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The Eurovision boycott row confirms it: Palestinian lives don’t matter

By Arwa Mahdawi Eurovision has always been an exercise in bad taste, but this year’s event takes things to an extreme. If you want to enjoy the kitschy song contest, which will take place from 14 to 18 May in Tel Aviv, Israel, then you have got to ignore the bloody political context that surrounds […]

Let’s create a long-term healthcare system that actually SAVES lives

(Natural News) How many medical tests, exams, scans, and scams (including surgeries) can Sick-Care-America run on patients without even offering one ounce of preventative advice or natural remedies? It’s unlimited. Today’s medical doctors will tell you that you need to lose weight and/or exercise, but they don’t tell you how, or even […]

What Black Lives Matter Activists Can Teach Us About The Pitfalls And Potential Of Digital Organizing

Interviews with 11 Black Lives Matter social media page administrators highlight the challenges of scaling grassroots activism through digital organizing. According to a recent Economist article, police monitoring of social media as a way of surveilling activists is now commonplace. Given the publicly accessible nature of social media, that should come as no surprise. However, it raises […]

This doctor is literally saving lives with a plant-based diet.

This doctor is literally saving lives with a plant-based diet. Related Posts Saving Ecosystems To Protect The Climate, And Vice Versa: A Global Deal For Nature Saving Ecosystems To Protect The Climate, And Vice Versa: A Global Deal For Nature Above Saving Venezuela Darko Lazar The Russians and the Americans chose a luxury hotel room […]

Movement For Black Lives: Attack On Black Leadership

Movement For Black Lives: Attack On Black Leadership Above photo: December 2014 direct action at the Oakland, California Police Department organized under the leadership of The Blackout Collective, #BlackBrunch, and #BlackLivesMatter. (Photo: Blackout Collective) Over the past few months, several Black progressive leaders have been attacked for supporting Palestinian human rights; most notably, Angela Y. […]

As Yemeni Fishermen Risk Their Lives To Feed Their Nation, Saudis Use Them For Target Practice

HODEIDA, YEMEN —  “They told us that if we didn’t confess they would kill us and throw our bodies into the sea for the fish and birds to eat,” recalls Omar Ghalib, a Yemeni fisherman who was kidnapped by Saudi fighters and then tortured while out in his boat late one evening in Yemen’s port city of […]

Black Lives Matter Is Making Single Moms Homeowners

In Louisville, the group is purchasing vacant homes for low-income families to promote stability in the community and fight gentrification. In May, Tiffany Brown and her children will move into a new home in the historic Black neighborhood of West Louisville, Kentucky. A single mother of three, Brown has spent most of her adult life […]

Black Lives Matter At School Makes Educator Unions Stronger

CAN YOU describe the Black Lives Matter at School week of action and how it got started? IT BEGAN as a grassroots effort at John Muir Elementary here in Seattle, where teachers and community members partnered together. It was educators at the school, along with a group called Black Men United to Change the Narrative, […]

Watching The Hawks – The Year of the Woman & Real Lives Fake News

Watching The Hawks – The Year of the Woman & Real Lives Fake News Watching The A top reporter for German news magazine Der Spiegel has reportedly falsified stories for several years. The search for justice for Yemen continues on Capitol Hill. And an a panel full of incredible women to discuss womens issues! […]

Gazans’ injuries risk permanently shattering lives

A slow-motion healthcare emergency is unfolding in Gaza as the cumulative needs of patients shot by the Israeli army and seriously injured during protests mount. The vast majority of the 3,117 patients treated by MSF between 30 March and 31 October – out of the total 5,866 the Ministry of Health says have been injured […]

Goliath lives: Palestinian children at risk in school

Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian boy during clashes in West Bank. Credit: Reuters “Soldiers attack” children, students, teachers, schools; “soldiers use” rubber bullets, tear gas, concussion grenades.  from Palestine Home In the course of just 4 days, Israeli soldiers managed to attack and traumatize scores of school children, as well as adults who were there […]

Is This "The Most Important Election of our Lives" or Just Another Distraction?

The problem isn’t polarization; the problem is neither flavor of the status quo is actually solving any of the nation’s most pressing system problems. As I write this at 5 pm (Left Coast) November 6, the election results are unknown. While various media are trumpeting this as “the most important election of our […]

USA, A Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, […]

Trump’s Air Pollution Adviser: Clean Air Saves No Lives

Trump’s Air Pollution Adviser: Clean Air Saves No Lives Above Photo: Smog covers Salt Lake City in January 2017. The Utah city has some of the nation’s worst particulate pollution. Credit: Ravell Call/The Deseret News via AP Last spring, air pollution researchers from around the world gathered to discuss their latest findings. Among them were scientists […]

Reminder That One Journalist’s Life is Worth More Than the Lives of 12 Million Non-Journalists

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 19, 2018 So everyone is mad at Saudi Arabia for killing a journalist. They weren’t mad though when they were indiscriminately slaughtering everyone in Yemen. In fact, the only reason Yemen is now a top news story is that the media is on the attack mode against […]

Creepy Survey Asks 5th-graders About their Sex Lives

Parents at a Vermont elementary school were livid after learning their 10-year-old children were queried about their sexual history and gender identity without their permission as part of a university research project. Ten fifth-grade students at Windsor State Street School were asked to fill out a survey inquiring about their biological sex, how they “identify,” […]

The Van Dyke Guilty Verdict A Victory For Black Lives Movement

The Van Dyke Guilty Verdict A Victory For Black Lives Movement Above: Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery. (Scott Olson/Getty Images) In an interview, Black Lives Matter organizer Aislinn Pulley explains why she sees the verdict as a step toward dismantling the systems […]

“Is This What We Destroy Lives For?” Iraq, Afghanistan Vets’ Guilt, Unanswered Questions Spike Suicide Rate

WASHINGTON —  New data released Wednesday by the Department of Veterans Affairs has shown that the suicide rate among young military veterans continues to climb, despite a decline in the overall suicide rate among U.S. military veterans, amid department efforts to combat the problem. The new data was made available in the VA’s National Suicide […]

“March For Our Lives” Co-Founder Quits Amid Profound Realizations

The Facts: In 2005, a giant pyramid complex consisting of 11 structures was discovered in Bosnia. One of the structures is larger than the great pyramid. The majority of scholars who have been brought in to study it have little to no doubt that these are real. Reflect On: If these are indeed real and […]

‘Lives in danger’: Dozens of Afghan ex-workers block Bundeswehr base, demand asylum in Germany

As many as 150 people are protesting at the gateway to Camp Marmal, a German-run military base in the north of Afghanistan, Spiegel magazine reported. The men, who were once employed as interpreters, security guards or kitchen workers, are there for the third week in a row. ‘Sending me where I’ll be killed’: Afghan interpreter […]

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