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Pit Bull Rescued From a Fighting Ring “Loses His Mind” After He Receives His First Snack

He has never received a treat before… Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds in the world, with most people believing that they are naturally territorial and aggressive. It is because of this that pit bulls are commonly used in dog fighting rings, where dogs are unwillingly pitted against each other. Fighting dogs […]

America Loses 500,000 Millionaires in Pandemic Market Crash

By John Vibes The drop in the stock market since the coronavirus outbreak began has resulted in huge losses for millionaires in the United States. At the start of the year, there was a record 11 million people in the country with over a million dollars in assets, according to a new study published by […]

Dow loses all gains from Trump administration

   The Dow Jones industrial average dipped as low as 19,716 on Wednesday, erasing all gains made since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The coronavirus pandemic has sent the Dow careening as much as 9,835 points in five weeks, down 33.28% from its all-time high of 29,551 set on Feb. 12. The Dow closed at 19,732 […]

Erdogan Loses the Battle, But the War Is Far from Over

THE SAKER • MARCH 5, 2020 New Map of Idlib with Security Corridor Following 6 hours of grueling negotiations, including direct negotiations between Putin and Erdogan, the parties have finally agreed to the following: A ceasefire will begin at midnight. Russia and Turkey will jointly patrol the M4 highway (M5 now belongs to Damascus). A 6km buffer zone […]

Palestinian boy, 8, loses eye after being shot by Israeli police in Jerusalem

“As ye sow. so shall ye reap” “The Moral Devastation of the Continued Occupation” Part One of a Two-Part Series by Alon Ben-Meir / February 18th, 2020 “I have long maintained that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank defies the moral principle behind the creation of the state. Contrary to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s assertion, […]

If There Is A War In Space, Everybody Loses

If There Is A War In Space, Everybody Loses Last December, the National Defense Authorization Act that was renewed with bipartisan support in Congress authorized the creation of a new branch of the military, a space force. In January, President Trump appointed the head of that new force, General John Jay Raymond. The US military […]

Italian Bonds Rally As League Loses Critical Vote

League Party Leader Matteo Salvini has been stymied in his mission to destabilize and destroy Italy’s ruling coalition government. Yesterday, voters in Emilia-Romagna, a prosperous region in Italy’s north that has long been considered part of the country’s “red belt,” sided with the center-left once again and elected its candidate, Stefano Bonaccini, to serve as […]

Veteran Loses His Dogs after Suffering a Heart Attack, Pleads for Them to be Returned

Those who own dogs and regard them as an inseparable part of the family know just how hard it is to be separated from them. Unfortunately, when Vietnam veteran James Pack of Newark, Delaware, suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital where he had to spend quite some time, his two beloved […]

Animal cruelty: Pregnant dog loses puppies after sick owner ties stomach with wire

One more said: “This is absolutely heartbreaking people can be so cruel. Thank you for saving her.” Paws2Rescue, of which animal-loving comedian Ricky Gervais is patron, works to help Romanian stray dogs. They provide dog food and bedding to shelters, raise funds for veterinary treatment, run education programmes and campaign for neutering. The charity also […]

‘Cities will burn!’ If Sanders loses, how many Bernie Bros will entertain radical fantasies?

Controversial investigative outlet Project Veritas Action released a video, shot by an undercover reporter, on Tuesday featuring a Sanders field worker named Kyle Jurek, as part of its #Expose2020 series that will apparently uncover Democratic Party campaign secrets. Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe promised a subsequent video in which even more “shocking” statements from Jurek […]

United States Takes Drastic Measures As It Loses Control Of Latin America

United States Takes Drastic Measures As It Loses Control Of Latin America This week, Latin American countries allied with the United States are meeting in Colombia to invoke a post-World War II treaty, the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, TIAR in Spanish, which would permit military intervention in Venezuela. This comes as the US-appointed coup-leader […]

Palestinian journalist loses eye to Israeli bullet

Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability 19 November 2019 Palestinian photojournalist Moath Amarneh was seriously injured while covering protests in Surif, near the West Bank city of Hebron, on 15 November. Mosab Shawer APA images On Monday, doctors removed the left eye of a Palestinian photojournalist after he was injured by shrapnel from an Israeli […]

Clinton Foundation Files $16.8 Million LOSS After Hillary Loses Ability To Sell Access To Her Office

The Clinton Foundation, a registered “charity,” raked in over $1.1 billion dollars during the Obama administration and Hillary’s time in office as secretary of state. Now that she has been banished from the corridors of power, the charitable donations have dried up to the point the charity just filed a staggering $16.8 million loss in […]

Palestinian journalist loses eye after Border Police open fire on West Bank protest

Photojournalist Moath Amarnih was struck by a bullet that likely hit the leg of a protester before ricocheting and hitting him in the head while covering a protest in the occupied West Bank. Palestinian demonstrators clash with Israeli Border officers during a protest against Jewish settlement expansion in Surif, occupied West Bank, November […]

Palestinian journalist loses an eye after being hit by Israeli rubber bullet at West Bank land seizure protest (GRAPHIC)

The incident happened on Friday near the town of Surif in Hebron, where dozens of Palestinians were protesting against the latest confiscation of land for the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territory. Amarneh, who was covering the protest, was rushed to a hospital in Hebron after sustaining the injury. But doctors could not […]

Man Fasts For 382 Days Straight & Loses 276 Pounds

The Facts: Angus Barbieri, a man who, in June of 1965, began a fast under medical supervision for exactly 382 days. He remained completely healthy for the duration of the fast. Reflect On: Today, it’s firmly established in scientific literature that fasting can have tremendous benefits, if done correctly. It can also be used to […]

Consumer Loses Faith As Annual Retail Sales Growth Slows Dramatically

While Chinese retail sales grew at the slowest pace since 2003 and US consumer comfort has plunged recently, US retail sales were expected to rebound in October after September’s slide, but the picture is more mixed. Headline retail sales rose 0.3% MoM (better than expected +0.2%) but core retail sales rose only 0.1% MoM (worse […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Trump loses more than just battle over Nordstream 2

   For the past three years the U.S. has fought the construction of the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany every inch of the way. The battle came down to the last few miles, literally, as Denmark has been withholding the final environmental permit on Nordstream 2 for months. The U.S., especially under Trump, […]

Transgender Activist Who Tried to Force Beauticians to Wax Male Genitalia Loses Case

Transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, who accused three women of “discrimination” when they refused to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia, has lost the case. Yaniv filed complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against the female aestheticians for their refusal to wax his balls. He subsequently bragged about getting a cosmetics store shut down after it […]

Transgender sex pest loses big, estheticians not forced to wax ‘her’ balls

In 2018, the 32 year trans individual filed sixteen human rights complaints against businesses promoting on Facebook Marketplace. The estheticians all operated salons which offered waxing procedures, and in different situations Yaniv sought to remove hair on her arms, legs, and scrotum. Due to inexperience or religion, the women denied her requests, to which she declared it […]

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