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Stupid Jew Michael Rapaport, Supposedly an Actor, Demands You Stay Inside, Goyim!

The stupid Jew Michael Rapaport, who people say is an actor but which I couldn’t independently confirm, is telling people to drag their “punk, shit-stained” children into their homes and keep them there. Watch this video on YouTube For some reason, when the government wants people to conform to a certain type of hive behaviour, […]

USAF begins training exercise inside Israel, despite health concerns

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic , Israel and the United States began joint military maneuvers on Tuesday, March 24 in the southern Hebrew state, said IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus during a press briefing. . “Despite the current situation, we continue to conduct international exercises. Today, the Israeli Air Force launched joint maneuvers with the US Air […]

Auto Honking Protest Against ICE, Supports Hunger Strike Inside

Auto Honking Protest Against ICE, Supports Hunger Strike Inside Above Photo: slrn579537065/Flickr Almost 100 cars here on multiple blocks, surrounding the Hudson County Detention Center in New Jersey! The detention centers must be emptied before they turn into death camps. ICE won’t do it; only Governors have the emergency powers to save these lives. ACT Inside […]

US Senators Dump Stocks with COVID-19 Inside Information

By Stephen Lendman Source Following a closed-door briefing on the threat of spreading COVID-19 infections — before markets began crashing — at least five US senators cashed in based on inside information unavailable to the public. The quintet includes Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Byrd, James Inhofe, Kelly Loeffler, Ron Johnson, and Diane Feinstein. Most […]

Health Ministry urges Israelis to stay inside ‘despite the warm weather’

Hungary proposes sweeping new virus emergency powers Hungary’s government has submitted a bill to parliament that would enable sweeping rule-by-decree powers to tackle the coronavirus under an extended state of emergency, as well as introducing jail terms for spreading “fake news.” According to the draft posted on the parliament website late on Friday, the bill […]

Woman Shares What Her Experience Was Like Inside of The MK Ultra Program

According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for […]

Cops Took Seized Car on Joyride but the Owner Stopped Engine, Locked Them Inside Remotely

(TMU) — A group of police officers in India who attempted to go on a joyride with a car they had seized ended up locked it for three hours after the owner triggered a safety feature when he noticed via GPS that the car had been taken out of the police impound lot. The owner […]

Inside Clean Energy: An Energy Snapshot In 5 Charts

Inside Clean Energy: An Energy Snapshot In 5 Charts Above Photo: Credit: David McNew/AFP via Getty Images) New data from the Energy Information Administration show coal tanking, solar surging, wind growing fast and electricity usage remaining stable. For people who devour energy data like Thin Mints, last week was a special one, with the release […]

Florida 21-Year-Old Man Killed Dog To See Inside Of It Believing It Was A Robot

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a 21-year-old man has been accused of killing a neighbor’s dog. On Friday, Scott Mills was arrested on charges of animal cruelty. According to WearTV, West Palm Beach police officers responded to a resident stating they thought Mills had killed their dog named Max. When police searched the suspect’s backyard, […]

Terrorist groups were trained inside a textile factory in Aleppo

Tuesday, 25 February 2020  ALEPPO, (ST)_Terrorist groups had turned one of the textile factories in the town of Kafer Joum in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo into a headquarters for training  and making shells. Basma Qaddour  Related News Army units find tunnels and underground fortifications for terrorist organizations in southern Idlib Syrian army downs Turkish […]

Inside Bernie

Brother Nathanael February 19, 2020 @ 10:33 pm Text-Text-Text Inside Bernie Getting inside Bernie is an outside job. You look at the externals and the internals come through. He’s the ‘front runner’ with a fatal wish buried deep within a visible shtick. [Clip] [”Let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of […]

Amazing video of a dog rings the doorbell to get inside after running away from home for more than two months

Greg Basel bought a new doorbell, which helps him to see who is outside when the bell is rang. In addition to that, this bell can help you to catch criminals that try to get is your home. And sometimes, this bell catches hilarious moments, just like this video that shows Greg’s dog ringing the […]

Inside Clean Energy: A Case For Optimism

Inside Clean Energy: A Case For Optimism NOTE: We publish this article because it shows the movement to end fossil fuels is having an impact on energy corporations – at least on their rhetoric. Whether they change their practices in a positive way remains to be seen. Corporate executives, and politicians for that matter, are […]

Couple left two pugs ‘cooked to death’ after being left inside a scorching tent for eight hours

Two pugs “cooked to death” after they were left inside of a zipped up tent for hours on a hot summer day when temperatures outside soared to over 93 degrees. TJ Gregory, 28, and Sarah Henniker, 33, left their pets in the hot tent in Essex, England in July for more than eight hours. […]

Police Needs Help Finding Who Left Deceased Puppy Inside of A Crate In the Woods

Police in Millville, New Jersey, have reached out to the public for assistance with a disturbing case of animal cruelty involving a deceased puppy who was found inside of a crate abandoned in the woods. The Millville Police Department recounted the details of the pup’s abandonment, writing: On 1-24-20 A deceased dog was found in a […]

‘Incitement’ director Yaron Zilberman tries to get inside head of Rabin’s killer

LOS ANGELES (JTA) — Over the past century, Jews have endured what filmmaker Yaron Zilberman calls a “trilogy of traumas”: the Holocaust, the Yom Kippur War and the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The Israeli-American writer, director and producer has spent much of his career exploring these ordeals, and his latest film is […]

Brainwaves: A Look Inside the Mind

January 30th, 2020 By Sarah Elkhaldy Guest Writer for Wake Up World Brainwaves are produced by electrical impulses emitted in the brain by neurons. These electrical emissions interact and communicate with each other. The frequency of this communication, or oscillation, between these emissions is measured in cycles per second known as hertz (Hz). The most common brainwave […]

WATCH: Cameras go inside Fukushima nuclear power plant to show cleanup progress since 2011 tsunami damage

Video from the plant shows much of the damage is still clearly in place, amid the ongoing cleanup effort.  The buildup of contaminated water at the site is still a problem, years after the disaster — and could be a problem for decades to come, according to reports. Giant tanks are used at the site […]

There’s a Gigantic Mystery Hidden Inside Every Single Atom in the Universe

(TMU) — Science has come a long way in the past few years. I still remember when the “Particle of God”, Higgs boson, was just a dream that needed to be confirmed after physicist Peter Higgs theorized its existence. In December 2013, after a lot of work done on the LHC built by CERN, Higgs’ […]

Scientists Can ‘Teleport’ People Inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Using 3D technology, the Scan Pyramids Project allows visitors wearing headsets to take a guided tour inside the Grand Gallery, the Queen’s Chamber and other ancient rooms not normally accessible to the public, without leaving Paris. “Thanks to this technique, we make it possible to teleport ourselves to Egypt, inside the pyramid, as a group […]

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