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CBS News: ‘How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide From Justice in Israel’

Jewish American pedophiles are escaping justice by fleeing to Israel and automatically attaining Israeli citizenship under their right of return laws, CBS News reports. WATCH: From CBS News, “How Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel”: Tel Aviv – It’s a tense stakeout, waiting for Jimmy Julius Karow to appear. He […]

Netanyahu “Optimistic” Israel Can Use Political Pressure To Shut Down ICC War Crimes Probe

TEL AVIV — Since the International Criminal Court (ICC) announced it would investigate war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank last December, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been attempting to rally Israel’s allies in a multilateral effort to stop the ICC’s probe. Those efforts have […]

Israel plans new settlement on occupied land earmarked for ‘Muslim tourism’ in Trump plan “Two-state obfuscation” By Rod Such The Electronic Intifada, 17 February 2020 “Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality” by Ian S. Lustick, University of Pennsylvania Press “Any American who has asked their representative or senator a question related to Palestinian rights knows that it only seems to auto-generate the following response: ‘I support […]

Israel’s fury over UN settlement ‘blacklist’ is only the beginning

The United Nations Human Rights office has made public a long-awaited catalogue of 112 companies doing business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The blacklist, which was four years in the making and released last Wednesday, sent the Israeli government, members of the U.S. Congress, and the White House into a frenzy. Secretary of […]

Bloomberg: Fanatic pro-Israel billionaire trying to buy US Presidency

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu greets Bloomberg when the former mayor flew to Israel in July 2014 to support Israel’s assault on Gaza and oppose the FAA decision to suspend domestic flights to the country Michael Bloomberg – the 8th or 9th richest person in the world*  – is trying to buy his way into the […]

AIPAC is making Israel a political football, so BDS supporters may finally get off the bench

The pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC used to pride itself on doing its business in the dark. We work most effectively as a “night flower,” AIPAC operative Steve Rosen once explained to Jeffrey Goldberg. Those days are now over, maybe forever. The rightwing group is controversial in ways that it never wanted to be. Just in […]

Save me! Lebanese man caught spying on Hezbollah begs Israel not to abandon him

Benjamin Philip decided to help Israel and the Mossad fight Hezbollah in 2011, gathering intelligence on the Lebanese terror group’s activities and recruiting additional assets within the organization, including, he says, a member of one of its most elite units. His work, he says, has ruined his life and the lives of his family members […]

Yes, Israel wants peace — after it gets rid of the Palestinians

Over the last week, pedestrians and drivers in Tel Aviv caught a glimpse of an especially disturbing billboard that had been posted across the city. The billboard, erected by the far-right group, Israeli Victory Project, showed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Ismail Hayineh blindfolded and on their knees on a backdrop of destruction. […]

Abbas spokesman: Israel-PA security cooperation ongoing but ‘won’t last forever’

Small right-wing party drops out of election as part of agreement with Likud The right-wing Tzomet party agrees to pull out of the March 2 elections and back Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud. The decision comes after the party’s leader, Moshe Garin, met today with Netanyahu and Likud Minister Eli Cohen. According to Likud, they […]

3,000 teens attending BBYO Convention that propagandizes them on Israel

Opening ceremony for BBYO 2020 international convention, February 13, Dallas, Texas. (BBYO/Facebook) By Alison Weir More than 3,000 Jewish teens are attending a convention this weekend that propagandizes them to support Israel despite Israel’s long record of discrimination, human rights violations, and spying on the US. The organization is BBYO (B’nai B’rith Youth Organization), which states […]

With Sanders surging in the polls, Israel lobby spends big bucks to sink his chances in Nevada

Despite being pipped at the post in Iowa by Pete Buttigieg (with the help of a malfunctioning voting app, his supporters claim), Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came out victorious in last week’s New Hampshire primary. With the Nevada primary just a week away, a Morning Consult poll published this week put the progressive senator […]

Russian comfort food is making a comeback in Israel

The Nosher via JTA — On a recent trip to Israel, my husband and I took a taxi to Bat Yam, a workingman’s town located a stone’s throw and a world away from the uber-cool city that is Tel Aviv. We went to eat Russian food in a community filled with immigrants from the former […]

Israel: More Attacks on Syria Coming

The MID Assessment of the Risks of War in the North According to the main points of the MID’s annual intelligence assessment, which was published in the media on January 14, 2020, there is a “low probability of a war initiated by our enemies in 2020,” but “medium to high probability of maintaining equations of […]

Israel’s Netanyahu boasts of destroying US 1st Amendment & free speech

”US (”AP)Anti-boycott laws do not only punish companies, they are the most dangerous assault on free speech in the United States since the McCarthy era. by Juan Cole Reposted from Informed Comment Israeli caretaker prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has been indicted for corruption and is facing an election soon, just boasted that his ministry […]

Israel, Not Russia, Meddling In US Elections Says Former CIA Officer

Israel has long been interfering in American politics and elections according to a former counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer of the CIA The former CIA officer also calims that US officials prefer to stay silent on the matter and incriminate Russia instead It seems that Israel may just turn out to be part of […]

Bloomberg defied a flight ban to show support for Israel, defended the country shelling a school and killing sleeping children

What a telling photograph! Bloomberg, a multi-billionaire Zionist zealot aspiring to be U.S, president and supporter of “Israel’s” atrocities against defenseless indigenous Palestinians, inluding children, and Netanyahu, a Zionist mass murderer, shaking hands on the tarmac. Contrast them with American Congresswoman Betty McCollum, a great humanitarian and American patriot who stands shoulder to shoulder with […]

In landmark ruling, refugee family wins asylum in Israel

Israel’s High Court ruled on Sunday that the state must give asylum status to parents who emigrated from the Ivory Coast, and their two daughters who were born in Israel. By basing its reasoning on gender-based violence, rather than civil war or humanitarian crisis, the ruling is groundbreaking. Throughout the trial, the parents raised their […]

Yet again the ‘Truth Movement’ fails on Trump’s Secret War with Israel. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will force a ‘deal’.

via Yet again the ‘Truth Movement’ fails on Trump’s Secret War with Israel. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will force a ‘deal’. Source Article from Hits: 14

Iran says it will strike US and Israel if they make the ‘slightest error’

Reuters – Iran is ready to strike the United States and Israel if they give it any reason to do so, the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards said in a live speech on state television on Thursday. “If you make the slightest error, we will hit both of you,” Major General Hossein Salami said […]

Britain’s pro-Israel finance minister forced out in cabinet reshuffle

UK Treasury chief Sajid Javid, a staunch supporter of Israel, resigned Thursday, in a shock development that came as Prime Minister Boris Johnson shook up his Conservative government. Johnson spent Thursday firing and appointing ministers to key Cabinet posts. Javid’s exit was a surprise as he had been widely expected to keep his job. His […]

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