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Insurrection: How Tump prepped his far-right army for years to invade the Capitol

‘Remember this day forever’: Trump has radicalized America’s violent, insurgent, racist Right for years and, like him, they will never concede 00 Hits: 0

Trump supporters invade Capitol building

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Dead Viking Dynasty Invade Scottish Neolithic Tombs

The Viking Age represents the earliest recorded raids made by Norsemen in 793 AD until the Norman conquest of England in 1066 AD. During this blood-thirsty period Scandinavians mastered shipbuilding and set out in waves to conquer Europe, and as their oceanic prowess increased they eventually reached North America. Television shows like History Channel’s Vikings, […]

UN Ambassador Moncada: US Keeps Plotting To Invade Venezuela

The Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations, Samuel Moncada, reiterated his denunciation of the United States’ orchestrating an invasion in Venezuela to destroy the military and political forces of the Bolivarian Revolution. On his Twitter account, the Ambassador indicated that the White House’s war propaganda against Venezuela seeks to assassinate the President of the Republic, […]

‘Jesus Don’t Love You’: BLM Marxists Invade Church Service, Assault Worshippers

Black Lives Matter protesters stormed a worship service in Troy, New York, taking over their sanctuary and shouting “Black lives matter“, and insulting worshippers and telling them “Jesus don’t love you.“ The small worship service at Grace Baptist Church was underway when at least ten BLM protestors walked into the church and announced “Black lives […]

Portland Antifa Invade Residential Neighborhood and Try To Blind Woman With Lasers

Portland Antifa rioters tried to burn down a Portland police station last night and then moved from the city center into a quiet residential neighborhood where they tried to blind a woman with lasers. Hours after attacking the federal courthouse and lighting fire to Portland Police East Precinct, Antifa rioters moved Beaverton, in line with […]

Turkey Invaded Syria, So That the USA Can Invade Iran Christopher Jon Bjerknes As I reported earlier, the real reason why the House of Representatives opened an impeachment inquiry is because Donald Trump would not or could not attack Iran. With the threat of impeachment and eventual criminal prosecution hanging over his head, Trump is now setting us up to make that attack. Trump […]

German MEP threatens Troika may ‘invade Rome,’ but told to ‘mind own business’

The finger-wagging came from German politician and member of the European Parliament Markus Ferber. He claimed that the almighty Troika – the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the European Central Bank – might be forced to take extreme measures and ‘invade’ Italy. For its own good. “In the worst case scenario, Italy – as Greece […]

In Photos: While the world watches Gaza, Israeli forces invade Nabi Saleh

“What’s happening now is what is happening every week, sometimes everyday, since nearly nine years”, explains Belal Tamimi, a resident of the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. “Every Friday, we have this situation, the soldiers try to surround the village, they don’t want anyone to be near the spring area that the settlers occupied […]

Erdogan Threatens To Invade US-Occupied Syria

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed that Turkish military operations in Syria will reach as far as the Iraqi border in order to clear the entire area of terrorists. He said that when the Turkish-rebel coalition is successful in Afrin he will launch another offensive to dislodge the US-backed Kurdish militias from Manbij as well: “’Operation Olive […]

African refugees – how dare you invade the Jewish State?

That’s it, we’ve had it with you, you African… ‘inflitrators’ – as even our enlightened and liberal left leaders call you. It’s time for ‘increased removal’, as our Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said – we’ve cut deals with third countries, so we can quietly and peacefully send you to torture and death at sea – […]

Can The NSA Use Telepathy To Read Your Mind & Invade Your Privacy? A Tweet From Edward Snowden Begs The Question

Next Story As most of you know, Edward Snowden is the former intelligence contractor who leaked the NSA’s mass surveillance program and discovered some of the most solid evidence for the existence of clandestine black budget operations. But did we really need the leak in order to believe this? Prior to his leaks, the issue […]

7,000 Africans Invade Canada from US in 6 Weeks: Even Trudeau Balks

August 21, 2017 0 Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Trump Isn’t Going to Invade Venezuela, But What US is Planning Could Be Much Worse

Andrew KorybkoThe Duran Trump was more aggressive than usual yesterday when he said that he’s not ruling out a “military option” in Venezuela, and the international media went haywire speculating that the President was considering an invasion. Nothing justifies what Trump said, but taking aside all moral considerations, his statement shouldn’t have been surprising, and […]


A shocking video shows stunned tourists looking on in fear as a boat load of migrants invade a beach before running away to evade police in Cadiz, Spain. The clip shows a large group of migrants approaching the beach on a black inflatable dinghy before they make a dash across the […]

‘Locust plague’: Insects invade southern Russian region (VIDEO)

The amateur video, filmed through the windscreen of a moving car, shows what at first seems to be a sandstorm looming on the horizon. However, as the car approaches, the dense cloud turns out to be a chaotic mass of giant bugs making their way across the road. The infestation of locusts prompted local authorities […]

Christian Cucks Help Mestizos Invade, Are Shocked by the Invasion

The insidious jewish machinations to destroy White homelands take many terrible forms. The consequences of this multifaceted kosher nation wrecking are easily observable in a once-prosperous land called California that was not so long ago 90% White. Now, after a generation of drinking deep the jewish poison of multi-culturalism and diversity, roving packs of feral […]

Huge Organic Farm Under Threat — County Will Invade and Spray Roundup

What? A county government is going to destroy a massive organic farm? “I have a great idea. We’re the Sherman County government. We have power. Let’s claim Azure Farms can’t control their weeds. Let’s come in and invade them with Roundup and other toxic chemicals. Let’s destroy their organic farm. We know the spraying won’t […]

Government Threatening To Invade Organic Farms To Spray Roundup

A huge, established organic farm in Oregon is scheduled for invasion by trespassing government employees who will spray the land with Roundup, poisoning the soil with the carcinogenic herbicide.  Azure Farms, a 2000-acre farm in Oregon that has been certified organic for 18 years, is under threat from the local Sherman County government. Why? Because Sherman County […]

Erdogan: Turkey Will Invade Iraq And Syria Overnight

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to invade both Syria and Iraq in a surprise attack to flush out the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).  “Turkey knows what to do and when to do it, we may come there overnight all of a sudden,” Erdogan said in a statement on Saturday. reports: The […]

Is “Mad Dog” Planning to Invade East Syria?

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Is Mad Dog Planning to Invade East Syria?

by MIKE WHITNEY The Pentagon’s plan for seizing and occupying territory in east Syria is beginning to take shape. According to a Fox News exclusive: “The Islamic State has essentially moved its so-called capital in Syria… ISIS is now centered in Deir ez-Zur, roughly 90 miles southeast of Raqqa, the officials said.” (“ISIS moves its […]

Jewish mentality: israel demolished 1,000 Bedouin structures in past year

Nearly one thousand Bedouin structures demolished in past year Over 1,700 structures were self-demolished by their owners over the past three years following pressure by police and state inspectors. Around half the demolitions were carried out in recognized Bedouin villages. House demolition near Gawa’in road in the Negev, August 4, 2015. (Michal Rotem) Israel demolished […]

FPÖ: “Countless” Election Fraud Cases

The leader of Austria’s Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, has confirmed that his party is investigating “countless” cases of electoral fraud with regard to last week’s presidential elections in that country. Speaking over the weekend, Strache said that his party was “going to get the countless indications (of irregularities) looked at by an independent, neutral body […]

Home of the caged: Lawsuit exposes the horrors of the American injustice system

     A Texas jail has been caging people who are too poor to afford bail, according to a new lawsuit. Harris County Jail – the largest in Texas and the third largest in the US – is accused of keeping most of its incarcerated population locked up for misdemeanors because they can’t afford bail or […]


Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 26, 2016 We got the 1,237. It’s officially over. Mexicans, Hajis: get the hell out of my country. If you leave now, you’ll be spared the humiliation of getting dragged out of your home in your underwear at 4:00 AM, handcuffed, blindfolded and thrown in the back of a black van […]

What Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Iran means for Asia

The deals signed on Monday will also impact Pakistan, Afghanistan and China Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded a two-day visit to Iran bysigning a raft of agreements Monday, including two key deals that will likely enable him to circumvent contentious neighbor and regional rival Pakistan — thereby establishing a crucial economic and strategic pathway […]

Study Finds Boiling Water Responsible For Dark Streaks On Mars

A new scientific study claims that water may be responsible for carving out the dark streaks seen on the surface of Mars.  Raw Story reports: A team from France, Britain and the United States constructed models and simulated Mars conditions to follow up on a 2015 study which proffered “the strongest evidence yet” for liquid […]

Youth Secure Second Win In Climate Trust Litigation

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Seattle, WA – Today, in a surprise ruling from the bench in the critical climate case brought by youths against the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology (“Ecology”), King County Superior Court Judge Hollis Hill ordered Ecology to promulgate an emissions reduction rule by the end of 2016 and make […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 7 – The “resurrected” Triumphal Arch and an “ISIS” bombing in London this month

During this morning’s infoscan, I ran across a spate of articles like this… …From SkywatchTV Although some fact checking revealed that the articles contain errors, what’s about to happen on April 19 is indeed worth noting. Evidence points to a possible “ISIS” terror bombing in London that will partially target children. Let’s have a step-by-step […]

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