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A winter of Kremlin’s content: Construction boom shows doomsayer ‘experts’ wrong on Russia

The late US Senator John McCain once famously snarled that Russia is “a gas station masquerading as a country.” British scholar Robert Service – a biographer of Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky – seems to echo that sentiment in his latest work, ‘Kremlin Winter’, published last month and receiving fawning reviews in mainstream Western outlets such […]

NGO of Kremlin critic Navalny declared foreign agent by justice ministry

   Russia’s Justice Ministry announced it has added an NGO run by protest leader Aleksey Navalny to the national list of foreign agents. The NGO denies receiving any foreign funding for its activities. In a short statement on Wednesday, the ministry said that its probe confirmed that Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) matches the criteria of […]

‘Pulp fiction’: Kremlin says alleged CIA mole was a minor official with no access to Putin

US media reported on Monday that US intelligence carried out an operation in 2017 to extract a high-level Russian official who had worked as an informant for the CIA. The incendiary claim has triggered a race to identify the alleged spy. Kommersant, a Russian daily, reported on Tuesday that the official may have been a […]

Kremlin-backed candidate claims victory in Georgia separatist poll

The Kremlin-backed leader of Georgia’s separatist region of Abhkhazia has claimed victory in a disputed election denounced by the central government and the West as illegal. Over Raul Khajimba’s five years as leader, the tiny Black Sea enclave has sought ever closer ties with Russia — one of only a handful of countries to […]

‘Not our kind of shopping’: Kremlin says ‘buying Greenland’ strictly between US & Denmark

“This is not our business. We do not engage in this kind of international shopping,” Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Thursday when asked about the Greenland debacle. The leaders of the two countries have been exchanging some irritated remarks lately after US President Donald Trump’s suggestion to purchase the Arctic island from its current sovereign […]

Montenegro says Israeli political consultant suspect in pro-Kremlin coup attempt

The Montenegrin government has named Israeli political consultant Aron Shaviv as a suspect in the alleged 2016 plot to topple the Balkan country’s government and halt its bid to join NATO. State Prosecutor Sasa Cadenovic said Wednesday that Shaviv was involved in planning to overthrow the government along with former CIA operative Joseph Assad and […]

Kremlin doesn’t rule out collaboration on INSTEX payment mechanism for trade with Iran

Sputnik – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif previously noted that the EU mechanism for bilateral transactions with Tehran bypassing US sanctions could include other interested countries, such as Russia and Turkey. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow is closely following the INSTEX issue, stressing its importance. “This is an important project that aims […]

Israel is a Kremlin decoy

By Timothy Fitzpatrick July 12, 2019 Anno Domini Jewish political power seems to be concentrated in the still-present, yet deceptively modified, Soviet collectivist system and not in the state of Israel, as most believe. Israel is merely a branch of this Soviet system, albeit, an important one. The Russia Federation today is following the same […]

‘This is their story’: Kremlin says scandal over UK ambassador is between London and Washington

The scandal is obviously “between Washington and London,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday. “Let these two capitals deal with it. This is not our story,” he added. The revelation raised ire in Washington, with Trump angrily saying that “we will no longer deal with him.” However, outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May assured that […]

US’ anti-Kremlin plan "vicious anti-Russia propaganda" & "voice from Cold War era" – Moscow

   The Russian Foreign Ministry calls Washington’s plan to counter “Kremlin influence” a “voice from the Cold War era” aiming to harvest European markets while planting “vicious anti-Russia propaganda.” On Friday, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a strategy called the ‘Countering Malign Kremlin Influence (CMKI) Development Framework.’ It humbly aims to free […]

Russian Warship Docks In Havana As Kremlin Sees New Cuban Missile Crisis

At the very moment a Russian warship has docked in Cuba — a mere one hundred miles off the American coast, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has slammed US build-up of its weapons systems in Europe by invoking comparisons to the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.  Ryabkov made his comments early Monday, the same day the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, […]

‘We are a patient country’: Putin spokesman says Kremlin keen on fresh Trump talks

“We see lots of strategic questions on the agenda that should be tackled on the level of two presidents. There is no way for these problems to be solved on a lower level. We understand that lots of questions are coming from the American side that also should be discussed by the presidents,” Peskov, Vladimir […]

Is this why the Kremlin allows Israel to attack Syria anytime the IDF wants to?

    The Millennium Report While it’s true that the book excerpt posted below was written before the collapse of the Soviet Union, we wonder if the same Zionist-Bolshevik-Jewish power structure is responsible for some of Russia’s inexplicable behavior. Really, why would President Putin even permit Israel to use a Russian military plane as a […]

Imperiled Dutch PM’s party: Vote us, or our Kremlin-loving rivals will give country to Putin

People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the party of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, is in a perilous situation at the moment. Two months ago political newcomers from Forum for Democracy (FvD) crushed the centrist ruling coalition in provincial elections. Also on Euroskeptic newcomers unseat Dutch PM’s conservative Senate majority in wake of […]

The Kremlin directs the anti-Zionist movement on behalf of Israel

Soviet-created anti-Zionist leaflets dropped in Syria depict Israel and the “evil West” running ISIS, as propaganda to agitate the Muslims against West and into Communist hands. By Timothy Fitzpatrick Jan. 14, 2019 Anno Domini Realizing the truth of the Perestroika deception has changed our understanding of the entire geopolitical game significantly. This rare knowledge, brought […]

How do you know you’ve arrived? You are worthy of ‘Russian bots’: Delusional Kamala fans think she will be Kremlin target

     California Senator Kamala Harris, who announced her 2020 bid for the presidency on Monday, was instantly pegged a frontrunner – a distinction which has prompted some to assume this will make her the target of “Russian bots.” Proving that the ‘blame Russia’ reaction will still be alive and well going into the 2020 election, […]

‘Beyond understanding’: Kremlin blasts fresh US reports on alleged Russian election meddling

“What I’ve read about this report can’t cause anything but incomprehension,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday. He said accusations mentioned in the papers are vague and don’t explain the link between Russia and the alleged meddling in 2016 elections. Racist ‘Russians’ targeted African-Americans in 2016 election ploy, reports claim Dubbed “Senate reports,” two documents […]

Kremlin admits Cohen emailed them about Trump Tower project! …so what’s the big news again?

“Indeed, there were requests from [Michael] Cohen, where he said that the company was seeking to erect a building in Moscow and struggles to establish the business contacts it needed. They asked to organize a meeting with the then-head of the President’s administration – [Sergey] Ivanov, or with me,” Peskov told reporters at the sidelines […]

All the Kremlin’s men: Farage, Moscow and six degrees of Kevin Bacon

Carole Cadwalladr of the Observer has been joining the dots and last weekend published a lengthy piece under the headline “Who is the real Nigel Farage … and why won’t he answer my questions?” The piece describes her exhaustive attempts to ask the former leader of UKIP awkward questions, including following him all the way […]

Masha and the Bear: How ‘the Kremlin’ set out to subvert our toddlers. By George Galloway

As it happens I am a Russophile and have been for more than 50 years. But I have four children under the age of 12 and all of them have loved Masha and her friend the big protective bear quite without a single exposition from me on the State and Revolution or the limitations of […]

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