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jewish Lawyers Are Targeting Bitchute for Termination

Let me be frank, I do not exactly love Bitchute. It’s UI is alright, but their search feature is terrible and the MGTOW, jew shill and Trumptard videos featured on there are a bit annoying. They also have been blocking videos from being seen in whole countries once a complaint is received, making it really […]

Armies of lawyers on standby if cloudy US election outcome heads to court

WASHINGTON (AP) — Signature matches. Late-arriving absentee votes. Drop boxes. Secrecy envelopes. Democratic and Republican lawyers already have gone to court over these issues in the run-up to Tuesday’s election. But the legal fights could take on new urgency, not to mention added vitriol, if a narrow margin in a battleground state is the difference […]

Lawyers and Activists Call on Judiciary to Overturn Decision to Remove Child From Adoptive Christian Couple

(Article18) — One hundred and twenty lawyers and activists have written an open letter to the head of the judiciary in Iran, asking him to overturn a court’s decision to remove a two-year-old girl from her adoptive parents because they are Christian converts. Sam Khosravi and his wife Maryam Falahi’s appeal against the ruling, issued […]

Lawyers Prepare to Sue WHO for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Over COVID Lockdowns

An international group of lawyers is preparing a lawsuit against the World Health Organization for “crimes against humanity” over the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide. The lawyers, led by California-based attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, are demanding the public receives “full compensation for their losses” if they have been “harmed” by harsh coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Dr. Fuellmich explained the historic lawsuit in […]

Int’l Group of Lawyers Sue Over Covid Hoax

October 5, 2020 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article Of the Utmost Importance Paul Craig Roberts This will be taken down. Watch the video and save it before it is disappeared. An International Group of Lawyers Have Brought a Lawsuit that the Covid Pandemic Is an Orchestrated Hoax in Behalf of Pharmaceutical Profits and Police State Control […]

International Lawyers Make Urgent Appeal To British Government

An array of international lawyers have written to the British prime minister, foreign secretary, secretary of state for justice and home secretary outlining his illegal treatment and demanding Julian Assange’s release. Lawyers for Assange Independent international legal observers of the proceedings in the case of Julian Assange  Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister Mr Boris […]

Lawyers For 9/11 Inquiry File Petition to Assemble Grand Jury

Lawyers Committee For 911 Inquiry __________________________ Press Conference April 10, 2018 of Lawyers’ Committee For 9/11 Inquiry reporting their delivering earlier in the day their petition to the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the US Department of Justice demanding an investigation by a Special Grand Jury of the collapses of […]

More Evidence That Lawyers Are Ruining America – You Won’t Believe What McDonald’s Is Being Sued For Now…

One of the fastest ways to ruin anything is to get lawyers involved, and lawyers are running amok in America today. Several decades ago, Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger warned that our nation would become “a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts”, and that is precisely what has happened.  There […]

Lawyers and 9/11 Family Members File Petition for Grand Jury Investigation into 9/11 Attacks

New York City – On Tuesday, the Lawyers’ Committee for 9-11 Inquiry filed a petition with the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York demanding a grand jury investigation into what they call “unprosecuted federal crimes” committed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The non-profit public interest […]

Öcalan’s lawyers request visit on anniversary of his arrest

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Lawyers of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan have again appealed to Turkish authorities for permission to visit him in jail. […]

Lawyers Who Fight Corporate Predators For The People

Lawyers Who Fight Corporate Predators For The People Above Photo: CHRISTOPHER DOMBRES/ Flickr I first heard about William M. Shernoff in the mid-nineteen seventies when he was pioneering a field of law known as insurance bad faith litigation. That ‘bad faith’ occurs is when insurance companies deny legitimate claims or try to use deceptive fine print […]

[WATCH] Lawyers Agree to Keep Sheriff’s Deposition in Metcalf Case Sealed

Lawyers on both sides of a lawsuit focused on the death of Holding Center inmate Richard A. Metcalf Jr. have agreed to keep the depositions of Sheriff Timothy B. Howard and two of his top aides sealed, one of the attorneys said Wednesday. Jim Brown, whose Brown Chiari law firm represents Metcalf’s father, said his […]

Lawyers of two detained Turkish educators arrested ahead of first hearing

nsnbc : All seventeen lawyers, of two imprisoned and hunger-striking educators accused of being members of a terrorist organization, have been detained two days […]

Report: Trump Lawyers Wanted Jared Kushner Out of White House over Russia ‘Complications’

Report: Trump Lawyers Wanted Jared Kushner Out of White House over Russia ‘Complications’ Breitbart September 12, 2017 Some of President Donald Trumps legal team advised him months ago that son-in -law Jared Kushner should leave the White House over concerns tied to Special Counsel Muellers Russia investigation, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. According to […]

Slave Labor Widespread At ICE Detention Centers, Lawyers Say

Above Photo: From There are nearly 200 federal detention centers across the country. Here, people suspected of violating U.S. immigration laws wait for court hearings to find out if they’ll stay in the United States or be deported. While they wait, many detainees work as part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “voluntary work […]

Lawyers And Doctors For Human Rights: New NGO Masking Old Geopolitical Goals?

On Tuesday, the top story on Middle East Eye was particularly attention-grabbing. Under its sensational title, “‘Raped below a picture of Assad’: Women describe abuse at hands of Syrian forces,” the article focused on a recently released report from a hitherto-unknown, Turkey-based NGO called Lawyers and Doctors for Human Rights (LDHR). The report, which is […]

Monsanto’s lawyers forgot to ask a court to suppress damning evidence about cancer and corrupt science

Monsanto is facing over 100 lawsuits in a Federal district court in San Francisco brought by people who attribute their non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma to exposure to glyphosate in Monsanto’s Roundup weed-killer, and as part of the discovery process, it submitted internal documents to the court that detailed shenanigans in the company’s internal science and its […]

Slain Activist’s Lawyers Latest Known Targets of Spyware Sold to Mexican Government

Slain Activist’s Lawyers Latest Known Targets of Spyware Sold to Mexican Government August 2nd, 2017 Via: CBC: At first glance, the text messages looked innocuous enough. One was a simple “service message,” the sort you might get from your cellular provider, with a link […]

State Department Lawyers Removing References to ISIS ‘Genocide’ Against Christians, Other Religious Minorities

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DOJ Lawyers Continue Battle To Block Climate Change Records

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and then acting Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson shake hands at a signing ceremony of an agreement between state-controlled Russian oil company Rosneft and Exxon Mobil at the Black Sea port of Tuapse, southern Russia, June 15, 2012. (AP/RIA-Novost) A federal judge grilled challengers Wednesday about their demand for emails written […]

Lost the plot: US lawyers to argue female genital mutilation is constitutional

     Lawyers will argue in a landmark trial that female genital mutilation is a right under religious freedom protected by the First Amendment. Two Detroit doctors and one of their wives are facing multiple federal charges for cutting two seven-year-old girls. Defense lawyers will argue the doctors didn’t cut the girls’ genitalia and only scraped […]

Boston Bombing: US prosecutors shield ‘classified’ docs from Tsarnaev lawyers

The government filings pertain to the US District Court case that resulted in a 30-count conviction and death sentence for Tsarnaev, who planted a bomb that killed three marathon spectators and injured many others. The bombing sparked a massive manhunt for the 23-year old and his older brother, Tamerlan, in 2013. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a […]

GoFundMe: The People’s Convention Needs Space

Print Friendly Above Photo: From Note: Even though funds are tight, Popular Resistance will match up to $500 in donations to this fundraising effort to help give it a strong start. It is important we gather together to discuss next steps for the social movement. The People’s Convention is where people eager to reclaim their democracy will join […]

The Most Powerful Case For The U.S. War Resistors

Print Friendly Above Photo: We say No to War sign seen at a 2007 anti-war protest. (Photo by Thiago Santos on flickr) Supporting the right to oppose an illegal war On February 15, 2003, 15 million people around the globe marched in opposition to the impending war in Iraq. Despite not convincing the U.S. or UK […]

New Surveillance Tool Could Give Law Enforcement Access to All Public Cameras

By Derrick Broze Computer scientists at Purdue University have created a new tool which could potentially allow law enforcement to access any camera that is not password protected. Researchers with Purdue University are developing a system which could soon allow law enforcement officers to access any public camera system. The […]

National Institutes of Health Approves Experiments to Reactivate Brains of Dead People

If they can successfully reanimate parts of the upper spinal cord, where the lower brain stem is located, there’s a possibility that they could kick start vital body functions such as breathing and heartbeats – something these patients can only do with the help of machines. “This represents the first trial of its […]

We will no longer be fig leaf for occupation, says B’Tselem

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 26 May 2016 For as long as Israeli human rights group B’Tselem has documented human rights violations by Israel in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, it has also referred complaints to the Israeli military’s internal investigative unit. But this week, the nearly three-decade old human rights […]

EgyptAir Plane Flew Through Military Drill Before Dissapearing

EgyptAir Flight MS804’s flight path took passengers directly through an area where the military were conducting active training exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, new reports suggest.  The flight path took a route directly through the Phoenix Express 2016 joint naval drills shortly before it disappeared. American Everyman reports: “This year’s exercise control group will be hosted at the […]

Republicans united against evil of socialism, back Trump

Alwaght- Now that the last remaining Republican candidates dropped out of the presidential race and opened the road for Donald Trump to be the unchallenged Republican candidate for November 2016 presidential election, the GOP’s leaders are doing their best to, at any expense, unite their party around their candidate Trump and so keep Hilary Clinton, […]

‘Russia closer to Austria than other major world powers’ – head of Austrian General Staff in Moscow

Vienna’s top military figure noted that one of the reasons for his visit to the Russian capital was to disobey others’ orders. Duma chief welcomes Austria’s ‘open policy’ towards Russia “I’m not going to carry out instructions and follow orders on who’s worth talking to and who’s not. That’s exactly the reason why I decided […]

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