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A Respectful Interview with Abuse Victim Fiona Barnett

Here is an interview with one of the most intelligent and respectful hosts I have encountered – Rainetta Jones.     And my other favourite interviewer, Tye from Out of the Gate:   Source Article from Related Posts Alleged Victim: "Sex Trafficked to Epstein & Windsor by DC Madam. I Was Raped by Washington […]

Interview With Aleida Guevara, Che’s Daughter

Dr Aleida Guevara’s famous surname still evokes adulation among admirers of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the Argentine revolutionary. His iconic image, with his beret, intense, faraway look and brooding visage, snapped by Alberto Korda, has become a symbol of resistance and idealism. Beneath a black-and-white photograph of Che’s, which has pride of place in Politburo member […]

Interview: Lebanese Solidarity with Palestinian Refugees

Author’s Note For two months, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have been in rebellion against new labor laws discriminating against them and against Syrian refugees. Already denied more than 70 jobs, in order to work in Lebanon Palestinians must now apply for costly work permits and pay into social security for services they are denied. They also […]

Sheikh Imran Podcast interview with Mark Glenn – Christian-Muslim resistance to Zionism Imperialism

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Sheikh Zakzaky sends video message about his health condition in India MNA – Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, the Leader of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement in a video message Sheikh Zakzaky’s Message from India: I Have Never Seen a Detention like the One I Am in Now Bismillahir […]

‘John Bolton Tried To Assassinate Me’: Interview With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro

‘John Bolton Tried To Assassinate Me’: Interview With Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Above Photo: From Transcript MAX BLUMENTHAL: Six months ago, the United States government recognized an unknown opposition leader as interim president of Venezuela. But here in Caracas today, it’s pretty clear who’s in charge. I’ve just concluded a conversation with the elected president, […]

A Syrian Leader Tells His Country’s Story: An Interview with SAA General Hassan Hassan

For years, international headlines spotlighting Syria have claimed that the Syrian government, army, and its allies were guilty of a variety of atrocities. Yet as time has passed, many of the accusations levied at government and its allies have been shown to have been either falsified, staged (as in the case of allegations of chemical […]

Amb. Jaafari’s Interview Sums Up Latest Developments after Astana Talks

August 4, 2019 Arabi Souri Astana (Nur-Sultan) – Kazakhstan: The Turkish regime under instructions from the US has increased its level of supporting armed groups designated as terrorist entities by the United Nations Security Council, such as Nusra Front aka Al-Qaeda Levant, instead of abiding by its own obligations to disarm and remove these terrorists from […]

Iran’s Press TV has no plan to interview Pompeo: CEO

The CEO of Iran’s English-speaking Press TV channel says the news outlet has no plan to hold an interview with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, after the latter indicated his interest to do so. On Thursday, July 25, Pompeo said he was willing to go to Iran for talks amid tensions between Tehran […]

Iran invites Pompeo for interview by reporter once detained in US

AFP – Iran on Sunday invited Mike Pompeo to be interviewed by a state television anchor who was once detained in America, after the top US diplomat said he was willing to talk to its people. Pompeo said Thursday in an interview with Bloomberg that he would “happily” go to Tehran and willingly appear on […]

Rosselló Is Gone, Now “La Junta” Must Go! — Interview With Eduardo Rosario

Rosselló Is Gone, Now “La Junta” Must Go! — Interview With Eduardo Rosario Above Photo: From [Note: Eduardo Rosario is president of the New York City chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, LCLAA (AFL-CIO). He was interviewed by The Organizer editorial board member Alan Benjamin on July 25.] The Organizer: On July […]

INTERVIEW: George Szamuely on US-UK ‘Tanker Wars’ with Iran

Source Article from Related Posts Tanker Wars: Despite US-UK Maneuvering, Iran Delivers Oil to Syria On September 5th, we learned that an Iranian oil tanker which had been previously held Iranian tanker previously detained in Gibraltar allegedly offloads oil in Syria 2019-09-06 BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:15 P.M.) – The Iranian oil tanker, ADRIAN DARYA (previously […]

INTERVIEW: Niko House on 2020 Democrat Debate and its over-sized field

Source Article from Related Posts Tennis ball-sized hail damages cars near Twin Cities   Hailstones up to 4 inches in diameter battered Minnesota’s Carver, Hennepin, and Wright counties, west Baseball-sized hail pound Pennsylvania lake   It was hard for Ian Roberts to believe what he was seeing – massive chunks Can these truck-sized nuclear reactors power […]

Transcript: Oliver Stone’s Interview with Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin answered questions from American film director, screenwriter and producer Oliver Stone. The interview was recorded on June 19, 2019 in the Kremlin (Source: Office of the President). Oliver Stone: So, I interviewed Mr Medvedchuk. It was in Monte Carlo. He gave us a very interesting interview. He gave us his view of the Ukraine. I gather that you’re close […]

INTERVIEW: Max Van der Werff discusses new MH17 documentary film

On a recent episode of the SUNDAY WIRE host Patrick Henningsen spoke with independent investigator Max Van der Werff on his new documentary film, “MH17: Call For Justice”, directed by Yana Yerlashova, which is due to be released this coming week on the five year anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 in […]

INTERVIEW: Dr. Mohammad Marandi on what’s really driving US-Iran tensions

On this week’s SUNDAY WIRE, host Patrick Henningsen speaks with leading Middle East and Asia analyst, Dr Mohammad Marandi in Tehran, to learn more about just how dangerously close to war the US and its allies are with Iran, and why. More than ever, the US-led axis seems eager to provoke Iran in order to […]

Swedish Prosecutors: ‘It’s Not on the Cards’ to Interview Assange – After Hanging Arrest Warrant Over Him for Seven Years

Nina Cross 21st Century Wire Swedish prosecutors have this week announced that for the time being they will not be issuing a European Investigation Order (EIO) to interview Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.  According to Sweden’s Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions,  Eva-Marie Persson,”…it is currently not on the cards to issue a European investigation order…” […]

Jim W. Dean Tasnim interview on the Kushner fake Deal of the Century

US ‘Deal of Century’ Aims to Exile Palestinians to Egypt: Analyst by Jim W. Dean, VT Managing Editor … and Tasnim News Agency, Tehran [ Editor’s Note: I cannot image that any serious policy maker could consider that this Kushner deal had a snow ball’s chance in hell of being accepted by the Palestinians. It’s […]

The Financial Times’s Interview with President Putin

July 03, 2019 Ahead of the G20 Osaka Summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with The Financial Times Editor Lionel Barber and Moscow Bureau Chief Henry Foy, The Kremlin, Moscow, June 27, 2019. WATCH PART 1 WATCH PART 2 Lionel Barber: Mr President, you head for Osaka shortly as the senior statesman at the G20. Nobody has been to so many […]

INTERVIEW: ‘Fukushima an Ongoing Global Radiological Catastrophe – A Huge Coverup’

The following is a transcript of the 8th anniversary Fukushima, with an interview between Global Research host Michael Welsh and Dr. Helen Caldicott, first published on March 21, 2019 The eight year anniversary of the triple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility passed mostly without comment in mainstream media circles. In spite of ongoing […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Transcript of Complete Putin Interview With The Financial Times

   We got this from the Kremlin’s website, although the FT also published a transcript here. The long-form interview was conducted last week in the Kremlin, on the eve of Putin’s departure for the 2019 G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. We’re not sure what’s more surprising; the frankness and range of Putin’s answers on everything […]

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