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Fashion Executive and Elite Insider, Peter Nygard Arrested for Sex Trafficking Children

By Matt Agorist Fashion executive Peter Nygard was arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the United States for sex trafficking and other crimes similar to the accusations leveled against infamous sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The Department of Justice announced on Tuesday that the 79-year-old faces charges of “racketeering, sex trafficking, and related crimes arising […]

Avi Gil: An Insider’s Look on the Life of Shimon Peres

Shmuel Rosner and Guest Avi Gil discuss Gil’s latest book, Shimon Peres: An Insider’s Account of the Man and the Struggle for a New Middle East. Ambassador Avi Gil served as the Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs from April 2001-November 2002. He also served as Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Regional Cooperation, […]

Former Vatican Insider Says “The Great Reset” Will Be Used To “Drastically Limit” Human Freedom

The Facts: Elon Musk recently revealed he had completed four rounds of COVID-19 testing, tweeting that something “bogus” is going on because two of the tests came back false, and the other two came back positive. Reflect On: Why is there so much conflicting information about COVID-19? Why are so many scientists and doctors providing […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s an Insider and He Knows the Game Plan & How to Conquer It!

by Admin · November 8, 2020 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Message for Freedom and HopeAccording to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as a democracy we’ll never win as long as we quibble over things like race, religion and political affiliations. What really matters is sticking together. The Globalist villains and scoundrels want us to fight each […]

Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Plotting Deals

Biden insider Tony Bobulinski has publicly admitted that he personally witnessed Joe Biden discussing shady business deals with his son, Hunter Biden. According to sources familiar with the matter, Bobulinski is the person whose allegations and inside information are the centerpiece of an upcoming investigation by the Wall Street Journal. That Wall Street Journal story has not […]

Bombshell Statement: Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Discussing Deals

A whistleblower CEO and Biden insider, Tony Bobulinski, released a public statement on Wednesday evening backing up the reporting of the New York Post from last week and claiming that he personally witnessed Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden discussing business deals with his son, Hunter Biden. Sources familiar with the matter told […]

THE INSIDER on the Seth Rich Murder

by Admin · Published October 14, 2020 · Updated October 14, 2020 According to the source Seth was not a target at all and that he met with the target earlier at a bar and was seen walking with the target when they were jumped by men in a white van. Seth helped fight off […]

Democrat Insider: Anti-Trump Postal Workers in GOP Neighborhoods Throw Mail-In Ballots in the Garbage

A Democrat operative says the United States Postal Service (USPS) workers who despise President Trump will sometimes help election fraudsters by throwing in the garbage mail-in ballots from Republican-heavy neighborhoods. Last month, as Breitbart News highlighted, a Democrat operative told the New York Post‘s Jon Levine a number of stories in which insiders like him […]

Insider & MKUltra Slave Randy Turner Whistleblows On Crime Syndicate of U.S. Gov’t

Randy Turner How I videotaped the skinny bob alien film footage at base El Toro in 1991 and what took place before, during and after the film footage had been copied onto video.Prior to getting the video footage from base El Toro I had exposed the planes being used to transport drugs into the US […]

CCP Insider: Many In Communist Party Turning Against President Xi Over COVID Response

A former member of the Chinese Communist Party has issued a rare and scathing rebuke of China’s dictator Xi Jinping, accusing him of “killing a country” over his authoritarian policies and disastrous coronavirus response. “Under the regime of Xi, the Chinese Communist party is not a force for progress for China. In fact, it is […]

A Hollywood Insider Speaks About Systemic Atrocities Committed Against Children

I don’t know who this young man is and I have not seen his movie, but the message in this video is something everyone doing their best to raise children in this jewish controlled nightmare of a world should see. He doesn’t mention the jew, but we here know who is behind the system that […]

Who Created Facebook? New Letter from Alleged Insider Claims Zuckerberg is a Frontman for Military Intelligence

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Insider Col. L. Fletcher Prouty discusses the JFK Assassination and America’s Clandestine History

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INTERVIEW: A Conversation With Ex Illuminati Insider Ronald Bernard And Sasha Stone

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Insider: Is Trump Family Cult Behind Coming Armageddon?

  April 12, 2018 Source Article from 00 Hits: 1

Israel Financed by Nazi Gold- Insider

  April 6, 2018 Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Obama Insider: Facebook Allowed Us To Rig 2012 Election

Barack Obama harvested the private data of millions of citizens on Facebook during his 2012 campaign, according to a high ranking staffer. Carol Davidsen, who worked as the media director at Obama for America, says Facebook willingly handed over massive amounts of sensitive private data on American citizens to the Obama campaign because they supported […]

Leaked Photos Show Trump Insider, Who Was Arrested for Child Porn, Partying With Bill Clinton

Photos showing a former associate to the Trump administration, who was arrested for child porn, hanging out with Bill Clinton at an elite resort paint a disturbing behind-the-scenes picture of the political elite. “It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t in It”! — George Carlin Damning photos were recently leaked showing the behind […]

Insider: Internet is Infrastructure for the Police State

In 2017 you published an article named:  The Internet is Infrastructure for the State PoliceAfter a little delay, I would like to make a small contribution. The Internet is a military weapon set up with the modification of the Internet access code in 1991, until 1996. When the user connects, he operates a connection that is […]

Insider Reveals Government Did Port Arthur Massacre

(Port Arthur Patsy, Martin Bryant)  The Port Arthur massacre of 28-29 April 1996 was a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. It occurred mainly at the historic Port Arthur former prison colony, a popular tourist site in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia. It was the deadliest mass shooting in Australian history and […]

Google Insider Reveals Secret ‘Speech Police’ Unit

An anonymous Google insider has revealed that a secret ‘speech police’ unit operates within the company, tasked with censoring controversial opinions online.  Over 100 nongovernment organizations and government agencies are employed by Google to help quietly remove ‘extremist content’ – including content that goes against the mainstream narrative. reports: All of them have confidentiality […]

Insider Dies After Revealing New World Order Agenda In 1969

The following information was revealed by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who was invited to attend a closed lecture by Dr. Richard Day in 1969. Dr Day, an eminent physician, was also described as an ‘insider of the Order’ referring to the ‘Order of the Barbarians’ (as those involved in an elite group committed to the ‘New […]

Hillary ‘Regularly’ Attended Witch’s Church, Clinton Insider Claims

Following shocking news that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta participates in weird occult rituals involving semen, breast milk and menstrual blood, it’s important to revisit information relayed by Clinton insider Larry Nichols last year in which he claimed Hillary regularly attended witch gatherings during Bill’s presidency. In a mini-documentary shot exclusively by Infowars dubbed “The […]

Intelligence insider says WAR with North Korea likely within weeks: This could be your final prepper warning

(Natural News) If you’ve been putting off buying solar-powered gear, storable foods, survival equipment and extra water, now might be a good time to begin stocking up. That’s because an intelligence insider says he’s been told by no less than CIA Director Mike Pompeo himself that war with North Korea is very likely within the […]

New Documents Show Sandy Hook Shooter Was FBI Insider

The FBI has declassified 1,500 documents detailing how Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was actually on the bureau’s payroll. The documents include reports from FBI agents who interviewed people about Lanza, with one stating that he had tried to hack into the government’s computer system. The shooters mother, Nancy Lanza, claims that FBI agents ‘realized Lanza’s potential’ […]

Insider Reveals How the Opioid Crime Network Operates

Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times PBS Frontline (2/23/2016): “The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American history…with overdoses from heroin and other opioids now killing more than 27,000 people a year…” (Note: prescription opioids are now a very significant gateway-drug leading addicts into heroin.) CBS News (8/1/2017): “Nearly 92 million U.S. […]

Miramax Insider’s Scathing Facebook Post To Hollywood Elite Goes Viral

Producer and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, famous for penning the Nicolas Cage action hits Con Air and Gone In Sixty Seconds, as well as critical successes such as High Fidelity and Beautiful Girls, aired out his guilt and grievances with how Hollywood’s elite are spewing “sanctimonious denial and condemnation” with regard to Harvey Wienstein and his criminally predatory ways. In his Facebook post, […]

Insider: AG Jeff Sessions Refuses To Prosecute ‘Guilty As Hell’ Clinton

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has point blank refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her crimes, despite pleas by Congress to do so.  On Saturday night, Jason Chaffetz, former Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, explained to Judge Janine why Obama and Clinton appear to remain untouchable: Judge Janine: I want to know one […]

Government Insider: MI6 Were Ordered To Kill Princess Diana

A former Ministry of Defence officer has blown the whistle on how elements within the British establishment ordered MI6 to kill Princess Diana.  Nick Pope claims that Diana and her fiancé Dodi were killed as part of a British plot to prevent her from marrying into an Egyptian family that included Harrods boss Mohammed Al Fayed as […]

Total Individual Control Technology – Insider Exposes How You and Your DNA Are Being Targeted

August 31st, 2017 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World Total Individual Control Technology is a type of EM (Electromagnetic) and V2K (Voice to Skull) mind-control technology that is being experimented with and deployed by the military industrial complex against segments of the American population. Total Individual Control Technology is the ultimate weapon of control, since […]

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