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How to Lobby Washington to Death: A business model from hell and the war in Yemen 

A springtime wedding in Northern Yemen’s Al-Raqah village took place in April 2018, a moment of reprieve from the turmoil and devastation of that war-torn country, a moment to celebrate life, love, and the birth of a new family. From the tents constructed for the event, music flooded into the village and, as at any good […]

As the Israel lobby in the US weakens, its UK counterpart grows more fearsome

For decades it was all but taboo to suggest that pro-Israel lobbies in the United States like AIPAC used their money and influence to keep lawmakers firmly in check on Israel-related issues – even if one had to be blind not to notice that that was exactly what they were up to. When back in […]

How the LGBT lobby is brainwashing Australian children

March 26, 2019 | 0 Comments Over the past 30 years, Australians have attempted to reverse years of historical and social understandings surrounding gender and biology, as the ‘gender revolution’ continues to transform cultural normalities and institutions at breathtaking speed. Behind this push for ‘tolerance and equality’, lies billionaire lobbyists and corporate industry sponsors who […]

Israel lobby rebuts Omar’s claims about its immense influence by exerting its immense influence

     In response to criticisms made by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar that US political leaders have too much allegiance to Israel and its lobbying groups, House Democrats have put forward an entire House resolution in accordance with demands made by AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League. “The backlash [over Omar’s comments] continued on Monday, as the Anti-Defamation […]

Israel lobby funders back breakaway British MPs

Asa Winstanley Lobby Watch 27 February 2019 Six MPs who quit Labour for the new group are still with Labour Friends of Israel. The Times/News Licensing A multi-millionaire pro-Israel lobbyist is funding the UK Parliament’s new Independent Group, it was revealed this week. Others are likely to follow. David Garrard told newspapers he had already […]

Christian Zionist lobby makes its case to Washington’s liberal Jews

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,004 other followers Source Article from Related Posts At Christian Zionist gathering in Texas, Trump is God’s Cyrus, and Bill Maher is ‘stupidest Jew in Hollywood’ The Democratic-leaning American Jewish community is becoming increasingly queasy about […]

Jewish Lobby Turns On Trump

dave December 30, 2018 @ 10:51 pm Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake By Alan Sabrosky -June 27, 201101451 “I am also absolutely certain as a strategic analyst that 9/11 itself, from which all else flows, was a classic Mossad-orchestrated operation. But Mossad did not do it alone.” By Dr. Alan Sabrosky Many […]

Angela Davis Is Latest Black Target Of Israel Lobby

Angela Davis Is Latest Black Target Of Israel Lobby Above Photo: Angela Davis (Columbia GSAPP) Statement written by Angela Davis The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute has canceled its annual gala at which iconic Black scholar and activist Angela Davis was to receive a prestigious human rights award. Randall Woodfin, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, expressed his “dismay” at the decision, which […]

US Funds to Pay Palestinians to Vacate the West Bank? Israel Lobby Group Has a Plan

WASHINGTON — A relatively unknown pro-Israel lobby organization in the U.S. with close ties to Vice President Mike Pence has been lobbying high-ranking members of Congress and the White House to support a plan that has been likened to a “U.S.-funded ethnic cleansing plan in Palestine.” According to a recent interview between Paul Liberman, the […]

Pressured by Pro-Israel Lobby, France’s Minister of Justice Refuses to Present The French Republic’s “Official” Human Rights Award to Al-Haq, B’Tselem

The French justice minister has refused to present a prestigious human rights award to Palestinian and Israeli human rights organisations Al-Haq and B’Tselem after being pressured by a French-Jewish organisation. Nicole Belloubet was supposed to present Al-Haq and B’Tselem with the Human Rights Awards of the French Republic this evening, after the organisations were among […]

Leaked: Pro-Israel Lobby Groups Secretly Admit BDS Is Effective

As the campaign to boycott Israel for Palestinian rights is growing internationally, even pro-Israel lobby groups are secretly admitting on the inside that the boycott tactic is effective. A new confidential report from Creative Community for Peace, CCFP, which is a Los Angeles-based pro-Israel lobby organization that targets the entertainment and art industry, a leaked […]

Watch | Israeli Lobby Groups Trying To Get Marc Lamont Hill Fired

Top Photo | Activist, author, and now former CNN host Marc Lamont Hill gestures during an interview with VladTV. YouTube | VladTV Mnar Muhawesh is founder, CEO and editor in chief of MintPress News, and is also a regular speaker on responsible journalism, sexism, neoconservativism within the media and journalism start-ups. She started her career as an […]

Israel lobby bills may pass through Congress by stealth

Nora Barrows-Friedman Lobby Watch 10 December 2018 Demonstrators hold signs protesting AIPAC’s annual conference, March 2016. AIPAC has made the Israel Anti-Boycott Act a top legislative priority. (Susan Melkisethian) US lawmakers could rush two bills into law that aim to silence and criminalize Palestine rights advocacy. The legislation – the Israel Anti-Boycott Act and the Anti-Semitism Awareness […]

Israel lobby has helped make US obsolete by enabling Israel to be a top arms exporter

Barak 8 missile weapons system jointly developed by Israel and India, in 2016. Credit: Israel Aerospace Industries. An arms deal between Israel and Croatia highlights the US overindulgent military aid policy toward Israel. Today, thanks to our generosity, Israel has developed advanced military products, and is winning arms export contracts out from under us by Kathryn […]

When George Bush, Sr. took on the Israel lobby, and paid for it

George Bush at White House press conference September 12, 1991, defending his move to hold up loan guarantees to Israel. He said he was “one lonely little guy” against “powerful political forces.” In 1991 President George H.W. Bush held up a $10 billion loan guarantee to Israel over Israel’s continued settlement building. Bush won the […]

The Film the Israel Lobby Does Not Want You to See

“The Lobby,” the four-part Al-Jazeera documentary that was blocked under heavy Israeli pressure shortly before its release, has been leaked online by the Chicago-based website Electronic Intifada, the French website Orient XXI and the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar. The series is an inside look over five months by an undercover reporter, armed with a hidden camera, […]

Listen: LA’s Israel lobby fails to ban conference on Palestinian rights

Nora Barrows-Friedman The Electronic Intifada Podcast 29 November 2018 On this episode of The Electronic Intifada Podcast: Student supporters of Palestinian rights resist smears, repression and intimidation from UCLA administration, Zionist groups and local lawmakers; Professor Rabab Abdulhadi is vindicated in a fight against a lawfare suit intending to keep her silent. A recent event […]

Al Jazeera’s censored series on ‘The Lobby’: a lesson in astroturfing pro-Israel activism

Over the long Thingstaken weekend, which I spent blissfully alone, I binge-watched “The Lobby,” the multi-part Al Jazeera documentary which was censored right before its release date.   The documentary follows Al Jazeera undercover reporters as they infiltrate Zionist organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States, exposing Zionist efforts to sabotage pro-Palestine activism and […]

Will The New House Democrats Take On The War Lobby?

How can we expect the new Democratic House of Representatives to stand up to the war lobby if they choose leaders who voted for the disastrous Iraq war, fail to lead on critical current issues of war, peace and record military spending, and are still in the pay of military-industrial interests? A new Democratic majority […]

The Lobby – USA – Episode 4 – Media, Scams And Zionist Control

In this final episode of the ground-breaking series that has exposed the malign influence of Zionism in the United States, ‘Tony’, the undercover reporter, meets with American personnel working for the Israeli consulate in New York and learns of their underhanded roles in working for Israel. It becomes apparent during conversations and symposiums that the […]

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