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An Untenable Status Quo—Conflicts of Interest Must Go

The Facts: A growing number of stories of post-vaccination infant deaths are showing up on social media, and this is happening despite mainstream efforts to censor this type of material. Reflect On: Can these stories help us see some important patterns within the ‘modus operandi’ of our medical system, so that we can come to […]

UK court rejects Iran claims for £20m interest on old defense deals

A top court in Britain has dismissed a complaint lodged by Iran seeking at least £20 million in interest for a debt related to a series of defense deals signed before the Iranian revolution of 1979. Judge Stephen Phillips from the High Court in London ruled on Friday that the UK does not have […]

The Myth of Low Interest Rates Stimulating Economic Growth in the US

Tax cuts for the rich and near-rock bottom low interest rates don’t stimulate economic growth.  Corporations have been using the windfall for executive pay increases and bonuses, stock buybacks raising their valuations, mergers and acquisitions to reduce competition, dividends to shareholders, and offshore activities, including stashing trillions of dollars in tax havens. Easy money and […]

Once there’s no Palestinian suspect, the media loses interest

The media played a key role in turning a Palestinian man into the top suspect in a recent child rape case. But ever since charges against him were dropped, the press seems to have lost interest in the case. By Uzi Benziman Mahmoud Katusa, seen after his relese from Israeli prison, in the West Bank […]

Move over, Bahrain? Iraq signals interest in better ties with Israel

That Israel and the Sunni-Arab Gulf states cooperate closely is the Middle East’s worst-kept secret. Despite the absence of formal diplomatic relations, everybody knows Jerusalem has clandestine yet robust ties with Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Manama and other capitals in the region, due to shared concerns about an increasingly belligerent Iran. The most striking indication of […]

Gold Will Rise Even If The Fed Doesn’t Cut Interest Rates

Authored by Brandon Smith via, There has been much speculation lately on the Federal Reserve and its ongoing tightening policy. If you were to only read mainstream economic news you would think the Fed had already reversed course and “capitulated”, but this is not the case. The Fed continues to hold interest rates at […]

Environmental and Public Interest Groups Demand EPA Revoke Monsanto’s License to Pollute

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts India moves to revoke Kashmir autonomy amid clampdown on local authorities Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), as the part of the disputed Kashmir administrated by India is Amnesty petitions court to revoke Israeli spyware firm’s export license London-based Amnesty International, together with other human rights activists, […]

‘We’ll do what’s in our national interest’: Indian FM to Pompeo on buying S-400s from Russia

Subrahmanyam Jaishankar made his comments while responding to a question about the S-400 at a presser with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his visit to New Delhi. We have relationships with several countries, many of which are of some standing. They have a history. We will do what is in our national interest. […]

Iran, China presidents confer on issues of mutual interest

Hassan Rouhani and Xi Jinping in their meeting on Friday discussed bilateral ties as well as the latest regional and international developments. President Rouhani was officially welcomed by Kyrgyzstan premier on Thursday when he arrived in Bishkek to attend the 19th SCO Summit. The 19th SCO Summit is held on June 13-14 with presence of […]

Tucker: How is Attacking Iran in America’s Interest?

Source Article from Related Posts ‘This is the path to civil war’: Tucker Carlson warns against escalating political rhetoric Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Trump 2020: POTUS Urged to Pick Tucker Carlson for Vice President Will President Trump replace VP Mike Pence with Tucker Carlson in 2020? Spectator USA certainly #Tucker […]

Vaccination as Orthodoxy: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health Part I

The Facts: Actor James Woods has been blocked from posting on Twitter because authoritative figures find his opinions to ‘extremist.’ Reflect On: Have we ever seen this type of censorship before? Why do people with large followings who go against the grain these days have such a hard time sharing their opinion. Why are voices […]

Strange lights in the sky spark interest in west Texas

     Many of you have spotted mysterious lights in the sky tonight. The National Weather Service tells us its due to light refraction after a temperature inversion this evening. We’ll break down what that means later on CBS7 News at 10:00. In the meantime, send us your video or pictures at or via Our […]

The Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Hike Wrecks the Stock Market

Lee Rogers Daily Stormer December 22, 2018 Earlier in the week, the Federal Reserve announced that they would be hiking interest rates and that they would be doing more interest rate hikes in the future. This announcement has caused a fairly significant crash in the stock market. CNBC: Stocks plunged again on […]

National Interest or Personal Interest: Theresa May’s “War of Words” with Tony Blair

The war of words between Tony Blair and Theresa May over the last few days is quite revealing – not of Blair’s known position regarding the Brexit mess, but because the Prime Minister’s rant showed her weakness.  Her position is unsustainable and the last thing she wanted was unwelcome comments from an ex-Prime Minister. She […]

Expediency Council to decide on CFT based on national interest: Rezaei

MNA – The Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei said that the council will certainly decide on the bill on Iran’s accession to the convention against the funding of terrorism (CFT) based on national and revolution’s interests. In a Saturday press conference, Rezaei said that the bill has not yet been received by the […]

Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a “Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria

This article was first published by Evolve Politics, posted on GR in April 2018. It is common knowledge that Theresa May’s husband Philip essentially acts as the unofficial advisor to the Prime Minister – a fact proven by the former Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, who said during a Newsnight profile of the PM’s husband […]

Trump cites Israel’s interest in the Saudi-US portfolio — not Russia’s

Donald Trump’s shocking statement Tuesday giving the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a pass on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was titled “America First!” but twice mentioned Israel’s interests, saying Israel needs to have the US “remain a steadfast partner of Saudi Arabia.” The statement also parroted Israeli talking points by identifying Iran as […]

Supersonic Bizjets May Attract Pentagon Interest

He also noted that the developments needed to build latter-day SSTs — for example, new ways to quiet sonic booms — may find its way into the military sphere. Several defense companies, including Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, are on the three teams. The idea that supersonic business jets could be useful to the military […]

Mortgage Applications Tank As Interest Rates Soar

October 17, 2018 By Mac Slavo Weekly mortgage applications fell a whopping 7.1% as the cost of borrowing money surged.  Interest rates are climbing higher making debts more expensive, so, naturally, fewer people can now afford to buy homes. Rising interest rates appear to be the main culprit behind the tanking of new mortgage applications. […]

US envoy’s threat to Russia is ‘way of increasing interest in NATO & boosting defense spending’

America’s ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison is on something of a damage-control mission after pledging to “take out” Russian missiles – the development of which, the US believes, violates a Cold War-era treaty.She was referring to the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), which was signed in 1987 by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. Her […]

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