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Paris switches Christmas lights on amid tight lockdown restrictions

The world’s famous Paris Christmas lights returned to grace the French capital on Sunday evening. Coloured bulbs, luminous arches and sparkling projections decorated the streets of the Ville Lumière along the Champs-Elysées, Avenue Montaigne, Place Vendôme, Montmartre district and Bercy Village. The lights, which were switched on by singer Louane, will stay on until January […]

European synagogues keep on their lights to mark 1938 Kristallnacht pogroms

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Oxford Street’s Christmas lights go on display early in London amid coronavirus pandemic

Christmas lights have gone up in Oxford Street, London’s best-known shopping hub, three weeks earlier than usual. They are normally switched on by a celebrity in front of huge crowds but social distancing restrictions forced organisers to shelve the event this year, as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the United Kingdom. Every week, the display […]

Researcher Shows Northern Lights May Have Led to Titanic Sinking

The sinking of the Titanic has been the subject of many books, articles, and motion pictures.  We are all familiar with the fact that it sank when it collided with an iceberg. However, an American meteorologist believes that the aurora borealis , better known as the Northern Lights, played a part in the Titanic sinking. […]

Landmarks and buildings lit up as Berlin’s annual Festival of Lights begins

Monuments and landmarks in the centre of Berlin were lit up on Friday night as the 16th Festival of Lights turned the city into an open-air light gallery. Adopting the motto “together we shine,” the festival will take place throughout the city over the next week, illuminating different neighbourhoods and hopefully bringing some joy during […]

BLM Arsonist Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire While Throwing Molotov Cocktail Into Historic Building

A clumsy Black Lives Matter rioter has been caught on film accidentally setting himself on fire while attempting to toss a Molotov cocktail into a historic building in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Social media users were quick to point out the incident is as close to a case of “Instant Karma” as you are ever likely […]

BLM Arsonist Accidentally Lights Himself On Fire While Throwing Molotov Cocktail Into Historic Building

A clumsy Black Lives Matter rioter has been caught on film accidentally setting himself on fire while attempting to toss a Molotov cocktail into a historic building in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Social media users were quick to point out the incident is as close to a case of “Instant Karma” as you are ever likely […]

RACE WAR! Based Hero Lights Up BLM Scum in Kenosha!

A based hero defended himself against BLM criminal terrorists who attacked him, taking down two enemy combatants. Kyle Rittenhouse shown shooting man who was attacking him with skateboard after fleeing the previous incident, and other man who approached him armed with a pistol. — Mark Dice (@MarkDice) August 26, 2020 The hero’s name is […]

Innocent Driver Blamed After NY Cop Drives 74 in 40 MPH Zone Without Lights, Sirens, or Seatbelt, and Dies

New details have been released by New York State Police in the case of the Whitesboro police officer who crashed and died while speeding with his lights and sirens off in an April 11 incident. Whitesboro Police Officer Kevin Crossley, 34, was traveling at 74 mph in a 40 mph zone without wearing a seatbelt, […]

City lights now proven to sharply increase the risk of cancer due to "blue light" wavelengths from common LEDs

(Natural News) Do you look at your smartphone in bed? Do you work night shift? Do you live in the city? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to know that a new study has found that exposure to artificial lighting at night can raise a person’s risk […]

Photos: Lights out at Milad Tower to commemorate Earth Hour

FNA | Mehdi Marizad: The iconic Milad Tower in Tehran went dark for an hour on Saturday night, as the Earth Hour campaign kicked off across the globe to raise public awareness about climate change and energy consumption. Ali Darvishpour, the top executive of Milad Tower, the world’s sixth tallest telecoms giant, told the Persian-language […]

Enormous train of mystery flashing lights seen from across the US (VIDEOS)

     A mysterious pattern of lights, accompanied by a rather ominous hum, was spotted across large swathes of the United States Saturday night. Plane spotters and stargazers alike were baffled and local residents scared from Illinois to as far as Utah. Local media across the US began receiving reports and video footage of what appeared […]

When The Lights Go Out: Something HUGE Is Up, EMP Commission DEFUNDED

The Department of Defense has decided now was the time to defund the Congressional committee that has been studying the threat since 2001. If North Korea Can Kill 90% Of Americans In A Year, Why Did DoD Just Defund The Congressional EMP Commission? The Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic […]

Cities are getting paid to turn street lights into spying SmartNodes

Source: Mass Private I The future of privacy in big cities is bleak, cities are now getting paid to convert street lights into spying SmartNodes. What are SmartNodes? SmartNodes will soon replace street lights, because they are equipped with cameras, microphones, speakers etc., all-in-one light pole. The city of […]

After The Hurricane, Solar Kept Florida Homes And A City’s Traffic Lights Running

Above Photo: Florida, for all its solar potential, is still in the nascent stages of what could become a solar boom. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images By using energy storage with solar panels, some homeowners were able to go off-grid, showing how distributed power could speed future storm recovery. Just after midnight on Sept. 11, Eugenio Pereira […]

Bizarre lights spotted in skies above Mexico City during quake (VIDEOS)

The lights could be seen flashing above Mexico City in hues of greens and white. Video uploaded from the scene shows the dramatic display. Little is known about the phenomenon, which can sometimes be explained by exploding generators or power systems. Another explanation claims that the tectonic movement of rocks including quartz, generates a piezoelectric […]

Artificial lights found to suppress pollination, contributing to destruction of ecosystem

(Natural News) A team from the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Bern in Switzerland that was led by Eva Knop found out that nocturnal pollination can in fact be disrupted by artificial lighting. “As it is possible that light-sensitive insects have already disappeared in regions with high levels of light […]

Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club: Lights Camera Helter Skelter

Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast Lights Camera Helter Skelter.  Tonight we will discuss the history of the Charles Manson mythos. Download In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn will cover the recent chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Their mission: establish a Greater Israel ruled […]

Everything’s Out — San Francisco Blackout Shuts Down BART, Traffic Lights, Business Across Downtown

A massive power outage in San Francisco on Friday morning caused a blackout in neighborhoods across the city, from the Financial District to the Presidio, forcing the closure of businesses, a federal courthouse and a BART station, officials said. As SFGates reports, a spokesman for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. said at least […]

Another animal mutilation reported in rural Oklahoma

     Ten weeks ago, I wrote a column on a goat mutilation that occurred in rural Montgomery County Kansas on April 3. When I referred back to that column in my files, I also caught a moment of cerebral flatulence I had when writing and proofreading it: I had inadvertently typed in July rather than […]

The genetic killer – Ionising radiation

     Christopher Busby exposes the fallacy behind the current accepted model of exposure hazard adopted by governments and the nuclear industry since the ’50s and which he will be challenging in a major legal case in London in June on behalf of nuclear test veterans. This is one of the rare times that I publish […]

Fiery meteor fireball blazed across SE Canada and NE United States

     I was outside, enjoying a nice dinner and drink on a Montreal rooftop Tuesday evening when I saw it – a large fiery ball that blazed across the night sky. Then, as fast as it had appeared it was gone. The entire incident, which occurred at around 9:30 p.m. ET, lasted all of five […]

Domestic dispute turns deadly after officer at Dallas Love Field airport shoots man ‘armed with a rock’

     A police officer shot a man outside the baggage claim area of the Dallas Love Field airport in Dallas, Texas. The shooting was first reported at the airport on Twitter around 12:15 p.m. on Friday afternoon on Twitter. A smartphone video that captured the shooting shows a police officer at the airport pointing his […]

Canada wildfire threatens Fort McMurray again as 12,000 evacuated from nearby oil sand camps

     At least 12,000 people have been asked to evacuate oil sand camps close to the Canadian town of Fort McMurray after a fresh wildfire began to shift to the north. According to the BBC, more than 8,000 people were urged to leave the area on Monday night, in addition to 4,000 people who had […]

New Mexico Cop Charged with Battery After Traffic Stop Beating

Stephen Borders, a 52-year-old police officer, attacked another man in a road rage incident on March 20, 2016. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of a Ford Mustang – typical douchebag car – boxed in the driver of a truck. According to Michael Green, the driver of the truck, when he stopped, Borders got out of […]

Vaccine paradigm takes another Hollywood hit: Actor Aidan Quinn says vaccination caused his daughter’s autism

     The house of cards may be falling around the “vaccines are totally safe and effective” lie that’s traditionally been propped up in part by the Hollywood establishment. First Robert De Niro backpeddled on censoring a documentary on the CDC whistleblower from the Tribeca Film Festival, going public about changing his mind on the matter, […]

Baltimore man in critical condition after gas cylinders explode in vehicle

     A Maryland Transit Administration employee suffered severe injuries to his head, hands and chest Monday morning when cylinders of compressed gas exploded at a maintenance facility in Pikesville, the state fire marshal’s office said. David Kotofski, 64, was flown to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center. He remained in critical condition Monday evening, […]

Update: Daniel Shaver Cried, Begged For His Life Before Mesa Policeman Executed Him

As has been previously reported here on the CopBlock Network several times, Daniel Shaver was visiting Mesa, Arizona from Texas on a business trip in January of this year. During that trip, he was shot to death by Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford. Ofc. Brailsford has since been charged with second degree murder for the […]

Frankenplanes: Croatian MiG-21 jets bought from Ukraine are made of old parts, unable to fly

Croatian security services and the Defense Ministry have launched an investigation into a 2013 military deal with a Ukrainian company, which is said to have undermined the air force’s combat capabilities. Under the contract, Croatia paid over $21 million to repair and modernize seven Soviet-era MiG-21 fighter jets at Ukrainian plants, and to purchase another […]

Shiite Militia Demand Withdrawal Of US ‘Occupying Forces’ In Iraq

Shiite militia forces in Iraq have strongly opposed the new deployment of US troops to the country. The Iranian backed militias have warned that if Washington does not withdraw its forces “immediately,” they will deal with them “as forces of occupation.” The Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia, known as the League of the Righteous, issued the […]

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