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Twenty-six Things About the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) that Obama and Trump Do Not Want You to Know About

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the most wanted terrorist and alleged leader of the Islamic State (ISIS-ISIL-Daesh) is dead, according to POTUS.  President Trump confirmed in October that US forces had been searching for him, that he was under surveillance. “Capturing or killing him has been the top national security priority of my administration.” Addressing the Nation from the White House […]

France, The "Budding Islamic Republic"

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, “Five years after the killings at Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, France has learned to live with the Islamist threat,” wrote Yves Thréard, deputy editor at the daily newspaper Le Figaro. “Not a month goes by… without a murderous attack with the cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ taking place on our […]

Leader appoints new head of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought

MNA – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei appointed Hojat-ol-Islam Hamid Shahriari as the new secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought. In a decree issued on Sunday, Ayatollah Khamenei appointed Hojat-ol-Islam Hamid Shahriari as new secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic […]

Iranian General: Islamic Revolution hub of Muslim world power

Tasnim – A senior Iranian general said the Islamic Revolution would form the centerpiece of the Muslim world’s power by shaping a modern Islamic civilization. Addressing a cultural ceremony in Tehran on Saturday, Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top military aide to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the incoming president of the […]

Leader receives participants of 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference

MNA – Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received a host of high ranking Iranian officials and participants of the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference on Friday morning. Photos and details of this meeting will soon be published. The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference, marking the birth anniversary of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, […]

Why Hamas is staying out of Israel’s fight with Islamic Jihad

Israeli security and political coordination with Hamas has served mutual interests for many years. Now Hamas is hoping to stay out of the current fighting in order to potentially expand its political power in the West Bank. By Menachem Klein Palestinians gather around the home of Palestinian Islamic Jihad field commander Baha Abu Al-Atta after it was […]

Photos: Int’l Islamic Unity Conference opens in Tehran

ISNA, Abdolvahed Mirzazadeh | The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference opened on Thursday in presence of President Hassan Rouhani and over 350 elites and figures from 93 countries.     Source Article from Hits: 21

33rd International Islamic Unity Conference kicks off in Tehran

Press TV – Iran is hosting the 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference marking the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him). The event is being held in Tehran on November 14-16 with the participation of 350 personalities from 93 countries. The conference, which is themed “Ummah unity in defending the al-Aqsa Mosque,” started with […]

Gaza Stops Fire as ‘Israel’ agrees to Islamic Jihad Demands: Islamic Jihad

 November 14, 2019 The Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement says it is holding fire after ‘Israel’ accepted its key demands, including stopping targeted killings, as part of an Egypt-mediated truce aimed at ending the military confrontation between the two sides. Speaking on Thursday morning, the Islamic Jihad’s spokesman, Musab al-Braim, confirmed earlier reports of the […]

Islamic Jihad Investigations: Israeli Drone Entered Abu Al-Atta Flat Just before His Assassination

November 13, 2019 An article posted by i24news mentioned the investigations, done by the Islamic Jihad resistance movement in Gaza into the assassination of the military commander Baha Abu Al-Atta, revealed the entrance of an Israeli drone to the bedroom of his apartment few minutes before the attack. The report added that the Zionist drone […]

Palestinian Islamic Jihad is smaller than Hamas, but boasts equal arsenal

An Israel airstrike in the Gaza Strip has killed Baha Abu al-Ata, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad, setting off well over 100 rocket strikes from Gaza at Israeli civilian centers and retaliatory IDF airstrikes. Israeli officials described Abu al-Ata as the mastermind of recent attacks against Israel and the organization’s top commander in Gaza. […]

In last days, Islamic State leader Baghdadi sought safety in shrinking domain

BEIRUT (AP) — In his last months on the run, Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was agitated, fearful of traitors, sometimes disguised as a shepherd, sometimes hiding underground, always dependent on a shrinking circle of confidants. Associates paint a picture of a man obsessed with his security and well-being and trying to find […]

6 Islamic extremists deemed danger to Sweden allowed to remain in country on ‘humanitarian grounds’

The extremists, who were detained last spring, are believed to be central figures in spreading radical Islam in the Scandinavian nation. Among them is 53-year-old Iraqi-born imam Abo Raad, an outspoken proponent of the extreme Salafist school of Islamic thought. His son was also part of the group of radicals arrested by Sapo, the Swedish […]

Questions Remain Over Alleged Death of Islamic State Leader

Russia’s Ministry of Defense this week said it had not seen any credible evidence that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS) terror group, had been killed in northern Syria last weekend, allegedly in a daring US military operation. US President Donald Trump boasted last Sunday that American Special Forces raided a […]

Islamic burials for al-Baghdadi and Bin Laden – but not Gaddafi? Cynical reality undermines US message in ‘war on terror’

According to the US government, the self-proclaimed “caliph” of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) killed himself when he was cornered by US special forces operatives in Syria’s Idlib province on Sunday. His remains were taken to an undisclosed facility for DNA testing, and after positive identification dropped into the sea at an undisclosed location. Islamic […]

Caliph Al-Baghdadi’s Successors and Islamic State Affiliates

In the event of the death of the Islamic State’s self-styled caliph, Amaq, a news agency affiliated with the Islamic State, reported on 7 August 2019 that the terrorist organization’s chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had appointed Abdullah Qardash as his successor.  Abdullah Qardash is from Tal Afar, a predominantly Sunni Muslim city in northwestern Iraq, […]

Islamic State leader’s death is important, but not a game changer

US special forces carried out a high-level raid in Syria against Abu Bakr al-Bahgdadi, killing the elusive Islamic State terror group’s leader. The assassination of Baghdadi is a major symbolic blow to the organization and everything it represents, but its impact must not be overstated. His death does not mean the end of IS. The […]

Jailed Islamic Jihad leader ends more than 80-day hunger strike

Tareq Qaadan, an Islamic Jihad terror group leader, suspended his hunger strike on Sunday after Israeli authorities agreed to release him on February 8, a group that advocates for Palestinian prisoners has declared. Authorities agreed to not renew the current administrative detention order against Qaadan and reduce it from six to four months, the Prisoner’s […]

Turkish invasion creates better conditions for Islamic State terrorists as it creates chaos, Assad’s key adviser tells RT

“Every war creates chaos and chaos is a good climate for terrorism. So this invasion creates better climate for ISIS terrorists,” she said, referring to the terrorist group by its old name. “But the major force that is fighting for Turkey now are the Jabhat al-Nusra. So the terrorists are led by Turkey now to […]

Iran calls Isreal out: Iran’s president says Israel ‘undoubtedly’ backing Islamic State in Syria

Iran’s president says Israel ‘undoubtedly’ backing Islamic State in Syria Source Article from Hits: 15

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