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The Truth About Self-Interest

A Torah scroll. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The celebrated American novelist Veronica Roth, whose Divergent trilogy was successfully adapted into a series of blockbuster sci-fi movies, deliberately infused her best-known work with important moral lessons. In particular, the protagonist and narrator of Divergent, sixteen-year-old Beatrice “Tris” Prior, begins her roller-coaster journey in the belief that selflessness […]

Joe Biden: ‘We’re Willing to Work with Beijing When It’s in America’s Interest’

President Joe Biden said he is willing to work with the communist government of China as long as it is in America’s interests during a speech on Thursday. “We’re willing to work with Beijing when it’s in America’s interest to do so,” he said during a speech at the State Department outlining his approach to […]

India accuses foreign ‘vested interest groups’ of smear campaign over farmer protests

India’s Foreign Ministry has lashed out at “foreign individuals and entities,” accusing them of attempting to tarnish the country’s image with “irresponsible” comments about recent violent protests by Indian farmers. Indian diplomats slammed foreign supporters of the country’s protesting farmers on Wednesday, accusing them of trying to meddle into the nation’s domestic affairs. “It is […]

‘Too many people’ overlooked Trump’s antisemitism due to self-interest, Democrat says

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Vaccinating the Palestinians Is in Israel’s Interest

A woman receives a vaccination against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as Israel continues its national vaccination drive, during a third national COVID lockdown, at a Maccabi Healthcare Services branch in Ashdod, Israel December 29, 2020. REUTERS/Amir Cohen – The strength that Israel is radiating both as a country and society in its ability to […]

Conflict of interest? WHO ‘conspired’ with Italian govt to remove ‘live saving’ report into Covid-19 first response, media claim

A World Health Organization report on Italy’s first response to a Covid-19 outbreak, that could have saved lives across the globe, has been taken down by the UN health watchdog, supposedly to appease Rome, media report. A key WHO report in the spring detailing anti-Covid measures in the then worst-hit European nation – Italy – […]

Isaac Newton And His Alchemical Interest In The Lost Pyramid Code

Unpublished 17th-century AD alchemical documents reveal Sir Isaac Newton’s private Egyptian pyramid studies, in his quest to calculate a date for the End of Days. In July 1936 AD, a metal chest surfaced at Sotheby’s auction house in London filled with Isaac Newton’s unpublished, private, hand-written papers and lab books. After economist John Maynard Keynes […]

Toronto police identify person of interest in billionaire’s murder

Toronto police said on Wednesday they had identified a person of interest in the high-profile murders three years ago of a Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple but had not made an arrest. Barry Sherman and his wife Honey were found hanging by belts from a railing next to a swimming pool at their Toronto mansion in […]

Teacher With Cannibal Interest Charged With Murder After Human Remains, ‘Meatless’ Bone Found in Field

BERLIN (Insider) — A 41-year-old high school teacher was arrested on Thursday after the discovery earlier this month of a set of bones in a field in north Berlin, according to Deutsche Welle. The remains turned out to be those of a 44-year-old electrical engineer who had disappeared in early September, the BBC reports. A police officer told […]

US debate debacle shows Democrats will adopt Trumpian self-interest globally

Thursday, 01 October 2020 7:02 PM  [ Last Update: Friday, 02 October 2020 3:47 AM ] US President Donald Trump (L) and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden participate in their first 2020 presidential campaign debate held on the campus of the Cleveland Clinic at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, September 29, 2020. (Via Reuters) By Ramin Mazaheri […]

Negative Interest Rates Have Arrived

We are often warned that negative interest rates are an approaching menace — not an immediate menace. Yet are negative rates already reality in the United States? Has the unholy day already arrived? Today we don the sleuth’s cap, step into our gumshoes… and unearth evidence that negative interest rates are not the future menace… […]

Hillary Clinton Says It’s in US interest to rejoin JCPOA

By Staff, Agencies Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton criticized the administration of US President Donald Trump for abandoning the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, saying it is in America’s interest to return to the multinational agreement. During an Atlantic Council Front Page event broadcast on Monday, Clinton gave her views on how the next […]

Another CIA Document Shows US Army’s Interest in The “Holographic” Universe & Supernatural Abilities

What Happened: Myself, Joe, and Ruby (Collective-Evolution)  recently sat down to discuss a very interesting declassified CIA document that wecame across. The document was approved for release in 2003, but comes from the 1980’s. It’s titled, “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process.” The document was written for the Commander of the US Army Operational Group in […]

‘Approaching the UK’s area of interest’: Royal Navy deploys destroyer, attack helicopter to tail Russian research vessel

     The UK scrambled a Royal Navy warship and an RAF helicopter to follow a Russian Navy research ship as it passed through the English Channel. The move seems a bit overkill, as the Russian ship was not a ‘killing machine.’ The Royal Navy’s HMS Diamond was sent to tail Russian Northern Fleet research ship […]

US has no interest in hearing what Julian Assange can freely say about Russiagate – Max Blumenthal

Assange, who is currently incommunicado in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, reportedly offered – through an intermediary – to talk to US investigators about the release of DNC documents by WikiLeaks during the 2016 US election campaign. Assange willing to testify on alleged Russian hacking US intelligence claims that WikiLeaks acted on behalf of Russia […]

8 New & Powerful Films That Inspire People & Captivate Their Interest

Next Story There are few, if any, mediums more powerful in this world at captivating our interest and inspiring change than film. Whether it be the perfect balance of sensorial stimulation that movies have to offer, or the storytelling that lies at the core of every one ever made, we all know what it’s like […]

Authorities look for new ways to CRUSH food freedom as interest in food independence grows and raising poultry becomes more popular

(Natural News) Over the past few years, raising poultry has become immensely popular in the United States – more popular than it has been in quite some time. Naturally, given the power-hungry nature of those who claim to represent us, the government is continuously looking for ways to regulate this growing trend […]

CDC Vaccine Science Covers Up Giant Conflict Of Interest

CDC vaccine science covers up giant conflict of interest by Jon Rappoport @ If you wanted to buy a product… And the main researcher of the product was the company selling it to you… Would you automatically assume the product was safe and effective? But you see, that’s the just the beginning […]

You Are Being Programmed: 5 Ways Your Thoughts Are Being Driven Against Your Own Self-Interest

There are plenty of examples in history of mind control being used to influence masses of people to bend to the will of those in control. These days, as the Activist Post points out, mind control has expanded beyond the purely psychological to incorporate a technological aspect as well. The good news is that by being aware of […]

You are being programmed: Five ways your thoughts are being driven against your own self-interest

(Natural News) There are plenty of examples in history of mind control being used to influence masses of people to bend to the will of those in control. These days, as the Activist Post points out, mind control has expanded beyond the purely psychological to incorporate a technological aspect as well. The […]

Americans ‘obsessed,’ act out of short-sighted self-interest in Syria – Iranian FM

The criticism of Washington came from Javad Zarif on Monday at a discussion on Middle East issues and Russia’s role in the region, which was hosted by Moscow’s Valdai Club. The Iranian official expressed grave concerns at the ongoing escalation of tension in Syria. “We see a new wave of foreign intervention and occupation, particularly […]

Conflict of interest: Coca-Cola funded more than 40 studies on childhood obesity – and they all failed to disclose the firm’s financial influence

(Natural News) Childhood obesity is a complex epidemic, with lots of factors playing a role in the problem at the general and individual levels. Nevertheless, many weight problems can be boiled down to two driving forces: inactivity and poor eating choices. When fingers started pointing to soft drinks maker Coca-Cola for playing […]

CDC Director Resigns, But CDC Conflicts of Interest Are Par For The Course

Next Story By The World Mercury Project Team Media outlets are announcing the abrupt resignation of Brenda Fitzgerald, the physician appointed in July, 2017 to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The resignation follows on the heels of reporting by Politico, which uncovered conflicts of interest pertaining to dubious investment decisions made by […]

Iran to stay in nuclear deal as long as its interest secured

IRNA – It was important for Iran that its enrichment right to be recognized, and Iran will stay in the nuclear deal as long as its interests are secured, said the Iranian deputy foreign minister. ‘Upon feeling that we have not gained what we should have, and they are not loyal to their commitments, we […]

Kurdistan, Iraq, and Iran’s interest in Saddam’s prime real estate for SCUD missile launches

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Nechirvan Barzani, prime Minister of Iraq’s Kurdistan Autonomous Region (KAR) has met with Iraqi federal prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi in […]


    USURY = The practice of lending money and charging the borrower exorbitant interest. Bible called USURY INTEREST an “abominable thing,” in line with rape, murder, robbery & idolatry. Jewish Talmud forbids Jews ripping each other off with USURY, but says it is a great thing to do to a NON-JEW. A timeline of […]


USURY = THE BANKSTERS SECRET WEAPON AGAINST HUMANITY = The practice of lending money at interest rates over 1%. USURY THE BANKSTERS SECRET WEAPON AGAINST HUMANITY Bible called USURY INTEREST an “abominable thing,” in line with rape, murder, robbery & idolatry. Jewish Talmud forbids Jews ripping each other off with USURY, but says it is […]

Why Did Big UK Banks Fail to Pass on Interest Rates to Savers?

On Thursday, 2 November 2017, the MPC of the Bank of England voted by a margin of 7-2 to raise the bank rate by 25-basis points. This long-overdue decision was roundly applauded by financial markets, and the bank rate promptly rose to 0.50%. The impact of a bank rate hike is […]

Will Senate Stay Strong Against Taxing Carried Interest?

Will Senate Stay Strong Against Taxing Carried Interest? By ns_admin Andrew Quinlan, writing in Town Hall, explains why taxing carried interest will harm the economy: Historically, capital investment has been taxed at a lower rate than wage income. There is good reason for this. Savings and investment are already double and even triple taxed compared […]

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Conflict Of Interest

Above Photo: Dave Phillips/ Flickr Police sergeant Brian Rossomanno lines his pockets with police budget It has finally come to the attention to the majority of St. Louis residents that Sgt. Brian Rossomanno’s national security contracting business, 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC, is contracted to train the police department. Beyond this being a glaring conflict of interest, […]

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