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India Puts Capital on Lockdown as Protests Against Discriminatory Laws Rage on

The protests against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration Council (NRC) laws continue across India. In response, the government of Narendra Modi has placed the capital Delhi under the National Security Act (NSA); legislation that allows any Indian to be detained for up to a year without charge or access to legal […]

Miseries of IOK people continue due to lockdown

Source Srinagar, December 28 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the miseries of the residents of the Kashmir Valley continued unabated as they remained besieged on 146th consecutive day, today. As restrictions under Section 144 remain enforced amid deployment of thousands of Indian troops, the people of the Valley are cut off from their immediate surroundings and […]

Amid lockdown, rains, snowfall add to miseries of IOK people

Source Srinagar, November 16 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, the increasing chill after fresh rains and snowfall has added to the miseries of the people of Kashmir Valley who have already been suffering immensely due to strict military siege since 5th of August. Due to continued lockdown, people have more difficulties to face in the coming […]

Kashmir under lockdown: All the latest updates

Source The Indian government revoked the special status accorded to Indian-administered Kashmir in its constitution, the most far-reaching political move on the disputed region in nearly 70 years. A presidential decree issued on August 5 revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution that guaranteed special rights to the Muslim-majority state, including the right to its own constitution and autonomy to […]

In First Footage Of Kashmir Protests Under Lockdown, Live Fire Rings Out

Despite Indian-administered Kashmir now on a complete communications blackout and security lockdown after its autonomy was revoked last Monday, videos of major protests and clashes with Indian troops in the Muslim stronghold have begun to emerge.  One video from the Jammu and Kashmir’s (J&K) largest city and capital of Srinagar appears to show live gun […]

UKC Extra Time: Post-Skripal: Orwellian Information Lockdown

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Over 200 People Went On Hunger Strike After Months In Lockdown At California Prison

Over 200 People Went On Hunger Strike After Months In Lockdown At California Prison Above Photo: Aerial view of California State Prison, Corcoran. Wikimedia Commons/CRDC The prison has a history of abuse that includes forcing prisoners into ‘gladiator fights.’ Laura (not her real name) hasn’t seen her husband or heard his voice in over three months—and […]

Paris in Lockdown as France Braces for New Anti-Macron Riots

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Cairo Embassy On Lockdown After Police Foil Suspected Suicide Bombing

The US embassy in Cairo is on lock down after local police foiled what some sources say was an attempted suicide bombing, Haaretz reports. Details of the incident are unclear, but Haaretz said the man was arrested after throwing a bomb, which detonated, at the embassy. Others said the man tried to detonate […]

From Boston to Ferguson to Charlottesville: The Evolution of a Police State Lockdown

By John W. Whitehead “It takes a remarkable force to keep nearly a million people quietly indoors for an entire day, home from work and school, from neighborhood errands and out-of-town travel. It takes a remarkable force to keep businesses closed and cars off the road, to keep playgrounds empty and porches unused […]

Lockdown To Stop The Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Lockdown To Stop The Bayou Bridge Pipeline MAURICE, LA – On the morning of April 18th a water protector locked herself into a cement filled barrel placed in the trench of a horizontal directional drill on a construction site of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. Over a dozen more water protectors from L’eau est La Vie […]

Veterans facility in Yountville on lockdown amid reports of active shooter, hostage situation

“Law enforcement authorities have responded to the Yountville Veterans Home this morning following reports of gunfire near the main dining hall. The facility is on lockdown, and all residents and staff are sheltering in place. We will continue to update you as we get more information,” said state Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman Johsua […]

Berlin train station lockdown: Police declare suspicious package ‘harmless’ (PHOTOS)

The package was found on one of the platforms at the Ostbahnhof station at around 11:10am local time. The S-Bahn regional and long-distance platforms had been been blocked off while special forces examined the object. Trains had been allowed to pass through the station but were not permitted to stop for a time. Shops and […]

Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: "Police Declared Martial Law"

Five days ago, Det. Sean Suiter, a married father of five and an 18-year veteran with the Baltimore Police, was patrolling the streets of West Baltimore around 5pm last Wednesday when he saw suspicious activity. Suiter approached a man and was shot point blank in the head, in a summary execution. He […]

Neighborhood Lockdown After Officer’s Shooting Is Troubling

Above Photo: Baltimore officers talk to a resident on Franklin Street today as part of the intense search for the shooter of a city detective. (Fern Shen) Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Residents report being […]

SPACE FENCE – Black Budget – Authoritarian Planetary Lockdown

Part 1: Interview with Chemtrails Author Elana Freeland – October 13th, 2016 Exclusive Preview of 2017 Space Fence Research In this fascinating and riveting episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Geoengineering Author Elana Freeland to preview her new research set for release in 2017 on the massive Multi Level Surveillance Project called ‘The Space […]

Transgender woman arrested in voyeurism incident at Idaho Target

An Idaho man who told police he identifies as a woman was arrested Tuesday after allegedly taking photos of a woman in a Target fitting room, officials said. Sean Patrick Smith, 43, was allegedly dressed in women’s clothing when he entered the fitting room in the women’s section of the store in Ammon on Monday, […]

94% of Blacks Murdered by Blacks — Where’s the Outrage?

  July 12, 2016 In March, a black mob assaulted, knocked unconscious, disrobed and robbed a white tourist in downtown Baltimore. Black mobs have roamed the streets of Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles and other cities, making unprovoked attacks on whites and running off with their belongings. Source Article from […]

The Northern Wolf Awakens

They say that we’re the racists As they spit upon the ground But it was their hate for whitey That shot the Dallas cops down They say that we’re the devil Of the very world we built And then attempt to shame us With “white privilege” and guilt Muslim imams proudly preach For the mass […]

How a secretive elite created the EU to build a world government

The Anglo-American political lobby at work. Photo: Central Press It has been one week since the world was left in a state of shock following the results of a referendum in the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, with many debates continuing from campaigners about the long-lasting effects a decision like this could have […]

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