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How Israel reportedly plans to exit: No gatherings, flights until September

Israel was expected to begin easing some restrictions aimed at containing the coronavirus following the Passover holiday, but will reportedly continue to limit gatherings and international flights until September. Quoting unnamed government officials, the Ynet news site reported Friday that there will be a gradual “liberation” of economic activity after Passover, which ends on the […]

COVID-19: The Zionist Underpinnings of Israel’s Violent Crackdown on Haredi Jews

In a conversation I had with Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro for an upcoming episode of the Miko Peled Podcast, Rabbi Shapiro referred to Jewish Zionists as “idol worshipers.” “They did not get these values, of loving their guns and stealing Palestinian land, from Judaism,” he said. He explained that Jewish people throughout history have kept to […]

Democratic pro-Israel group takes credit for Sanders dropping out, fundraises off keeping Dem platform pro-Israel

@Abe Bird “I would advise you that if you want to deal with the Israelis, you should first learn the history of the Land of Israel and the Jews, and do not rely on bizarre and strange propaganda slogans.” Sigh. Here’s just a taste of reality regarding “the history of the Land of Israel and […]

Israel is responsible for Palestinians’ right to health

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 7 April 2020 Israel has repeatedly attacked Palestinian medics, who are now responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Ashraf Amra APA images UN officials are gently nudging Israel to do more for Palestinians as they attempt to halt the spread of the coronavirus. Nickolay Mladenov, the UN’s Middle East peace […]

Israel turns UN praise into propaganda

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 2 April 2020 Palestinian employees at the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, transport food rations to refugee families in Deir al-Balah, the central Gaza Strip, on 31 March.  Ashraf Amra APA images UN officials are lauding Israel despite how it keeps Palestinians on a drip feed of basic health […]

Israel May Block Coronavirus Respirators, Aid, to Gaza

Photo from RT news video on Gaza By Motasem A Dalloul, reposted from Informed Comment In response to a humanitarian appeal launched by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza to obtain $23 million in urgent aid, in addition to medicine and medical equipment including 250 respirators in order to deal with the coronavirus in […]

Quarantined drag queens land TV show in Israel

AP — As Israel imposed a nationwide virus lockdown, shuttering theaters, clubs and bars, the country’s drag queens found themselves confined to their homes, their elaborate wigs and glittery dresses languishing in the closet. Two of them decided to make the best of it by putting on a variety show in their own living room. […]

No, Israel’s Passover closure is not like lockdown under occupation

Tonight, we will sit, millions of Jews in Israel and across the world, for a sad and strange Passover Seder, perhaps the strangest many of us have known our entire lives. The lucky ones among us will sit among family members; others, including many of the elderly, will sit alone or have to make do […]

New Labour boss is no Corbyn, but unlikely to reverse party’s anti-Israel stance

Keir Starmer, the new head of the British Labour Party, is expected to establish a much warmer relationship not only with local Jews but also with the Jewish state. As opposed to his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, who was viciously critical of Israel, Her Majesty’s incoming leader of the opposition is said to be generally well-disposed […]

‘Arab students will pay the price’: Pandemic widens Israel’s education gaps

Palestinian students in Israel are being disproportionately disadvantaged by the switch to remote online learning in light of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Supreme Court petition filed on Sunday by the Palestinian human rights group Adalah and other NGOs. The petition, which cites figures from the Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education, notes that around […]

Israel’s real coronavirus test lies in freeing Palestinians from its grip

It is impossible to know how strong or weak a house is until it is hit by a storm — whether its foundations are stable, its infrastructure is capable, or its roof is properly sealed. All of these are now being put to the test as the coronavirus storm hits our shores and gains traction […]

‘A failure of communication’: Haredi Jews at the epicenter of Israel’s coronavirus outbreak

Confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus have been soaring in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities around the world, most of all in Brooklyn neighborhoods in New York City and in Israel. The Israeli city of Bnei Brak, east of Tel Aviv, has become an epicenter of COVID-19 in the country, with some estimates that 40 percent of […]

‘Evil name-calling’ against Israel comes from American Jews– says American Jewish Committee official

The war between the Jews over Israel just got a little hotter. An American Jewish Committee official says that American Jews themselves are responsible for “some of the most evil name-calling” against Israel. And a second AJC official says his job fighting “Israel haters” on American campuses would be easier if some Israeli rightwingers left […]

Israel’s pre-Passover egg shortage is no yolk. But millions of imported eggs are on the way.

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As virus spreads, animal adoptions from Israel’s largest shelter on rise

Some 80 animals have been adopted in just two weeks from the country’s oldest and largest animal shelter, Tel Aviv’s Israel Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. “For these abandoned pets, it’s like the coming of the Messiah who rescues them from the agony and loneliness of a cage and takes them to […]

Israel’s health minister contracts coronavirus, Netanyahu to continue isolation — Global News

The Middle East has over 81,000 confirmed cases of the virus, most of those in Iran, and over 3,600 deaths. Continue reading → via Israel’s health minister contracts coronavirus, Netanyahu to continue isolation — Global News Source Article from Hits: 19

Super PAC is backing pro-Israel Democrats for House races

Stacy Schusterman donated $1 million to Democratic Majority for Israel. Schusterman is chair of the Schusterman foundation. (Schusterman) The PAC’s biggest donor is Stacy Schusterman, who has donated $1 million this election cycle and is also a national council member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The second largest donor is Gary Mark Lauder, who also […]

After weeks of ignoring its Palestinian citizens, Israel to step up testing in Arab towns

Israel is expected to ramp up its efforts to test for the coronavirus inside its Palestinian communities, after widespread outcry from rights groups condemning the government for ignoring the country’s Arab population amid the global pandemic. Israeli media reported that mobile coronavirus testing clinics would be set up by Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency […]

Israel cordons off heavily infected Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak

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National Public Radio reports from Israel/Palestine are biased towards Israel

Anyone who thinks that the National Public Radio’s international correspondent in Jerusalem, Daniel Estrin, is giving them unbiased reports is sadly mistaken. Estrin’s slant is subtle, not always as obvious as his counterparts at the New York Times, but a quick look at his recent work is revealing. Let’s start with Estrin’s March 15 report, back […]

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