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China and wildlife trade watchdog face legal challenge over ‘flagrant’ sales of chimps and elephants

China and the world’s wildlife trade watchdog are facing legal questions over the regular trade in endangered wildlife for zoos in the country. Lawyers have submitted a complaint to the trade regulator, accusing the country of “flagrantly” flouting international law in buying elephants and chimpanzees. Evidence shows some chimps were heavily pregnant when they were […]

Palestinian Authority Threatens Legal Action Against Outgoing US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman speaks during a briefing at The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in Jerusalem February 9, 2020. Photo: Reuters/Amir Cohen. The Palestinian Authority has threatened the outgoing US ambassador to Israel with legal action because of his decision to recognize the City of David in Jerusalem as an “icon of […]

Legal grounds for saying no to those vaccines – (from a Human rights lawyer)

via Something to have printed on a laminated card, for your wallet, or howeveryou might want to carry it. From human rights lawyer Francis Boyle: NOTICE!By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or to administer the Covid-19 vaccine. The United States […]

Michigan Restaurant Owner Faces $30,000 in Fines, Legal Fees in Effort to Stay Afloat During Whitmer Lockdown

A Michigan restaurant owner defying shutdown orders from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) administration told The Kyle Olson Show this week that she is facing $30,000 in fines and legal fees as a result. Amy Heikkinen, owner of Cafe Rosetta in Calumet, was recently taken to court by the state after she kept open her business. […]

Chamber of Commerce to Work with Joe Biden on Expanding Legal Immigration as 18M Americans Jobless

Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue says the business group “will work cooperatively” with President-Elect Joe Biden to expand legal immigration levels to the United States in order to fill American jobs with foreign workers as 18 million Americans remain jobless. At an annual event this week, Donohue outlined the group’s plans to work hand-in-hand […]

How Adelson shaped Israel’s media – and Netanyahu’s legal entanglements

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‘I Don’t Deliver to Jews:’ French Fast Food Delivery Company Faces Legal Action for Driver’s Antisemitic Declaration

A cyclist from online delivery company Deliveroo is seen in Paris during the March 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Photo: Reuters/Hans Lucas Pictures. A restaurant meals delivery app in France is facing legal action after two kosher restaurant owners in the city of Strasbourg reported that at least two delivery men had refused to collect food from […]

Legal bar may be too high to charge Trump for inciting Washington riot

WASHINGTON (AP) — US President Donald Trump’s top White House lawyer has repeatedly warned the president that he could be held responsible for inciting Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol, but the standard for legal liability is high under court decisions reaching back 50 years. The admonitions from presidential counsel Pat Cipollone were delivered in part […]

Garden houses to be demolished within legal boundaries of Sialk hills

TEHRAN – A total of eight garden houses, which have been constructed within legal boundaries of Sialk hills, are ordered to be brought down to earth near the significant archaeological site in central Iran.   Unfortunately, in recent years, several illegal constructions have been carried out within the legal properties of Tapeh Sialk (“Sialk hills”), […]

Peru clashes with Pfizer over Big Pharma’s LEGAL IMMUNITY for Covid-19 vaccine side effects

    Wow, we didn’t even know Pfizer benefits from legal immunity, we just found out about this now due to this Peru report and we were stunned, speechless to say the least. Unbelievable that there is such a thing as “legal immunity”. Democracy at work again boys and girls! Don’t we all just love […]

Atlas of historical Masuleh, its legal boundaries determined  

TEHRAN – A comprehensive atlas of the historical village of Masuleh and its legal boundaries have recently been determined and announced by the Iranian ministry of tourism and cultural heritage. Legal boundaries and historical texture of Masuleh has been announced to Gilan Governor-General Arsalan Zare’ is a letter inked by Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, a deputy minister […]

Assange Extradition: Legal Teams Likely Informed Already Of Judge’s Decision

Above photo: Assange outside British Supreme Court, 2011. acidpolly/Flickr. According to usual practice, both the prosecution & defense have most likely been informed of the judge’s decision on Julian Assange’s extradition case, though normal procedure is to not yet inform the defendant or his family, writes Alexander Mercouris. In accordance with a British magistrate court’s […]

European Hypocrisy Laid Bare in Kosher-Slaughter Legal Judgement

Rabbi Yitzchak Eliezer Yakav, chief slaughterer from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, responsible for kosher slaughter of cattle imported to Israel from South America. Photo: Kobi Gideon / Flash90. – Last time I checked, the French were still preparing their famed foie gras delicacy using the method of “gavage.” This involves force-feeding a duck […]

Voting Machine Company Smartmatic Delivered Legal Notices to Three Conservative News Networks

Demands retractions from Fox News, Newsmax, OAN for spreading “disinformation” Steve WatsonSUMMIT NEWS (Photo by RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP via Getty Images) Voting Machine company Smartmatic has delivered legal notices to three conservative news networks, demanding retractions of claims that the company was involved in rigging the election in favour of Joe Biden. According to reports, Smartmatic has […]

Joe Biden REFUSES to Answer Questions From Journalists on Son’s Legal Troubles

Joe Biden is still point-blank refusing to discuss the enormous legal problems facing his youngest son, Hunter Biden. Biden, who is set to be inaugurated next month, delivered a prime time national address on Monday in response to the Electoral College certifying his apparent win over President Trump. At the end of his address, Biden […]

Vote Machine Company Threatens Legal Action Against Conservative Media

Voting Machine company Smartmatic has delivered legal notices to three conservative news networks, demanding retractions of claims that the company was involved in rigging the election in favour of Joe Biden. According to reports, Smartmatic has issued legal notices to Fox News, OAN and Newsmax, accusing the networks of a “campaign [that] was designed to […]

As Legal Paths to Overturn Election Vanish, Trump Fires Up Supporters Who Call for Martial Law and Political Violence  

After weekend rallies by supporters of President Donald Trump that included threats of political violence against his opponents and featured speakers who have urged Trump to declare martial law, pro-Trump lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are urging Trump to go the martial law route. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn, greeted as a hero by Saturday’s […]

Chris Christie: Trump’s Legal Theory Is an ‘Absurdity’ – ‘There Is No Evidence’

Former Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that President Donald Trump’s legal theories attempting to overturn the 2020 election results were “an absurdity.” Christie said, “Well, listen, the legal theory put forward by his legal team and by the president is an absurdity. And the reason why the Supreme Court didn’t […]

Biden Refuses to Discuss Family’s Legal Troubles: ‘I’m Proud of My Son’

C-SPAN Joe Biden is refusing to discuss the legal troubles of his son amid revelations that the Department of Justice is investigating the younger Biden’s “tax affairs.” Biden, who has been declared president-elect by numerous media outlets, was asked after a press conference on Friday in Wilmington, Delaware, if his son, Hunter, “committed a crime.” […]

Georgia Lt. Gov: “I Believe the Election Was Fair and Legal”

Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan has “debunked” Trump’s claims of voter fraud and a rigged election, and insists that the presidential election was conducted in a “fair and legal” manner. During a Monday interview with CNN’s “New Day,” Duncan declared that his state’s election process “was fair and legal,” and said Georgia’s recount will “verify […]

Justice Sonia Sotomayor Uses Legal Term ‘Illegal Alien’ in SCOTUS Hearing

United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Justice Sonia Sotomayor repeatedly used the legal term “illegal alien” to describe foreign nationals unlawfully residing in the U.S. during hearings, despite repeated claims by liberals that the term is racist and xenophobic. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trump v. New York where President Donald Trump […]

Election, legal disasters, surging Covid cases, economy stumbling: Just “too much winning”

The Trump train wreck, the end of the failed, celebrity salesman What circus barker/cult leader survives being exposed as fake wizard? Who expected another outcome for the Trump chaos train wreck? May perpetual court cases, if not convictions plague Trump’s “retirement.” May he be paralyzed staving off investigations to run for anything, even start a media empire. How many up-and-coming, success-crazed Republicans will rally around a failed incumbent who needlessly squandered his election chances? Celebrity salesmen, especially when ignorant, dishonest and unreformed, […]

President Trump Legal Team To Do Public Hearing On Election 2020 (Video)

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Legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not reliable at all therefore a positive test does not correspond to a Covid case

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Trump’s Legal Team to Participate in Public ‘Hearing on Election Integrity’ with Arizona Lawmakers

President Trump’s legal team will participate in a public “hearing” on election integrity with Arizona lawmakers on Monday, Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis announced on Friday. “Arizona State Legislature to hold hearing on election integrity Monday, November 30. Mayor @RudyGiuliani and I will be present on behalf of President @realDonaldTrump,” she announced, providing a link detailing […]

CNN: There Are “Legal & Constitutional” Ways For Trump to Stay in Office

Barack Obama took a shot at President Trump in an interview Wednesday, blaming him for border ‘cages’ that were actually instituted and used under the former President’s administration. Obama was decrying the level of support that Trump received from hispanic voters during the election campaign. “But there’s a lot of evangelical Hispanics who, you know, […]

Same-sex couples in Hungary fear legal changes will scupper adoption plans

Same-sex couples in Hungary could find it more difficult to adopt children if a constitutional amendment is passed in parliament next month. The draft amendment has drawn sharp criticism from human rights groups who say it is an attack against the LGBT community. Indeed, the speaker of Hungary’s parliament, Laszlo Kover, startled many when he […]

Egyptian Celeb Faces Legal Action for Taking Photos With Israelis

The picture in question of Omer Adam and Mohamed Ramadan. Photo: Twitter. Egyptian actor and rapper Mohamed Ramadan is facing legal action for causing “offense to the Egyptian people” after taking pictures in Dubai over the weekend with several prominent Israelis, including pop singer Omer Adam. The lawyer who filed a suit against the 32-year-old […]

‘Too crazy’ for Trump: Fact-checking the president’s legal team’s wild conspiracy theory

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Trump Legal Team Distances from Sidney Powell

President Donald Trump’s legal team distanced themselves from attorney Sidney Powell on Sunday evening, noting that she did not represent the president, either as part of the team or in his personal capacity. In a statement attributed to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, and Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, the team said: “Sidney Powell is practicing […]

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