo: Robert Taylor next to one of the EPA air monitoring sites in LaPlace, Louisiana. This past year in Louisiana’s St. John the Baptist Parish, a small group of residents began organizing their community to compel the state to protect them against an invisible menace: the air they breathe. Their parish, the Louisiana […]

How Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post Became the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex’s Chief Propagandist

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