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Turkey Kills Over 50 Syrian Troops, Russian Warplanes Intervene to Halt Offensive

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Fighting in Syria’s Idlib Province has escalated substantially on Thursday, with Turkish forces attacking the Syrian military claiming to have killed over 50 soldiers, and Russia ultimately sending in warplanes to stop the fight, warning Turkey away from continued action. Turkish officials said Syria had killed two Turkish soldiers who were in Idlib to “establish […]

Lightning bolt kills 5 family members in Zimbabwe

   Five family members were struck to death by lightning in the Muzvezve area of Sanyati district. Tragedy struck when the family, which was tending their maize field, sought refuge under a tree when it started raining yesterday afternoon in Village 6, Muzvezve 1. A lightning bolt hit the tree. The five who died went […]

Russia: Chocolate Cake Kills Paramedic Woman in Self-Defense

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer February 18, 2020 She tried to eat a cake, but the cake ate her life. After being eaten with impunity for so long, cake has finally said ENOUGH and started biting back at women. Daily Mail: A trained paramedic choked to death after forcing three Choco Pies into […]

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ A special episode that looks at a grotesque statistic and asks the question – if you can judge a government by how they treat their most vulnerable and marginalized — how more pointed is that judgement when you look at […]

Thai soldier kills at least 10 people in live-streamed mass shooting

A Thai soldier killed at least 17 people with over a dozen more wounded in a shooting Saturday in the northeastern city of Nakhon Ratchasima, also known as Korat, health authorities said. There were “17 deaths, 14 wounded,” said an unnamed official from Bangkok’s Erawan Center — the dispatch center for the nationwide emergency services […]

Police & military operation underway in Thailand as soldier kills at least 10, reportedly takes hostages (VIDEOS)

The active shooter situation occurred in a shopping center in Korat, also known as Nakhon Ratchasima, in northeast Thailand. The suspect, reportedly an Army sergeant, used an assault rifle to kill at least 10 people in area, police said. Several others are wounded. According to reports, the gunman has taken hostages on the fourth floor […]

Flash flood after heavy rain kills at least 3 in Papua New Guinea

   Three bodies have been recovered while the search continues for others who went missing after floodwaters swept through a village in Western Highlands on Monday afternoon. Villagers of Marapana in the Mul-Baiyer district living along the Kuma River were caught off-guard when it broke its banks after heavy rain. Village leaders Angra Pulga, Andrew […]

Teen Tortures 3-Week-Old Puppy In Dryer, Uses Him As Target Practice & Kills Puppy

In St. Joseph County, Indiana, an 18-year-old was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly killing a three-week-old puppy by putting the puppy in a clothes dryer. According to WsbtNews, officers from the South Bend Police Department responded to a call at a residence where a man stated he needed his son to be “out” of his […]

Shocking video of a soldier kills her service dog while her boyfriend video tapes

Marinna Rollins, 23, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was charged with animal cruelty and conspiracy on Tuesday. Earlier this month, Rollins allegedly brought her gray and white male pitbull service dog called Cam; who helped her deal with PTSD, to a wooded area. She then tied him to a tree in the woods and shot him […]

Families in Disbelief After Israeli Army Kills Three Gaza Teens

(MEE) — On Tuesday afternoon, just before maghrib – the fourth daily Muslim call to prayer – Mohammed Abu Mandel, Salem al-Naami and Mahmoud Saed decided to take a break from their studies and spend some time on family farmland in the northern besieged Gaza Strip. The plan, family and friends told Middle East Eye, […]

Elephant kills 2 persons in Odisha, India – record 102 such deaths for the year in state

   The man- elephant conflict in Odisha seems to be worsening by the day with a district in Odisha on Friday declaring shutting down of about 600 schools in a mineral-rich district after a stray tusker killed 2 persons on Thursday evening. Jajpur district education officer Krushna Chandra Nayak said the district administration ordered closure […]

US Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Afghanistan, Including 3 Women and 3 Children

(ANTIWAR.COM) — A US airstrike against a Taliban splinter group, which killed Mullah Raaz Mohammed Nangyalai, also killed 15 civilians, according to the Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) of Afghanistan. The IHRC went on to say this was a “clear violation of human rights” and issued a report calling on foreign forces to be more careful that […]

Restaurant owner kills and steals eight dogs to make ‘best-selling’ hotpot dish

An owner of a restaurant in China was identified after chasing by a furious group of dog owners, because the man claims that he killed 8 family dogs after stealing them. Du, the owner of the restaurant, and his wife killed the dogs using a crossbow in a residential neighborhood claiming that they wanted to […]

US Drone Strike Reportedly Kills 60 Civilians in Afghanistan

(TMU) — While corporate media in the United States has been fixated on events in Iran, specifically the recent admission from Iran that Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was accidentally shot down by its military, other equally—if not more important—news has largely been ignored or glossed over during the growing tit for tat conflict between […]

Lightning bolt kills 22 cows in Argentina

   The cows were apparently killed by a powerful electrical discharge when a lightning bolt struck a fence they were gathered near during a thunderstorm. A bizarre incident occurred in the La Pampa province of Argentina, where a group of some 22 Aberdeen Angus cows were reportedly killed by a single lightning bolt. According to […]

Teen Kills Pedophile Priest Who Raped Him by Ramming Crucifix Down His Throat

A teenager has been arrested for murdering a pedophile priest who raped him and three other children, by ramming a crucifix down his throat. 19-year-old Alexandre V., who accused the priest of raping him, attacked 91-year-old Catholic priest Roger Matassoli at his home in northern France. Father Matassoli had been accused of sexually abusing at […]

Heavy rains in Sri Lanka kills two, over 65,000 affected

   Two people were killed and over 65,000 affected by days of heavy rains and strong winds across Sri Lanka, the Disaster Management Centre said in a statement on Monday. Over 17,000 people were evacuated to safer shelters while over 1,500 houses were partially or fully damaged in over 13 districts, Xinhua news agency reported. […]

Artist’s compromise over cartoon of Brexit BoJo running from EU death camp just kills the joke stone dead

When Improta posted on social media an illustration of re-elected British PM Boris Johnson dressed as a prisoner fleeing a EU concentration camp, it was a pretty good gag. But when he folded under the pressure of the apparent uproar that followed, it was a kick in the nuts for freedom of speech and an […]

Lightning bolt kills 10 cattle, 2 goats in Zimbabwe

   A Gwanda farmer lost 10 head of cattle and two goats after they were struck by lightning. Ward 9 councillor Mozitha Moyo confirmed the incident which occurred in his area on Friday afternoon. He said Mr Jeconia Nyathi from Lushongwe Village was left with a herd of 26 cattle after disaster struck. “There is […]

"Sudden" Volcanic Eruption Kills 5 In New Zealand, Leaves Countless Unaccounted For

In an incident that has already taken at least five lives, a volcano on New Zealand’s White Island, also known as Whakaari, erupted three times on Monday, shooting clouds of ash and debris into  the air. The incident began early in the day local time. Before Monday, the volcano had been largely dormant since 2001, […]

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