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U.S. Troops Blew Off COVID-19 Restrictions In Ireland, Apologized Later: Report

American officials have apologized to Irish leaders after U.S. military personnel ignored COVID-19 regulations when they landed at Shannon Airport late last month, the Irish Examiner reported Monday. The 48 service members, along with the five crew members of the U.S. Navy C40A aircraft, skipped presenting required negative tests for COVID-19 when they landed. They then […]

Homosexual Activists Seek Sacking of Northern Ireland Education Adviser for Sharing Man’s Testimony

 (The Christian Institute) — LGBT activists are calling on the Northern Ireland Education Authority to sack a board member after he shared an article of a homosexual man’s Christian conversion. Former DUP minister Nelson McCausland shared the testimony of Becket Cook, a former Hollywood set designer who lived a homosexual lifestyle until he encountered […]

Big Sign in Ireland Tells People the Truth

I am not sure exactly where this is, but the people in charge of this sign have put it to good use by displaying “controversial” messages. 00 Hits: 0

Ireland Apologizes For ‘Profound Wrong’ Of Cruelty At Church-Run Homes For Unwed Mothers

LONDON (AP) — Ireland’s prime minster issued a formal state apology Wednesday to the thousands of unmarried women and their children who endured pain, shame and stigma at church-run institutions, saying his government was determined to start righting the country’s wrongs. Prime Minister Micheal Martin’s apology came a day after the final report of an […]

Northern Ireland Taxpayer-Funded Org. Sues Govt. for Not Providing Enough Abortion Facilities

Photo Credit: Angela Duxbur/Unsplash (The Christian Institute) — A taxpayer-funded public body in Northern Ireland has launched legal action against the UK government, accusing it of providing insufficient abortion facilities. A new liberal regime was introduced in the Province at the end of March last year during the pandemic, with abortions permitted up to twelve […]

45% of new Covid cases in Ireland are of more transmissible UK strain – PM

Ireland’s medical system is stretched, its prime minister has said. The new fast spreading Covid-19 variant accounts for almost half of new cases there, while seasonal indoor gatherings also contributed to rapid transmission. The more infectious strain of coronavirus, first detected in England, now accounts for almost half of new cases in Ireland. Premier Micheál […]

Ireland – ‘People with vaccine certificates to face fewer restrictions on life’ (right on cue)

Having just had the NZ vax roll out announced this item is right on cue. Can you see the script? The globalists are running most if not all the countries on the planet, from within the shadows of course … the script applies everywhere. In this case it’s Ireland. Note they are downplaying the side […]

Worth it for a pint? ‘Covid-free pub’ with mandatory on-site testing for patrons opens in Ireland

Is this how all future nights out are going to look? An Irish pub owner has introduced mandatory coronavirus testing for all customers in order to create a truly safe environment at his establishment. Eileen’s Bar in the village of Aghamore in County Mayo opened its doors on Thursday, becoming the first “Covid-free pub” in […]

Strongbow’s Gamble: Richard de Clare and the Norman Invasion of Ireland

In early medieval history – especially English history – landed gentry and aristocracy played a significant role in the political and social development. Following the Norman invasion of England by the powerful William the Bastard , the concept of feudal lords reached the British Isles in earnest. Lords and knights rose to great heights, ascended […]

Sins of the fathers: Ireland’s sex abuse survivors

Revelations of sexual abuse inside the Catholic church shook Ireland to its core. Unreported Europe speaks to those who survived the paedophile priests and examines if the church has truly taken responsibility for the scandal. Ireland has one of the largest Catholic communities in Europe. The Church is rooted into the culture of the country, […]

Churches in Northern Ireland Must Close During Two-Week ‘Circuit Breaker’ Lockdown

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> (The Christian Institute) — Churches in Northern Ireland are set to close following the announcement of a two-week “circuit breaker” lockdown. The Stormont executive announced yesterday that strict new measures will be introduced from Nov. 27, including the closure of non-essential retail, close-contact services, […]

EU unlikely to give UK more time to adjust after Brexit transition ends, Ireland’s FM tells Euronews

It is unlikely the European Union will grant the UK a grace period in January to help business adjust to the new post-Brexit trading regime, Ireland’s foreign affairs minister has told Euronews. The EU and UK are in the final stages of negotiations on a possible post-Brexit trade deal, although differences remain. Either way, significant […]

England win 2020 Six Nations championship after Ireland fail in Paris

England won the 2020 Six Nations rugby title after thrashing Italy on Saturday, but they had to wait for the result of a tense match between France and Ireland in Paris before they could celebrate. Eddie Jones’ side triumphed on the final day of what became the longest Six Nations tournament in history due to […]

Ireland Keeps Ancient Samhain Alive with Fiery Festival

Halloween is an ancient tradition that traces its origins back thousands of years. It is now a global festival, but this year, sadly, it won’t be observed in the usual way. However, the ancient festival of Samhain is still going to be celebrated with a spectacular event in Ireland and this is widely regarded as […]

An Exceptional Medieval Irish Book Returns to Ireland

An incredibly significant medieval book of manuscripts has been returned to Ireland. The Book of Lismore is a collection of hand-written texts that was donated by an aristocratic English family to the University College Cork. Ireland has a long scribal tradition and produced many remarkable medieval books and illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of […]

Ireland orders full national lockdown: Country faces SIX WEEKS of maximum ‘Level 5’ restrictions with pubs and non-essential shops closed until December 1

So it begins again. Bill Gates confidently warned of a second wave remember. He & Melinda smiling as he did so. EW Ireland will be plunged into one of Europe’s strictest lockdowns on Wednesday in a bid to suppress Covid-19 The Irish Government agreed to impose tough Level 5 restrictions on the country for six […]

Ireland: Subhuman Negro Scammer Tries to Fabricate Car Accident

Ireland is being culturally enriched by subhuman negroes who fake car accidents to get injury money. This is how the invaders thank the white people who graciously took them into our pristine countries… by scamming us to get money. These people are parasites. They invade us with ill intentions. They come exclusively to exploit what […]

Matador Confronts a Satanic Femoid Clown from Ireland

Irish women are completely deranged too. Nowhere on earth can you find normal women. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Help me out with some shekels. 00 Hits: 6

An MD who has served 35 years in Ireland speaks out about the CV death certificates & the systematic killing of old people

An honest MD who was surprized at the new orders to list death as covid-19 if the patient even had had a cough but no proof of the cv. Then shocked that her profession was going along with this. She speaks of the staff traumatized at the orders they received in dealing with the elderly. […]

Russian Viking Coins Unearthed by Lucky Detectorist in Ireland

It is not uncommon for ancient coins to be found in buried hoards around the world, but some discoveries are more unique than others, such as an unusual find of Russian Viking coins unearthed in Ireland. A metal detectorist discovered several very rare coins that date to the foundation of the Russian nation, over 1000 […]

Rus Viking Coins Unearthed by Lucky Detectorist in Ireland

It is not uncommon for ancient coins to be found in buried hoards around the world, but some discoveries are more unique than others, such as an unusual find of Kievan Rus coins unearthed in Ireland. A metal detectorist discovered several very rare coins that date to over 1000 years ago.. These silver and gold coins are […]

Rus Viking Coins Unearthed by Strong Rainstorms in Ireland

It is not uncommon for ancient coins to be found in buried hoards around the world, but some discoveries are rarer than others, such as an unusual find of what seem to be Kievan Rus coins unearthed in Ireland. These silver and gold coins are important, in part because if verified, they are the first Rus-Viking coins […]

Ireland orders multiple local lockdowns to stem ‘merciless and unrelentless’ coronavirus

Ireland has announced new restrictions in three regions amid a surge of COVID-19 cases. Prime minister Micheal Martin said this will apply to the counties of Kildare, Laois and Offaly, in response to a “deep and urgent threat.” The restrictions came into force on Saturday and are set to last for two weeks. “I understand […]

Pro-Ireland John Waters In this short video John Waters explains why masks are mandatory now that the COVID pandemic is over.

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Another big rig in Ireland

Last week’s Irish abortion referendum was rigged. The official result was—get this—a preposterous 22 points—yes 22 points!—out of step with the final opinion poll of the campaign.[1] And that was no rogue poll—other surveys put the anti-abortion side even higher. Canvassers in towns and villages across Ireland reported huge support for the pro-life cause on […]

Ireland Votes to Repeal Abortion Ban

Irish voters overwhelmingly repealed a constitutional ban on abortion, according to an exit poll by the state broadcaster, a sweeping change that caps an emotion-filled debate and marks another significant step away from the country’s historic Catholic influence. If confirmed by the official vote count, Ireland is expected to join the U.S. and much of the rest […]

Going Underground – Ep. 612: 30.6 Million Internally Displaced in Conflict & N. Ireland Hard Border w/ Sinn Fein & DUP

Going Underground – Ep. 612: 30.6 Million Internally Displaced in Conflict & N. Ireland Hard Border w/ Sinn Fein & DUP Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to the Director of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, Alexandra Bilak, about the organization’s new Global Report on Internal Displacement. Westminsters newest MP, rfhlaith […]

IRELAND – Dublin Lord Mayor Calls On Ireland To Boycott Eurovision 2019 To Show Solidarity With People Of Palestine

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Going Underground – Devolution and Same-Sex Marriage in Northern Ireland w/ Lord Hayward

Going Underground – Devolution and Same-Sex Marriage in Northern Ireland w/ Lord Hayward Going Underground with Afshin We speak to Tory peer Lord Hayward about the Good Friday Agreement and LGBT rights in Northern Ireland, rights perhaps too far for those maintaining Theresa May’s grip on power. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground […]

Good Friday Agreement: Has Brexit put Northern Ireland’s peace at risk?

The issue of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is a major sticking point in Brexit negotiations. The current frontier is essentially an open one, allowing people to travel freely around the island of Ireland. But 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement brought a fragile end to decades of […]

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