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‘Swedish’ Jew Wins Legal Right To Use National Symbol To Mock Sweden’s Nazi ‘Collaboration’

A new book about Sweden’s alleged “collaboration” with Nazi Germany has prompted an unsuccessful lawsuit by a Swedish museum against the book’s Jewish author, the stand-up “comedian” Aron Flam: But the lawsuit, which got thrown out of court Friday, wasn’t even about book’s subject, which in Sweden has been out in the open for decades. […]

Team Trump Turns Tide in Voting Law Legal Battles

South Carolina is the latest in a string of states to side with President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign in upholding voting laws ranging from ballot harvesting regulations to Election Day deadlines. On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed with state Republicans in reinstating a South Carolina voting requirement that mail-in ballots have a witness’s signature, a […]

What the Patriot Act Made Legal:

The PATRIOT Act Permits: *Secret FBI and police searches of your home and office. *Secret government wiretaps on your phone, computer and/or Internet activity. *Secret investigations of your bank records, credit cards and other financial records. *Secret investigations of your library and book activities. *Secret examination of your medical, travel and business records. *The freezing […]

Israel’s economy is mortgaged as collateral for the prime minister’s legal woes

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Romania: Judicial reforms ‘contrary to EU law’, says European Court legal advice

Measures introduced by Romania’s government to regulate judges do not guarantee their independence and are contrary to EU law, according to official legal advice given to Europe’s top court. The opinion from the Advocate General comes ahead of a forthcoming ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). It is not binding but is seen […]

Infamous Ancient Irish Spirit Is Now Legal and Sales Are Booming!

An Irish spirit that was until recently illegal is making a big comeback. Poteen which is pronounced as potcheen is a potent  alcoholic drink  and was notorious because it was so strong. Distillers in  Northern Ireland  hope to benefit from the new-found interest in legal poteen and hope to export it to  Japan and other international […]

Legal Care For All

Legal Care For All Above photo: Looking up at a closeup of the statue of Blind Justice on the front of the Albert V. Bryan United States Courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia. Tim Evanson/Flickr. Why Canada needs a system of universal legal representation. For most Canadians, a legal crisis will often have devastating financial consequences. We understand that […]

LEGAL NOTICE: Medical Exemption for Mandatory Face Mask (Download Copy)

Download a copy of the “Medical Exemption for Mandatory Face Mask” here: Hits: 12

Denied legal building permits, some East Jerusalem families raze their own homes

Alaa Borqan decided to tear down his own house in East Jerusalem after a court ruled that it was constructed illegally and must be demolished. The 35-year-old Palestinian was given two options: to destroy his four-bedroom home in the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood himself, or to let the city council do it and then send him […]

Official Legal Defense Fund For Kyle Rittenhouse Launched by Attnys L. Lin Wood And John Pierce

Nick Sandmann’s attorney L Lin Wood has teamed up with John Pierce and the law firm Pierce Bainbridge, which has represented President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Trump adviser Carter Page, to provide 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse with a top notch defense team. Rittenhouse was officially charged on Thursday with first-degree intentional homicide, first-degree […]

Newsweek Apologizes After Legal Expert Claims Kamala Harris Doesn’t Qualify For VP

In an opinion article published by Newsweek on Wednesday titled, “Some Questions for Kamala Harris About Eligibility,” law professor John C. Eastman questioned Kamala Harris’ eligibility vice president of The United States. The article focused on the common debate among Constitutional scholars regarding the 12th Amendment. According to the 12th Amendment, “no person constitutionally ineligible […]

Disabled Iraq Veteran Faces Prison In Alabama For Legal Medical Marijuana

Above photo: Sean Worlsey in military fatigues. The veteran was arrested for possessing medical marijuana in Alabama. Courtesy of Eboni Worsley. By all accounts, Sean Worsley is a war hero. He earned a Purple Heart, along with a laundry list of additional military accolades, for clearing roadside bombs in Iraq. He also earned a lifetime of […]

CLDC Fighting Corporate-Fueled Legal Persecution Of Human Rights Lawyer

By Lauren Regan, CLDC. August 6, 2020 NOTE: Listen to our interview with Steven Donziger on Clearing the FOG. Fossil fuel giant Chevron vows to “demonize” victorious human rights lawyer. For several years now, human rights attorney Steven Donziger has been in the fight of his life and career after Chevron vowed to destroy him […]

British MP’s Seek To Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal In UK

A group of MP’s who are also doctors, are attempting to repeal the ban on the medical use of cannabis in the UK. The MP’s have formed an action group to tackle the issue following the recent case of six-year-old Alfie Dingley and say they have the support of around 80 other politicians. They will […]

If a ‘Person’ is a Legal Entity, What is Your Identity?

Suppose that the word ‘person’ (by definition) has been misconstrued in meaning. Suppose that in our society, a ‘person’ is a LEGAL ENTITY, a thing, an artificial construct and not a ‘living being’. Suppose that you are blissfully ignorant of this deception, and truly believe that you are a “person”. What if your government considers […]

Innocent Couple Raided by Cops for Facebook Post of LEGAL Morel Mushrooms

May 15, 2018 By Matt Agorist Darlington, MD — It is a travesty enough when the drug war lays waste to the rights and lives of entirely decent people who’ve harmed no one simply because they choose to ingest a substance deemed illegal by the State. However, because the drug war […]

‘Legal charades & crushing kids’: Meet the Israelis standing up for Palestinians

The last decade in Israel-Palestinian relations has been crucial in contributing to current tensions along the Gaza border, according to Miriam Marmur of Gisha, an Israeli NGO fighting for Palestinians’ rights to free movement. Following the Hamas takeover in 2007 and Israel’s closure of Gaza Strip access by land, sea and air, “residents of Gaza […]

NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw Accused Of Sexually Molesting ‘Barely Legal’ Staffer

NBC veteran anchor Tom Brokaw has been accused of sexually molesting a ‘barely legal’ staffer in the 1990’s by a former correspondent for the liberal news network. In an interview with The Washington Post, former NBC staffer Linda Vester claims that Brokaw attempted to grope and kiss her when she had just turned 20. […]

Legal expert claims that Comey’s release of memos is de facto evidence he may have committed criminal espionage

(Natural News) If you are one of a shrinking number of Americans who still don’t believe fired FBI Director James Comey really stepped in it when he handed over classified memos to a friend for the purpose of having them leaked to the media, one legal expert experienced in high-profile cases may […]

The British Government’s Legal Justification for Bombing is Entirely False and Without Merit

The British Government’s Legal Justification for Bombing is Entirely False and Without Merit Theresa May has issued a long legal justification for UK participation in an attack on a sovereign state. This is so flawed as to be totally worthless. It specifically claims as customary international law practices which are rejected by a large majority […]

Medically assisted suicide becomes legal in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii became the latest liberal-leaning state to legalize medically assisted suicide Thursday as the governor signed a measure into law allowing doctors to fulfill requests from terminally ill patients to prescribe life-ending medication. “It is time for terminally ill, mentally competent Hawaii residents who are suffering to make their […]

State Congress Passes Bill To Confiscate Legal Guns From All 18-20 Year Olds

By Matt Agorist Illinois — The Illinois House has passed a bill that will require legal gun owners to hand over ownership of heretofore legally possessed guns. Now, this most tyrannical bill has moved to the Senate and is one step away from becoming law. The bill, HB 1465 was sponsored in the […]

After Legal Weed, Colorado Now Taking Steps To Legalize Magic Mushrooms

Less than six years ago, Colorado citizens—tired of the war on drugs and wise to the near-limitless benefits of cannabis—made US history by voting to legalize recreational marijuana. Now, this state could once again place themselves on the right side of history as they begin pushing for the legalization of magic mushrooms. Paving the way for legalization […]

Marshall Islands 1st country to launch own cryptocurrency as legal tender

The small Pacific Island nation passed the Sovereign Currency Act to create the ‘sovereign’, or SOV on Monday, following days of debate. The cryptocurrency will have equal status with the US dollar and, unlike many cryptocurrencies, users will have to reveal their identity in order to use SOV. “This is a historic moment […]

New legal defense: The air pollution made me do it… researchers say it "triggers" unethical behaviors

(Natural News) When people make excuses for their bad behavior, they no longer have to take responsibility for their choices. Researchers from New York’s Columbia Business School have found a new excuse for justifying people’s bad behavior. According to their research, air pollution makes people more anxious and therefore “triggers” unethical behaviors. […]

New Legal Action Is A Path To Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Freedom

New Legal Action Is A Path To Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Freedom Above Photo: Prison Radio/ Flickr For over three decades thousands of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals around the globe have mobilized to save Mumia Abu-Jamal from execution, to overturn his conviction, to demand his freedom. Without these international mobilizations, crucially including the organized labor […]

Cops Are Taking People’s Firearms, Selling Them to Make a Profit and It’s 100% Legal

By Rachel Blevins As calls for gun control increase among the parties that claim it would put an end to mass shootings, an investigation is revealing that state sheriff’s deputies are taking the firearms they have seized from individuals and re-selling them to generate revenue—only to find that some of the guns go […]

Legal Marijuana Propelling Public Banking

Legal Marijuana Propelling Public Banking Above Photo: Courtesy LA City Council Things are moving fast in California. A Los Angeles City Council committee approved a resolution February 16 to support the recently introduced state bill that would create a Public Bank that could take deposits from legal marijuana businesses. California Senate Bill 930, introduced at the end of January, […]

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom’s legal case returns to court in New Zealand Monday for what may be the Megaupload founder’s final chance of avoiding extradition to the United States

Dotcom’s epic extradition battle has dragged on for more than six years, starting in January 2012 when armed police acting on an FBI request raided his Auckland mansion. The 44-year-old German national is accused of industrial-scale online piracy via his Megaupload empire, which US authorities shut down when the raid took […]

France to Slap Legal Limits on Food Discounts in Wake of ‘Nutella Riots’

France has tabled a draft law to clamp down on the kind of huge discounts that sparked mini-riots over cut price Nutella in a string of supermarkets last week. Videos of scuffles between French shoppers as they vied to grab heavily discounted tubs of the chocolate spread in Intermarche stores have gone viral over the […]

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