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Julian Assange Reaches End Of Prison Sentence, Judge Refuses To Release Him

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been ordered to stay in a British prison despite reaching the end of his 50-week prison sentence. Assange was due to be released on September 22 after serving his sentence for breaching bail conditions by seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012.  However, the 48-year-old was told […]

Child Torturing Murderer Gets Stay of Execution After Accusing Judge of ‘Antisemitism’

A prisoner who physically assaulted a young boy and murdered a police officer has had his execution suspended after he accused the judge of being “antisemitic.” Randy Halprin confessed to severely beating an 18-month-old toddler in 1996 and fracturing his skull and was sentenced to 30 years in prison before breaking out and brutally murdering […]

Judge shoots himself in court amidst rumors of case interference

   The suicide bid by a judge who shot himself in a Yala courtroom after handing down a ruling on Friday has sparked concerns over possible interference in the case. Khanakorn Pianchana, a senior judge at the Yala provincial court, pulled out a pistol and shot himself at the end of a hearing on Friday […]

Judge finds no bias from Jussie Smollett special prosecutor

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago judge said Friday he won’t replace a special prosecutor looking into why the state’s attorney’s office abruptly dismissed charges against actor Jussie Smollett, rejecting concerns that campaign money could taint the findings. The judge’s decision during a hearing came days after the special prosecutor, former US Attorney Dan Webb, disclosed […]

Scottish Judge To Rule If British PM Can Be Jailed For Refusing To Delay Brexit

A Scottish judge could force British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request another Brexit extension and postpone Brexit yet again or face a fine prison time. Lord Pentland, an Outer House judge, will hear the case at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Friday. He will rule whether it should be moved to the […]

Oxford Judge spares four youngsters of privileged backgrounds from jail

A judge at Oxford Crown Court has sparked controversy by refusing to jail three teenagers and a young adult on the grounds that they “wouldn’t cope in prison”. The group of friends from Watlington, Oxfordshire, had caused serious injury to a 17 year old by dragging him out of his car and subjecting him […]

Judge Calls Toronto Cop Who Ate Cannabis Chocolate on Duty a ‘Complete Idiot’

Vittorio Dominelli was one of two Toronto police officers facing criminal charges in the incident. A Toronto police officer who ate a marijuana-laced chocolate bar seized in a pot shop raid has pleaded guilty to attempting to obstruct justice. Const. Vittorio Dominelli says he is remorseful and ashamed of his actions on the evening of […]

Judge orders Prince Andrew the Pedophile struck from court record

Judge orders Prince Andrew the Pedophile struck from court record This article is more than 4 years old Virginia Roberts’s accusations about Andrew ordered to be struck from the record as judge denied her attempt to join a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein Jon Swaine in New York and Robert Booth in London Wed 8 Apr […]

Pedophile Child Killer, Who Killed 9-Year-Old, Set Free by Judge

A convicted serial pedophile, who was imprisoned for killing a nine-year-old-girl, is due to walk free from prison. Michael Guider killed Sydney schoolgirl Samantha Knight over 30 years ago, but is now due to be released back into the public after a judge rejected an application to keep him locked behind bars. When Guider was […]

Judge Denies Injunction of NY Law Repealing Religious Vaccine Exemption

On Aug. 23, 2019, New York State Supreme Court Judge Denise Hartman issued an Opinion upholding a law passed by the New York State Legislature and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on June 13, 2019 repealing the legal right of parents to obtain a religious exemption vaccination for their children to attend school and […]

Judge Rules Johnson & Johnson Must Pay Over $572 Million For Role In Oklahoma Opioid Crisis

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times In the state of Oklahoma, Johnson & Johnson has been found guilty for pushing doctors to prescribe opioids to patients while downplaying the risks of addiction. For fueling the pain-killerepidemic, the corporation has been ordered to pay over $572 million. According to Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, the sales push by Johnson […]

Conflicted Judge Abets Chevron Retaliation Against Heroic Lawyer Steven Donziger

By Aaron Kesel For over a decade, New York lawyer and activist Steven Donziger, of Donziger and Associates, has been fighting Chevron after the oil giant bought out Texaco. However, just when we think we’ve seen it all in the Chevron case, NY District Court Justice Lewis Kaplan seeks to prove we ain’t seen nothing […]

Lenient judge gives 7-strike felon 3 years in prison for giving a man permanent brain damage

   A 34-year-old Anaheim man with a lengthy criminal history — which included seven prior convictions — was sentenced to just three years in prison for punching a man at a La Habra birthday party last year, leaving him with permanent brain damage. Orange County Superior Court Judge Roger B. Robbins Thursday sentenced Christian Isadore […]

Gibraltar Judge Rules To Release Seized Iranian Tanker

Update (1020ET): As expected a Gibraltar judge has agreed to release the seized Iranian oil tanker, Grace 1 (which was allegedly shipping 2.1m barrels of crude to Syria, breaching EU sanctions). As Gibraltar Chronicle reports, the decision to release the ship was taken hours after the US reportedly launched a separate last-minute legal move to […]

Federal Judge Orders Release Of Khashoggi Records By U.S. Government

A judge in New York ordered federal agencies to produce thousands of pages of documents pertaining to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist and U.S. resident who was slain in his country’s consulate in Turkey last year. U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer instructed the departments of State and Defense to […]

Obama-Appointed Judge to Oversee Peter Strzok Lawsuit

An Obama-appointed judge has been assigned to oversee a wrongful termination lawsuit from disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a judge who put Paul Manafort in jail last year, will be given full reign to apply her own interpretation of the law in Peter Strzok’s wrongful termination case. Judge Jackson also […]

Judge Denies Chelsea Manning A Hearing, Insists Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Fines Are Not Punishment

Judge Denies Chelsea Manning A Hearing, Insists Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Fines Are Not Punishment Above Photo: Chelsea Manning (Photo from Media Convention Berlin) A federal judge denied Chelsea Manning’s motion to reconsider fines imposed against her for refusing to testify before the grand jury investigating WikiLeaks. He also undermined due process and refused […]

Judge Dismisses Ridiculous DNC Hacking Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign

A federal judge has dismissed a frivolous lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia in order to obtain and disseminate hacked emails. The judge said the Trump campaign “did not participate in any wrongdoing in obtaining the materials in the first place” and therefore bore no […]

New York Judge Agrees to Keep 2008 Epstein Documents Secret

A New York judge has agreed to keep documents about Jeffrey Epstein’s 2008 plea deal with prosecutors “secret” on the grounds that it could impede their investigation of others connected to accused child sex trafficker. The documents, which will be shared with Epstein’s lawyers, allegedly detail the deal itself, which allowed Epstein to receive a […]

Judge Orders Oberlin To Post $36 Million Bond Since It Refuses To Pay Defamed Bakery

Authored by Greg Piper via The College Fix, Oberlin College refuses to take responsibility for its own administrators’ defaming and retaliating against a bakery whose race-neutral anti-shoplifting policy enraged Oberlin students. Following a judgment of $25 million in damages and $6.5 million in attorney’s fees and expenses, the judge has agreed to stay the execution of his judgment – […]

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