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Cancel culture is a racket! Woman sics SJWs on innocent TikTok star, then brags about donations

Emma Langevin is an internet personality who blew up this week once the internet learned of her quirky charm and unusual accent. She makes videos with an often lewd or rough edge, and she’s been able to capitalize off a modern audience that eats this stuff up. But as with all good things, netizens couldn’t […]

Heavily Militarized SWAT Raids Innocent Family for Growing Tomatoes—Taxpayers Held Liable

(Support Free Thought) – Leawood, KS — Adlynn and Robert Harte and their two children had harmed no one and broken no laws when heavily armed militarized SWAT deputies with the Johnson County sheriff’s department stormed their home like it was an ISIS compound. The “hero” deputies were searching for evidence of […]

UK Has Blood of Innocent Yemenis on Its Hands: Iran’s Mousavi

By Staff, Agencies Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi said Britain’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia has made the UK an accomplice to Riyadh’s war crimes in Yemen. “As the atrocities of the aggression push #Yemen on the brink of the worst humanitarian crisis, coupled w/ COVID19, the British Gvt. has profited from the arms […]

Puppy tied with a short rope for making an innocent mistake

Dogs are like little children. If you invest quality time in teaching them right from wrong, they will behave accordingly. Many dog owners, however, expect from their dogs to be the perfect pets without giving them the love and the affection they need, and by punishing them for banal reasons. When a sweet cream-colored pooch […]

Innocent Teens Detained, Fined $3,000 for Riding Dirt Bikes On Their Own Property

By Jack Burns Hampden, MA — Four Hampden teenagers got a dose of police state reality when they were both given hundreds of dollars in fines by environmental cops for riding their motorcycles on their own family’s property. Yes. That’s right, America. Massachusetts has its own police force called “environmental police”, AKA Game and Fish […]

Guilty until proven innocent (again): UN report on alleged Russian ‘war crimes’ in Syria is based on ‘We Say So’ & unnamed sources

Earlier this week, the The Independent International Commission of Inquiry into the Syrian Arab Republic released a report largely lambasting Syria and Russia in their fight against terrorism in Syria. Corporate media were quick to echo allegations of Russian “war crimes” in Syria, all while diminishing the crimes of terrorist groups against Syrian civilians and soldiers. The […]

Hillary Clinton: I’m The Most Investigated ‘Innocent Person’ In America

Hillary Clinton protests her innocence in new documentary ‘Hillary,’ with the former secretary of state claiming she is the ‘the most investigated innocent person in America.’ The twice failed Democrat presidential candidate continues to refuse to accept one iota of blame for the litany of mistakes and missteps she has made during her 40+ years […]

Officer Body Cameras ‘Go Dark’ as Innocent Family Beaten, But the Dashcam Caught It All

DeSoto, TX — The incremental use of police officer body cameras over the last decade has proven to be both a huge asset to police accountability as well as a source of constant controversy. Many times, police departments will simply refuse to release potentially incriminating video, while other times, officers turn them off before […]

Osama bin Trumpstein: ‘Innocent Syrians Fleeing Regime Brutality’

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda. On February 18, the brutality of the regime […]

Innocent dog found dead and mouth shut with a sock, lying on a recliner by thugs

A bystander called animal control after he found a dead innocent dog gagged, and mouth shut with a sock, lying on a recliner in Tucson. The puppy has a microchip, do an investigation will start. The director of operations in Pima Animal Care Center, José Ocaño confirmed that they will work with the police to […]

Innocent, Helpless Germans: Burned Alive, Covered in Excrement, Starved, Driven to Insanity

How the Allies created the greatest German refugee crisis for women and children, two million died without mercy by John Wear NURSING INFANTS suffer the most, as their mothers are unable to feed them, and frequently go insane as they watch their offspring slowly die before their eyes… …Typhus was widespread throughout the entire transport […]

Doctors in the UK are resigning left and right over transgender lunacy targeting innocent children

(Natural News) As depressing as the relentless onslaught of LGBTQ perversion throughout our society can be, there’s a tiny glimmer of hope at the end of this very dark tunnel. As it turns out, many doctors whose consciences are still intact have decided to resign from their posts rather than continue to […]

Watch as Cops Frame Innocent Brothers for Cocaine, Try to Destroy Video — But it Survived

By Matt Agorist New York, NY — To all those who make the bogus claim of “if you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about,” consider the following case as even more evidence of how ridiculous that assertion is. Two innocent brothers were framed by NYPD cops who were caught on video […]

“Drug Recognition Experts” Arresting Innocent, Sober People for DUI at Alarming Rate All Based on a Hunch

By Jack Burns As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, motorists in police state USA are snagging DUI charges for being stone-cold sober. Roadside extortionists with badges calling themselves “experts” are the main culprits, according to several sources. Now, it seems, mainstream news media outlets are catching up on the sanctioned extortion and bravely reporting […]

Innocent Man Jailed for 6 Months Until This Video Proved the Cop is a Lying Criminal

By Jack Burns New York, NY — One NYPD police officer was fired, faces up to one year in jail, and another cop was investigated for lying about a traffic stop with a motorist. Officer Michael Bergman lied on his police report and to a grand jury, saying victim Pedro Barbosa attempted to run him […]

3 Innocent Men Set Free After Spending 36 Years in Prison for a Murder They Didn’t Commit

(TMU) — On Monday, three men who spent 36 years in prison were finally released after it was determined that they were wrongfully convicted of murder. In 1983, Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins, and Andrew Stewart were accused of killing a middle school student and were charged with first-degree murder as a result. At the time […]

How US sanctions on Iran are killing innocent people

Common Dreams | Vijay Prashad: The evidence is undeniable. The U.S. sanctions are seriously destroying Iran’s health infrastructure and are leading to immediate deaths and suffering of the Iranian population. In late October, Human Rights Watch released a short report with a sharp title—“Maximum Pressure: US Economic Sanctions Harm Iranians’ Right to Health.” In November […]

Taxpayers to Be Held Liable After SWAT Raids Innocent Family Over Growing Tomato Plants

By Matt Agorist Leawood, KS — Adlynn and Robert Harte and their two children had harmed no one and broken no laws when heavily armed militarized SWAT deputies with the Johnson County sheriff’s department stormed their home like it was an ISIS compound. The “hero” deputies were searching for evidence of marijuana production and use […]

SWAT Team Blows Up Innocent Man’s Home in Search of Clothing Shoplifter — Deal With It, Says Court

By Jack Burns Greenwood Village, CO – A Federal Appeals court has granted police new powers for which they will not be held accountable. They can now completely destroy your home and they will not have to pay for it. That’s what happened to Leo Lech’s home in 2015 after a shoplifter — accused of stealing […]

Max Igan on Ken O’Keefe – Guilty Until Proven Innocent… Right?

Getting ready to set the record straight on the Richie Allen Show tonight at 8pm UK time. We will be posting evidence to refute Max Igan’s slanderous charges on Facebook and Twitter. Ask Max Igan for some evidence as well, seems appropriate I reckon. PUBLISH YOUR EVIDENCE MAX! I will be happy to see it […]

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