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‘Israeli’ Journalist Quits TV Debate to Protest against the ‘Saudi King’s Abuse’

By Staff, Agencies Advisor to Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office and ‘Israeli’ political analyst Eddie Cohen withdrew from a television debate in protest against the ‘blasphemy of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud.’ This incident happened during a daily debate on the Zionist “i24news” screen, with the guest Hassan Merhej, a Middle East […]

Brazil’s Government to Criminally Investigate Journalist Glenn Greenwald

By Eoin Higgins The Brazilian government is targeting one of its biggest critics, journalist Glenn Greenwald, in a move that has been decried by observers as an intimidation tactic designed to stifle opposition to right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro. The government finance ministry’s money laundering unit was asked by federal police to investigate Greenwald’s finances, O […]

Exclusive: A Citizen Journalist’s Exposure of Sandy Hook | by Stephanie Sledge

Western World, here is the missing information all Americans need to know right now about the questionable Sandy Hook shooting which took place on December 14, 2012 in the early am. The recent exposure and years of research from multiple platforms have caused those responsible for this horrific lie to begin burning evidence published on […]

New video angles show antifa thugs who attacked journalist Andy Ngo in Portland involved in premeditated assault: Where is the Justice Dept.?

(Natural News) Left-wing Democrats who are always looking to ban weapons now have another one to consider — that is, if they hold true to their ‘values’ and standards. They can add ‘assault gloves’ to their list — like the kind used by antifa thugs to beat indy journalist Andy Ngo of […]

Left-wing Antifa terrorists brutally assault journalist in Portland, throw cement "milkshakes" as kinetic weapons while police stand and watch

(Natural News) Breaking news confirms that Antifa terrorists in Portland brutally assaulted, beat and robbed an independent journalist today. The entire “mainstream” media is ignoring the story, since it doesn’t fit their narrative. It’s not clear that radical left-wing Antifa groups must be designated domestic terrorists, and all those who promote them […]

Australian Federal Police raid home of journalist who exposed government plan to spy on citizens

The Australian federal police have raided the home of News Corp Australia journalist Annika Smethurst investigating the publication of a leaked plan to allow government spying on Australians. On Tuesday police executed a warrant investigating the “alleged publishing of information classified as an official secret” which they said had the potential […]

Reporters Without Borders accepts prize from journalist-killing regime

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 28 May 2019 Reporters Without Borders is facing sharp criticism for accepting a prize from a regime that murders journalists. The group, often known by its French initials RSF, received the Dan David Prize for “defending democracy” earlier this month at a Tel Aviv University ceremony attended by Israeli President Reuven […]

San Francisco Police Chief Apologizes For Horrifying Raid On Journalist’s Home

San Francisco’s chief of police, William Scott, has apologized for a horrifying raid on a journalists’ home, calling the incident a “mistake,” according to NPR. Scott instead told the San Francisco Chronicle that the documents officers compiled to obtain the warrant did not adequately describe Carmody as a journalist, NPR says, […]

Death Penalty? Assange Becomes First Journalist Charged Under Espionage Act

The US government has issued a new 17-count indictment against Julian Assange for violations of the Espionage Act. Just as the Wikileaks’ editor in chief anticipated, the DoJ revealed Friday that a grand jury in Virginia has returned a new 18-count superseding indictment against him that includes violations of the Espionage Act stemming from his […]

San Francisco PD Earning Universal Condemnation For Raiding A Journalist’s Home During Its Internal Leak Investigation

This case has numerous disturbing aspects, starting with the leak itself. Jeff Adachi was an elected public defender and a fierce critic of local law enforcement. This likely motivated the leak of the police report, which alleged Adachi had died of a possible cocaine overdose while enjoying the company of a woman who wasn’t […]

Mexican Journalist Under Government Protection Plan Shot Dead

Mexican Journalist Under Government Protection Plan Shot Dead Above Photo: More than 100 journalists have been murdered across Mexico since 2000 [File: Henry Romero/Reuters] Blood-soaked body of Francisco Romero, fifth journalist to be killed this year, was found on a pavement in his hometown. A Mexican journalist enrolled in a federal protection programme has been […]

Year of selective blindness: Russian journalist still in Ukrainian jail under bogus treason charges

Being a journalist in a nation where the government can put you in jail for unfavorable reporting is understandably risky, but at least one can hope to find international support after getting into trouble. Foreign governments and international organizations would cry foul and try to pressure the persecutors. Well, Kirill Vyshinsky didn’t get this response. […]

Northern Ireland: Four men arrested in connection with journalist Lyra McKee’s killing

   Police investigating the killing of journalist Lyra McKee, who was shot dead by paramilitary gunfire in Northern Ireland last month, have made four arrests. The Police Service of Northern Ireland says males 15, 18, 38 and 51 years old were arrested in Londonderry, also known as Derry, on Thursday under terrorism legislation, in connection […]

Israel trying to deport stateless Palestinian journalist from Jerusalem

Mustafa al-Haruf has spent the last 20 years living in East Jerusalem, where he has a wife, daughter, and works as a photographer. Now Israel wants to deport him to Jordan, where he has no family or legal status. Palestinian journalist Mustafa al-Haruf seen at a Jerusalem Magistrates Court following his arrest for […]

5G “May Be A Global Health Catastrophe” – Journalist Educates Orlando City Council

The Facts: Justin Harvey, an activist based out of Orlando, Florida, recently shared the concerns many people around the world have with the implementation of 5G technology with Orlando City Council members. Reflect On: There are thousands of peer-reviewed studies and hundreds of scientists showing that this is truly a dangerous step for human health. […]

Independent Journalist David Icke Banned From Speaking In Australia

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times In 2009 I had the opportunity to sit front row at one of David’s eight hour long presentations, which was truly a mind-blowing experience. He was speaking in Bellingham, Washington, because the venue he had booked and sold out in Vancouver, Canada was retracted at the last minute and he […]

Finally, US Releases American Journalist Marzieh #Hashemi After 10 Days Detention Without Charges

US Frees American Anchor for Iran TV Hashemi says she has ‘serious grievances’ with her arrest and treatment Ten days ago, US citizen Marzieh Hashemi was arrested at the St. Louis Lambert Airport, and transferred into FBI custody. On Wednesday, she was finally released, having never been charged with a crime. Hashemi is a journalist […]

Acclaimed photographer & video journalist working for RT’s video agency killed in Libya clashes

Ben Khalifa was killed on Saturday near Libya’s capital, Tripoli, which has seen a flare-up of violence between rival militias since Wednesday. AFP reported, citing security sources, that the photographer came under shelling which targeted the positions of the group he was embedded with. Ben Khalifa is survived by his wife and five-month-old baby daughter. Condolences have […]

Award Winning Journalist Exposes Wifi Disaster in Canadian Public School that Injured Dozens of Children

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times “Two children have dropped dead in Simcoe County Schools since Wi-Fi was installed…” ~Rodney Palmer Wireless technology is largely seen as benevolent and kind. Any danger to our health is typically passed off to the next generation to figure out, regardless of the consequences that have happened already. This story […]

Jamal Khashoggi: How the ‘stupid, naïve’ plot to kill Washington Post journalist backfired on Saudi Arabia | Ehsan Knopf: The murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi not only shocked the world, but it also shone a light on Donald Trump’s relationship with his Middle Eastern ally. But according to 9News correspondent Robert Penfold, it had even greater ramifications and was a “stupid and naïve” attempt at concealing wrongdoing on […]

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