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US cannot weaken Iranian youths by arresting famous scientist: Academic

A senior Iranian academic has criticized the attitude of the United States government toward young Iranians, particularly university students and researchers, saying the US will not be able to weaken the “iron will” of the youths through such measures as the recent arrest of an Iranian stem cell researcher. “Iran’s researchers and intelligent youth […]

Iranian Ambassador Calls On US To Declassify Its ‘Intelligence’ On Iran Threat

Iran’s ambassador to the UN has called on the US government to declassify its intelligence on the alleged “Iranian threat” in Iraq saying he is confident that the claim is “fake”. “If they have credible evidence and information, why don’t they declassify them and make it known to the American people and to the people […]

US speaks of peace talks, while ‘holding a gun’ at Tehran – top Iranian official

“The actions of American leaders in exerting pressure and launching sanctions […] while speaking of talks, is like holding a gun at someone and asking for friendship and negotiations,” Rasoul Sanai-Rad, a political deputy of the armed forces command said as quoted news agency Mehr. US President Donald Trump has been recently insisting his country […]

Iranian heavy crude oil price rises $4.35 per barrel in April: OPEC

MNA – Iranian heavy oil price increased $4.35, according to OPEC’s latest monthly report to reach $68.5 in April. As the same report confirmed, the average price of Iranian crude oil in 2017, stood at $49.60 per barrel and in 2018 at $64.25 per barrel. In the first four months of 2019, the prices hovered […]

Photos: Iranian nomads move to mountainous regions as summer looms

Tasnim | Aziz.Babanezhad: Nomads in western Iran are relocating to mountainous areas of the province of Lorestan to graze their sheep before the beginning of hot season.     Source Article from Related Posts Support for Mayor Khan Crashes After Summer of Violence The London Mayor’s approval rating has slumped to its lowest level […]

Iranian reformist magazine shuttered after urging talks with US

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian authorities shut down a reformist magazine that had urged negotiations with the United States, local media reported Sunday. The weekly magazine Seda was handed a suspension order Saturday by a court in Tehran, the reformist newspaper Arman reported. Seda’s most recent front page had shown a US aircraft carrier fleet and […]

U.S. Attempts to Provoke Iran via Aircraft Carrier Sailed Into Iranian Waters

  The USS Abraham Lincoln (Gabriel R. Piper/Navy/Getty Images)   Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln Passes Through Suez Canal On Route To Iran As Tensions Soar Tehran tried to call Washington’s bluff on Wednesday, when it threatened to start stockpiling enriched uranium and heavy water again – which would constitute a violation of the JCPOA’s terms […]

Photos: Iranian envoy presents credentials to UN Secretary General

IRNA – Iran’s newly-appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations Majid Takht Ravanchi presents credentials to Secretary General Antonio Guterres April 24, 2019.     Source Article from Related Posts US Secretary of State Pompeo to meet Russia’s President Putin & Foreign Minister Lavrov on May 14 The visit comes as the […]

Oil Prices Spike Over 3% With Announcement U.S. to End ‘Sanctions Waivers’ for Iranian Oil

Oil prices saw a surge today – up a further 3 percent, following reports that Washington is set to announce an end to sanctions waiver on Iranian oil, an announcement set for May 2nd.  As a result, Brent crude oil futures surged to over $74 per barrel, while US crude futures hit highs $65.71 per […]

Trump And PM Khan Might Have Just Ruined Iranian-Indian Relations

By Andrew Korybko Source The American and Pakistani leaders independently took two very important and uncoordinated moves at almost the exact same time that might coincidentally have the same effect of ruining Iranian-Indian relations. Iranian-Indian relations might be about to enter their worst-ever period in modern history as a result of two very important and […]

Iranian Intel Ministry Identifies CIA Network in Iran, Region

Source By Staff, Agencies Iran’s intelligence forces have managed to discover a CIA’s espionage network in the country and in the region, said Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi on Friday. “In a complicated process against the US Central Intelligence Agency, its espionage network was identified with 290 spies in different countries, including Iran,” he said, adding […]

Video: Israel Strikes ‘Iranian Targets’ in Homs. Only Syrian Missile Launcher Found to be Destroyed

Overnight on April 13, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force delivered strikes on targets near the town of Masyaf in the Syrian province of Homs from Lebanese airspace. According to the Syrian version of the events, most of Israeli missiles were intercepted, but the rest of them destroyed several buildings and injured at least 20 […]

Iranian FM Reminds World of IRGC’s Anti-ISIL Fight

“When @realdonaldtrump insisted that ‘Iran is killing ISIS’, exactly who did he think was doing the fighting and making the sacrifice?” Zarif asked on his twitter page on Wednesday night. “(The) ISIS (ISIL) would’ve held two Arab capitals and fielded a Terrorist Army on Europe’s doorstep had (the) IRGC not fought alongside brave peoples of […]

Labeling The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Terrorists’ Is A Step Toward War

Labeling The Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Terrorists’ Is A Step Toward War Why refusing to label Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a terror organization keeps us out of war A “Twitter-stamp” by Secretary of State Pompeo made it official. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) is now designated as a foreign terrorist organization. “We must help the people […]

Iranian MPs Vow Countermeasure to Any US Action against IRGC

April 7, 2019 Source A number of 255 members of Iranian Parliament in a joint statement on Sunday said any action taken by the US administration against Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) would be responded with a countermeasure. While throwing their weight behind the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, they [members of Parliaments] emphasized that “any […]

Iranian Army ready to train foreign students, says Maj. Gen. Mousavi

MNA – Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Seyed Abdolrahim Mousavi said that AJA University of Command and Staff (DAFOOS) enjoys necessary requirements to train foreign students. He made the remarks Tuesday on the sideline of the graduation ceremony of a host of students in DAFOOS, here in Tehran. Mousavi said that there has been […]

Selective censure? Twitter hides Iranian leader’s post citing Rushdie fatwa in rare policy move

The micro-blogging service confirmed on Friday that it had enforced its policy against violent threats and glorification of violence on the platform, when it made inaccessible a tweet by @khamenei_ir, an account that is widely associated with Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Although lacking the blue tick of a verified account, it boasts almost […]

Germany’s banning Iranian Mahan Airline unprofessional, unjustifiable: CAO

MNA – Iran Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) announced that Germany’s decision to sanction Iranian Mahan Airline is an unprofessional and justifiable measure. In a Wednesday statement, CAO condemned Germany’s decision, saying that political pressure has made Berlin adopt such a measure. “Iran Civil Aviation Organization assesses the decision of the German government to ban Mahan […]

Leave car keys on hook! Iranian startup helps you enjoy urban journeys

Tehran Times | Setareh Behroozi: Being a pedestrian in Tehran is not an easy job at all. You are surrounded by highways and that makes you feel helpless when you want to walk around the city or having a commuting trip. In a metropolis like Tehran it can be annoying not to use your personal […]

IDF: Iranian troops fired missile at Israel as a warning against future attacks

The Israel Defense Forces on Monday said the missile that was intercepted over the Hermon ski resort the day before was launched by Iran in a “premeditated” attack aimed at deterring Israel from conducting airstrikes against the Islamic Republic’s troops and proxies in Syria. According to the Israeli military, the missile was an Iranian-made medium-range […]

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