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Teenagers living in areas with high air pollution are at higher risk of psychosis

(Natural News) Air pollution is known to cause respiratory health, but a new study suggests that it can also affect mental health, especially in teenagers. The study, which was published in JAMA Psychiatry, found that teenagers who were exposed to air pollution growing up are at a higher risk of psychosis. This […]

Tech CEO Denies Epstein’s Alleged Madam Living At His Oceanfront Mansion

Tech CEO Denies Epstein’s Alleged Madam Living At His Oceanfront Mansion Source Article from Related Posts Tech CEO Denies Epstein’s Alleged Madam Living At His Oceanfront Mansion Tech CEO and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Scott Borgerson has refuted a Daily Mail report that For-Profit College Scam These Students Are Still Paying For Print FriendlyAbove Photo: Debt […]

Tech CEO Denies Epstein’s Alleged Madam Living At His Oceanfront Mansion

Tech CEO and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Scott Borgerson has refuted a Daily Mail report that Jeffrey Epstein’s former “best friend” and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, is living at his “secluded oceanfront property” in New England, according to Axios.  Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 1995  (photo: Patrick McMullan) “I’m in Europe right now and there isn’t […]

The Jewish reporter who brought the 1969 moon landing into US living rooms

NEW YORK (JTA) — In the 1960s, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn were household names, idolized as god-like figures by a public enraptured by NASA’s forays into space. There was also Jules Bergman, who almost attained the same fame despite never actually going into space. The charismatic television reporter covered all of […]

CRISPR helps scientists cure HIV in living animals for first time

For the first time, researchers have eliminated HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, from the genomes of living animals — a major accomplishment along the path to freeing the world of this deadly disease. For the study, published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, researchers from Temple University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center […]

Are You Living in a Toxic Environment?

June 5th, 2019 By Niraj Soma Naik Guest Writer for Wake Up World Are you living in a toxic environment?  Feeling lost, depressed, alone, surrounded by negative people, or maybe even lacking in purpose? Maybe you’re often feeling tired and anxious with unexplained aches and pains. It could be that you’re stuck in a toxic environment […]

SOTT FOCUS: Objective:Health #17 – ‌Are We Living In A Medical Police State?

   We seem to be confronted almost daily with stories about ordinary citizens being the victims of state overreach in enforcing what is deemed “the right medical treatment”. When citizens want to pursue healing modalities that don’t conform to the mainstream medical establishment’s enforced treatment protocol, they can end up with a gun in their […]

136 dogs living in deplorable conditions removed from southern California home

   Authorities removed 136 dogs from a house in a gated community in Southern California on Thursday. The owners of the mansion have been cited for animal cruelty. The Orange Police Department received an anonymous tip about animal cruelty at the home, according to Sgt. Phil McMullen, the department’s public information officer. Police arrived at […]

10 Affordable and Earth-Friendly Alternatives to Living in a Traditional House

May 28th, 2019 By Paul Lenda Guest writer for Wake Up World The majority of humans live in the traditional boring box house. However, these days there are lots of alternatives to this dull kind of domicile. If you want to live in a more exciting home, you will want to learn about these 10 […]

On The Edge Of Disaster: 59% Of Americans Are Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck

Authored by Michael Snyder via The End of The American Dream blog, Living on the edge, being dragged down by debt, and having little hope for the future is no way to live.  But that is precisely where most Americans find themselves in 2019.  Despite a supposedly “booming economy”, the middle class continues to shrink […]

A Sign Of The Times We Are Living In: Court Documents Indicate 7,819 Boy Scout Troop Leaders Abused 12,254 Victims

This is a very difficult article for me to write.  As a young child I was a member of the Cub Scouts, and I still have very fond memories from those days.  Throughout my life I always had a tremendous amount of respect for the Boy Scouts, and so it greatly saddened me to […]

“We Demand Food For Thought”: UIC Grad Workers On Strike For Living Wages And Respect

“We Demand Food For Thought”: UIC Grad Workers On Strike For Living Wages And Respect   Above Photo: Graduate employees at the University of Illinois at Chicago began an indefinite strike on March 19, demanding livable wages and better working conditions as part of a national wave of educator-lead organized labor efforts. (Photo: Hannah Steinkopf-Frank) […]

“I Tried Every Diet & Nothing Worked” How Mucus Free Living Saved This Woman’s Life

The Facts: The National Order of Biologists made a €10,000 donation to a group that questions the safety of vaccines. The Infanrix Hexa vaccine was the first one tested, and results showed no trance of antigens and a high level of contamination. Reflect On: Why is this not big news? Why does the vaccine not […]

Living the Shift – A Life Without Fear

February 19th, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Essentially fear is what cripples people into outdated lifestyles, divorced from the connection with ‘God’. It’s often fear that keeps people ‘nose-to-the-grindstone’ in today’s society or else strangles the joy from relationships. How different would your life be if you lost the fear of any of […]

‘We are like the living dead’: Citizens of Mosul in despair 1.5 years after liberation from ISIS

What was once Iraq’s second-largest city and home to millions was reduced to ash in July 2017, when the US-led coalition dropped bombs and recaptured it from IS. More than 10,000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the battle. Thousands of dead bodies are still buried under the rubble amid the lack of […]

‘Living fossil from the early universe’: Hubble spots new galactic neighbor (PHOTO)

While analyzing stars in cluster NGC 6752, astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope encountered a tiny and faint spherical dwarf galaxy 30 million light-years away which they have nicknamed Bedin 1. At roughly a thousand times dimmer than the Milky Way, Bedin 1 is one of the most ancient parts of the known universe […]

Africans Are Already Living the Mad Max Life: Ebola Clinic Attacked in Mass Chimpout

Pomidor Quixote Daily Stormer December 28, 2018 Niggers would rather fight Ebola clinics than fight Ebola-Chan. She’s that seductive. BBC: Protesters angry with the postponement of Sunday’s presidential election in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo have attacked a clinic where possible Ebola cases are assessed. The attack happened in the […]

Same Millennials who think they shouldn’t have to work for a living also believe they will be millionaires by age 45

(Natural News) Millennials are not exactly known for greatness; the entire generation is more commonly viewed as a bunch of whiners and entitled snowflakes who don’t want to work. Worse, many millennials seem to think that they should simply be handed higher-paid positions, rather than earning their way to the top. But in […]

All US Presidents, Living and Dead, Are War Criminals

Especially at state funerals, media and politicians pretend that US presidents are honorable men, instead of the mass murderers that all of them become in office. “The US has caused the deaths of 20 to 30 million people since World War Two, a level of carnage approaching that inflicted on Europe by Hitler.” The daily […]

Scientists Explain How Earth’s Magnetic Field Connects All Living Systems

The Facts: Quantum physics has revealed astonishing discoveries, many of which challenge many long-held belief systems. It opens up discussions into metaphysical realities, and are thus labelled as mere interpretations due to the vastness of their implication. Reflect On: For a long time, authorities have suppressed ideas that are different, even if backed by evidence. […]

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