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Not to be a party pooper, but your birthday balloons are killing marine life

(Natural News) Balloons have a way of making every occasion seem more festive, but if you don’t keep them contained, marine life could pay the ultimate price for your celebration. Experts are warning about the dangers of balloons, which are made of soft plastic that is easily swallowed by birds and other […]

Putin admits submarine that caught fire, killing 14, was nuclear-powered

KRONSHTADT, Russia — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday confirmed reports that the navy’s deep-sea submersible vessel that caught fire on Monday, killing 14 seamen, was nuclear-powered. Russian officials previously declined to release any details of the vessel, citing its secret mission. Putin met Thursday with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who had returned from the […]

‘They’re killing our brothers’: Why Ethiopians shut down Israel for a day

They’re angry at the media, have lost faith in the establishment, and know that just like other Ethiopian Israelis before them, they too may pay a price for the color of their skin. The demonstrators who protested in Tel Aviv yesterday were not ‘anarchists’ — they were frightened young women and men who want to show they haven’t lost their […]

Unfair Food Pricing Is Killing Family Farms And Regenerative Farming

Unfair Food Pricing Is Killing Family Farms And Regenerative Farming Above Photo: Dominik Bartsch/Flickr In February, a dairy farmer friend sent me a note confiding that a few farmers she knows are living on cereal until their milk checks arrive. Yet, the recently released census of agriculture shows that the number of young farmers is growing even […]

Top 100 Jews killing the Planet

Top 100 Jews killing the Planet “The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” – Utah Phillips By Jordan Engel / / Jun 13, 2019 Just 100 Jewish Companies are responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. […]

Trump EPA OKs ‘Emergency’ Use of Bee-killing Pesticide On 13.9 Million Acres For The Next 4-6 Years

The Facts: The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced “emergency” approvals to spray sulfoxaflor — an insecticide considered “very highly toxic” to bees — on nearly 14 million acres of crops known to attract bees. Reflect On: Why do corrupt federal regulatory agencies have the power to do what they please, regardless of how many people […]

China Is Killing Political Prisoners For Their Organs, London Tribunal Claims

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times An investigation has uncovered that detainees in China are being killed for their organs. According to a London tribunal, led by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, the Chinese government has been harvesting organs from political rivals who are arrested in the country. The tribunal was unanimous in their decision, and […]

Trump’s EPA Greenlights ‘Emergency’ Bee-killing Pesticide Over 13.9 Million Acres

Q: Where are the campaigners from Extinction Rebellion, where are the Climatists? A: When it comes to actual, tangible threats to the environment, they are hard to locate. Here, we see no activists gluing themselves to chemical trucks, and no street theater activists dressed in bumble bee costumes posting their exploits on Instagram. Nothing… The […]

The corruption of evidence based medicine : Killing for profit

   The idea of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) is great. The reality, though, not so much. Human perception is often flawed, so the premise of EBM is to formally study medical treatments and there have certainly been some successes. Consider the procedure of angioplasty. Doctors insert a catheter into the blood vessels of the heart […]

British weapons and personnel doing much of the killing in Yemen: Report

A detailed reports published by the Guardian newspaper has shown how Britain is massively contributing to Saudi Arabia’s devastating war on Yemen as it suggests that London is not only supplying the bombs that fall on Yemenis, but it provides the personnel and expertise that keep the war going. The comprehensive report by Arron […]

Lesbian Couple Confess to Killing Son and Ripping off His Penis

A lesbian mother and her partner have confessed to brutally killing the woman’s nine-year-old son after performing sadistic acts of torture on him. The couple ripped off the child’s penis, gouged out his eyes, beheaded him and removed his skin. Rhuan Maycon, de 9 años, fue asesinado el 31/5 por su madre, Rosana da Silva […]

The EU and Israel’s killing partnership

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 5 June 2019 Palestinian youths sit amid the ruins of a building damaged in an Israeli airstrike in Beit Lahia, in the northern Gaza Strip on 6 May.  Ashraf Amra APA images More than 150 European academics and researchers are demanding an end to EU funding of Israeli weapons firms […]

Extra Time: Which is Worse – Collateral Damage or Targeted Killing?

Source Article from Related Posts Trump-Epstein Back Story Is Getting Worse by the Day     Welcome To Waterbury: The City That Holds Secrets That Could Bring Down Trump COULDN’T GET ANY WORSE: Gold Plummeted WILDLY! This is a critical update from one of the best financial commentators I know, a BREAKING! Putin: U.S. […]

Reporters Without Borders accepts prize from journalist-killing regime

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 28 May 2019 Reporters Without Borders is facing sharp criticism for accepting a prize from a regime that murders journalists. The group, often known by its French initials RSF, received the Dan David Prize for “defending democracy” earlier this month at a Tel Aviv University ceremony attended by Israeli President Reuven […]

It Is Indifference of The Israelis That Is Killing People

By Andre Vltcheck Source In the past, whenever I went to (or more precisely, ‘through’) Israel, it was for some antagonistic purpose: to write about the brutal suppression of the intifada in Gaza or Hebron, to comment on the insanity of the land grab around Bethlehem, or to report from the eerie and de-populated Golan […]

Andre Vltchek: It Is Indifference of the Israelis That Is Killing People

In the past, whenever I went to (or more precisely, ‘through’) Israel, it was for some antagonistic purpose: to write about the brutal suppression of the intifada in Gaza or Hebron, to comment on the insanity of the land grab around Bethlehem, or to report from the eerie and de-populated Golan Heights, which Israel occupies […]

Man to be released after retracting confession to 1974 killing

A man who confessed to the brutal 1974 killing of an Israel Defense Forces servicewoman was to be released from custody Monday after he retracted his claim of responsibility for that murder and another decades-old death. The man, who is in his seventies and lives in the northern Arab town of Rameh, has a history of mental […]

Superbugs Are Killing Antibiotics: We Are Running Out Of Ways To Treat Infections

When antibiotics prove ineffective against an E. coli infection, as many as half the patients with it die within two weeks. And because of the overuse of antibiotics by Western medicine, many infectious bacteria have evolved to survive the medications we use.  This the official “death of antibiotics.” But we are now also running […]

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing 12 Women In Texas; 750 More Deaths Being ‘Investigated’

An illegal alien was charged on Tuesday with murdering 12 elderly women in Dallas – one of the deadliest killing sprees in Texas history. According to Dallas Morning News, Billy Chemmirmir of Kenya “was indicted Tuesday in the deaths of six Dallas County women,” and an additional five capital murder counts in Collin County, Texas. […]

Killing Nature While Playing Geopolitics

Killing Nature While Playing Geopolitics   Above Photo: The global rate of species extinction is ten to 100 times higher than the average of the past 10 million years and continues to rise, according to a paper presented by the World Biodiversity Council IPBES in Paris on 6 May 2019. Photo: Jens Buttner /dpa-Zentralbild / […]

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