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Coronavirus: UK economy plunges into ‘largest recession on record’ during lockdown

The UK has plunged into its “largest recession on record” after a 20.4% drop in gross domestic product (GDP) during lockdown, the country’s Office for National Statistics has said. Publishing its findings on Wednesday, the body said the sharp fall was seen during the second quarter of the year from April to June – during […]

Dutch police arrest 17 after finding country’s ‘largest ever’ cocaine lab

Dutch police have dismantled what they described as the Netherlands’ “largest cocaine laboratory ever”. The discovery was made during raids at a converted riding school in Nijeveen, 120 kilometres northeast of Amsterdam. Police confirmed in a statement that they discovered tens of thousands of litres of chemicals and 100 kilograms of crack cocaine. The so-called […]

August 10 612 BC: Nineveh, the Largest City in the World, Fell

On this day, 2,632 years ago, the ancient metropolis of Nineveh fell. “ ABC 3 ” is a historiographical text from ancient Babylonia which records August 10th 612 BC as the date of this dramatic occurrence. At that time, Nineveh was the largest city in the world and the capital of Assyria. This all came […]

Largest Earthquake in Decades Strikes Southern CA, Measuring 6.4 Magnitude!

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Trudeau Foundation failed to report largest donation in Foundation’s history contrary to section 230 of the Income Tax Act

The United States and Canadian governments have murdered the people they were elected to represent by willfully, deliberately and maliciously inflicting them with cancer, disease, viruses and/or bacteria or by inducing a heart attack? If cancer and infectious diseases in animals can be induced, at will, at thousands of medical research labs around the […]

McCall MacBain $928,000 gift to Trudeau family represents single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history


Posted by Paul W Kincaid Corruption, World news Thursday, February 21st, 2019 $928,000 gift from European Climate Foundation founder and government lobbyist McCall MacBain to 2015 Federal Election candidate Justin Trudeau represents the single largest bribery scandal in Canadian history.  The gift, $428,000 in 2015 (Trudeau was an election candidate) & $500,000 in 2016 by […]

Anthropologists in Peru Have Unearthed Site of Largest Known Child Sacrifice

Stock photo by ahill88 (From National Geographic) Evidence for the largest single incident of mass child sacrifice in the Americas— and likely in world history—has been discovered on Peru’s northern coast, archaeologists tell National Geographic. More than 140 children and 200 young llamas appear to have been ritually […]

The Pacific Ocean is becoming the world’s largest trash dump

(Natural News) For years, the Pacific Ocean has inspired composers, painters, and writers to come up with masterpieces that praise its beauty. Sadly, these could now be things of the past. The Pacific Ocean is now one huge garbage dump that covers 600,000 square miles, no thanks to all kinds of debris — including […]

Germany’s Largest Public TV Station: ‘Chemical Attack In Syria Was Staged’

Germany’s largest public TV station, ZDF heute, stunned millions of viewers during a report from the ground in Syria after claiming the chemical attack in Douma was ‘staged’.  Brave veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses who all refuted Western reports of an April 7 chemical weapons attack. In a moment of refreshing honesty, Gack […]

Venezuela investigates Colombian largest private bank Banesco in cross-border currency crackdown

     More than 1,000 bank accounts have been frozen in 19 banks and 105 people arrested for illegal currency trading. 90% of the accounts belong to private bank Banesco. Venezuelan authorities have launched a probe into Colombian private bank Banesco as part of an operation targeting currency exchange and speculation networks on the border with […]

Australia’s largest lender charged fees to dead clients

     Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), which is the nation’s largest lender, has collected fees from customers who it knew had died, a major inquiry has heard. The inquiry was ordered by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year following a series of scandals involving financial misconduct. CBA told the Banking Royal Commission, which is the […]

Founder of One of The Largest Children’s Charities In The World, Arrested For Pedophilia

Last week, Peter John Dalglish, United Nations adviser and founder of the Street Kids International charity, was arrested on suspicion of pedophilia, at a home that he was staying at in Nepal. During the arrest, two young children, ages 12 and 14, were “rescued” from the home. It is important to note that there have […]

California County Wins Fight Against World’s Largest Militarized Police Training Exercise

OAKLAND, Calif. – In an action called “historic” by the program’s opponents, Alameda County Supervisors voted March 27 to end the county’s yearly Urban Shield tactical police disaster training exercise as it currently exists. For over a decade, the program – mainly funded through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – has brought law enforcement […]

The Largest Protests In US History Are Happening Now

Size matters — at least when it comes to the size of our protests.Though final count is still being tabulated, researchers Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressman of the Crowd Counting Consortium estimate that over 1.25 million people across the United States participated in Saturday’s March for Our Lives protest, making it one of the largest youth-led protests […]

Farmer Converts 40,000 Acres into Largest Organic Farm in Canada

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times In what could possibly be the world’s largest agricultural feat, Canadian farmer Travis Heide is in the process of converting his 40,000-acre farm entirely to organic. Heide’s farm is large enough to produce 2,200,000 bushels of wheat per year. Although he has been mostly quiet about his transition […]

Lack of political process to end Israeli – Palestinian conflict the largest impediment to Palestinian development: UN Report

nsnbc : A report compiled by the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East peace process (UNSCO), published on Friday, stresses that the lack of a political process to end the Israeli – Palestinian conflict continues to be the single-largest impediment to Palestinian development. The report also notes that an escalation of hostilities could completely […]

Largest US Radio Company Files For Bankruptcy

IHeartMedia Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday as the largest U.S. radio station owner reached an in-principle agreement with creditors to more than halve its $20 billion in debt. The company said it ‍reached the agreement with holders of more than $10 billion of its outstanding debt that would restructure […]

Del Monte’s Pay Ratio Is Largest To Date At 1,465:1

Del Monte Produce, makers of the beloved fruit cups present in every elementary school, paid their CEO 1,465 times more than their typical employee last year. CEO Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh made $8.5 million, while their median employee, located in Costa Rica, made $5,833. Del Monte had to reveal this astounding information as the result of a new regulation […]

Israel slaps entry ban on Norway’s largest labor union

Ryan Rodrick Beiler Activism and BDS Beat 5 March 2018 Norway’s largest alliance of trade unions has fully endorsed the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions.  Ryan Rodrick Beiler ActiveStills A routine matter of racial profiling by Israeli authorities has spiraled into a diplomatic attack on Norway’s largest labor organization. Mohammed Malik, a Norwegian […]

Coca-Cola, Nestle To Privatize World’s Second Largest Aquifer

Coca-Cola and Nestle are attempting to purchase one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water in South America.  A concerted push is underway in South America to privatize the Guarani Aquifer – a vast subterranean water reserve lying beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay – which would grant the transnational corporations exclusive rights to the water […]

Coke, Nestle Near Ownership of World’s Second Largest Aquifer

A concerted push is underway in South America that could see one of the world’s largest reserves of fresh water soon fall into the hands of transnational corporations such as Coca-Cola and Nestle. According to reports, talks to privatize the Guarani Aquifer – a vast subterranean water reserve lying beneath Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay […]

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe?

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe? Is Earth the largest garbage dump in the Universe? I don’t know. But it’s a safe bet that Earth would be a contender were such a competition to be held. Let me explain why. To start, just listing the types of rubbish generated by […]

South Americas Largest Reserve of Water To Be Privatized By Coca-Cola and Nestlé

Coca-Cola and Nestlé are are reportedly in the process of privatizing the largest reserve of water in South America. Known as the Guarani Aquifer, it is located beneath the surface of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and is also the second largest-known aquifer system in the world. The big corporations are plundering the planet to […]

Untold Tales: The World’s Largest Armies – Paying for your Annihilation

Sencha MacRae of Untold Tales takes a look at the list of the world’s largest armies and came to some startling, if obvious, conclusions. Download Source Article from Hits: 0

Brazil’s largest newspaper abandons Facebook for "effectively banning professional journalism" with new algorithm

     The largest newspaper in Brazil, Folha de S Paulo, announced late last week that due to Facebook’s recent changes to their news feed algorithm resulting in what the paper claims is “effectively banning professional journalism,” it would cease publishing content on the social media platform. The Guardian reported that the popular Brazilian newspaper has […]

Coca-Cola and Nestlé To Privatize The Largest Reserve of Water In South America

Private companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestlé are allegedly in the process of privatizing the largest reserve of water, known as the Guarani Aquifer, in South America. The aquifer is located beneath the surface of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and is the second largest-known aquifer system in the world. Reported by Correiodo Brasil the major transnational conglomerates […]

Gaza’s largest hospital suspends surgeries due to cleaners’ strike

Al-Shifa Hospital, largest medical complex in Gaza Strip, announced on Sunday that it was suspending all surgeries due to a cleaners’ strike over unpaid salaries. “It has been decided to postpone all scheduled surgeries, including those for patients with tumors,” the hospital said, noting that the decision excluded “life-saving cases.” The medical staff at Al-Shifa […]

1,300 kg of ketamine: Largest drug bust in Taiwan’s history

nsnbc : The largest drug bust in Taiwan’s history went down when police in Kaohsiung raided a fishing boat docked at a pier to […]

Largest Oil-by-Rail Terminal In U.S. Defeated By Tribal And Environmental Coalition

Largest Oil-by-Rail Terminal In U.S. Defeated By Tribal And Environmental Coalition Above Photo: From *Editors note.  [update] On January 29th, 2018 Washington State Governor Jay Inslee rejected the permit.  Olympia, WA – On November 28th, the Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council dealt a major blow to a proposed massive oil-by-rail terminal along the […]

USAF Is Jamming GPS In The Western U.S. For Largest Ever Red Flag Air War Exercise

USAF Is Jamming GPS In The Western U.S. For Largest Ever Red Flag Air War Exercise January 27th, 2018 Via: The Drive: The year’s first iteration of the USAF’s premier set of aerial war games, known commonly as Red Flag, is kicking off today […]

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