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Leather Balls of Ancient Horsemen Used In 3000-year-old War Games

Researchers believe that they have found the oldest balls ever uncovered in Eurasia. The set of leather balls were found in graves of Central Asian horse riders in northern China. They are offering evidence that ball games were played some 3000 years ago. It is believed that not only were ball games important but played […]

Company Develops Revolutionary Way to Create Leather, Wood, and Bricks from Mushrooms

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times  In a world where the average person consumes more resources than could possibly be regenerated in their lifetime, it’s no surprise to hear that our quickening resource consumption is resulting in a slow-motion collapse of the environment and all life on the planet. However, researchers at a San […]

Not just meat: MycoWorks is growing leather in a lab – from mushrooms

     Apart from Modern Meadow, a company that grows leather in the lab, another start-up is giving leather makers a run for their money. MycoWorks is using fungi to produce leather substitutes, through a process that’s cheaper and faster. MycoWorks’ chief technical officer Phil Ross has been collecting and growing mushrooms since the 1980s. He […]

‘Exqisite human leather’ products, wallets, belts, shoes, being sold online

(INTELLIHUB) — Extremely discerning clientele can now purchase their own one-of-a-kind ‘human leather’ products such as wallets, belts, and shoes online but prices start at $14,000 USD, according to the company which handcrafts the items out of the ‘finest leather known.’ That’s right, you can now order your very own wallet or belt […]

Gucci Announces They’re No Longer Selling Fur In 2018… But What About Leather?

Next Story It’s official: World renowned Italian fashion brand Gucci will no longer be selling fur products. Set to be implemented by 2018, animal activists are calling the ban a “game changer” in the fashion industry, and it’s no doubt a step in the right direction. Fast fashion has been a significant contributor to animal […]

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