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Multi-Millionaire Nancy Pelosi warns “Fellow Leftists”: Medicare for All is a Very Bad Idea

Speaking at a roundtable of reporters and editors at business network Bloomberg November 1, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a strong message for Bernie Sanders and other Presidential nomination hopefuls who endorse Medicare for All: “What are you thinking?!” The 79-year-old Californian characterized the idea as virtual political suicide, claiming that it may poll well in […]

Leftists go full libtard, now pushing idea that MEN have periods because biological reality no longer exists for deranged progressives

(Natural News) Teen Vogue recently published an opinion article claiming that it’s “incorrect” for people to believe that only women can menstruate. Entitled, “We Need to Think Beyond the Incorrect Idea That Periods Are Just for Women,” the piece, written by someone named Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr., contends that men are also […]

More children are dying from gender-bending pharmaceuticals than from guns, but leftists couldn’t care less

(Natural News) A hormone-blocking drug that’s commonly prescribed to “transgender” children has been exposed for harming and killing tens of thousands of them – but the very same what about the children?! leftists pushing for gun control are nowhere to be found in calling for common sense pharmaceutical control. According to the […]

Stunning truths about the climate that Leftists and fake news media will never admit

(Natural News) What do you really know about global warming and Earth’s natural climate? Climate change alarmists have been pushing their narrative for decades at this point, and finding untainted information about our planet’s climate cycle is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. But, the truth is out there for […]

WATCH: Leftists Excited To Sign Petition to Protect Eagle Eggs, Then Asked To Sign One For Unborn Babies…

Bald eagle eggs are protected under federal law, but there is no federal law protecting unborn children from abortion. Is an eagle egg more valuable than a human baby? According to many left liberals, the answer is yes. When PragerU’s Will Witt recently headed into liberal Echo Park in Los Angeles to ask folks to sign […]

The MEDIA is whipping up mass hatred and emotional whackoism among leftists, turning them into raging lunatics, devoid of logic or compassion

(Natural News) It’s nothing but “tolerance” and “love” coming from the left these days, as a group of Black Lives Matter protesters was recently captured on video chanting “loving” things like, “Just stab the motherf***er in the heart, please,” in front of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in Louisville, Kentucky. According […]

FBI called in to investigate "hate crime" noose that turned out to just be a fishing knot… Leftists are hallucinating HATE CRIMES everywhere they look

(Natural News) Liberals have become so wound up and paranoid over the idea of racism hiding under every rock that a handful of them from the University of Michigan (UoM) reportedly called campus police recently over a piece of innocuous rope they stumbled upon, which they immediately assumed was a noose like […]

Liberals bashing leftists is a big problem

Michelle Goldberg addresses the divide between leftists and liberals inside the Democratic Party in a New York Times column urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to fight Trump and not the “squad,” the first-term leftwing congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (whom Pelosi dismissed as lacking “any following. They’re four people”). Goldberg […]

Deranged Leftists prove they hate America by claiming Betsy Ross flag is same as Nazi symbol, KKK cross burning

(Natural News) The American Left not only despises our country, they aren’t very good at remembering its history.  Either that, or they are being intentionally misleading. You may have heard last week that, just days before our July 4 Independence Day celebration, sports brand Nike bent to the hatred of one of […]

Leftists triggered by questions and media lies are pushing America closer to Civil War: Increasingly violent Left won’t be able to survive the terror they’re unleashing upon America

(Natural News) In this June 11th story over at Conservative Firing Line that Whatfinger News had linked to on their website on Wednesday, they reported upon one of the latest incidents of violent and out of control leftists attacking Conservatives after gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett attended a ‘Picnic with Pete‘ event in Iowa and along with her […]

SICK Leftists mock storm-ravaged Missouri residents, saying deadly tornado was ‘karma’ for passing pro-life abortion bill

(Natural News) Rush Limbaugh famously eschews Twitter because he believes that it’s not really a form of social media as much as it is a social media sewer. And after the way his fellow Missourians were treated on the platform after a deadly F-3 tornado ripped through the southeastern portion of the […]

From Native American DNA to the spread of STDs via anal sex, here’s PROOF that Leftists are scientifically illiterate

(Natural News) There’s a concerted effort among those who identify as “progressives” to stifle all inconvenient truths that might shatter their deranged ideological belief systems. Leftists don’t want anyone to question, for instance, that a super-white, carpetbagger politician like Elizabeth Warren isn’t actually of true Native American ancestry simply because she claims […]

Leftists Triggered By Trump 2020 Ad That Asks Americans To Call And Thank POTUS

Leftists Triggered By Trump 2020 Ad That Asks Americans To Call And Thank POTUS Video claims Trump has achieved more during his time in office than any president in history Steve WatsonPrison December 18, 2018 It appears that President Trump’s first ad for a 2020 reelection campaign has been released, and it has caused […]

Now intolerant Leftists claim "Little Mermaid" song promotes "toxic masculinity" and demands it stop being performed… is anything safe from liberal lunacy?

(Natural News) Feckless feminists have once again destroyed an innocent American pastime and tradition as part of their relentless, malicious, and hate-filled agenda to abolish all semblances of patriarchy (a.k.a. men in any positions of leadership) and so-called “toxic masculinity” from American society. According to Princeton University student Noa Wollstein, who’s also […]

Leftists claim killing unborn babies is "reproductive rights" … but what about the rights of the unborn baby girl or boy?

(Natural News) Far-left rag Slate recently published a hideous op-ed encouraging women to teach their daughters how to get and “shout” their abortions, citing “reproductive rights” as the “moral” impetus behind the “choice” to murder unborn children in the womb. But what about the rights of all these unborn children who never […]

Yes, voter fraud is real and yes, Democrats are behind it: Leftists caught funding illegal voting ring in Texas

(Natural News) Four women were arrested in mid-October and now face felony charges for allegedly taking part in an organized vote fraud ring in Fort Worth, according to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office. CBS Dallas-Fort Worth reported that the charges involve a mail-in ballot scheme that occurred during the 2016 primary election in […]

Leftists Cry ‘Racist’ After Trump Declares Himself A ‘Nationalist’

After President Trump declared himself a ‘nationalist’ at Monday night’s rally in Houston, unhinged leftists, including CNN’s Don Lemon, accused him of being a ‘racist.’ Slamming unelected bureaucrats in the EU, Trump then directed his attention towards the “radical Democrats” who he said “want to turn back the clock and restore the rule of corrupt, power-hungry […]

Minority Of Radical Leftists Dominate Democratic Party Agenda, Study Finds

Meanwhile, 67% of the population falls into what the researchers called “the exhausted majority”. They’re either centrist democrats, unaffiliated moderates or completely politically disengaged. Stephen Hawkins, the organizer of the study, told Axios that the progressive left and, on the other side, devoted conservatives, are “talking to each other too little, with too much suspicion […]

Leftists Who Donated To Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund End Up Having to Pay Trump’s Court Fees

Leftists Who Donated To Stormy Daniels’ Legal Fund End Up Having to Pay Trump’s Court Fees Much hilarity ensues Paul Joseph Watson October 16, 2018 Much hilarity ensued after it was pointed out that leftists who donated over $500,000 dollars to Stormy Daniels’ legal fund would now basically have to pay for Donald Trump’s […]

Leftists Dems go completely unhinged after Kavanaugh swear-in, threaten to behead GOP senator’s wife

(Natural News) On Saturday, Americans received a legal blessing that a large plurality of the country does not appreciate and likely never will: Judge Brett Kavanaugh became Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he was sworn in as the nation’s 114th member of the U.S. Supreme Court. A young 53, Kavanaugh can potentially serve for […]

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