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People Prevented From Buying “Non-Essential” Items Due to Lockdown

Joe Biden was roundly criticised Thursday for stating during the presidential debate that the best way to defeat COVID-19 is to “wear a mask all the time”. Biden accused President Trump of having ‘no comprehensive plan’ to deal with the virus, and declared that his plan is to “make sure everyone was encouraged to wear […]

These are the items that you need in your first-aid kit if you just want to carry the bare minimum

(Natural News) A first-aid kit is something that you always want to keep in your survival gear, even if you dread ever having to use it. If you want to keep your pack light, you can prepare a basic first-aid kit so you have something to treat minor cuts and scrapes. While you […]

5 practical (and life-saving) items from the Health Ranger Store for your next hiking or camping expedition

(Natural News) The outdoor season is here and with that comes more outside activities that involve interacting with Mother Nature. This is almost always a good thing but in some circumstances, these situations can be rough for those used to modern day conveniences, and unless Bear Grylls is your sidekick, you may […]

8 Household items you can use to treat cuts and wounds at home

(Natural News) You’ll never know when disaster will strike. When it does, though, are you medically prepared to handle any type of situation? In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and caused intense flooding, communication failures, and damage to buildings and roads. Affected residents found it hard to get medicine to ease […]

DETOX yourself from these everyday items that could be wreaking havoc on your hormones

(Natural News) Do you know that some of the everyday things we take for granted are teeming with toxins that harm our health? A large scale study discovered a whopping 90 percent of the most popular bottled water brands have microplastics small enough to enter the body. Journalism organization Orb Media asked […]

Bill Gates Totally Out Of Touch – Guesses The Price Of Grocery Items

The Microsoft co-founder is currently worth $US91.7 billion, and it’s safe to say that within his household budget is an allowance for someone to do his supermarket shopping for him. No late night runs to Aldi for milk and chips for Bill Gates. Oh, no no no. Ellen DeGeneres hilariously demonstrated just how out of […]

Chemicals from everyday items may cause cancer, diabetes, autism, ADHD, reproductive problems – how to identify and avoid them

(Natural News) You probably understand the importance of organic food by now, but dangerous chemicals could still be making their way into your system through some everyday products you might not have even realized you need to worry about. Here is a look at a few of the items you might be […]

10 Essential, must-have items to have before the next natural disaster strikes

(Natural News) Being prepared for a natural disaster is important, especially if you want to survive. Disaster preparedness starts by having an emergency bag at home. However, do you know which are the most important items that you must have in case of a natural disaster? Here is a list of 10 essential, must-have items in […]

Don’t have a Go Bag yet? Here’s a quick and easy start list: 14 items recommended by the Red Cross for surviving a natural disaster

(Natural News) When it comes to the threat of natural disasters, it’s easy to see why most people would rather keep the thought of being struck by one completely out of sight and out of mind. But while it may be an unpleasant thing to think about, natural disasters such as tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes […]

14 Items Recommended By The Red Cross For Surviving A Natural Disaster

When it comes to the threat of natural disasters, it’s easy to see why most people would rather keep the thought of being struck by one completely out of sight and out of mind. But while it may be an unpleasant thing to think about, natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes can cause […]

18 low-cost REPAIR items preppers are stockpiling to keep things running once the civil war begins

(Natural News) Survivalism isn’t simply about living like the end of the world is going to happen, as mainstream media would have you believe. It’s the ability to use nature to your advantage and ensure that you are always prepared for any situation. To that end, it is smart to always carry around a […]

Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz: ‘I felt it was something I had to do’

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10 super affordable survival items you can stock up on NOW without breaking your wallet

(Natural News) Canned goods, flashlights, a first aid kit, and drinking water — if you have these in a survival situation, you’re good, right? Yes, probably — but add just a few more items to your survival arsenal and you can go from surviving to actually thriving, even during an emergency. These 10 items are not only […]

CVS shifting away from unhealthy candy and soda in favor of healthier items

(Natural News) CVS has decided to dramatically slash the amount of space it devotes to junk food and soda just three years after it stopped selling tobacco products. The country’s biggest drugstore chain has been making a series of positive moves that reflect the increasing trend toward health consciousness sweeping the U.S. as increasing numbers […]

Study: Glyphosate proves incredibly hazardous to women, affecting fertility while promoting uterine cancer

(NaturalNews) The current issue of the Toxicology journal, details the first study in glyphosate’s more than 40 years on the market, to study its effects on uterine development. In the study, a group of researchers injected newborn rats with a commercial dose of glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH), while a control group was given a […]

Child Overdoses On ADHD Medication Prescribed By Pharmacy

An eight-year-old boy from America died recently as a result of being prescribed a dangerous yet common ADHD medication by a pharmacist.  Jack Steinbrecher had been prescribed Clonidine pills for his ADHD since he was five years old. reports: But on October 31, 2015, he ingested about as much of the medication as all […]

Wal-Mart Experimenting With Robotic Shopping Cart for Stores

Wal-Mart Experimenting With Robotic Shopping Cart for Stores June 16th, 2016 Alternate headline: Americans Too Obese to Push Their Chinese Crap Around Walmart and Out to Their Cars. Via: Bloomberg: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is working with a robotics company to develop a shopping cart […]

One of The Most POWERFUL Scenes in Movie History Teaches YOU The 1 MOST IMPORTANT Lesson

“I thought about what you said to me the other day, about my painting. I stayed up all night thinking about it. Something occurred to me. I fell into a deep peaceful sleep after that, haven’t thought about you since. You know what it occurred to me? You are just a kid. You don’t have […]

‘Children of War’: Heart-rending WWII diaries of Soviet children published in English

“In adults’ diaries, the author is still trying to build some sort of drama, while children have been sincerely writing about what they saw and felt, and that’s the main value of these documents. They haven’t been edited by anyone, they’ve been written honestly, with no censorship or self-censorship applied,” the book’s editor, Tatyana Kuznetsova, […]

Saudis is worried only about Israel: Thomas Fredman

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Cop Spots Something Familiar About Homeless Man, What He Has Made Him Drop To His Knees…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Here we have another wonderful story about the kindness and generosity of a police officer who went beyond the call of duty. This story is out of Pheonix, Arizona and the video captures a heartwarming moment between a homeless man and police officer. Phoenix Police Officer Marc Valenzuela responded to a call […]

China’s Financial Crisis Erupts Again–What’s Next?

The primary indicator of excess liquidity and financial asset investment and speculation is debt. Debt—i.e. credit extended by lenders—is the mediating element between liquidity and financial asset investing. Excess liquidity is necessary for the availability of excess credit to be loaned out as debt. Debt and its leveraging is the stuff of financial asset over-investment […]

Chronic pesticide exposure causing lung damage in children, equivalent to health effects of second-hand cigarette smoke, study finds

(NaturalNews) Persistent pesticide exposure in children causes damage comparable to that of second-hand cigarette smoke, according to a new study out of California. Researchers […]

ISIS Makes $80 Million A Month In Revenue….Here’s How

When you think about what ISIS are achieving with their military at the moment it’s quite staggering. On one front they are managing to fight of Assad government forces that are massively funded from Russia. On the other side they are making huge advances into Iraq who’s army is funded by the US, France, UK […]

After Pollard Release, Ted Cruz is BFF with Terrorist Jew Rabbi

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer November 30, 2015 It was love at first sight for the Cuban wetback and the kike terrorist leader. You’re not going to see the Donald running around with these types of terrorists, that’s for sure. Daily Beast: Thanks to an atypical shared interest, Ted Cruz has befriended an extraordinarily well-connected rabbi—a relationship […]

The Pentagon’s Military Doctrine: Russia and Vladimir Putin, America’s Greatest Threat

How many times have we heard US officials and go-along media accuse Putin of “Russian aggression,” “hybrid” or non-traditional warfare, “cyberwar,” invading Ukraine using (nonexistent) “little green men,” and engaging in other destabilizing, hostile acts. Obama earlier called ebola, Russia and ISIS America’s greatest threats, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter saying Moscow is a “very, very […]

BOOM: Meet Putin’s ELITE SECRET KILL SQUAD, The “ZASLON UNIT”… This Is ISIS Worst Nightmare

Subscribe is a website dedicated to truth and patriotism. Every single person writing on this site is a long time patriot. Don’t miss out on our breaking news! Subscribe by entering your email below. God bless America! Dean James III% AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Russian President Vladimir Putin is deploying an elite special operations group known as […]

Amazon Disarms Brits By Banning Self-Defense Items

  Media, police and politicians disparage communities protecting themselves as “vigilantism” Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, August 11, 2011 Following calls by politicians, media and the police for Brits not to buy baseball bats and engage in what was disparagingly termed “vigilantism,” Amazon UK has followed suit by banning self-defense items from its online store, […]

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