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Tel Aviv launches ‘soft landing’ services for international businesses, workers

The Tel Aviv municipality released a “soft landing” service guide for international corporations and entrepreneurs in an effort to entice more high-skilled foreigners to the city. In the new English-language guide, released last month, the city touts its informal, egalitarian work culture, safety, lifestyle and family-friendly amenities. It outlines information on Israeli workdays, holidays, payment […]

Iranian airliner refutes speculation about emergency landing

IRNA – Iran Air Tour Company rejected speculations on social media about emergency landing of Tehran-Istanbul Flight No. 9716 for not opening the wheels. The Iranian airliner said that minutes after taking off, the Airbus A300-600 which had left Imam Khomeini International Airport for Istanbul, the pilot diagnosed a technical problem. Thanks to the fact […]

El Al flight from Newark makes emergency landing after passengers smell smoke

An El Al flight from Newark to Tel Aviv was forced to make an emergency landing in Canada after passengers said they smelt smoke in the cabin. According to Channel 12 news, it was decided that the plane required a full technical inspection, leaving passengers stranded in Halifax as the airline does not fly during […]

Passenger plane landing gear RUPTURES floor during hard touchdown in Turkey (PHOTOS)

The bizarre incident with the aircraft operated by Russian carrier Nowdwind occurred on Friday afternoon. The pilots requested an emergency landing over smoke that began to appear in the cabin, according to media reports. The landing turned out to be rough as the plane apparently hit the tarmac with its front way too hard. Photos […]

WATCH: ANA passenger jet makes emergency landing at Fukuoka Airport with ENGINE ON FIRE

The crew on board the Boeing 767 raised the alarm and sought emergency permission to land just minutes after takeoff from Fukuoka. Eyewitness video from the scene showed the aircraft’s right engine on fire as it circled back to the airport before making the emergency landing. The plane touched down before taxiing a short distance […]

Boeing 737 scrapes runway in a sea of sparks after landing gear COLLAPSES during Colombia touch-down (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The landing gear on the right side of the Venezuelan Avior Airlines plane collapsed, causing the aircraft to tilt dramatically and drag the engine on one wing along the ground, throwing up a shower of fiery sparks as horrified passengers looked on. When the plane came to a halt, passengers and crew quickly evacuated and […]

‘They’re Landing & Taking Off At A Tremendous Pace’ – Sadhguru On Life From “Somewhere Else”

The Facts: Sadhguru has commented on ‘mystical’ phenomenon for a while. He has speculated about life that originated from somewhere else, not Earth. He explains how he believes 95 percent of it is simply false, but also speaks of a 5 percent reality. Reflect On: What are the implications of humanity waking up to such […]

Released gun activist Maria Butina speaks to RT after landing in Moscow from US (WATCH LIVE)

She has arrived in Sheremetyevo airport after a long flight from Miami, Florida on Saturday. Not holding back emotions, Butina told reporters she feels “well” and is very happy to finally “return home.” She thanked everyone for supporting her during the tough and lengthy ordeal in the US. I didn’t give up simply because I knew […]

Soyuz landing capsule safely brings ISS trio back to Earth (PHOTOS)

Russian cosmonaut Aleksey Ovchinin, American Nick Hague, and the first Emirati astronaut, Hazzaa al-Mansoori – all members of Expedition 60 – departed the ISS earlier on Thursday aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. Roscosmos and NASA mission control centers observed the capsule as it left orbit and started rapid descent into the lower atmosphere. Several kilometers above […]

Imran Khan’s jet turns around mid-flight, makes emergency landing in NYC after electronics glitch

The crew discovered a technical problem on board the jet, four hours after it left New York for Pakistan on Friday night, Pakistani media reported. According to Samaa TV, it was a glitch in the plane’s electronics. The details of the malfunction are unclear but apparently it was serious, since the aircraft was forced to […]

Flight from Tel Aviv with 160 on board makes emergency landing in Sochi

A Ural Airlines flight from Tel Aviv carrying 160 people made an emergency landing on Friday in Sochi with a damaged wheel mechanism, Russian media reported, saying there were no injuries. Vesti reported that the Airbus A320 successfully landed and the airport was now operating normally. “According to preliminary data, the pneumatics of the left […]

Oops! Turboprop plane hits 4 Hornet jets amid bumpy landing on USS Abraham Lincoln (VIDEO)

An E-2D Hawkeye was landing when it “impacted two other aircraft and caused debris impact damage to two additional aircraft” of the USS Abraham Lincoln’s flight deck, Naval Safety Center told media outlet. The accident occurred on August 9 when the carrier was sailing through the Arabian Sea, it emerged.The US Navy described the incident as […]

50 Years Ago USA United World with Moon Landing

By Johnny Punish 50 YEARS AGO today humanity landed on the moon. USA united the world as we all held hands rejoicing “We did it”. It was the peak of the USA; the most epic accomplishment in human history! 50 years later, sadly, the USA is no longer that shining city on the hill that […]

The Moon Landing Hoax Explained in Detail (Video)

    What Happened On the Moon? – Analysis of the Lunar Photography What Happened On the Moon? Part 2 – Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets Source Article from Hits: 29

The Jewish reporter who brought the 1969 moon landing into US living rooms

NEW YORK (JTA) — In the 1960s, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn were household names, idolized as god-like figures by a public enraptured by NASA’s forays into space. There was also Jules Bergman, who almost attained the same fame despite never actually going into space. The charismatic television reporter covered all of […]

Moon Landing, 50th Anniversary of the Biggest Lie Ever Told ?

   GTFOH Show with Comedian Matt Billon takes an in-depth look into the Moon Landing. Watch and laugh at just how ridiculous the thought of man going to the moon in the 60’s.actually is. Could man travel 240.000 miles away in 1969 ? Sources Source Article from Hits: 19

Stanley Kubrick Confesses Moon Landing Was Faked After All

Since Stanley Kubrick’s death in 1999, an earth shattering video has emerged in which Kubrick admits that the NASA Moon landings were actually faked and that he was the one that filmed the fake lunar mission. A Film Maker T. Patrick Murray has interviewed Kubrick three days into the run up to his death back in March 1999. (SCROLL […]

History of World War II: The D-Day Landing, The Red Army’s “Operation Bagration”, Summer of 1944

President Trump’s controversial visit to the UK finished with his departure to Normandy to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Trump gathered with other Western leaders for the usual photo op which did not include the leaders of Russia and China who were not even invited even though their countries lost 27 million and […]

Israel’s airstrikes on Syria threatened 2 civilian flights landing in Beirut & Damascus – Russia

The Israeli military put two civilian airliners in immediate danger, Igor Konashenkov, the Defense Ministry spokesman, told reporters. “Provocative acts by the Israeli Air Force endangered two passenger jets when six of their F-16s carried out airstrikes on Syria from Lebanese airspace.” The IDF’s F-16 flew in as civilian jets were landing at Beirut and […]

Ocasio-Cortez: My Election Victory Ranks With Moon Landing

Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says her election victory is as historically important as the moon landing.  During a recent global warming press conference, the 29-year-old said her Nov. 6 achievement ranks with the 1969 Moon landing and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. “We’ve done what we thought was impossible,” she told a small crowd. “We […]

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