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Save me! Lebanese man caught spying on Hezbollah begs Israel not to abandon him

Benjamin Philip decided to help Israel and the Mossad fight Hezbollah in 2011, gathering intelligence on the Lebanese terror group’s activities and recruiting additional assets within the organization, including, he says, a member of one of its most elite units. His work, he says, has ruined his life and the lives of his family members […]

Iranian, Lebanese FMs discuss regional developments

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Lebanese counterparts, Gebran Bassil, exchanged views about the latest developments after the US move to assassinate Iran’s Major General Qassem Soleimani in Iraq. In a telephone conversation on Sunday night, Bassil expressed his condolences to the Iranian nation and government over the martyrdom of Gen. […]

Lebanese help each other as economic crisis crushes lives

BEIRUT (AP) — Panic set in on a WhatsApp group used to organize Lebanese protests when one member said he intended to kill himself because he can’t provide for his kids. The desperate call came on the heels of the suicide of a father of two that had stunned the public and raised alarm over […]

“Israel” Stealing Oil, Throwing Wastes in Lebanese Water — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

By Samer Haj Ali South Lebanon – One of “Israel’s” true faces surfaced along Lebanon’s coastal waters. Its features were made up of solid waste that came very close to the shoreline of southern Lebanon. Al-Ahed learned that some of the waste made its way just a few hundred meters off the beach of Al-Saksikiyeh, […] […]

“Israel” Stealing Oil, Throwing Wastes in Lebanese Water

By Samer Haj Ali South Lebanon – One of “Israel’s” true faces surfaced along Lebanon’s coastal waters. Its features were made up of solid waste that came very close to the shoreline of southern Lebanon. Al-Ahed learned that some of the waste made its way just a few hundred meters off the beach of Al-Saksikiyeh, […]

The Icon of ‘Lebanese Revolution’ is a Zionist Sympathizer!

By Zeinab Daher Beirut – The infamous and notorious female that became an icon of the Lebanese washed-up protests turned to be a sympathizer with the nation’s enemy. In a flashback to her history, Perla Joe Maalouly was spotted doing the criminal act of normalization with the Zionist entity’s military account on Twitter, in a […]

Lebanese biker mob attacks Sunni cleric’s office, torches city’s Christmas tree

BEIRUT — A mob in Lebanon attacked the office of a Sunni Muslim religious leader in the northern city of Tripoli, smashing in windows early on Wednesday, reports said. The assailants then moved to one of the city’s main squares and set fire to the municipality’s Christmas tree. The violence indicated that the tensions that […]

Lebanese protesters burn ruling parties’ offices after night of clashes

BEIRUT — Attackers in northern Lebanon set fire to the offices of two major political parties on Sunday, the state-run National News Agency said. The assaults came just hours after the capital Beirut was rocked by the most violent government crackdown on protesters since nationwide demonstrations began two months ago. Lebanese security forces used rubber […]

National Interest: In 2006, Lebanese Leaders Aspired That «Israel» Would Defeat Hezbollah

By Staff, Agencies In an article posted by the American magazine the National Interest, a number of classified documents leaked by Wikileaks revealed that during the 2006 “Israeli” war on Lebanon, the “Lebanese defense ministry and government cooperated and coordinated with the US government to curb the power of Hezbollah”. It further added that, “leaders […]

So Much Respectful to Lebanese Judiciary! US Paying Amer Fahkoury Regular Consular Visits

Very much ‘concerned’ US over agent Amer Fakhoury’s detention is sending delegates on regular basis to visit him in his medical facility By Zeinab Daher Beirut – Sometimes it turns very questionable to see a country voicing support for a murderer who killed and tortured his nationals while delightedly serving his country’s occupiers. And some […]

IDF: Lebanese drone briefly entered Israeli airspace

A drone briefly entered Israeli airspace from Lebanon on Friday afternoon, the military said. The Israel Defense Forces said the unmanned aerial vehicle later flew back to Lebanese territory. It was not immediately clear for how long the drone was over Israeli territory or to whom the aircraft belonged. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily […]

Off, off you go!: Germany deports Lebanese gangster for SECOND TIME time this year

The 46-year-old man was flown to Beirut on Saturday, days earlier than expected, and handed over to the Lebanese authorities. The case was fast-tracked by the German authorities, which decided that Miri’s original deportation order was well-founded and that he has no right to claim asylum in the European country. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer praised […]

The Lebanese Color Revolution Is a Defining Moment for the Resistance

Lebanon is undoubtedly in the throes of an ongoing Color Revolution that’s already succeeded in securing the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri in response to large-scale protests against the Mideast country’s dysfunctional government and endemic corruption, sparked as they were by a proposed tax on WhatsApp calls that served as the proverbial straw that broke […]

Lebanese banks urged to re-capitalize

The Lebanese central bank, Banque du Liban, has issued the following directives to the main banks in the country :  not to distribute to shareholders the profits accrued in 2019; and  to build up own funds as compared to 31 December 2018, by an initial increase of 10% before 31 December 2019, followed by another […]

Thousands of Lebanese rally in support of President Aoun amid anti-government protests

Press TV – Thousands of people in Lebanon have held a rally in support of President Michel Aoun, after more than two weeks of anti-government demonstrations that ultimately forced Prime Minister Saad Hariri to step down over a troubled economy. Supporters mostly rallied outside the presidential residence, the Baabda Palace, near the Lebanese capital, Beirut, […]

Jamal Wakim: US, Israel Attempting to Exacerbate Lebanese Economic Problems to Rattle Gov’t, Hizbullah

Speaking in an exclusive interview with FNA, professor Wakim mentioned the US’s destabilizing role in Lebanon, and said, “It wanted to cause problems in Lebanon so that it could be a source of destabilization to Syria in order to undermine its national security; and the same applies to Iraq to keep Iran busy.” Jamal Wakim […]

Sayyed Nasrallah Urges Quick Formation of Lebanese Gov’t: Resistance is Very Strong

Zeinab Essa Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech in which he tackled the resignation of the Lebanese government, the political circumstances and the horizon of the new phase. During the memorial ceremony of late Sayyed Jaafar Mortadha al-Ameli, Sayyed Nasrallah stated that “some media outlets and correspondents rushed […]

Lebanese banks open to customers again as life returns to normalcy

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A Profile of Robert Gallagher, the Man Who Was Spotted Lecturing Lebanese Protesters about ‘Their Solutions’

By Mona Issa Beirut – On the night of October 17, 2019, was the first outbreak of the Lebanon protests. Corruption has eaten the country up to the brim, and the Lebanese, astonishingly united for the first time in years, took it to the streets. The core of Lebanese grievance comes from deprivation of basic […]

Sayyed Nasrallah: Lebanese Protests Entered Phase of Foreign Intervention, Hezbollah Supporters to Leave Streets

  Zeinab Essa Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered on Friday a televised speech in which he addressed the internal Lebanese crisis. At the beginning of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah warned that Lebanon is passing through a very critical and sensitive situation. “On Saturday, I said that this popular Lebanese movement isn’t […]

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