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WATCH: Instead of Arresting Homeless Man, Police Bought Him Shoes and Food

By Matt Agorist Chattanooga, TN — In case after horrifying case, TFTP has reported on countless instances of police officers showing up to a situation involving a homeless person only to kill them moments later. When it plays out differently, however, and police help that homeless person out, we feel that it deserves recognition as […]

Should Denmark buy US instead? Some say it’s a great idea

The wonderfully obvious if unrealistic idea that Europe’s 12th-largest economy should own the entire USofA was even proposed by some local media. Politiken said Prime Minister Kim Kielsen believed that since the Vikings had been in America long before Columbus, “it is only natural for us to get the United States back,” but he couldn’t […]

Ron Paul: Forget Russiagate, Look at FBI-gate Instead

Yesterday, the Democratic Congress had their big moment – the testimony of Russiagate probe figurehead Robert Mueller, whose 448-page report detailing the findings of his nearly-two-year-long investigation into alleged “Trump-Russian collusion” and alleged “Russian interference” in the US 2016 elections. After no evidence of collusion or interference could be found, the remit was then shifted […]

Instead of Ticketing Elderly Woman for Tall Grass, This Cop Mowed it For Her

By Matt Agorist Orono, MN — In case after case, the Free Thought Project has reported on countless incidents of police officers responding to welfare checks and killing or maiming the innocent recipients in the process. We’ve also reported on multiple incidents of the American police state targeting elderly people who are unable to mow […]

Adam Schiff Tells Intel Leaders To RESIGN Instead Of Declassifying Spygate Docs

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff has urged two top intelligence officials to resign instead of allowing Trump to declassify Spygate documents. According to Schiff, CIA Director Gina Haspel and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, should resign in order to resist Trump’s move to declassify intelligence related to the Russia investigation. reports: “If it […]

Instead of Enriching Shareholders, These Companies Could Give 8 Million Workers a $46,000 Raise

Instead of Enriching Shareholders, These Companies Could Give 8 Million Workers a $46,000 Raise Above: Nike president and CEO Mark Parker speaking an event in New York on March 16, 2016. By Jewel Samad for AFP-Getty Images. How public companies like Nike and Apple are shifting money away from workers to the already very wealthy. During […]

South Koreans Pamper Pets Instead of Having Kids

South Koreans Pamper Pets Instead of Having Kids January 23rd, 2019 Via: Reuters: Kang Sung-il buys Sancho, his Pomeranian, a toy every business trip and this Lunar New Year holiday will dress him up in a new $50 suit to visit ‘grandma’, Kang’s mother. […]

What if Lara Alqasem had wanted to attend Bir Zeit University instead?

The response to Lara Alqasem’s admission into Israel, so she can pursue a graduate degree at Hebrew University, has so far been as expected.  Liberal Zionists rejoiced at this “proof” that Israel is indeed a country that tolerates political dissent, so long as it is an inconsequential youthful error.   But there is much more to […]

Four rational reasons to avoid the flu shot and what to do instead to protect your health

(Natural News) It’s that time of the year again: Flu season! Doctors, nurses, pharmacies and even well-meaning relatives may be pushing you to get the flu shot, but it’s important to note that these vaccines are by no means as safe, effective or free of side effects as the drug manufacturers and […]

How the BDS movement convinced ‘Transparent’ creator Jill Soloway to shoot in L.A. instead of Israel

OK, so Jill Soloway’s new book, She Wants It, which I blurbed, opens the doors to the backstory of how a BDS campaign influenced Transparent, ie US corporate television, for the first time. And while Jill and I have completely different lenses and focuses and details, we agree on the key facts: Transparent was profoundly […]

Leaked Google Document Advises to “Police Tone Instead of Content” in the “Shift Towards Censorship”

By Aaron Kesel Another Google document has found its way into the public domain, this time through Breitbart. The news publication reports that an 85-page briefing entitled “The Good Censor,” advises tech companies to “police tone instead of content” and to not “take sides” when censoring users. This must be why Activist Post remains censored on YouTube and the wrongful […]

Reddit Now “Quarantining” Users Who Question 9/11—Direct Users to Gov’t Site Instead

September 28, 2018 By Matt Agorist A highly popular subreddit devoted to posting information which proposed information outside the official narrative to 9/11 has been “Quarantined” by the Reddit Administrators. The community has effectively been cut off from the rest of the platform and anyone who wishes to view its contents are forced to go […]

This Is The Video Police Didn’t Want You to See, Showing Cop Shoot at Dog, Kill Innocent Mom Instead

(Support Free Thought) – Des Moines, IA — In June, the taxpayers of Burlington, Iowa were told that they will be hit with a $2 million bill to pay for a police officer who shot and killed an innocent mother. The tragic scenario was captured on video and the fact that most of […]

Taoist Ascended Masters Comment on How Religions Enslave Us Instead of Awaken Us

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times “Most religions do not guide people in the direction of spiritual growth. They practice enslavement instead of awakening or enlightenment.” ~The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth It’s impossible to grasp the full significance of the fact that of the world’s two major religions, one is engaged in […]

India reducing its US Treasury securities and buying gold instead

     The world’s second biggest gold consumer continues to replenish its bullion reserves, a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report shows. At the same time, New Delhi is slowly but surely reducing its share of US debt bonds. The annual report from the Indian financial regulator reveals that the country followed other BRICS partners in […]

While Trying to Kill a Family’s Dog, Cop Shoots 11-year-old Boy Instead

(Support Free Thought) – San Bernardino, CA — Once again, a cop’s fear of a dog has put others in harm’s way, and, once again, an innocent person was hurt. This time, an 11-year-old boy was struck by a police officer’s bullet when the officer was attempting to kill his dog. This week, […]

US-Backed Forces Claim to “Liberate” Yemenis, Instead Rape Detainees

The so-called “liberators” in Yemen are sexually and physically torturing detainees at secret prisons. Survivors recall disturbing stories laden with gruesome interrogation tactics for extracting false confessions. Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen attempts to portray themselves as the bearers of freedom and reason. As an ally of the United States’ “counter-terrorism” operation in Yemen, […]

‘Hypocritical’: Italy challenges France to admit migrants instead of lecturing Rome over rescue ship

Earlier Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, said that Italian government did not have any intention to receive “hypocritical lessons” from someone who “in terms of immigration had always preferred to turn their head to the other side.” ‘Italy left alone in crisis’: After shutting ports to migrant rescue ship, Rome rebukes EU criticism Conte, who is […]

Kim opts for own pen at treaty sign instead of one bearing ‘Trump’s signature’ (VIDEO)

Following a one-on-one meet in Singapore’s Sentosa island, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump have signed a “historic” document that would lead to “major change” in bilateral relations, but the North Korean leader noticeably opted not to use a pen apparently provided by the American protocol team. READ MORE: Trump & Kim sign ‘historic’ document following talks […]

A New Cryptocurrency That Lets YOU Profit From Your Data, Instead Of Corporations

Next Story Facebook, and other large social media companies such as Twitter and Instagram, have been mining your data and selling it to third parties for years. Your date of birth, hometown, where you work, your interests and your user habits – all of this information is worth millions of dollars to companies looking to advertise […]

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