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Does Covid-19 mark the end of Western liberalism, and the triumph of AUTHORITARIAN states?

Could the future belong to some blend of China’s party-state and Singaporean-style technocracy? In fact, Covid-19 has neither disproved the continued viability of democracy nor proved the superiority of autocratic models. There are autocratic countries that have screwed up their covid response, and there are democracies that have coped exceptionally well. Most countries, though, fall […]

Medical Martial Law is Liberalism’s Final Capitulation

Ode of a Liberal They passed the USA PATRIOT Act—and I did nothing because I am a patriot. They passed the USA Freedom Act—and I believe in freedom. They nominated Hillary Clinton—and I voted for the lesser evil. They declared medical marshal law—and I didn’t want to kill […]

Nazbol Keith Woods: ‘Ethno-Nationalism is just another form of liberalism’

We are witnessing peak Duginist subversion from Keith Woods, folks. In that leaked DM he denounces ethno-nationalism as “liberalism,” a completely asinine and obvious attempt at subversion. “Liberalism” for Nazbols like Woods is just a generic dummy placeholder label for anything and everything Western…. including white nationalism! This sums up what these clowns are pushing […]

Liberalism is More Deadly than the Coronavirus

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Alarmist report warns of world sliding from shining liberalism into increasing autocracy (and not just because of Putin!)

Announced Friday afternoon, and nearly lost in the deluge of news about the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the report by the V-Dem institute claims that 92 countries – accounting for 54 percent of the world’s population – now qualify as “autocracies.” How did the Gothenburg, Sweden-based institute come to this shocking conclusion? They say it’s by […]

Covid-19 dismantles the hollow commandments of European liberalism

Liberalism is a fluid ideology, and its tenets aren’t written in any great treatises or founding documents. There are no stone tablets bearing its commandments, and citizens of liberal democracies don’t carry their ‘little red books’ of party orthodoxy, as the subjects of communist China once did. But that doesn’t mean these tenets don’t exist. […]

Labour has been waging a culture war against its own base for decades, fixating on liberalism instead (by George Galloway)

Ten years later they had their biggest ever election win sweeping Mr Churchill the War Leader from office. My point is not merely to put in scale what happened in the British general election but also to illustrate the famous truth that there is no “final victory,” and no “final defeat” either. It’s never over. […]

Electoral euthanasia in the UK: The Grim Reaper of liberalism is stalking (by George Galloway)

That political discourse has coarsened during this century can scarcely be gainsaid. The availability of the means to insult people without looking them in the eyes, to slander without much fear of legal retribution, has emboldened the most egregious slurs and stereotypes. The British General Election has only just begun and a new stereotype – […]

PODCAST: What does Israeli liberalism look like?

Public opinion expert Dahlia Scheindlin argues that the fierce debate over the separation of religion and state in Israel’s latest elections could lead to a wider liberal shift in society. By +972 Magazine Staff An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man argues with a secular social justice protester in Tel Aviv, July 18, 2011. (Oren Ziv/ Listen here: iTunes/Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Spotify Almost two weeks […]

Illiberal Undemocrats say ‘boll**ks’ to the people in the name of ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’

Britain in 2019 presents a topsy-turvy political landscape straight out of a Gilbert and Sullivan Savoy Opera. ‘Conservatives’ who don’t conserve anything. ‘Luxury communists’ who oppose communism. And Liberal Democrats who aren’t very liberal, or very democratic. The Lib Dem conference had to be seen to be believed – and even then it was scarcely […]

Liberalism is multifaceted & attractive, but ‘it’s eating itself,’ says Russian president

Liberalism still remains “multifaceted” and there’s no need to be arguing about its overall attractiveness, the Russian president told reporters on Saturday, during a final press conference at the G20 summit in Japan. In the meantime, the philosophy has its own setbacks, he pointed out. The liberal ideal has started to eat itself In Putin’s […]

SOTT FOCUS: The Scourge of Modern ‘Liberalism’ in France

In these depressing times marked by lies, fear and nihilism, I would like to brighten your mood by sharing a heart warming story. A real life event that is better than a fairy tale and should restore your faith in humanity and our burgeoning postmodern society. A Modern Fairy Tale What happened? In a nutshell, […]

"Liberalism & Socialism"- Veil for EVIL

  June 15, 2018 Bella Dodd, a Catholic-turned-Communist, later recanted, saying, “In the thirties, we put 1,100 men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church.”  She told of a national Communist convention held in 1944 in Madison Square Garden.  “I attended a private dinner where Alexander Trachtenberg, a known socialist, got up and […]

Islamic Revolution victory over Liberalism, Socialism: Senior cleric

IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader said that the Iran’s Islamic Revolution was a victory over two main thoughts: Liberalism and Socialism. ‘The Islamic Revolution was not victory over Shah, rather it was overcoming two main political thoughts: Liberalism and Socialism,’ Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi said in his sermons before the Friday prayers on February […]

What is ‘Liberalism’?

Renegade Editor’s Note: Please do not take this as an endorsement of conservatism, by either this site or the author of this piece, as we routinely reject the fraud of the right-wing. By Revilo P. Oliver An excerpt from Dr. Oliver’s book America’s Decline: The Education of a Conservative (Londinium Press, London, 1981) “Liberalism” is a succedaneous […]

Why the Battles Against Liberalism, Globalism and the New World Order Are All Related

Do you love liberty and freedom? If you ask that question to people randomly on the street, you are going to get the same answer over and over again.  Everyone wants liberty and freedom, but what they don’t understand is that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government and the amount of […]

Defense of liberalism in ‘NYT’ paints left as bullies but doesn’t dare to mention Iraq war

Nikil Saval of n+1 has an essay at the New York Times that seeks to redeem liberalism from attacks on left and right that have discredited it– as a gutless caving to corporate interests, or as government overreach. There are two basic problems with this piece. First and more important is that Saval treats the […]

Canada: Fascist Shift, a New-old Right and Neo-liberalism

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Palestinian game explains Israeli war on Gaza

Anadolu, West Bank –Palestinian skilful youth from West Bank has developed game app explaining Israeli war and its painful effects on Gaza Strip. A building is torn down by a missile, a drone strike hits and white phosphorus fills the air within moments of starting “Liyla and The Shadows of War,” a mobile game by […]

The Course of Empire

Thomas Cole, self portrait, 1836 Thomas Cole (1801-1848) was an accomplished American landscape painter. The natural way he portrayed sunlight is brilliant and distinctive. I used to stand in awe looking at some of Cole’s work that was featured in my college’s art gallery. The beauty of the natural world in Cole’s paintings left me […]

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