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What Polio Vaccine Injury Looks Like, Decades Later

The Facts: The Facts:This article was written by Sayer Ji, Founder of where this article was originally published. Posted here with permission. Reflect On: Modern day definitions of Osteopenia & Osteoporosis were conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the early 90’s and then projected upon millions of women’s bodies in order to […]

US Slaps New Tariffs On China; One Minute Later China Retaliates

The biggest reason for last week’s torrid stock market rally was rekindled “optimism” that the escalating trade war between the US and China may be on the verge of another ceasefire following phone conversations, fake as they may have been, between the US and Chinese side. This translated into speculation that a new round of […]

75 years later, US World War II veterans celebrate liberation of Paris

PARIS (AP) — Seventy-five years ago, they helped free Europe from the Nazis. This weekend, US veterans are back in Paris to celebrate, and commemorate. Now in their 90s, these men aren’t afraid to cry about what they saw in World War II. And they want everyone to remember what happened back then, so that […]

‘Sooner rather than later’: US seeks to deploy mid-range missiles to Asia as it ditches INF Treaty

“Yeah, I would like to,” Esper told reporters during his trip to Australia, when asked whether he was considering deploying conventional mid-range missiles to Asia-Pacific. The Pentagon chief said the US would like to deploy “a capability sooner rather than later,” but declined to provide a detailed timeline. I would prefer months … but these […]

70 Years Later, It’s Still ‘1984’

Orwell was a master of the English language and his legacy lives on through some of the words he created. Even those who haven’t read “1984” know some of its “Newspeak.” “1984” provides English speakers with a vocabulary to discuss surveillance, police states and authoritarianism, which includes terms such as “Big Brother,” “Thought Police,” “Unperson” […]

A century later, Trump’s deal for Palestine is no better than Britain’s

The British left Palestine in 1948 with their tail between their legs, having laid the groundwork for 100 years of conflict. With people like Trump and Kushner leading the way, we should expect nothing better for our own century. By Jonathan Adler Jared Kushner speaks at the official opening ceremony of the U.S. […]

US Gov’t Trained ISIS Commander — Did It ‘Burn’ Him Later?

By Brandon Turbeville After his death was announced by ISIS in 2016, the name Abu Omar al-Shishani has largely faded from news reports regarding Iraq and Syria. However, at one time, one of the top commanders of ISIS was known throughout the geopolitical community. In 2015, the US State Department even offered $5 million as […]

Breaking World News: Jew Survives the Holocaust, But Dies at a Later Date

Michael Byron Daily Stormer December 19, 2018 Alter Weiner was a Jew who had survived it all: the Auschwitz roller coaster, the gas chambers (x3), the pedal-powered masturbation machines, even the “final boss” of the Holocaust: the cage with the eagle and the bear. So good was Weiner’s fortune throughout World War […]

Secular Talk: Study: Starting School Later Has Countless Benefits

Secular Talk: Study: Starting School Later Has Countless Benefits By Secular Support The Show On Patreon: Here’s Our Amazon Link: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Like the show on Facebook: Clip from The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio Monday – Friday 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM […]

One Year Later – A Call To Solidarity

One Year Later – A Call To Solidarity   Above Photo: Steve Richard/Flickr Honduran regime uses violence against its people – US uses violence against refugees fleeing Honduras. On Monday, November 26, 2018, Honduran authorities fired massive amounts of tear gas and opened fire with live bullets on a large protest march in Tegucigalpa to mark […]

500 Years Later, A Vatican Mystery Has Been Solved

The Vatican Museums started as only one marble sculpture in 1506. It was purchased more than 500 years ago by a pope, and many more collections and sculptures have been added over the course of its history. The 16th century was full of mysteries, but perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of all was the […]

PLO Mission shuts down DC office, hours later Pompeo cuts $165 million to Palestinian government

A month after the Trump administration ordered the delegation for the Palestine Liberation Organization, or PLO,  to end operations in Washington DC, consular staff vacated their four-story red brick building yesterday afternoon in the upscale Georgetown neighborhood. The “unusually hostile decision,” said consular affairs officer Shahinaz Wafi, strips the Palestinians of its only representative office […]

Puerto Rico One Year Later: We’re Fighting For Justice And Prosperity

Puerto Rico One Year Later: We’re Fighting For Justice And Prosperity Above Photo: Destroyed Apartment Building. Bayamón, Puerto Rico It has been a year since the impact of Maria. Here in Puerto Rico, there are still families living in the dark, homes without a roof, people who haven’t been able to find a new job […]

On the Brink with Russia in Syria Again, 5 Years Later

It’s deja-vu all over again in Syria, with the U.S. on the verge of a confrontation with Russia as Donald Trump faces his biggest decision yet as president, comments Ray McGovern. The New York Times, on September 11, 2013, accommodated Russian President Vladimir V. Putin’s desire “to speak directly to the American people and their […]

Tapes show cops repeatedly tasering suspect who later died in hospital

     Tulsa police released a video showing officers repeatedly tasering a black suspect, who showed impressive resistance to electric shock. The man never regained consciousness in the hospital and died three days later. The footage shows the altercation between 25-year-old Joshua Harvey and the officers on August 24 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The man was screaming […]

Turkey Now, America Later?

Turkey Now, America Later? By rp_admin Trump recently imposed sanctions on Turkey to protest the Turkish governments detention of an American pastor. Turkey has responded by increasing tariffs on US exports. The trade war is being blamed for the collapse of Turkeys currency, the lira. While the sanctions may have played a role, Turkeys currency […]

Detective Publishes Book Exposing High-Level Gov’t Pedophile Ring, Shot In The Head Days Later

A former police detective, and author of a bombshell book that exposed a massive pedophile ring made up of high-level government officials was found shot in the head last week. While officials are calling it an apparent suicide, his family is claiming that he told them he would never kill himself and that people were […]

17 Years Later, Physics Magazine Concludes: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition

Renowned Physics Magazine Concludes in New Report: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition. Over the past 17 years many highly respected academics and experts have come forward to challenge the official narrative on the collapse of the WTC towers forwarded by the U.S. government. The official government position holds that the collapse […]

The Big Picture – Charlottesville, One Year Later

The Big Picture – Charlottesville, One Year Later By The Big A year has passed since white supremacists descended en masse on Charlottesville, Virginia for the Unite the Right rally. Holland talks with Radio Hosts David Swanson and Joe Thomas, on what happened there a year ago this weekend and where do we go […]

The Alleged Babi Yar Massacre Of 33,771 Jews In 2 Days & The Mass Cremation Operation 2 Years Later To Hide It

By John Wear Who Were The Einsatzgruppen? “On June 6, 1941, Hitler gave the Commissar Order to execute the political commissars captured with the Soviet units. In the language of Hitler’s Commissar Order, the Soviet commissars were the “originators of the barbaric, Asiatic fighting methods” that the enemy practiced…The Germans used special mobile formations called […]

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