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US House of Representatives Investigating if the Government Created Lyme Disease As A Bioweapon

The Facts: The recent case against Jeffrey Epstein, who is being charged with child sex trafficking, has opened up the idea that ‘higher powers’ like the Royal Family might be involved in this type of thing, along with other political “VIPs.” Reflect On: Is this really a surprise? If we look at our world and […]

Mexico Investigating Reports of Illegals Trying to Buy Children to Enter U.S.

Some migrants in Mexico are trying to purchase children from vulnerable mothers so they can more easily enter the United States illegally, according to Tijuana officials. Migrants in Tijuana shelters said they are concerned after reports of single mothers being approached by groups of men who have offered to buy their offspring to improve their […]

DOJ Has Been Secretly Investigating The Clinton Foundation

The DOJ has been investigating The Clinton Foundation, THE WHOLE THING the entire time they’ve been investigating ‘Russian Collusion’ or election meddling. The entire foundation including every receipt, note, line item in a ledger, bank transaction, contribution, speaking fee, etc… For ALL 48 companies! THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN TAKING SO LONG!!! The Clinton […]

Arkansas police investigating former state senator’s death as a homicide

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Trump’s Propaganda Mill: State Department’s Recycled Lies About Iran […]

Pentagon Admits That They Are Still Investigating UFOs – Because They’re Real

The Facts: Not only Julian Assange, but journalists and media outlets around the world are being heavily censored. Not only is their content being censored, but their revenue streams have been taken away. Reflect On: Why is this happening? What ever happened to the freedom of information and the freedom of speech? What’s really going […]

Attkisson Report reveals threats against congressmen investigating autism-vaccine link

     A Jan. 6, 2018 news report produced by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson for Sinclair Broadcast Group revealed that retired congressmen Dan Burton (R-IN) and Dr. Dave Weldon (R-FL) and current Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) were pressured by colleagues or threatened by PhRMA lobbyists to back away from examining vaccine safety issues, including the reported […]

Jewish Congressman Adam Schiff is really looking forward to investigating Donald Trump

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,991 other followers Source Article from Related Posts The Military Industrial Complex Loves Left Wing Hawk Adam Schiff Neoliberal, fake progressive Rep. Adam Schiff (D-C) showed his true colors yet again last week. Adam Schiff Tells […]

Georgia officials investigating possible cyber crimes and vote tampering by state Democratic Party

(Natural News) Move over, Russia. It seems you may have some competition when it comes to the issue of meddling in U.S. elections from one of our own political parties, no less. Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is also the Republican candidate for governor, announced Sunday that his office is […]

Schaefer Siblings Gaoled for Investigating Holocaust Fraud

By Mike Walsh MONIKA SCHAEFER AND HER BROTHER ALFRED FOUND GUILTY OF ‘HOLOCAUST DENIAL’ IN GERMANY The trial in American Occupied Germany of two siblings, both Canadian citizens, for denying the Holocaust has ended with substantial jail terms. According to Anne Wild, a photojournalist who monitored the trial for the Jewish media, Alfred Schaefer, 63, who lives in […]

Feds investigating Weinstein’s ties to Israeli spy firm Black Cube

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,982 other followers Source Article from Related Posts NBC Bosses Knew About Weinstein; Muzzled Reporter Who Tried To Expose Him NBC executives ordered reporter Ronan Farrow to cease and desist his investigation into serial rapist Yahweh’s […]

Greek police investigating death of Australian model Sinead McNamara on board yacht of Mexican billionaire

     Greek police are conducting an investigation into the death of an Australian model onboard a superyacht off the Ionian island of Kefalonia. Three days after the body of Sinead McNamara was discovered at the back of the luxury vessel, local police said they had broadened an inquiry into her death. “The yacht left our […]

‘White powder’ sent to US & Israeli embassies in Berlin, police investigating

The Israeli embassy received the first letter on July 24, while a second letter was sent to the US embassy two days later, a police spokesperson told AP. Neither embassy has commented on the incidents, but German police have already identified at least one suspect. READ MORE: ‘This is a lie’: Israeli spokesman uses angry […]

LAPD is investigating more sexual assault charges against actor Steven Seagal

     Earlier, allegations of sex assault were denied by the 65-year old Hollywood actor, who said that the allegations were a “modern-day witch hunt” initiated by “deep state fascist liberals and the secret government.” Los Angeles prosecutors have lodged new sex assault charges against action movie star and martial artist Steven Seagal, according to the […]

The SEC is Investigating Why Facebook Didn’t Disclose Cambridge Analytica Data Breach

After reporting earlier this month that the Securities and Exchange Commission had joined the federal investigation into Facebook over its failure to disclose Cambridge Analytica’s misues of user data, the Wall Street Journal revealed on Thursday exactly what the agency is investigating. In keeping with its mission to police securities markets, the SEC is looking into whether Facebook’s failure […]

Congressman Investigating FISA Abuse, Awan Says DOJ Spying On Him

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) says that agents working for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have been spying on his office, Gohmert told WMAL’s “Morning on the Mall” Friday. “I don’t doubt for a minute that he has people who have been looking into my background. I’ve been told as much by […]

Bill Gates: I Stopped Trump From Investigating Vaccines

Bill Gates has boasted that he advised President Trump to halt all investigations into the potential dangers of vaccines.  In a disturbing new video, the billionaire philanthropist admitted that Gates Foundation staff lobbied Trump against his vaccine safety research project. “In both of those two meetings [with Donald Trump], he asked me if vaccines weren’t a bad thing, […]

Americans Oppose Investigating the Gaza Massacre

Most Americans would oppose any Trump Administration support for an International Criminal Court investigation into Israel’s use of lethal force against Palestinian protesters on May 14. This is because they either never heard about the massacre or received slanted coverage. Thousands of Palestinian protesters in Gaza gathered in May near a “no-go” zone along an […]

Barack Obama’s Attorneys Sue Detectives Investigating Seth Rich Murder

Barack Obama’s attorneys have issued a lawsuit against the detectives investigating the murder of DNC whistleblower Seth Rich.  Aaron Rich, the brother of Seth Rich, filed a lawsuit in April in the District of Columbia, against outlets and individuals concerned with investigating his brothers murder. reports: The lawyer representing Aaron Rich, Michael J. Gottlieb, […]

Millions Tune Into The Royal Family Wedding, When We Should Be Investigating Royal Family Pedophilia

Please read the article, there is a conscious message in it that ends this piece with a bright message, and a reason not to react to this information with fear, worry, anger, or any other emotion that  does not serve your highest interests. That being said, it’s ok to feel these things, we are human, […]

Millions Tuned Into the Royal Family Wedding, When We Should Be Investigating Royal Family Pedophilia…

Some ‘dark’ revelations are and have come to light, especially within the past 6 years alone. But the truth is, they’re not really so much ‘dark’ as the human mind likes to label them. At the soul level, the spiritual level, they are simply experiences, how the human mind chooses to view it is another […]

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