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“Yamazaki, Shoot Emperor Hirohito!” Okuzaki Kenzo’s Legal Action to Abolish Chapter One (The Emperor) of Japan’s Constitution

Introduction At the New Year’s public opening of the Imperial Palace on January 2 1969, a Japanese war veteran by the name of Okuzaki Kenzō (1920–2005) fired three pachinko pinballs from a slingshot aimed at Emperor Hirohito who was standing 26.5 meters away on the veranda greeting about 15,000 visitors. All three hit the bottom […]

Scotland high court to hear legal challenge to Brexit deal

Related Posts Scotland Edges Closer to Independence Amid Brexit Chaos Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Sunday that she would be setting a date World stone skimming championships hit Scotland Around 350 skimmers took part in the competition with some coming from as far Scotland is Greek Scotland is Greek Scotadi in Greek […]

The Legal Lynching of Dr. James Fetzer

    SPECIAL: The Legal Lynching – Stalinist Show Trial of Dr. James Fetzer, USMC, by a Crooked Judge in Wisconsin REPRINTED IN FULL WITH PERMISSION Public Intelligence Blog By Kevin Barrett @TruthJihad, Veterans Today Editor 17 October 2019 Tuesday was the final day of Jim Fetzer’ defense against Lenny Pozner’s libel lawsuit. I attended […]

Trump Firm Refusing to Pay Legal Bill for Windfarm Case

35% of 300 pound Donald Trump is air brushed out of this picture, really “re-pixeled” with photoshop. I love the job they did on the right side, erasing his fat ass and creating a fake black sweater line with lots of golf course behind him overlaying his rolls of blubber Mike’s Notes: Throughout his questionable career, […]

Legal Tender Laws and the Banks

Source Article from Related Posts Trump Firm Refusing to Pay Legal Bill for Windfarm Case 35% of 300 pound Donald Trump is air brushed out of this picture, really “re-pixeled” Top court puts end to Palestinian poet’s four-year legal saga Four years ago, a Palestinian citizen of Israel was arrested because the […]

Top court puts end to Palestinian poet’s four-year legal saga

Four years ago, a Palestinian citizen of Israel was arrested because the security services decided a poem she wrote and published on her personal Facebook page was ‘incitement.’ After nearly three years under house arrest, a trial, and jail time, she is finally free. Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour after her release from Damoun Prison, September 20, 2018. (Oren […]

UK’s Johnson renews call for elections after legal setback

UNITED NATIONS — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday renewed his call for the rival Labour Party to back new elections after the Supreme Court ruled that his suspension of parliament was illegal. “The obvious thing to do is call an election. Jeremy Corbyn is talking out the back of his neck,” Johnson told […]

VP says legal effects of JCPOA enduring

At a meeting of the Fars Provincial Administrative Council on Thursday night the official referred to the efforts by President Rouhani’s governments to resolve Iran’s nuclear case, which led to the signing of the JCOPA and the cancellation of the resolutions, which the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew after coming to office. He noted that while […]

Legal firm uncovers taxpayer-funded Islamic propaganda that bashes Christianity is being forced on teachers, students

(Natural News) A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by an Ann Arbor, Mich., law firm has turned up evidence of a widespread Islamic propaganda campaign being waged against public school teachers in the state and elsewhere. As reported by The Gateway Pundit, the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) became concerned […]

The first major legal win for campus Palestine activists just happened at Fordham

After a two year legal battle, a group of students at Fordham University have won a landmark victory and a Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) club can now be established on their campus. In December 2016, the school vetoed the Student Government’s approval of SJP, but in April 2017 the students sued the university […]

There are very good reasons why there’s no legal justice in America today

    Lawyers will never administer legal justice SARTRE The law is too important to be left to attorneys. Any objective observer of the existing legal system would conclude that allowing lawyers and judges to police the profession is a total sham. Politicians and public officials, who are members of the bar, owe their allegiance […]

Muslim Child Rapists Awarded £500,000 in Legal Aid – Victims Get Nothing

Three brothers have received up to £500,000 in legal aid after raping children in Rotherham – while dozens of their victims have yet to receive any compensation. Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain – known as Mad Ash, Bash and Bono – pleaded poverty despite running a petrol station, takeaways and an egg farm that supplies […]

Brain-Damaging Pesticide for Use on Foods Kids Eat. It’s Legal

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Secret Agenda: Globalists Are Using Vaccines and Pesticide-Laden Food To Kill Off Humanity  The Globalists and the Democrats are pushing hard to convince everyone that global warming and US Beekeepers File Lawsuit Against EPA Over Approval Of Dangerous Pesticide John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking TimesBeekeepers […]

‘Astonishing’ Texas Legal Win Tops Decades Of Clean-Water Heroism

‘Astonishing’ Texas Legal Win Tops Decades Of Clean-Water Heroism Above Photo: From A judge’s pollution finding regarding remote Lavaca Bay, Texas offers a breakthrough advance that can galvanize other Davids everywhere fighting entrenched, toxic Goliaths. Precedents Set: Big $$ Penalty Fueled by Key Citizen Evidence

 Sometimes, unstoppable anti-pollution champions must get their feet wet. […]

New legal advice exposes fluoridation programs

New legal advice blows the debate wide open. Photo: UTR UPDATE: TOTT News has received word that the Australian government has amended the Therapeutic Goods Act to include “fluoridated reticulated drinking water” as an approved therapeutic good. The submission was lodged on 17 April 2019 and made available to the public on 19 June 2019. […]

Iranian, Japanese diplomats hold legal consultations

Tasnim – High-ranking diplomats from Iran and Japan held the first round of legal consultations in Tokyo in a bid to boost cooperation in diverse fields, including issues related to international law. The meeting was co-chaired by the director-generals for legal-international affairs at the two countries’ respective foreign ministries. In the talks, the two sides […]

The man who helped build Israel’s legal infrastructure of oppression

Aharon Barak says he is concerned about Israeli democracy, but he bears responsibility for no small part of where the country is today. By Hagai El-Ad Former President of Israel’s Supreme Court Aharon Barak. (פרס א.מ.ת/CC BY-SA 3.0) Former Chief Justice Aharon Barak is completely at peace with his ruling on targeted assassinations. […]

Florida couple’s front-yard garden legal after 6-year battle

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts “Yamazaki, Shoot Emperor Hirohito!” Okuzaki Kenzo’s Legal Action to […]

Pollution levels in railway stations still way above legal limits – report

Pollution levels at train stations throughout the country have not improved since last year, Army Radio reported Sunday. Environmental Protection Ministry monitors who measure nitrogen oxide and the size of polluting particles spewed from diesel-powered trains found that between January and the end of May, pollution was way above the level permitted for 85 percent […]

Simon Saved! One Man’s Relentless Legal & PR Efforts Finally Frees His Dog Sent To “Death Row” By The Government

June 28, 2019 By Joe Wright Readers might remember that I reported back in January on a story in Guilford, CT where Simon, a mixed-breed dog, was taken from his owner after biting a teen who had trespassed into the property where Simon was housed.  Animal Control immediately seized Simon, locked him up for 18 […]

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