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House Minority Leader: Deep State Traitors Will Face Justice for Attempted “Coup”

Deep State traitors will soon face justice for their attempted “coup,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has warned. “We came the closest ever to this country having a coup, and now we need accountability,” McCarthy said during an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “I respect this attorney general so greatly, that the way he has […]

Paris’ justice minister backs accepting Snowden, who floats taking refuge in France

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said France should stick “to our strong principles on immigration,” meaning that “we must accept asylum seekers,” local media reported on Sunday. When asked if Snowden could set foot on French soil someday, she replied: “Yes … I back it.” Belloubet then made it clear that she was speaking in a private […]

9/11 Truth and Justice 18 Years after the Attacks

“The worst act of terrorism in the history of our country which claimed almost 3000 innocent lives and which dramatically altered the course of our nation and the world and it had a proposed deadline of just 18 months which was extended by two months, and it had an initial budget of just 3 million […]

NSW Police peverting the course of Justice in this Friday’s hearing of John Christopher Sunol

NSW Police peverting the course of Justice in this Friday’s hearing of John Christopher Sunol.   I have just done a youtube video with Jim Fetzer exposing the latest (this year) crimes done by NSW GLLO Special gay police ( who stole John Sunol’s phones and used the authentication tokens on it to do numerous […]

Justice Department, IRS investigating USOPC, USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming

U.S. Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service investigators have crisscrossed the country in recent months interviewing more than a dozen witnesses and subpoenaing thousands of pages of documents in a wide-ranging criminal investigation into the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming, USA Taekwondo and other national sports governing bodies and the […]

‘Justice is Indivisible’:The Screams of Israa Ghrayeb Should Be Our Wake-up Call

The death of Israa Ghrayeb has ignited furious reactions regarding the so-called ‘honor-killings’ in Palestine and throughout the Arab world.  It also wrought confusion with respect to the jurisprudential foundation of such crimes, which are often committed in the name of protecting the honor of the family.  Israa, a 21-year-old makeup artist from the town […]

Justice Department To Force Imprisoned Hackivist Jeremy Hammond To Testify Agaisnt Wikileaks

Justice Department To Force Imprisoned Hackivist Jeremy Hammond To Testify Agaisnt Wikileaks Above Photo: Free Jeremy Hammond Committee FBI informant Hector Xavier Monsegur was instrumental in targeting and carrying out a cyberattack on the private intelligence firm, Stratfor, in 2011. The FBI allowed several individuals to submit stolen information from the firm to WikiLeaks, and […]

Fitton: Trump Justice Dept. fighting to protect Hillary Clinton and shield her emails from discovery

(Natural News) If you still wondered whether the “deep state” was a real thing and that our various government agencies and institutions are populated with careerists hell-bent on protecting their own power and influence, this story should convince you. If there has been one organization dedicated to getting to the very bottom […]

Palestinians demand justice for the alleged honor killing of Israa Ghrayeb

The suspected “honor killing” of a 21-year-old Palestinian woman from a village outside of Bethlehem has sparked outrage across the West Bank, shining a light on gender-based violence in Palestine. Hundreds of protesters marched through Bethlehem to Beit Sahour on Saturday, and on Monday another protest was held outside of the Prime Minister’s office in […]

Julian Assange: Deprivation of Justice and Double Standards in Belmarsh Prison

A TALE OF TWO PRISONERS: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and right-wing personality Tommy Robinson, are being treated very differently inside HM Belmarsh Prison. Nina Cross 21st Century Wire Alfred de Zayas, former UN Rapporteur, has described the actions of the British authorities in pursuit of Assange as “… contrary to the rule of law and […]

San Francisco Board Rebrands ‘Convicted Felons’ As ‘Justice-Involved Persons’ Or ‘Formerly Incarcerated’

Convicted felons in San Francisco may have broken the law, but they’ll get to keep their dignity after the city’s Board of Supervisors adopted new, sanitized language describing them as ‘justice-involved persons’ or ‘formerly incarcerated.’  Under the city’s new “person first” language guidelines, the words “felon,” “convict,” “addict,” “offender,” and “juvenile delinquent” […]

High Court blocks appointment of new Justice Ministry director

The High Court of Justice on Wednesday blocked Justice Minister Amir Ohana’s appointment of his friend Ophir Cohen as director general of the ministry. The ruling came just under a month after Ohana, who assumed the post in June in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s caretaker government, abruptly fired Emi Palmor, who held the position of […]

After Nationwide Calls For Justice And Family’s Tireless Advocacy, NYPD Fires Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

This story has been updated from its original. Civil rights advocates on Monday applauded the family of Eric Garner for their tireless advocacy over the past five years, as the NYPD announced that Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Garner in 2014, had been fired. A number of observers also made clear that Pantaleo’s firing—after […]

Justice Department officials get their dates wrong on ‘Grace 1’ warrant

Amidst all the confusion surrounding the fate of the Iranian oil tanker Adrian Daria (formerly Grace 1), one glaring mistake by the US Department of Justice officials has been missed by the international media. The Justice Department’s warrant, which can be found at (, gets the date wrong. Instead of filing August 16, it […]

For True Climate Justice, Abolish ICE And CBP

For True Climate Justice, Abolish ICE And CBP Above Photo: Jenny Bowen/Flickr Last month, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Kamala Harris released their Climate Equity Act – the first draft of a critical component of a Green New Deal. The act aims to protect marginalized communities as Congress attempts to “address” climate change by creating a system […]

Two tiered system of justice: Top FBI officials escape prosecution, while others pay heavy price

(Natural News) All we need is what we already know. And what we know is that top senior officials at the FBI, thus far, have escaped any prosecution for lying and leaking. It wasn’t the same for others. Just look at Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is still fighting for justice against a […]

Ann Coulter: Epstein’s Powerful Sponsors Have Escaped Justice AGAIN

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s powerful friends have escaped justice following his apparent “suicide” on Saturday, Ann Coulter has warned. The accused child sex trafficker was found in cardiac arrest shortly before 7am on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan. He was rushed to a nearby New York Downtown Hospital where he was pronounced […]

“The Sikhs For Justice” Are Taking Up The Kashmiri Cause At The UN

The Sikhs For Justice, a purely peaceful organization that’s campaigning for a plebiscite on the independence of Indian Punjab as Khalistan, are taking their support for Kashmir to the next level by filing a complaint at the UN about India’s recent “Israeli”-like unilateral actions in the occupied territory and seeking the urgent deployment of UN […]

Lead US Prosecutor in Epstein Plea Deal Unexpectedly Quits Justice Department

By Tyler Durden Something big is about to hit in the Jeffrey Epstein drama, which in recent days has quietly slipped to the last page in the local media. Moments ago, the Miami Herald whose reporting in 2018 reincarnated the Epstein pedogate scandal, reported that Marie Villafaña, the lead federal prosecutor who helped negotiate the controversial plea deal for […]

Journalism for justice needs your help today

Three weeks ago, I wrote to you to launch Mondoweiss’s summer fundraising campaign by sharing the ideal that drives us every day: we believe that one story at a time can change minds. I told you that our team members would share stories that especially moved them as examples of how your support enables Mondoweiss […]

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