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Photos: Large caravan of Arbaeen pilgrims leave Iran for Iraq

Tasnim | Mehdi Pedramkhoo: A caravan of around 40,000 people left Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz on Monday evening for a procession towards Iraq to mark Arbaeen in commemoration of Imam Hussein (PBUH) martyrdom.         Source Article from Related Posts More than two million Iranian pilgrims enter Iraq for Arba’een pilgrimage […]

Large hail pounds Glidden, Iowa

Chunks of ice the size of golf balls fell in Glidden Saturday in a small, quickly moving storm. “I went, ‘Oh my goodness,’ ” Glidden City Clerk Suzy Danner recalled. “It was just a shock.” Some of the hail exceeded 2 inches in diameter and caused small dents in vehicles. Danner said there was no known […]

Large Cargo Ship Capsizes Off Georgia Coast; Crew Members Still Missing

Four crew members of a large international transport vessel went missing Sunday off Georgia after the boat began listing violently and caught fire. The vessel, identified in reports as the 656-foot Golden Ray, had 24 crew members aboard, 20 of which were rescued in a high risk US Coast Guard operation.  The Golden Ray […]


South Front 08.08.2019 The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its advance in the northern Hama countryside on August 8 and captured the village of Sakhar, its key hilltop and the nearby silos. Pro-government activists said that Syrian special forces infiltrated militants’ defenses in Sakhar in the early hours of the morning, forcing them to withdraw […]

Large sinkhole nearly swallows car in Brooklyn, New York

   A sinkhole nearly swallowed a car with a driver and her kids inside Thursday in Brooklyn. Some neighbors were shocked, others say they’d raised concerns before. The ground suddenly gave way at Evergreen Avenue and Decatur Street in Bushwick. The crater it left behind appeared to be about 10 feet deep, CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis […]

Large waterspout spotted during tornado warning for New Orleans East

   A video sent to WWL-TV shows a large waterspout near New Orleans East on Thursday afternoon. According to the National Weather Service, weather spotters confirmed the waterspout near the Bayou Bienvenue lock. A photo taken from the Lockheed Martin facility also captured the waterspout. There were no reports of damage as the storm that […]

Syrian army units repel foreign terrorists’ large-scale attack in Hama

Created on Friday, 12 July 2019 16:19 HAMA, IDLEB, (ST)_ Syrian army units have repelled a large-scale attack launched by terrorist groups on Hmamiyat town axis in the northern countryside of Hama where many terrorists were killed and injured. According to the Syrian news agency (SANA), the attack was launched by foreign terrorists and a […]

Video: Syrian Army Repelled Large Attack in Northern Hama. UK Claims Iran Attempted to Capture Its Tanker

On July 10, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and its allies launched a surprise attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Hama and captured the town of al-Hamameyat and the nearby hill. According to the group’s news agency, Iba’a, militants destroyed a battle tank and […]

US-Iran tensions loom large as G-20 summit kicks off in Japan

World leaders converged on Osaka, Japan, on Thursday for a summit of the Group of 20 major economies during which the powder keg situation between the US and Iran is expected to be a key topic of discussion. While prospects for detente in the trade war between the US and China are in the spotlight, […]

Hackers Hit Global Telcos, Steal Large Amounts of Personal and Corporate Data

June 25, 2019 By Sean Walton Hackers have broken into the systems of more than a dozen global telecom companies and taken large amounts of personal and corporate data, researchers from a cyber security company said on Tuesday, identifying links to previous Chinese cyber-espionage campaigns. Investigators at U.S.-Israeli cybersecurity firm Cybereason said the attackers compromised […]

3 dead, dozens injured as large fire erupts in apartment building in Paris (PHOTOS)

One of the victims died after jumping out of the window while two others perished in the flames, a spokesman for the fire department said. According to firefighters, the flame erupted early Saturday morning in a 6-story apartment building in Paris’ 11th district, rue de Nemours. The structure also houses a restaurant and a steam […]

Arrests Made as Iran Reportedly Busts ‘Large’ CIA-Run Network 6/17/2019

Arrests Made as Iran Reportedly Busts ‘Large’ CIA-Run Network Iran has dismantled a CIA-run “large US cyber-espionage” network, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) reported, citing the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani. Source Article from Related Posts Italian soldier stabbed in throat by attacker who reportedly shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ […]

In video: Explosions hit two large tankers in Sea of Oman

Media reports say two large tankers have been hit by explosions in the Sea of Oman. (Source: PMO)  Source Article from Related Posts The Most Censored Video on the Internet—Here’s why! Video: Syrian Forces Deployed against Turkish Invasion, US backed SDF Forces Seek Cooperation with Damascus Against Turkey The withdrawal of US troops […]

Syrian War Report – June 10, 2019: Militants Suffer Large Casualties In Clashes In Northern Hama

South Front Fierce clashes have been ongoing in northern Hama since June 6 when Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaysh al-Izza, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and their allies launched an advance on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions there. Initially, militants seized several positions, including Jibeen and Tal Meleh, but then the SAA re-grouped and […]

Mondoweiss is growing: Join us in welcoming new staff, Editors-at-Large, and Contributing Writers

Today is an exciting day in the history of Mondoweiss, which has grown and developed considerably over the past few years . We are proud of the progress we have made in providing essential news to the world, and we wanted to alert our community and make it visible on our masthead. This is also […]

Asteroid so large it has its own moon set to whizz by Earth this weekend (VIDEO)

Asteroid 1999 KW4 was first discovered two decades ago. It orbits the Sun once every 188 days, passing between the orbits of Venus and Earth as it goes, and is due to make its closest approach to Earth at 23:05 UTC on Saturday. Classified as a Near Earth Object, the 1.5-kilometer wide asteroid is expected […]

Large waterspout spotted off Singapore’s coast

   A large waterspout was spotted off Singapore’s shores yesterday morning, near the Tanjong Pagar Terminal. The weather phenomenon was captured by eyewitnesses in the area, who posted photos and videos of it on social media. Mr Justin Lim, 31, an economist, said he spotted the waterspout from his condominium at about 9am. “It was […]

Video: Large Number of Syrian Troops Deployed Near Manbij, Ongoing Negotiations with Kurdish Dominated SDF

On December 26, militants of the al-Qaeda-linked Wa Harid al-Muminin operations room conducted a hit and run attack on several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Lattakia. According to pro-militant sources, over 20 SAA soldiers were killed. Another version of the events claims that the SAA repelled the attack in the villages […]

Britain: Large Drone Repeatedly Flown Over Gatwick Airport, Thousands of Travelers Stranded, Army Deployed

Britain: Large Drone Repeatedly Flown Over Gatwick Airport, Thousands of Travelers Stranded, Army Deployed December 20th, 2018 The French Air Force has trained eagles to attack drones: In a battle between ancient arts and modern technology, France’s army is teaching birds of prey to […]

Study: Obama’s Common Core ‘Worst Large-Scale Educational Failure in 40 Years’

Barack Obama’s Common Core program is a complete failure that has produced “sharp drops” in student performance across the country, according to researchers who conducted a study into the impact of the controversial educational reform. Declaring Obama’s Common Core to be “worst large-scale educational failure in 40 years,” the study examined the effects of Common […]

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