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Coronavirus would have killed 40 million if the world didn’t go on lockdown, say experts

(Natural News) The global coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of over 24,000 people as of Thursday, but that number could have been much, much worse. A new study points out that the outbreak could have caused 40 million deaths had it not been kept in check. The study comes from Imperial College London,  where researchers estimated […]

Top secret? Just a handful of people knew about US drone strike that killed Soleimani – reports

   The 3 January US assassination of Qasem Soleimani, long-time commander of the Islamic Republic’s elite Quds Force military unit, further exacerbated the already strained ties between Washington and Tehran which have been tense since the White House’s unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in 2018. The magazine Newsweek has quoted several unnamed […]

‘Moderate Rebels’ Bite Hand That Feeds Them. 2 Turkish Soldiers Killed In Idlib

South Front Syria entered the second half of the week with a new spike of tensions in Greater Idlib. This escalation has been widely expected because militant groups are sabotaging key parts of the Russian-Turkish agreement on de-escalation in the area. Radicals kept their positions along the M4 highway, where a security zone was set […]

Two Turkish soldiers killed in rocket attack by ‘radical groups’ in Syria’s Idlib

   The situation in northern Syria recently calmed down, as Moscow and Ankara reached a ceasefire, suspending clashes between Syrian forces on the one side, and Turkish troops and Turkey-backed militants on the other. Two Turkish soldiers have been killed and one more injured in a rocket attack by “radical groups” in the Syrian province […]

6 Billion People Humans To Be Killed By The Elite – New World Order Depopulation Agenda

“We’ve got people on the other side [the Dark Side] who think we should reduce the population of the earth. That’s Satan’s plan, of course. Jacques Cousteau [you’ve seen his underwater documentaries] said we need to eliminate 350,000 people a day. Ted Turner [you pay for his cable TV networks] said we need a 95% […]

Rockets hit Iraqi base where US & British soldiers were killed in similar attack this week

A dozen rockets hit Camp Taji north of capital Baghdad, Stars and Stripes reported, citing Iraqi officials. There was no immediate word on casualties. Unconfirmed reports on Iraqi social media said as many as 20 Katyusha rockets had been fired at the base. The Wednesday attack on Camp Taji claimed three lives and left a […]

Palestinian teen killed during village’s attempt to defend mountain from Israeli settlers

For the Palestinians of the northern occupied West Bank, putting your life on the line to defend your land is just a part of life. Countless Palestinians have paid the highest price for attempting to fend off Israeli settlers and soldiers from their cities, towns and villages. On Wednesday, another Palestinian was added to that […]

IDF Knee-Capping Besieged Gazans. Hundreds of Palestinians Killed

Live fire by Israeli soldiers, police, and other security forces against defenseless Palestinians threatening no one is official Jewish state policy. What was instituted on the pretext of preventing harm to Israelis is systematically and repeatedly breached by IDF and other security forces, ordered by commanders to attack peaceful Palestinian demonstrators. It goes on throughout […]

Black Mass Murderer Admits He Killed All Four Of His Victims Simply Because They Were White

On Monday, the capital murder trial got underway of the Black racist mass murderer, Kori Muhammad, who is accused of intentionally targeting and killing four White men, three of them during a shooting spree in downtown Fresno in 2017: Police say Muhammad told them he killed the men because they were white. Muhammad is also […]

Man Who Shot, Killed Ohio K-9 Officer Jethro Sentenced to 45 Years in Prison

The man who shot and killed K-9 Officer Jethro, of the Canton Police Department in Ohio, has been sentenced to 45 years in prison. Kelontre Barefield, 23, received the sentence after pleading guilty to charges related to the police dog’s death and other charges in an unrelated robbery case, a spokeswoman for the Stark County […]

Senior member of Iran Guards reported killed in Syria

A senior member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was reportedly killed Friday in Syria. The Fars news agency said Farhad Dabirian was “martyred,” without giving details on the circumstances of his death, according to Reuters. The report said Dabirian was a former IRGC commander in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and described him […]

11 killed, many injured as torrential rains lash Pakistan

   As the torrential rains coupled with wind storms and light floods continued lashing various cities of the country, at least 11 persons including children and women were killed in roof collapse and electrocution incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other areas of the country during the last 48 hours. Eight houses were damaged in different […]

US: Kook-Brained Female Befriends Man Who Killed Her Mother

Women are insane. Oxygen: Could you forgive someone if they killed your mother? Could you befriend them? One New Jersey woman has done just that and now even considers her mom’s killer to be something of a father figure. As odd as that may sound, her relationship with the man has yielded some practical benefits. She views […]

Three dogs killed man in Crawford County, Georgia

   A 76-year-old Crawford County man found dead last month outside his house with bite marks on his body is now thought to have died in a dog attack, the sheriff said Thursday. Lee Alvin Becham, whose body was discovered Feb. 23 outside his residence in the 1900 block of Marshall Mill Road south of […]

Chicago: Trial Starts for Black Who Killed White Cop While Trying to Escape Arrest

Charles Martel Daily Stormer March 6, 2020 Shomari Legghette Another chimp wrangler who ended up getting riddled with bullets. Many such cases. If his family wants justice, they’d better hope the jury isn’t packed with darkies. Chicago Sun-Times: It was broad daylight, and there were bystanders and surveillance cameras everywhere in one […]

Florida 21-Year-Old Man Killed Dog To See Inside Of It Believing It Was A Robot

In West Palm Beach, Florida, a 21-year-old man has been accused of killing a neighbor’s dog. On Friday, Scott Mills was arrested on charges of animal cruelty. According to WearTV, West Palm Beach police officers responded to a resident stating they thought Mills had killed their dog named Max. When police searched the suspect’s backyard, […]

More than 80% of Indian Ocean dolphins may have been killed by commercial fishing, study finds

Dolphin numbers in the Indian Ocean may have dropped by more than 80% in recent decades, with an estimated 4m small cetaceans caught as “by-catch” in commercial tuna fishing nets since 1950, according to a study. As many as 100,000 cetaceans – mainly dolphins – were caught in commercial gill nets […]


South Front Libyan Army Claims It Killed 15 Turkish Service Members Near Tripoli Erdogan’s Nightmare: 3 Turkish Drones Shot Down In 24 Hours Over Syria & Libya Filed under: Al Qaeda, Libya, Turkey | Tagged: Brotherhood, Erdogan, Haftar, Libyan National Army, Turkish Aggression | Source Article from Hits: 20

Murderer of Qassem Suleimani Killed in US Plane Crash in Afghanistan: Reports — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

Source Michael D’Andrea, head of CIA operations in Iran and who orchestrated the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani, was killed in a US plane crash over Afghanistan’s Ghanzi on Monday, Veterans Today (VT) reported, citing Russian intelligence sources. VT described D’Andrea as the most prominent figure of the CIA intelligence in the region, adding […] […]

33 Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib airstrike as Erdogan chairs emergency meeting with US & NATO on Syria

   At least 33 Turkish servicemen have been killed in an airstrike in Syria’s Idlib province, while an unspecified number of soldiers were injured. Turkish officials attributed the strike to the Syrian military. “In Idlib, Turkey’s armed forces were targeted by the regime elements in an airstrike,” Hatay province Governor Rahmi Dogan told the media […]

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