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Tourist Damages A Valuable Italian Sculpture And Just Walks Away

CCTV in an Italian museum has captured the moment a tourist snapped two toes off a 200-year-old sculpture’s model. This horrendous act of vandalism followed by sheer negligence of all adult responsibilities occurred at the Gypsotheca Antonio Canova Museum in Possagno, Italy, and security camera footage shows the 50-year-old Austrian man lying alongside the plaster […]

Italian Corrupt Senate Revokes Salvini’s Parliamentary Immunity So He Can Stand Trial for Blocking African Invasion

    Italian senators have backed stripping far-right leader Matteo Salvini of his parliamentary immunity. It means Salvini could now face a trial for allegedly illegally detaining migrants at sea. It’s in relation to a case last year when he refused to let a rescue ship carrying scores of migrants dock at the Italian island […]

Italian Politician Accuses Government Of Prolonging Pandemic ‘For Political Purposes’

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini has denounced the three month extension of the country’s state of emergency over the coronavirus. Salvini, who is now leader of Italy’s populist Lega party, suggested that the decision was made for “political purposes.” In a tweet on Monday night Salvini said: “If there is no real […]

Italian politics in nutshell: How country ended up with ex-IMF chief it never voted for as its PM

Improbable as it first seemed, a League-Five Star Movement coalition was formed nearly three months after the country voted. The elections of March 4 resulted in two winners – the center-right coalition led by the League that, collectively with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, won 37 percent; and the Five Star Movement, which won nearly 33 […]

‘Italy won’t be bullied’: Italian president’s govt rejection slammed by both left and right

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who was at the forefront of the Brexit campaign, had some words for his old foe Brussels while speaking in front of the European Parliament on Tuesday, particularly in regards to Italy’s political crisis. “They [Italians] question what the euro has done to their economy, they feel they are a […]

Italian priest gambles away half a million euros, receives treatment for addiction

Don Flavio Gobbo, 48, was given a two-year suspended sentence for embezzlement last week, according to Italian media. The priest from the Venice province had been gambling for some two years, spending money from his parish of San Vito and Modesto. READ MORE: Canadian priest charged for gambling away $400,000 of refugee aid Citing fatigue, the […]

Sanctions against Russia are ‘absurd’ & harm Italian industry – Northern League leader

Matteo Salvini, who has been the leader of Italy’s right-wing Northern League party since 2013, took to social media to slam the sanctions on Monday. “I hope to be in government soon, to be able to give my consent to an invitation from the General Confederation of Italian Industry to the Russia president: Enough of […]

Italian city suspends opening of memorial to WWII soldiers – including Nazis – after outcry

An association of hotel owners from the town of Cassino was poised to unveil the stone monument on Sunday in the Foltin cave at the foot of Monte Cassino, where German troops sheltered during air assaults by the Allied forces. “In memory and recognition of the soldiers of all nations who fell in the bloody […]

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections

Going Underground – Former Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on EU Failure, Libya War & Italian Elections Going Underground with Afshin We speak to the former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner Franco Frattini about the outcome of the Italian elections. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… […]

Going Underground – Ep. 584: Euroscepticism’s Triumph at Italian Elections, IRA Amnesty & Brexit Borders

Going Underground – Ep. 584: Euroscepticism’s Triumph at Italian Elections, IRA Amnesty & Brexit Borders Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, former Italian Foreign Minister and European Commissioner Franco Frattini explains the outcome of the Italian elections. Plus, we speak to Sinn Fein MP Paul Maskey and the DUP Spokesperson for Human Rights […]

Italian Election Results: Coalition Members Agree to Salvini Becoming Next Italian PM

Italian election winners Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia announced they will support the candidacy of eurosceptic Lega leader Matteo Salvini after a resounding victory at the polls. La mia prima parola: GRAZIE! — Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) March 4, 2018 Fratelli d’Italia leader Giorgia Meloni said her party was committed to seeing eurosceptic Matteo Salvini […]

Italian polls prove again EU project ‘is not working,’ says UKIP as voters back anti-establishment

“The election in Italy just adds more weight that the EU project is not working. But we all know what the EU’s response will be, don’t we? ‘More Europe,’” the Euroskeptic party wrote on Twitter, as the latest exit polls showed the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) taking the lead. The election in Italy just […]

Political blow? Italian oral sex star blocked from Instagram for ‘influencing public opinion’

“I was browsing on my Instagram normally when all of a sudden the screen disappeared,” 28-year-old model and actress Paola Saulino told RT. “I was very surprised,” Paola said, adding she had never violated the platform’s policy and guidelines with her suggestive uploads, which are followed by more than 400,000 people.  Italian model suspends nationwide […]

Italian Criminologist Says Muslims Will Outbreed Europeans & ‘Conquer’ the Continent

Italian Criminologist Says Muslims Will Outbreed Europeans & ‘Conquer’ the Continent “They’ll take over our laws and occupy” Paul Joseph Watson February 28, 2018 Muslims will outbreed Europeans and conquer the continent, according to top Italian psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. During a radio interview, Meluzzi said, “The populations who have come to Italy, […]

Italian Election’s Going to Be Messy, Say Pollsters

The final opinion polls before the Italian election suggest it will be a struggle for any of the main parties to form a government. Friday marks the last day in which opinion polls can be published ahead of the March 4 ballot, according to Italian law. All the polls have similar findings — one of […]

‘Black Jesus’: Virgin Mary cradles refugee in Italian artwork (VIDEO)

In the original work, completed by Michelangelo at the end of the 15th Century, the Virgin Mary holds the body of Jesus in her arms, following his crucifixion by the Romans. This replica, by artist Fabio Viale, shows Mary not with Christ in her lap, but Nigerian refugee ‘Lucky Hei’ in his place. “Lucky Hei […]

Right-wing Italian politician causes stir, saying migrants ‘wipe out’ white race

Speaking to local Radio Padania on Monday, Attilio Fontana of the right-wing, nationalist Northern League (Lega Nord) party alleged migrants are threatening the very existence of the white race, making his opponents bicker over the remark. “We cannot [accept all asylum seekers] because we won’t all fit, so we have to make choices,” he said, […]

SUNDAY SCREENING: Italian Fascism in Color (2007)

This week’s documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. This film combines dramatic recreations and real archive footage showing the rise of the fascism movement after WWI in Italy, followed by the use of violence to secure political power and later with the consolidation of state and corporate power during the rise of […]

Dramatic moment twister rips through Italian Riviera caught on camera (VIDEOS)

The tornado lasted but a few violent minutes, moving from the sea into the city centre, where it managed to wreck two of the town’s verandas. It also damaged stained glass windows and tore a chimney from the roof of a building. As well as ripping up trees and road signs, a number of cars […]

‘Everyone should do this’? Visitors play tennis in 16c Italian church as part of art project (VIDEO)

The playground has been installed in Milan’s Chiesa San Paolo Converso, a former Roman Catholic church currently used as an exhibition space. Organized by American artist Asad Raza, the project allows visitors to take racquets and play, or just observe the game in front of the old stone statues and paintings. “For [the artist Asad] […]

‘GM seed choice shouldn’t be dictated’: Italian farmers question EU court ruling on Monsanto corn

The European Court of Justice on Wednesday ruled in favor of Giorgio Fidenato, an Italian activist farmer who faces fines for growing genetically-modified maize MON 810 on his land in 2014, despite a 2013 government decree banning its cultivation. In 2013, Italy asked the European Commission to adopt emergency measures prohibiting the planting of the […]

Qatar to purchase 7 Italian navy ships in $6bn defense deal amid Persian Gulf crisis

“I am pleased to announce the conclusion of a deal between the Qatari Emiri Naval Forces to buy seven naval units from Italy in the context of the joint military cooperation between the two countries,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, Qatar’s foreign minister, said on Wednesday, as quoted by Reuters. The official declined to give further […]

Fascist Mussolini-style posters ordered removed from Italian beach venue (VIDEO)

The order was issued by Venice Prefect Carlo Boffi on Monday and concerned a Playa Punta Canna venue in Chioggia, a resort town of the Metropolitan City of Venice. The establishment must “immediately remove all references to Fascism on signs, posters and banners,” the order read, as cited by Italian ANSA news agency. The order also called upon Playa […]

Italian village where most live to be 100 reveals the secret to a long life

(Natural News) Following a diet low in sugar and high in beneficial fats may be the key to disease prevention and longevity, according to renowned cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra. In order to examine the effects of diet on the body’s overall health, the cardiologist studied residents of Pioppi, a remote village in southern Italy. Pioppi was acknowledged by […]

US Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

US Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism Recent Italian Court Decisions on Vaccines and Autism by Mary Holland J.D. Age of Autism On September 23, 2014, an Italian court in Milan award compensation to a boy for vaccine-induced autism. (See the Italian document here.) A childhood vaccine against six childhood diseases caused the […]

Italian Banking – Domino’s Just Started Falling

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Italian government to bail out two more banks for 5.2bn euros

Italy’s government is bailing out two banks in the Venice region at a cost of 5.2bn euros (£4.6bn; $5.8bn). The move comes two days after the European Central Bank warned that Banca Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca were failing or likely to fail. The banks’ “good” assets will be taken […]

Two Italian Zombie Banks Toppled Friday Night

When banks fail and regulators decide to liquidate them, it happens on Friday evening so that there is a weekend to clean up the mess. And this is what happened in Italy – with two banks! It’s over for the two banks that have been prominent zombies in the Italian banking crisis: Veneto […]

Italian Government To Remove Unvaccinated Children From Parents

Major demonstrations have rocked Italy this past week as the government attempts to pass a new law that will triple the number of mandatory vaccinations for Italian children and threatens to remove unvaccinated children from their parents.  “Lorenzin cancel your law, we are not your herd,” tens of thousands of Italians chanted at a protest in Rome, holding banners decrying […]

SWEET: Italian Coast Guard Let “Migrants” Drown!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 9, 2017 I sure hope this isn’t fake news. It is really a white pill to imagine there are still high level European military men who believe in #LetEmDrown. It’s a white pill so big it looks like it must be a rectal suppository. The Independent: Horrific phone […]

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