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Malcolm X’s family releases letter alleging FBI, NYPD role in his death

Members of Malcolm X’s family have made public what they described as a letter written by a deceased police officer stating that the New York Police Department and FBI were behind the 1965 killing of the famed Black activist and civil rights advocate. Malcolm X was a powerful orator who rose to prominence as the […]

Letter bomb blast injures 3 at Lidl headquarters in Germany

A letter bomb has exploded at the headquarters of the Lidl supermarket chain in Neckarsulm, Germany, injuring three people. It’s the second such incident in two days in the state of Baden-Württemberg. A blast rocked the company’s administrative building on Wednesday when “a letter was opened,” a Lidl spokesperson told Bild. Those hurt were rushed […]

Jake Cohen’s Debut Cookbook is a Love Letter to His Husband, Family and Judaism

Nice Jewish professional chef, Jake Cohen, always had a love for cooking. Rushing home every day as a teenager to watch “Barefoot Contessa,” the Ashkenazi foodie eventually took his hobby and turned it into a profession. He studied at the Culinary Institute of America, worked in test kitchens and restaurants around New York and eventually […]

15 Attorneys General Pen Letter to Biden Seeking Reversal on Keystone XL Pipeline: Help ‘Thousands of Displaced Workers’

Republican Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is leading a coalition of 14 other attorneys general who signed onto a letter asking President Joe Biden to reverse his decision to halt construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing that it is putting thousands of Americans out of work and threatening national security by making the United […]

Trump Won | Biden Is Not A Legitimate President | Letter To Biden From Trump Jan 20th 2021 Left On The Oval Office Desk

From a open letter to Trump from the Oath Keepers; Here are the facts: We are already at war with communist China and its willing American agents, puppets, and co-conspirators who seek to overthrow our Constitution, as well as the international elites and other foreign enemies who have aided and abetted this war on our […]

Fake letter attributed to VP Harris warns DC synagogues they must close

Synagogues in Washington, DC, are receiving a fake letter purported to be signed by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris warning them to close or they will go to prison. “Myself and President Joe Biden, will shut down your Synagogue of worship and place heavy fines upon your religious institution,” said the letter, according to an alert […]

Hundreds in Publishing Industry Sign Letter to Block Trump Book Deals

Author Barry Lyga has shared an open letter signed by publishing workers showing opposition to any publisher that signs President Trump or members of his administration for book deals. “Traditionally, members of an outgoing administration can—and do—rely on the cushion of a fat book contract with a healthy advance,” Lyga wrote in an email last […]

Open Letter to President Trump | Oath Keepers | Part 1 and 2

 Open Letter to President Trump Oath Keepers President Trump, We now face a moment of peril as great, or greater, as what General Washington and his men faced in 1776. The very survival of our nation as a free Constitutional Republic hangs in the balance. We have but one last chance to save it. […]

Mike Pence Says He Won’t Invoke 25th Amendment Against Trump in Letter to Pelosi

Vice President Mike Pence sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Tuesday and stated he would not invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. The letter, which was released as the House met to vote on calling on Pence to “convene and mobilize” President Trump’s cabinet to remove him […]

Trump Lawyer Cleta Mitchell Signs Letter by Hard-Right Leaders Urging GOP Senators to Contest Swing State Electors

A group of right-wing movement leaders signed a Dec. 30 letter to Senate Republicans urging them to “protect the republic” by contesting electors from battleground states won by Joe Biden. Also signing the letter was Cleta Mitchell, the right-wing lawyer who took part in President Donald Trump’s instantly notorious call badgering Georgia Secretary of State […]

IT’S HAPPENING: Ted Cruz and 10+ Senators Sign Letter Officially Rejecting Biden Result

Ten U.S. Senators are joining Senator Josh Hawley in formally objecting to the fraudulent 2020 election results. According to journalist Jack Posobiec, lawmakers are furious with Mitch McConnell’s failure to follow President Trump’s advice and issue $2,000 checks to the American people. Seven GOP senators signed the letter and FOUR GOP Senators-elect signed on: Ted […]

Open letter to patriots everywhere

Open letter to patriots everywhere Jon Rappoport / Jon Rappoport LIVE FREE by Jon Rappoport November 25, 2020 (To join our email list, click here.) In the modern secular church of fakers, they tell us anger is wrong, outrage is wrong, acceptance in hypnotic sleep is what we must aim for. Always bow to “smooth […]

Letter from Zodiac Killer decoded after 50 years

A coded message sent by the infamous Zodiac Killer more than 50 years ago has been cracked, the FBI has announced. The Zodiac Killer – who was never identified – shot or stabbed seven people in the San Francisco Bay Area between 1968 and 1969, killing all but two of them. During his murderous spree, […]

Khalida Jarrar smuggles a letter for Palestine Writes

Editor’s Note: The following letter was shared during the keynote panel of the Palestine Writes Literature Festival. You can watch a video recording of the keynote panel here, and listen to our interview with two of the festival organizers for the Mondoweiss podcast here. From the Israeli Damon prison located at the top of Mount […]

An Open Letter to the United States Supreme Court regarding ORIGINAL JURISDICTION

The Stolen 2020 POTUS Election Supreme Court of the United States1 First Street, NEWashington, DC 20543 December 8, 2020 Honorable Justices of the United States Supreme Court: We write this letter to all nine SCOTUS justices with great urgency and in the interest of preserving the American Republic. As each of you knows by now, […]

Lockdowns Are Based On Fraud: Open Letter To People Who Want Freedom

Lockdowns Are Based On Fraud: Open Letter To People Who Want Freedom Waking Times RSS Feed / WTStaff Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times This article is arranged so you see the fraud in more detail as you read further. QUICK OVERVIEW: The lockdowns are based on high levels of COVID cases. “We have so many […]

An Open Letter to The Honourable Chief Justice, Andhra Pradesh High Court

We, as a group working towards achieving a safer and more just society for women, are writing this open letter to you in great dismay at some recent developments in Andhra Pradesh state. As you are aware, the alleged gang-rape case of 11 adivasi women of the Kondh tribe by 13 men of AP Special […]

Kevin Annett’s Letter to Quesnel Cariboo Observer

2 December, 2020 An Open Letter to the Quesnel Cariboo Observer, Recently, your newspaper reported how the W.A. Fraser Middle School in Vancouver has asked its pupils to “Name five positive things that happened in Indian residential schools” (sic). Before I rise to this challenge, let me observe how appropriate it is that a Quesnel publication […]

Marco Rubio Writes Letter to Jack Dorsey over Twitter’s Chinese Propaganda

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey today demanding to know why the platform has failed to prevent the spread of Chinese communist propaganda across the service. The Florida senator highlighted a doctored image spread by Zhao Lijian, a senior official in China’s propaganda arm, the information department. The doctored […]

Letter To Rob Davis Governor of HMP Belmarsh

It extremely important WikiLeaks supporters continue writing to Rob Davis, Governor of HMP Belmarsh raising concerns about the welfare of Julian Assange, publisher of WikiLeaks. Here is the letter supporter JE emailed to him on 25/11/20. I will update this post once he gets a reply. Dear Mr. Rob Davis, Mr. Julian Assange. Prisoner #: […]

“If we perish, we perish.” — An Open Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump: The 2020 elections have lived up to their expectations. They will be remembered as the critical juncture in our history, the point where either, the individual American citizen lost his or her right to freely consent for their choice of government , or the point where Americans of all creeds, with you […]

Letter Shows How Samurai Lord’s Code Kept the Peace in Edo Japan

Old letters can be a way to understand things that are still a mystery or as new historical evidence. A letter has been found that is from 17th century Edo Japan which is offering researchers new insights into Japan’s Edo period (1603-1868 AD) after a long period of civil wars. The letter records the code of […]

As Israel debates women in combat again, 75-year-old letter has a familiar ring

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An open letter to a lame (Donald) duck

First, please understand: You’re fired! You lost this election. Otherwise put, you are a loser.  Second, do not think that progressives are gloating over the outcome of this election. We are not. For many of us, Joe Biden was not our first choice to run against you. But we put aside our differences because (a) […]

Open Letter to the U.N. Seeking Advocacy, Education, Regulation of 5G and Other EMF Sources of Radiation

Open Letter to the U.N. Seeking Advocacy, Education, Regulation of 5G and Other EMF Sources of Radiation Activist Post / Activist Post By B.N. Frank Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment. The majority of scientists worldwide oppose 5G until […]

Q Drop #4941 | Open Letter To The President | Good vs Evil

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Mo. Coach to No Longer Lead Team in Prayer Following Letter From Freedom From Religion Foundation

JASPER, Mo. — A high school football coach in Missouri will no longer be leading his team in prayer after the school district received a letter from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) claiming that the practice is illegal. “Head Coach Joey Ballard’s conduct is unconstitutional because he endorses and promotes his religion when acting […]

Trump tweets ‘thank you Rabbis’ re-releasing letter of support from 13 Orthodox leaders

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