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Researchers find 150km wide caldera off Philippines coast, possibly the largest known on Earth

   A team including members from GNS Science have identified an ancient mega-volcano that could have the largest known caldera on Earth. The feature is on the crest of Benham Rise, an oceanic plateau off the Philippines coast. A caldera is a depression created when a volcano collapses after the emptying of its magma chamber […]

As Fires Rage in World’s Largest Rainforest, NASA Warns ‘Human Activities Are Drying Out the Amazon’

Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams Waking Times As thousands of intentional fires continued to burn up swaths of the world’s largest and most biodiverse rainforest Tuesday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration warned that based on 20 years of ground and satellite data, “human activities are drying out the Amazon” and jeopardizing its ability to sustain […]

‘Largest trove of mammoths bones ever found’, unearthed in central Mexico

   Archaeologists said Wednesday they have made the largest-ever discovery of mammoth remains: a trove of 800 bones from at least 14 of the extinct giants found in central Mexico. Moreover, they believe they have made the first-ever find of a mammoth trap set by humans, who would have used it to capture the huge […]

In a Historical Move, Largest-Ever Number of Drug Offenders Set Free From Prison

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Oklahoma City, OK — In what is being called the largest-ever single day of commutations in the history of the United States, hundreds of non-violent drug offenders and other low-level non-violent offenders are being set free from Oklahoma prisons on Monday. In a historical move, Governor Kevin […]

World’s Largest Child Porn Site Raided: 338 Pedophiles Arrested, Congress Implicated

The Justice Department announced that it has raided the “world’s largest” child sexual exploitation marketplace on the dark web, arrested 338 pedophiles, and saving at least 23 children who were being actively abused by users of the site. According to the DOJ release, they have evidence the sickening darknet site dedicated to the most vile forms […]

South America’s Second-Largest Forest is Also Burning – and ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Charcoal is Subsidizing its Destruction

Joel E. Correia, The Conversation Waking Times The fires raging across the Brazilian Amazon have captured the world’s attention. Meanwhile, South America’s second-largest forest, the Gran Chaco, is disappearing in plain sight. The Gran Chaco, which spans from Bolivia and Brazil to Paraguay and Argentina, is extremely bio-diverse, with more than 3,400 plant and 900 animal species – including quebracho blanco […]

Russia’s Largest Oil Company Ditches Dollar in New Oil Deals

Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft has set the euro as the default currency for all new exports of crude oil and refined products, as the state-controlled giant looks to switch as many sales as possible from U.S. dollars to euros in order to avoid further U.S. sanctions against it. As of September, Rosneft is seeking […]

Conservation Group Plans To Buy World’s Largest Sequoia Forest For $15.6 Million

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times A conservation group from San Francisco named “Save the Redwoods League” recently agreed on a deal to purchase the largest privately-owned sequoia forest in the world. However, they don’t actually have the $15.6 million that will be needed to seal the deal yet. The area is known as Alder […]

With Over 6 Million People Worldwide, Climate Strikes Largest Coordinated Global Uprising Since Iraq War Protests

From 20th to 27th of September, 1.4 million people took to the streets in Germany, over 1 million in Italy, over 600,000 in Canada, over 500,000 in the United States, 350,000 in Australia and another 350,000 in the United Kingdom, 195,000 in France, 170,000 in New Zealand, 150,000 in Austria, 50,000 in Ireland, 70,000 in Sweden, 42,000 in the Netherlands, 20,000 in Brazil, 21,000 in Finland, 15,000 in Peru, 13,000 in Mexico, 13,000 in India, 10,000 in Denmark, 10,000 in Turkey, 10,000 in Pakistan, 6,000 in Hungary, 5,000 in South Korea, 5,000 in Japan, 5,000 in South Africa, more than 3,500 in Chile, 3,000 in the Pacific, 2,000 in Singapore and much more, […]

West Africa’s largest mosque opens in Senegal

The new Massalikoul Djinane mosque, said to be West Africa’s largest, opens in Dakar, Senegal. Work on the 30,000-capacity Massalikoul Djinane (“The Paths to Paradise”) mosque began a decade ago on a swampy six-hectare site in the poor area of Bopp, on land donated by the government of this 90-percent Muslim nation. (Source: AFP) Source […]

Flames & smoke as blast rocks one of Italy’s largest oil refineries

The ENI oil refinery in Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi, near Milan, caught fire on Tuesday morning, according to local media. People living in the area reported“a loud roar” which could be felt in neighboring municipalities. The company activated an alarm, and local authorities sent in firefighters and closed the entire area.Later in the day, ENI said that […]

World’s Largest Urban Rooftop Farm Set To Open in 2020 In Paris, France

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times If you are enthused by eco-friendly architecture and inventive solutions to modern food shortages, then you are going to love this latest news. The world’s largest urban farm is set to open in Paris, France, next year. Best of all, the project is slated to feed thousands of people annually. The world’s largest rooftop […]

America’s 100 Largest Landowners… And Here Is What They Own

The 100 largest private landowners in the US own a combined 40 million acres, an area roughly the size of Florida. But who are they, exactly? In a recent interactive story, Bloomberg matches some of the largest landowning families with some of their flagship parcels of land. According to BBG, the top 100 private landowners own property […]

Israel’s third-largest party is left out of governing scenarios — because it’s Palestinian

The Israeli election is two weeks away, and a poll out today shows that the two biggest parties, Likud and Blue-and-White, are running neck in neck, at 32 and 31 parliamentary seats, both well short of a majority. Everyone talks about the fourth-largest party as the kingmaker: Former Defense Minister and bouncer Avigdor Lieberman’s party […]

Abby Martin’s Film Gaza Fights For Freedom Humanizes World’s Largest Concentration Camp

GAZA, OCCUPIED PALESTINE — In her new documentary film, Gaza Fights for Freedom, journalist Abby Martin places the Gaza Strip under a microscope for the viewers to see. The result is an excellent movie that is difficult to watch, and disturbing at times, precisely because it presents a true, realistic view of life in Gaza. […]

Bolivia Orders World’s Largest Air Tanker to Combat Amazon Fires

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales announced on Wednesday that Bolivia had contracted a Boeing 747 ‘Supertanker’ to help extinguish huge forest fires in the Amazon that have that spilled over from Brazil. By Wednesday evening, the government confirmed that the tanker is arriving in the country and will be operational on Friday.  The ‘Supertanker’ can carry more […]

One Of The Largest “Too Big To Fail” Banks In America Boldly Declares That “The Wheels For A Slowdown Are In Motion”

By Michael Snyder Now even one of the biggest banks in the entire country is openly admitting that a “slowdown” is upon us.  Over the past week or so, the mainstream media has been filled with chatter about the possibility of a recession and what that would mean for the Trump campaign in 2020, and […]

Queen Elizabeth is World’s Largest Landowner

Queen Elizabeth is World’s Largest Landowner September 9, 2015 “Crown” is a Rothschild Front  As Elizabeth II becomes England’s longest serving monarch, it is worth remembering that she is really a symbol of economic disparity. Elizabeth Windsor and her covert syndicate in London are the world’s largest landowners by a significant margin. Latest!  Europe’s royal […]

We Just Witnessed The 4th Largest Single Day Point Decline In U.S. Stock Market History

By Michael Snyder You had better buckle up, because it looks like we are in for a bumpy ride.  On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down a whopping 800 points.  Not only was that the worst day of 2019, but as you will see below, there have only been three days in U.S. […]

Specimens of world’s largest shark seen four times in six weeks off Eilat coast

Conservationists have spotted four members of the largest shark species on the planet off the coast of Eilat in the last six weeks. Whale sharks, which are found in tropical seas all over the world, were not seen there at all last year. Adi Barash, chairperson of Sharks in Israel and a doctoral candidate at […]

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