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Spotify to Post Alex Jones Interviews after President Trump Tweets About It

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Vinny Eastwood interviews Billy Te Kahika – Advance NZ Public Party (4/8/20)

[embedded content] New Zealand Public Party 2.93K subscribers The Vinny Eastwood Show is listener supported so if you value the support being given to the ANZPP please consider making a donation or starting an AP! Details Below. Sponsored by Billy Te Kahika (TK) & Supported by Vinny Eastwood The New Zealand Public Party NZPP Online: […]

Counterthink video: Mike Adams interviews Marc Morano on the greatest "science" hoax of our time: climate change

(Natural News) There are a lot of factors that regulate climate, but according to former Republican aide Marc Morano of Climate Depot, climate change isn’t one of them. He explained that climate change is nothing but an idea peddled and ingrained by the United Nations (U.N.), the mainstream media, and “climate advocates” – like Al […]

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Jerry Day on The Intrusions and Problems of Smart Meters

Jerry Day explains the intrusions and problems of smart meters like no one else.  His sequence of Notices at his website FreedomTaker.comwere the starting basis of the InPowerMovement’s anti-smart-meter methodology, along with the slogan “Take Back Your Power,” the title of Josh del Sol’s popular documentary.  Jerry now advocates getting off the grid entirely, so as not to have any further […]

GAZA BLOODBATH: Two interviews with Norman Finkelstein

This is the website of Lasha Darkmoon, an anglo-American academic with higher degrees in Classics who lives and works in England. You can read more about Darkmoon here. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Mike Adams interviews financial expert Peter Schiff: The falling dollar, cryptocurrencies and why gold will skyrocket

(Natural News) Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, launched his new “Counterthink” program on the Infowars network this week with an interview featuring financial expert Peter Schiff, who gave his  analysis of what’s currently happening in the stock market, where the dollar is headed, what’s in store for Bitcoin and what’s in store […]

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Yohan & Bhavya About Dystopian India

Yohan and Bhavya are young Indians in their twenties, preparing to launch an Internet platform to wake the Indian people up! They have been researching the global agenda for several years, and I invited them to discuss and explain the rapid implementation of this agenda in India, unbeknownst to most Indians. Modern India is ready to go cashless, with […]

The Rape of Russia: Saker blog interviews geopolitical analyst William Engdahl on Russia in the 90s

     Introduction by Pepe Escobar: William Engdahl is one of the world’s top geopolitical analysts. His books – from Century of War to Full Spectrum Dominance – are absolutely essential to understand how the self-described exceptional nation created and expanded its global hegemony tentacles. A measure of his influence is that as much as Engdahl […]

Fallen Friends: Nick Spero Interviews Paul Hickman

Back in 2014 Nick Spero interviewed Paul Hickman about growing up in occupied England. Both men were broadcasters with Renegade and both are no longer with us. Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Syria’s Shifting Sands: Peter Lavelle Interviews Alastair Crooke

What is Trump’s foreign policy for the Middle East? Is the Pentagon looking for a conflict with Russia in Syria? And what are the possible outcomes of this war? Host of RT’s CrossTalk Peter Lavelle talks with British writer and global affairs analyst Alastair Crooke to discuss ‘Syria’s shifting sands’. Watch: . READ MORE SYRIA […]

Redacted Tonight – Most Important VIP interviews of 2017

Redacted Tonight – Most Important VIP interviews of 2017 Redacted Tonight These were our most important interviews and news of the past year. Free Tickets to our tapings (Thursday nights in Washington, DC) Find Us On These Awesome New Decentralized Social Media Platforms MEDIA REVOLT – MINDS – Or Find Us On […]

MUST SEE TV: Real News Presenter Aaron Maté Interviews Guardian Reporter About His ‘Russiagate’ Conspiracy Book

Watch this stunning interview of Guardian reporter Luke Harding, conducted brilliantly by TheRealNews host and presenter Aaron Maté. They discuss Harding’s new book “Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.”   “Collusion Rejectionist” The tension is palpable throughout the interview as the entire ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory falls flat on its face. Harding runs […]

UK Government’s ‘Free Syrian’ Rabbit Hole: Afshin Rattansi Interviews Vanessa Beeley on Going Underground

21st Century Wire says… Over the past four years, the UK government has poured over £200 million of tax payer funds into a failed proxy military intervention and illegal shadow state-building project in Syria. This week, the penny finally dropped… Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi speaks to guest Vanessa Beeley, associate editor at 21WIRE, about her […]

Sofia Smallstorm Interviews Laura Pressley on Electronic Vote Fraud

Dr. Laura Pressley ran for City Council in Austin, Texas in 2014, intent on cutting waste from the city budget and fixing problems. She was an extremely popular candidate whose grassroots campaign was boosted by scores of dedicated volunteers, and given her expertise with numbers and lifelong activism she was thought by nearly all to be perfect […]

In Search of the Ultimate Haircut in North Korea – Eva Bartlett Interviews the Explorers

Eva Bartlett Australians Aleksa Vulović and Alex Apollonov had enough of corporate media’s literally scripted “news” on North Korea, so they came up with a creative way to confront the rhetoric. They chose one of the most-repeated stories, that of the haircut ‘law’, and went to get one in the DPRK.  Recently, we spoke together […]

War, disease & famine: Yemen crisis at breaking point, RT interviews WHO, DEC (VIDEOS)

Yemen can no longer sustain itself following a prolonged and bloody insurrection and a brutal bombing campaign waged by the Saudi-led coalition since March 2015. In spite of UN warnings about extremely high collateral damage caused by the airstrikes, the US and UK continue to supply Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars in arms. The […]

Another Voice of Freedom: Ernst Zündel Interviews Dr. Fredrick Toben

Gerald Fredrick Töben is a German-born Australian who was director and founder of the Adelaide Institute, which sought to expose the audacious lies of the official story of the Holocaust. He has made a number of documentaries on the subject. Source Article from 00 Hits: 14

Tucker Carlson interviews man who Bill Clinton sent to Russia in 1994 to meddle in Russian election

Two days ago The Duran reported on a Bill Clinton advisor, and White House insider Dick Morris, and his on the record admission to US democracy subversion into Russian elections. TIME Magazine admitted to Bill Clinton’s “American election meddling” to keep Boris Yeltsin in office in 1996. As the Russian hysteria from the liberal […]

PeakProsperity interviews The Saker (podcast)

July 11, 2017 div{float:left;margin-right:10px;} div.wpmrec2x div.u > div:nth-child(3n){margin-right:0px;} ]]> Advertisements Filed under: Afghanistan, Al Qaeda, Assad, Hezbollah, Iran, ISIL, Libya, Obama, Pollard, regime change, Russia, Saudia, sectarianism, Secularism, Syrian Army, Takfiris, The Saker, Ukraine, USA, Wahabism At Work, War on Iraq, Wars for Israel, Zionist entity | Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

#Holohoax: Jim Rizoli Interviews Germar Rudolf

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 5, 2017 This is a new Jim Rizoli interview with revisionist Germar Rudolf. Rudolf is a German chemist who tested the walls of the hoax “gas chambers” at Auschwitz and found out they were fake. He then become a revisionist scholar to try and get the truth out […]

KSCO Radio: Georgia Interviews Frank Raymond on “America Stolen”

Today, in 2017, white Americans continue to be surrounded and squeezed in the country their fathers and mothers, heroic pioneers and conquerors, built for them. Foreign colonizers pour into the already overpopulated land, depleting the soil, draining the water, destroying the forests and the environment, degrading the standard of living and the quality of […]

Max Igan Interviews Brendon O’Connell on his Ongoing Struggle

Max talks to fellow Australian Brendon O’Connell, who was locked up for his stand against jewish supremacism and is now on the run. Source Article from 00 Hits: 2

Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange,”The CIA Has Been Deeply Humiliated”

Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) Having blasted the Trump administration for their hypocritical flip-flop from “loving WikiLeaks” to “arrest Assange,” Ron Paul made his feelings very clear on what this signals: “If we allow this president to declare war on those who tell the truth, we have only ourselves to blame.” Today […]

Barrett Brown Re-Arrested For Giving Media Interviews Without Permission

But the odder part throughout all of this was just how vindictive and petty everyone in the system were towards Brown — and specifically towards his interactions with the press. The feds sought to stop the media from reporting on Brown’s case and got a judge to block Brown or his lawyers from talking […]

New Duke Video: Melania Trump Plagiarism? The real scandal of Media tyranny over free speech!

My new video defending Melania Trump on the Plagiarism charge and the real scandal of the media tyranny over our speech and thought! Print PDF Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

The Founding Myth Of The United States Of America

Print Friendly Above: No Stamp Act teapot from shortly before the American Revolution. By the National Museum of American History. This past weekend, cities and towns from coast-to-coast hosted fireworks, concerts, and parades to celebrate our independence from Britain. Those celebrations invariably highlight the soldiers who pushed the British from our shores. But the lesson we learn of a democracy forged in […]

Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya: Obama’s Drone Casualty Numbers Conceals Extensive US War Crimes

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London: An Alleged 30,000 Women, Cucks and Mud People March Against Brexit

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 2, 2016 Yes. The minority. Deal with it, cuck. I didn’t personally count them, but the Jewish media is tallying the number of marchers against Brexit at 30,000. These people are marching to demand that instead of remaining an independent and sovereign nation which dictates its own affairs, the UK enslave […]

It’s official: UK votes to leave EU

The ‘Leave’ campaign garnered 1,269,501 more votes than those who wanted to see Britain remain part of the European Union. LIVE UPDATES: ‘Leave’ wins: UK votes in historic Brexit referendum Stock markets from Tokyo to London collapsed on Friday as the UK’s major media networks projected a victory for the “Leave” campaign. Sterling pounded in market […]

Israel driving out Negev’s Bedouin Palestinians though home demolitions

     A new report has revealed how 2,752 structures were demolished in Bedouin Palestinian communities in the Negev over the last three years, part of what human rights activists have described as an ongoing, concerted campaign of displacement by Israeli authorities. ‘Enforcing Distress: House Demolition Policy in the Bedouin Community in the Negev’, published by […]

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