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Europe and the JCPOA: International Hypocrisy, Will the US Start a Disastrous War in the Middle East?

The special meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, called by the hypocritical United States due to Iran’s announcement that it had ‘breached’ part of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has come and gone. The U.S. hoped, naively, to gain widespread support for additional sanctions against Iran, but found itself […]

Palestinian universities fight back against Israel forcing international academics out of the country

It’s been two years since Haneen Adi, an English literature and writing teacher at Ramallah’s Birzeit University, has left the occupied West Bank. During the past two years she has missed her sister’s wedding, another sister’s graduation, and the death of a relative. When her father attempted to visit her, he was denied entry by […]

London facing international isolation over refusal to release Iranian tanker

Britain’s on-going illegal seizure of an Iranian oil tanker off the Spanish coast continues to draw international condemnation. In the latest development, Russia’s foreign ministry condemned the UK’s action by describing it as a “deliberate step” to inflame regional tensions. Prior to this, the Spanish daily El Pais reported that Spain was set to […]

Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators working for the International Banking Cartel

    Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests. Communist China was created by Rothschilds and their agents. October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild […]

Unilateral Sanctions And International Law

Unilateral Sanctions And International Law Above Photo: Lance Leong/Flickr Excellencies, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, The world order established by the UN Charter takes precedence over other international and regional treaties and imposes positive and negative obligations on member states, including the United States of America and the European Union. This is stipulated in Article 103 […]

As Yemen Starves, International Aid Agencies Play Politics With Food

TAIZ, YEMEN — A recent Saudi Coalition airstrike on the home of a prominent Yemeni businessman in Taiz destroyed not only a family home but also the hopes of the many Yemenis who rely on the generosity of philanthropic donors, as international aid agencies become increasingly beholden to the political interests of their largest benefactors. […]

More Details Emerge From NXIVM ‘Sex Cult’ Implicating Hollywood & The International Financial Elite

The Facts: While many have come to conclude that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia, there may be a deeper and darker explanation as to why the Russia Collusion probe started other than powerful people having a strong dislike for Donald Trump. Reflect On: Can we see the “Russia Collusion” probe as a form […]

Jerusalem cable car plan becomes international controversy

UNITED NATIONS — A plan to build a cable car for tourists in Jerusalem’s Old City has largely been a local issue so far. That changed on on Thursday, when Palestinian concerns about the new transit route were raised to the international level at a United Nations debate on the fragile peace process. Nickolay Mladenov, […]

US Sanctions Violate Human Rights And International Code Of Conduct

US Sanctions Violate Human Rights And International Code Of Conduct Above Photo: Torbjorn Toby Jorgensen/Flickr GENEVA (6 May 2019) – An independent expert appointed by the Human Rights Council has expressed deep concern at the recent imposition of unilateral coercive measures on Cuba, Venezuela and Iran by the United States, saying the use of economic sanctions […]

US, allies use incidents like tanker attacks as pretext to wage war: International Lawyer

International lawyer Barry Grossman says the US and its allies are essentially seeking to stir up animosity towards Iran and motivate their military apparatus to wage a war.  Source Article from Related Posts Iran Seizes Oil Tanker, Gulf Heats Up   In this photo released by the official website of the office of the Iranian Watch: […]

International Master Teacher Incarcerated in Australia for Over Two Years on Trumped up Charges, Yet Still Changes Lives

June 4th, 2019 By Jolly Dee and Ken Kenneth Scott Guest Writers for Wake Up World Mr. Hongchi Xiao (known as Master Xiao) was born in Hubei Province, China and has dedicated his life to teaching an ancient Chinese art of Self-Healing known as PaidaLajin.   Currently imprisoned in Australia for charges that are highly contrived and […]

The International Jerusalem Day “No to the Deal of the Century”

ST Created on Saturday, 01 June 2019 22:18 The International Jerusalem Day is commemorated this year amid the unceasing US-Zionist plots against Arab people, especially after the US President’s acknowledgment of Jerusalem as capital of the Zionist entity and the declaration of annexing Golan to the occupying entity. Many rallies were held yesterday in Syrian, […]

Don’t be a drug mule: Japanese man with 246 packets of cocaine in his stomach dies on international flight

   A 42-year-old Japanese man died on a Bogota-to-Tokyo flight after swallowing 246 packets of cocaine and having a seizure. An autopsy revealed the cause of death — brain swelling from cocaine overdose — after the man’s body was removed from an Aeromexico flight that made an emergency landing in northern Mexico, according to a […]

Amnesty International Hangs Julian Assange Out to Dry — or Possibly Just Hang

NEW YORK — Journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been hit with 17 Espionage Act charges by the United States. If convicted, Assange could be sentenced to up to 170 years in prison or even face the death penalty. A conviction would also set a dangerous precedent for journalists in the U.S. who publish […]

International Day Of Action Against Chevron: Oiling The Wheels Of Injustice

Hundreds of civil society organisations – representing an estimated 280 million people – came together this week for the International Day of Action Against Chevron, the company that acquired Texaco in 2000.  Participants expressed their outrage at the impunity that the American oil giant Chevron continues to enjoy, and voiced their solidarity with the indigenous communities affected by Chevron’s toxic environmental practices. Nick Meynen, environmental […]

US Complicity in Israel’s Violations of International Law

Last week, I addressed a United Nations Security Council meeting on “Israeli settlements”. Because I knew other speakers, experts and diplomats, would address the illegality of Israeli settlements, the economic and human rights impact on the Palestinian people and the stated design of the entire settlement enterprise to eliminate the possibility of a viable and contiguous […]

Venezuela: Amnesty International in Service of Empire

Uncle Sam has a problem in his South American “backyard” with those uppity Venezuelans who insisted on democratically electing Nicolás Maduro as their president instead of by-passing the electoral process and installing the unelected US asset Juan Guaidó. No matter, Amnesty International has come to the rescue with a full-throated defense of US imperialism: Faced […]

Despite International Ban, Iceland Plans to Kill 2,000 Whales by 2023

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times In February 2019, Icelandic authorities announced their plan to kill more than 2,000 whales over a five-year period. Because the global demand for whale meat is declining, the trade is considered to be inhumane, and the conservation argument has flaws, environmentalists are enraged by the development. Every year until the year 2023, whalers […]

UNESCO international water conference

United Nations Iran – Looking from space, satellite imagery shows the abundant masses of water that characterize the Earth. Yet, less than 1% account for usable fresh water. Almost all human activities depend on water, be it food production, energy generation, industry or even recreation. Water management and governance affect the health of humans and […]

The Gwadar Terrorist Attack Exposed the International Media’s Double Standards

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Ted Cruz Introduces Resolution to Designate Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization Senators Ted Cruz and Dr. Bill Cassidy have introduced a resolution to the US Senate ANTIFA Terrorist Who Attacked Detention Center Was Member of Militant Group Promoted by CNN Willem Van Spronsen, […]

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