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N. Korea rejects further peace talks with Seoul in protest over joint war drills with US

   Pyongyang has signaled its unwillingness to continue negotiations with its southern neighbor, blaming the diplomatic deadlock on South Korea’s decision to participate in joint military exercises with the United States. In a statement, North Korea said Seoul’s military posturing made dialogue impossible. “Even at this moment, South Korea continues its joint military exercise and […]

Trump calls US-South Korea military exercises ‘ridiculous and expensive’

US President Donald Trump has called  the US-South Korea military exercises “ridiculous and expensive exercises,” and said that he will meet with North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in the “not too distant future”. In a tweet early Saturday, Trump said that Kim had sent him a letter seeking a meeting to start negotiations between […]

South Korea Officials Laugh at Trump’s Demand for $5 Billion to Keep US Army There

AS THE WORLD TURNS: More and more, Trump is looking like the odd man out, as Kim and Moon get on with the business of peace. Recently, US President Donald Trump made history by becoming the first sitting US President to physically step foot inside of North Korea over the DMZ line. Despite diplomatic progress […]

Washington likely to aim weapons at North Korea: Commentator

Political Commentator Jason Unruhe believes that the US plans to deploy its missiles in South Korea to aim them at Pyongyang. Source Article from Related Posts Philippine police are executing people with Israeli weapons Israel continues to export arms and military training to Rodrigo Duterte’s regime, even after the Walmart CEO: It’s Time to Debate […]

Trump praises ‘unlimited potential’ of Kim’s Korea with veiled threat not to ‘disappoint’ US

   US President Donald Trump has dismissed North Korea’s latest missile tests, saying Pyongyang is too smart to disappoint its “friend” the US. North Korea’s wellbeing, Trump implied, is solely at his mercy. “Chairman Kim does not want to disappoint me with a violation of trust, there is far too much for North Korea to […]

North Korea Fired Two Short-range Missiles Into the Ocean

Source Article from Related Posts With Trump’s Help, Israel Chooses Short-Term Land Grabs Over Long-Term Legitimacy The case for Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist is one that is difficult to Here Comes The Short Gamma "Crash Up" There is a palpable tension between the two “quant” teams over at Nomura. On one Trader: […]

Japan -South Korea trade spat escalates

Frank Smith Press TV, Seoul South Korea seeks to garner international support in a trade row with Japan. Tokyo has implemented export restrictions on key materials for South Korea’s hi-tech industries and could soon remove South Korea from a “white list” of favored trading partners. Press TV correspondent Frank Smith reports from Seoul. Source […]

Pyongyang threatened by US-South Korea drills

Press TV correspondent Jennifer Chang says North Korea’s latest missile tests are a reaction to the upcoming joint military drills between South Korea and the United States.  Source Article from Related Posts US city of New Orleans threatened by floods as big storm forms The US city of New Orleans was under a storm-surge watch […]

Korea tension heats up as Trump adviser Bolton visits

Frank Smith Press TV, Seoul US national security adviser John Bolton has met with the South Korean foreign minister and other officials in the capital Seoul amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Their talks come as US-South Korea joint military drills, which have been harshly criticized by North Korea, approach. A trade spat […]

The Japan-Korea Trade Dispute Debunks Anti-Chinese Narratives

On July 1, the Japanese government announced it would impose restrictions on the sale of special chemicals to the Republic of Korea (ROK) that are required for use in its massive semiconductor industry. It took effect on July 4. It is claiming that this is due to some companies illegally re-exporting these materials to the Democratic […]

Japan, South Korea fail to end trade dispute

Japan and South Korea have failed to mend a dispute that could threaten global supplies of microchips and smartphone displays, after officials met in Tokyo on Friday for a more than five-hour briefing that drew media attention for its frosty start. Japan has tightened restrictions on the export of three materials used in high-tech […]

North Korea Slams US Hostility. Donald Invites Kim to the White House

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Trump met at the DMZ separating both Koreas. DJT became the first sitting US president to set foot on North Korean territory, a symbolic gesture only while unacceptably hardline US policies against the country remain unchanged. Following their meeting, lasting about an hour, Kim said he’d meet […]

Haass says Iran can’t have nukes but North Korea can because it has ‘China in its corner’ (Hmmmm)

Two days ago NPR interviewed Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, about why the U.S. is pursuing a different strategy/policy with North Korea than with Iran when it comes to nuclear weapons. Haass was frank about the double standard: Iran can’t have nukes, but we can live with North Korea’s. The administration […]

N. Korea slams US for urging more sanctions the same day Trump invited Kim to DMZ

The thaw in relations between Washington and Pyongyang, revamped by the meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump in the demilitarized zone during which Trump set foot in North Korea, did not last long. The statement issued by the reclusive nation’s UN mission on Thursday accuses Washington of not backing […]

#NorthKorea #Trump #DMZ Tucker joins Trump in North Korea, Bolton exiled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia The Duran Published on Jul 2, 2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts ‘This is the path to civil war’: Tucker Carlson warns against escalating political rhetoric Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Trump 2020: POTUS Urged to Pick Tucker Carlson for Vice President Will President Trump replace VP Mike Pence with Tucker Carlson in 2020? […]

Trump’s Lead Negotiator Could Offer Concessions to North Korea in Nuclear Talks

Earlier this week, 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen reported during an interview with RT International that there were fundamental problems with how the US negotiations with North Korea were being structured, and that this could preclude any possibility of successful outcome with Pyongyang. As it turned out, the US lead negotiator has since ceded ground on […]

The Trump-Kim Meeting: Mr. President, Your 20 Steps into North Korea Toward Pyongyang Were Dramatic and Historical. But, “How Far Are You Going”?

The Trump-Kim meeting at DMZ on June 30 took the world off guard; it was theatrical; it was historical. It gave a glimpse of hope for long waited peace on the Korean peninsula and the falling-down of the last frontier of the unholy cold war.  Unfortunately, it seems that the media, think tanks and the […]

Japan and South Korea headed for trade war

Frank Smith Press TV, Seoul Japan and South Korea risk a deepening trade war as Tokyo levies export controls on supplies critical to South Korea’s hi-tech industries. Seoul charges the move by Tokyo represents a countermeasure over a recent court case holding a Japanese company liable for World War II forced-labor reparations. Source Article […]

Henningsen: ‘US Trying to Use North Korea Deal as Template for Iran’

Source Article from Related Posts The British government is trying to scare the EU into making concessions to soften no-deal Brexit Lately, there appears to be no end to negative stories relating to no-deal Brexit They’re Trying to Drive Us Crazy–Staying Sane in an Insane World   August 10, 2019 The mind is […]

‘Won’t hesitate to pull muscle-flexing trigger’ in defense: North Korea blasts US sanctions policy

The Ministry’s Wednesday statement sharply criticized the White House’s decision last Friday to extend 6 executive orders sanctioning the country over their nuclear and missile programs for another year. The wild dream of the US to bring us to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows even […]

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