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The joylessness of sex: AIDS caused a fear of intimate contact and Covid-19 could turn us into a world of w**kers

Bookmakers predicted that the lockdown would lead to a baby boom, but according to Laxman Narasimhan, the owner of Durex condoms, people are having less sex because of the coronavirus crisis. Is Covid-19 killing sex? Epidemics of viruses have a nasty habit of not only impacting on our sex lives, but also of fostering a […]

Amazon’s ‘Cloud Cam’ Sometimes Shares Users’ ‘Intimate Moments’ With Dozens Of Strangers

Owners of the company’s products should understand that, if you own any device equipped with Amazon’s Alexa – or “NSAlexa” – digital assistant, the e-commerce giant likely has access to some of your most private, intimate moments. Earlier this year, the company was exposed for allowing thousands of employees to listen in on the private […]

Teshuva and repairing our intimate relationships

The relationship between God and the Jewish people is dynamic and complex, taking many forms in different contexts and periods. At times, God is referred to as the king and ruler, an object of authority and control whose judgment we fear. At times, He is our father in heaven, from whom we expect nurturing and […]

An intimate portrait of Palestine: Ramzy Baroud’s ‘The Last Earth: A People’s Story of Palestine’

The Last Earth: A People’s Story of Palestine By Ramzy Baroud 296 pp. Pluto Press, $20.00 Dr Ramzy Baroud’s new book, The Last Earth: A People’s Story of Palestine is described simplistically as a ‘non-fictional narrative of modern Palestinian history.’ It is much, much more. For us readers, it is an intimate encounter, chapter by chapter, […]

‘Aesthetic’ intimate surgery on the rise in Finland

     Finland has seen a rise among women seeking intimate cosmetic surgery for reasons that aren’t strictly medical. The Finnish Gynecologist Association is highly critical of the new trend, which involves operations such as labial rejuvenation, vagina tightening and hymen restoration. Finnish gynecologists have sounded the alarm over a surge in operations on the lower […]

When Robots Rule: On Supergenius IQ Levels and Intimate Human-Robot Relationships

THE MARCH OF THE MACHINES  Two of the world’s richest men are locked in a bitter feud. Facebook’s boss, Mark Zuckerberg, says Artificial Intelligence [AI] will enrich mankind and usher in a new Golden Age. Elon Musk, PayPal’s founder, believes the new generation of robots will either enslave us or kill us. Most scientists appear […]

Remove Unwanted Hair Forever In Intimate Parts With This One Ingredient

People remove unwanted hair for different reasons, whether it is for hygiene, for religious expectations, or just for achieving the ideal look for the newly bought bikini. Eliminating hair from the private parts is pretty delicate topic, and because of that, many people are ashamed to ask for advice. Eliminating unwanted hair from the private […]

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